Buffy, the Vampire Spanker

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

Copyright 1985-2016 by the Flogmaster. All Rights Reserved. Free distribution via electronic medium (i.e. the internet or electronic BBS) is permitted as long as the text is _not_ modified and this copyright is included, but _no_ other form of publication is allowed without written permission. This document _may_ contain explicit material of an ADULT nature. ***READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!*** Anything offensive is your own problem. This story is for **entertainment** purposes only, and it does _not_ necessarily represent the viewpoint of the author or the electronic source where this was obtained. All characters are *fictional* -- any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental.

ABOUT THE STORY: For fans of the television show, know that I wrote this last summer, before any recent developments on the show were known. I based this on my knowledge of the characters at that time, which was incomplete, because I started watching Buffy late into its run (it is now one of my favorite shows). So please forgive any inaccuracies on my part.

Despite any errors, I feel this is one of my best stories. It has a real plot (an area I struggle with), fully developed characters, and some decent dialog, if I say so myself. I hope fans think it lives up to the spirit of the TV show. Personally, I think it would make a terrific episode of the series!

To sensitive readers, note that this story is rather SEVERE in places. Like the TV show, the violence is adult in nature, though the mood may seem jovial at times. There's too much going on for me to disclaim everything in the header, but trust that there's mucho spankings, as well as sexual situations you won't find on TV. It's NOT for kids, despite the Buffy label.

And always, the real Buffy is copyrighted by Someone Else and this in no way infringes upon their rights to the characters. Though if they want to contact me to write a script someday, I wouldn't at all be displeased....

The "Flogmaster"
January 1999

Buffy, the Vampire Spanker -- Part 1

(*****, FM/fffm, Severe, Sex, spanking, humor)

TV's heroine learns a new skill. (Approximately 12,709 words. Originally published 1998-10.)


In every generation there is a chosen one. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer.

Part I

"Tonight, my sweet, I have a special reward for you," crowed Spike to the most beautiful of the undead, Drusilla. His hand gently slid down the slope of her back and came to rest against the plump hillocks of her backside.

Dru, stretched out across the table on her belly, purred contentedly at the attention. "Is this reward for me or for you?" she giggled.

"I assure you, we shall both benefit--" began Spike, but he broke off at the look of alarm on his girlfriend's face. She suddenly rose up on her elbows, staring into the distance, her face pale.

"Patrick is gone," she hissed.

"No!" cried Spike. "Not the Slayer again!"

At Dru's solemn nod the vampire's rage over took him and he brought his hand down in a forceful slap.

"Ouch!" cried Drusilla, rolling from the table and clutching her asscheeks. She hissed at Spike furiously, baring her fangs.

"Oh, sorry," muttered Spike. Already lost in thought, he paced the dungeon impatiently. "It's not fair!" he growled. "She's always there. Every time I have a plan, a perfect plan, _she_ comes along and interferes!"

"The Slayer must die!" snapped Drusilla.

"She's too strong. We've tried that before. No, we must be more subtle. Something evil, something incredibly powerful. There must a spell, some magic we can use."

"I know someone who may be able to help."


"Nevermind who. I will talk to him tomorrow."

Spike glared at Drusilla. "You will talk to him tonight. Go, now. Hurry."

"But I thought--"

"Not now!" roared Spike. "Do you think I can think about _that_ at a time like _this_? Go!"

* * * * *

"I like it, I like it," Xander said to Willow. She grimaced.

"I have a feeling Principal Snyder won't feel the same way."

"The man just doesn't know how to appreciate true art."

"What art?"

It was Buffy, slinking up quietly as usual. Today she wore a navy blue sweater and a short white skirt. She grinned at her friends.

"That art," said Willow, pointing at the brown Ford sedan festooned with pink graffiti.

"Isn't that Principal Snyder's car?"

"She wins!" cried Xander. "Tell her what's she won, Bob." He shifted his voice into a bass announcer's tone: "A week's worth of cafeteria passes!"

"Does that really say what I think it says?" asked Buffy, ignoring Xander's antics.

Willow pursed her lips. "It says something about 'shooving it where the sun don't shine.' What does that mean?"

Xander and Buffy exchanged glances. "You explain it to her," they both said at the same time.

Buffy laughed and shook her head. "Nevermind, Willow. You're better off not knowing anyway." She grabbed Willow's arm and began dragging her toward the school.

"Just trust us," Xander said, hurrying to pass the two girls. "It's really, really bad." He pushed open the door, looking back and winking broadly. "And totally accurate."

The open door bumped a pretty dark-haired girl on the inside, who whirled around, her face bitter. "Hey! Watch it!"

"Oh, sorry, Your Royal Highness," grunted Xander, bowing low to the ground. "Did we offend thee?"

"You're always offensive, Dweebface," replied Cordelia coolly. "Now scat. You're attracting flies."

"No, I'm afraid that's the perfume you're wearing. It reeks." Xander grabbed his nose and feigned gagging. "Where did you get it? At a flea market?"

"Oh! Pluh-lease!" gasped the girl. "I don't shop anywhere I'd find you."

"Your loss."

At that instant the bell jangled, and with plenty of grumbling, everyone scattered to classes.

* * * * *

"Wake up!" Drusilla touched the sleeping vampire on the shoulder and his eyes flickered open.

"What is it?"

"I've got it! The answer to destroying the Slayer is right here." Drusilla held up a slender leather parchment.

Spike grinned evilly, his eyes glowing brightly. "Let me see, let me see." He snatched the parchment and began to read. "What is this? I can't read this!"

"It's not English, you fool. It was written over two thousand years ago."

"Then what does it say?"

"It contains the secret for an ancient spell, something so powerful even the Slayer won't be able to resist it."

"What does it do?"

"It will destroy the Slayer's ability to kill vampires."

"Excellent," muttered Spike, licking his teeth with excitement.

Drusilla walked away, carrying the parchment. She hesitated. "There is a drawback."

"Oh, great. A drawback. Why does every spell have to have a drawback?"

"This spell," whispered Drucilla, drawing close to Spike and running her fingers along his shoulder, "was created by a teacher. His name was Ban-Hir. He was a pacifist, totally against all forms of violence. He hated war and fighting in general."

"So he made a spell that prevents fighting!" interrupted Spike eagerly.

"Not quite. This spell transforms killing impulses into something else..."


"Like I said, he was a schoolteacher. As a teacher, he often resorted to physical forms of correction...."

"Your point had better come soon, Drusilla, or I shall begin supper early tonight."

"All right, all right. Keep your fangs on. The point is, the spell causes the Slayer to spank instead of slay."

Spike stared at his girlfriend in disbelief. "To spank?"

"You know what spanking is?"

Spike shifted uncomfortably. "Of course."

"Well, that's it. No more Slayer."

"This is your plan? So instead of getting slayed we get spanked by that brat!" The enraged Spike threw his fingers around Drusilla's throat and threatened to throttle her. She kicked him and bit at his fingers.

"Stop that, Spike! There'll be plenty of time for fun later. For now we've got a spell to cast. You don't seem to appreciate the beauty of the plan."

"The beauty of the plan is that I shall send _you_ to the Slayer to test it," snapped Spike irritably. "See how you like your little drawback." He kicked the wall in frustration. "Why, why, _why_ do these stupid spells always have a catch?"

Part II

At midnight Drusilla began lighting the candles. Soon there were dozens burning throughout the dungeon, the flickering flames further distorting the distorted faces of the assembles vampires. Spike hopped about, crowing his pleasure, and rubbing his palms together.

"This is it!" he kept repeating. "Tonight's the night! The end of the Slayer!"

Everyone cheered until Drusilla told them to shut up. She was concentrating on the parchment. A bizarre assortment of elements were spread out before her on the wooden table: everything from cat hair and vials of blood to a freshly disemboweled sparrow.

Lifting a large knife, Drusilla began to carve into the table with the tip of the blade. The other vampires crowded around eagerly. She drew a large pentagram, and then inside each of the internal sections, she began to place various items. Plenty of blood was dripped over the entire mess, and then she began to recite an incantation which she read from the parchment, touching each item one by one with a long black riding crop which she held in her pale hand. When she finished, she dropped the crop onto the pentagram and began to chant.

Drusilla could not see the others -- she was lost in a trance, her eyes rolled back, her mouth chanting mindlessly. Power and anticipation filled the room. Everyone could feel it, a thickening of the atmosphere, a tension of something about to explode.

The nearby vampires pushed and jostled each other in an effort to get closer to the sorceress and her magic. One of them bumped into someone's back who knocked an elbow which push a hand forward, rocking the table. Unnoticed in the scuffle that followed, a small vial of Holy Water fell over, slowly engulfing the pentagram.

* * * * *

"I abhor assemblies," groaned Xander bitterly. "Can't we ditch?" It was the morning break, and he and Willow were waiting by Buffy's locker.

"Principal Snyder specifically made me promise to be there, and he said he wanted you and Buffy there, too."

"Does that man have no other purpose in life but to make ours miserable?"

Buffy popped up behind Xander, a bright grin on her face. "Of course not. He's a principal. That's his job."

"Why are you so cheery on this dreary day?"

Buffy grinned proudly and didn't answer. Willow arched her eyebrows. "You've got a date with Angel!"

"I'm not saying anything," Buffy replied, coolly studying her fingernails.

"That's not fair, Buff," Xander said. "You know we made a pact to share *everything* with each other." Buffy gave Xander a blunt look with the tops of her eyes, and he quickly retreated. "Just not the good stuff, I guess," he mumbled.

Willow pushed forward, taking Buffy's arm. "Come on, you can tell me."

"Yeah, you can tell me," echoed Xander, grabbing Buffy's other arm.

The blonde Slayer blushed, looking from one to the other of her friends, and then she broke. "Okay, okay. I don't know what's come over Angel, but before dawn this morning he was at my window, happy as a kite in an updraft. He said he had to see me tonight."

Buffy paused, her eyes glazing slightly. "He was a bit strange. I've never seen him quite like that. He--" she hestitated.

"He what, he what!" gasped Xander. "Come on, don't leave us hanging. People wanna know!"

"He kept looking at my butt, okay?"

Xander grinned. "And oh, such a fine butt--" He broke off in a gurgle as Buffy gripped his throat with one hand.

"Don't go there," she warned.

"Arrrgg," moaned Xander, and finally Buffy released him. "It was a compliment, I swear!"

Willow grabbed Buffy's arm excitedly, her eyes glowing. "So Angel's really interested?"

"Yeah, I guess. I couldn't get him to stop looking at me. I've never seen him look at me like that. It was like I was lunch or something."

Xander froze, and Willow looked frightened.

"Are you sure about this creep?" asked Xander. "I mean, do you really trust him? Maybe he does think of you as lunch."

"Perhaps we should talk to Giles," added Willow nervously.

Buffy shook her head. "No, that wasn't it. He wanted me, I could tell. He has before, but usually he keeps those emotions totally under control. This time it was different. It was like everything inside was on the surface."

The noisy sound the bell interrupted the conversation.

"Oh, joy. Assembly torture," muttered Xander. "My life is full."

The trio began to walk down the hall. "Anyone know what this assembly this is about?" Buffy asked.

Willow shook her head. "It must be important, though. Principal Snyder was adamant that we all show up."

"I bet you it has something to do with his car getting graffitied yesterday."

"Yes," agreed Xander. "How that man can be so obsessed with a 1972 Ford Crapolla I'll never understand."

* * * * *

Just before dawn Drusilla became aware of the error. She hurried to Spike, her face more pale than usual.

"The spell was contaminated," she began. "It may not work right."

"What? No, don't tell me this!" roared Spike. He began to rage through the room, smashing and breaking furniture. Dozing vampires scattered.

"Incompetents!" Spike shouted. "Must I do everything myself?"

"Please," begged Drusilla. "Calm down. I don't know what damage has been done. It may still be all right."

"It better be," growled the vampire leader, "or I shall delight in publicly flogging you."

Drusilla stared at her boyfriend in astonishment. "You-- you wouldn't."

"I would."

The woman licked her lips and smiled her prettiest smile. "Come, let us sleep. Tonight I shall try your plan. I will confront the Slayer myself, and then we'll know for certain."

Spike narrowed his eyes. "If the spell failed..."

"I know. That is the chance I shall take."

* * * * *

The auditorium was packed. The Slayer and her friends could only find seats near the front, but at least, Xander remarked, it was close to the exit. Principal Snyder quickly called the meeting to order.

"It has come to my attention," he began, "that we have a severe discipline problem here on campus. Yesterday my own car was vandalized. I have spoken with the school board and we have determined that this sort of behavior will no longer be tolerated. As of today, the school has adopted a new discipline policy."

The groans and boos from the audience rattled the rafters. Principal Snyder pounded on the podium for silence. "Enough!" he roared. "You will maintain order. To demonstrate this new policy, I have selected the four students responsible for the outrage to my vehicle. They will be punished publicly, right here on this stage, right now."

Murmurs flooded the room. Everyone was whispering, glancing around behind them, staring at their friends and enemies, wondering. There was some giggles, a few snorts and grunts, and a couple guilty faces.

Principal Snyder straightened his microphone so he could speak into it easier. "I would like the following students to please come forward. Xander, Willow, Buffy Summers, and Cordelia Chase."

Teachers converged on the startled trio near the front. Awkwardly, Buffy got to her feet and encouraged a hesitant Willow and Xander. Far behind them, in the cool section, a protesting Cordelia was being helped to her feet.

"Why I am here?" she was saying as she was marched up the steps. "I'm not with them. I don't even know them. I've never seen them before in my life!"

"Be silent!" growled Principal Snyder. "It has come to my attention that the four of you plotted the rape of my vehicle. Therefore you must be punished."

"Hey! We didn't touch your wheels!" snapped Xander. "And if we had we'd have spelled 'shoving' correctly."

"I have it on good authority the three of you were seen lurking nearby," snarled the Principal.

Cordelia pushed her way forward. "What about me? I've never been near your car!"

"You are a known associate of these three, so naturally you were a part of their plan."

"What? That's crazy! I told you, I don't even know them!"

"Give it up, Cordy," grinned Xander. "It's obvious he knows."

"Shut up, dogface." Cordelia turned back to Principal Snyder, placing her arms on his shoulder and smiling sweetly at him. "You can't seriously believe I would hang out with dweebs like these...."

In response, the principal clapped his hands and his secretary carried over a large wooden paddle with the Sunnydale High School logo emblazoned on the blade. Principal Snyder took it, eyes glowing brightly. "Ah, yes. The Board of Correction. How I've missed you!" He kissed the paddle proudly, grinning at the shocked students. "Prepare for punishment!"

The four students, jaws agape, were turned to their backs faced the jeering audience. Then they were each told to bend over and place their hands on their knees so their butts stuck out. Principal Snyder walked along the row, studying them.

"Excellent," he declared. "Four disobedient, disruptive, disrespectful, disreputable students properly in position for discipline!"

He lifted the paddle high above his shoulder and paused behind Xander. He swung. BOOM! the paddle walloped the startled boy who grimaced.

"Hey, take it easy. These are my favorite jeans!"

Ignoring him, Principal Snyder delivered a similar wallop to the trembling Willow, who yelped and blinked back tears. Buffy took hers without a sound. Cordelia, on the other hand, turned to plead with the principal one last time. Unmoved, he motioned for her to get back in position, and whining and grumbling, she finally obeyed.


"Ooooouch!" she screamed, leaping to her feet and clutching her well-formed nether regions. "That HURT!"

"Of course," murmured Principal Snyder. He faced the stunned audience of snickering students. "How many smacks was that, students?"

"ONE!" shouted the audience.

Beaming with pride, the principal turned back to the task at hand. Four more times he went down the row, delivering a solid whack to each bottom each pass. At each blow the audience screamed out the count, cheering with each successful strike. Buffy and Xander took their punishment rather stoicly, while Willow cried silently and Cordelia howled and threated lawsuits.

"There," said Principal Snyder when the paddlings were finished. "That is good, old-fashioned American justice, swiftly applied to the seat of the problem."

The four humbled students turned around, blushing and sullenly rubbing their backsides. The audience roared with laughter, shouting and cheering.

"I would not be so quick to jeer," reprimanded Principal Snyder. "Punishment like this awaits any of you who seek to disrupt the school. Have I made myself clear?"

There was a sudden somber silence from the students.

"Assembly dismissed."

* * * * *

"Now *that* was bizarre!"

Xander stared at the other three. None of them had left the stage during the flood of exiting students and teachers. Now they were alone, ruefully examining their situation.

"Something's not right," murmured Buffy.

"Gee, that's a brilliant analysis."

"No, I'm serious. Something's really wrong. There are demonic forces at work here."

"Damn it! My skirt is ruined!" cried Cordelia. She was straining to stare over her shoulder at her own butt, rubbing the tight material of her skirt. "Look at that -- there's a small tear!"

Xander obligingly bent down to study the object in question. "Looks like a small stain to me. Maybe it's a fingerprint. Have you been hanging out with the football team again?"

Cordelia gave him a scornful shove which sent him tumbling onto his butt, drawing a cry of rage from Xander. As the two prepared to square off, Buffy interrupted.

"Listen, guys. I was supposed to meet Giles ten minutes ago. I'm gonna see if he has any ideas what has come over Principal Snyder."

"I'm late for chemistry," muttered a forlorn Willow, still rubbing her backside. She and Buffy headed for the exit together. "I still can't believe he spanked me!"

"Sorry, Willow," said Buffy. "It's probably my fault. Snyder's had it in for me ever since I moved here." They passed through the swinging doors and disappeared down the hall.

Left alone on the stage, Xander and Cordelia had barely noticed the others had left. They glared at each other furiously, eyes cold and mouths clenched in rage. They circled each other, waiting for the right moment.

"I have half a mind to take you over my knee," snapped Xander.

"That first part goes without saying," retorted the girl, "but it's the 90's -- girl power rules. You over _my_ knee has a nice ring to it."

"Oh yeah? I'd just like to see you try!"


* * * * *

Giles was pacing the narrow rows the library impatiently when Buffy entered. She stood nearby and watched him for a moment, curious at his obvious agitation. Finally she cleared her throat.

"W-w-what? Who's there! Buffy?" Giles whirled around. "How dare you sneak up on me! Where have you been? We were supposed to meet fifteen minutes ago!"

"Sorry, Giles. Something came up."

"Something, as in something vampirish?"

"No, something Snyderish."

"Well, that's no excuse, Buffy. You should have notified me. I was really worried."

"Calm down, Giles. It's not a big deal."

Giles glared the blonde teenager coldly. "It certainly _is_ a big deal, young lady. Promptness is next to Godliness."


"You made a promise to me and you broke that promise."

"I said I was sorry."

"I'm afraid that isn't good enough. I've been lax with you, but your training must now go to a different level. From this juncture onward, you will be disciplined for your failings."

"Giles, stop this. You're scaring me." Buffy retreated from the irate librarian, who was advancing, a stern expression on his face.

"You disobeyed. I have no alternative but to punish you."

"Giles, look. Something's wrong. It's affected you, too. Snyder was the same way. Do you know he just _paddled_ Xander, Willow, Cordy, and me? That's right -- paddled -- on stage, in front of the whole school!"

"You must have deserved it," muttered the Englishman. "But paddling is for mere mortals. You are the Slayer. You must be caned!"

Buffy gasped. Giles had somehow procured a long, wicked-looking British school cane, and he bent it menacingly. Terrified, Buffy turned to run.

"Buffy!" roared Giles, and she stopped. "Turn around, step over here, bend over, and grasp your ankles. You are to be caned six strokes."

Slowly Buffy obeyed, not even sure why she was doing so. There was something so authoritative about Giles that she couldn't resist. Hearing him command her like that did strange things to her insides -- everything seemed to flip over, become confused.

Bending over tightened Buffy's slender slacks over her bottom, drawing her attention to that part of her body. She was painfully aware that her bottom was already sore and adding a caning on top of her paddling was not going to be pleasant, but somehow the vulnerability of her current position was exciting her.

"You will not rise up," ordered Giles sternly. "If you let go of your ankles, I will add penalty strokes."

"Yes, sir," said Buffy with a shiver that went all the way down between her legs. She wondered why she was being so formal. She couldn't seem to help herself. It was like she was part of a ritual, something so familiar she couldn't break the pattern if she tried. But this was one ritual she had never experienced.

The first crack of the cane was worse than a vampire kick. The pain was searing, and so focused in a thin line across her ass she couldn't breathe for a few seconds. When she finally was able, she discovered a pleasant warmness flooding her backside. It reminded her of the ache from a good workout, or how her fingers felt after a successful punch to a vampire. It hurt, but felt good.

"Please count the strokes out loud."

Buffy licked her lips. "One, sir."

There was another swish of the rod through the air followed by a stiff snap as the wood impacted her backside. Buffy hissed angrily, clenching her teeth and trying to struggle through the haze of red pain.

"Two, sir."


"Three, sir."


"F-four, sir."


Buffy gulped, a terrible groan escaping her clenched lips. The blow had caught her low, nearly across the back of the thighs, and for a second she thought she'd black out. Tears burned her eyes and she had to resist her instinct to rise and clutch her burning bottom. As she thought about it, she discovered a deeper instinct, telling her to touch herself between her legs. It was bizarre, feeling an impulse like that a time like this!

"Five, sir," she whispered, thinking "Only one left. Only one left."

Giles made this one count. He took the cane back as far as he could and stepped forward as he swung, putting all his body into it. The shriek that escaped from Buffy knocked books from the shelves. She writhed in agony, moaning and gripping her ankles so hard she was cutting off the circulation.

"Oh, God," she gasped finally, when the initial wave of unbearable pain faded.

"The count..." said Giles impatiently.

"Six, sir," muttered Buffy bitterly.

"You may rise."

"Thank you, sir."

Buffy reached back to finger the slender but firm cheeks of her ass. Even through the thin material of her slacks she could feel the thick, pulsing stripes across her butt.

"I hope that has taught you a valuable lesson," said Giles sternly. "There's plenty of more where that came from."

"Yes, sir," Buffy said. She wondered what kind of world she had stumbled into.

"Now we must go over your agenda for this evening...."

* * * * *


"Take that!"

"Ouch!" yelped the girl. "Here's your change!"

Whack! Smack! Thwack!

"Oooh, you're gonna get it now, girl," mutter Xander grimly. "I only gave you one!"

"But you've got jeans on," pouted Cordelia, struggling helplessly to free herself from her awkward position.

Xander grinned, admiring the tight white panties arched provocatively at his right side. "Touche."

The scuffle had left Cordelia on her back with her legs bent back over herself. Xander was kneeling across her, his belly across her thighs, his weight holding her down. Humilatingly, Cordelia's skirt had fallen, exposing her backside to her arch-enemy's eyes and surprisingly strong right hand. The only positive was that Cordelia's right hand had ample access to Xander's butt, which she had proceeded to pummel, until she discovered the brat had no qualms about hitting a girl.

So the two were in a stand-off. Xander couldn't rise because Cordelia clutched him tightly with her left arm around his waist, and Cordelia couldn't budge with Xander's weight crushing her. The two cursed and spat and swatted at each other until they were exhausted, but neither would give in.

"Come on, Cordy, let me up," moaned Xander. "This is ridiculous."

"You let _me_ up. Besides, this is all your fault, you stupid moron!"

"Besides being redundant, that's inaccurate."

"You're redundant."

Xander gave the tight panties a fond pat. "Perhaps I should lower these?"

"You do and you'll be singing soprano," grunted Cordelia grimly, her fingers plunging between Xander's legs and grasping what she found there.

"Hey-hey, that's not funny!" gasped the boy.

"Who says this is supposed to be funny?"

"Well it looks funny to me!" roared a new voice, and the blood of both teenagers went cold at the sound. Their heads flashed around and stared in disbelief at the short figure of Principal Snyder.

"What have we here?" asked the Principal. "Are you two fighting or making love?"

"Fighting!" blurted Xander and Cordelia at the same instant, releasing each and untangling themselves in a desperate attempt to not be caught together.

"He was attacking me," Cordila whined, dusting off her dress and trying to look half-way innocent.

"It doesn't matter since *both* are forbidden on school grounds!" Principal Snyder pulled the paddle out from under his left arm where it had been tucked. "Lucky for you I now carry this wherever I go. I can see I was _much_ too gentle with you during your punishment this morning. I will now more than make up for that."

"Gee, the paddle again. How original."

"But sir, it's all _his_ fault--"

"Silence, both of you!" The principal waved the paddle. "Turn around. Xander, drop your jeans _and_ your underwear. Cordelia, take down your panties. This is going to be on the bare skin for both of you."

"Y-you can't be serious!" gasped the dark-haired girl.

"You're up to eighteen," commented the principal. "One more word out of either of you and you'll make it twenty-four!"

Gulping, both teenagers turned and began to undress, their faces glowing pink with shame as their bare bottoms were displayed to the angry principal.

"Well I'll be!" muttered Principal Snyder. "Xander, that was you who mooned me from the school bus last year!"

Xander's face grew a darker shade of crimson.

"Just for that, I will give you twenty-four whacks. Both of you!"

"What did _I_ do?" screeched Cordelia.

"You just look pretty," said the principal. "And if you hang out with trouble-makers like Xander here, this is what you get!"

* * * * *

It was a dark night, with little moonlight to enliven things. A chill wind blew through the trees, making the branches creak and groan as though in some unimaginable agony. A dark shape flittered through the deserted cemetery, leaping from headstone to headstone.

The blonde Slayer whirled around, the sharp wooden stake in right hand raised. Her eyes glowed with fire and every nerve of her body was on alert. Someone was here. She could feel it. A vampire.

Another sound, so slight it was scarcely audible, but the Slayer leaped forward, startling a terrified black cat which scampered up a nearby tree.

"Oh. Sorry, puss," mumbled Buffy. She forced herself to relax. After her little "meeting" with her Watcher, she was on edge. Her backside still hurt, though in a dull, rather achy fashion. She slipped a hand back to rub her butt again. It didn't help ease the pain but it felt good for some reason.

"Been a naughty girl?" hissed a voice. Buffy spun around, stake ready. Drusilla, dressed in a flowing black gown, stood ten feet away. Her skin was pale and glowing, her eyes fiery and evil. Her fangs gleamed menancingly as she smiled.


"Nice to see you again, Buffy. Been neglecting the Stairmaster, I see."


"Yes," murmured the she-devil provocatively. "Too many late nights with Hagen-Daaz, I suppose."

"Even for a vampire, you really go too far!"

"It's a gift."

Buffy nodded. "I've got a gift, too. It's killing vampires and I've very good at it!"

So saying, she leaped through the air. She'd expected the female vampire to run, but Drusilla didn't move, catching the full weight of the Slayer and tumbling to the ground. The two rolled and Buffy halted on top of the vampire queen, her wooden stake inches from the woman's bosom.

"Oh, dear," whispered Drusilla. "It seems you've got me."

Something was wrong. Buffy could feel it. This was too easy. Drusilla wasn't even resisting!

She pressed the tip of the stake into Drusilla's skin. "I can kill you," she hissed loudly.

"Can you?"

Buffy stared at the vampire in amazement. The woman did not seem the least bit frightened. She seemed to be daring Buffy to kill her.

Suddenly, Buffy didn't want to kill her. Her instincts told her that Drusilla was evil and ought to be destroyed, but something hard inside Buffy had weakened. She no longer felt that uncontrollable urge to kill. Still, it didn't seem right to allow the vamp to simply leave unpunished. An idea blossomed.

"I won't kill you," whispered Buffy grimly.


"No. But I will give you something to remember me by."

Using her considerable strength, Buffy wrenched the vampiress over, turning her so she was face down in the dirt. Drusilla's plump backside was a clear target, and Buffy, kneeling on Dru's back, began to slap the vampire's butt as hard as she could.

"Oooch! Ow! Stop that! Ohhhh... ahhhh!" howled Drusilla. She kicked her feet and pounded the dirt with her hands, but there was no escape. Buffy didn't stop. She spanked the vampire for well over an hour, until her hand was too sore to continue.

"How's that?" she said finally, releasing the weeping Dusilla.

"I almost wished you'd killed me," moaned the vampire bitterly, rising and rubbing her backside furiously. "You didn't have to spank me so hard!"

"I guess I did go overboard," apologized Buffy, gingerly wiggling the fingers of her swollen right hand. "I never realized how much fun spanking could be!"

"For a Slayer, you are remarkably ignorant."

"Huh?" When Buffy looked up, Drusilla was gone, and the cemetery was deserted and silent. Buffy shrugged and sighed. "Oh, well. That ought to keep her out of trouble for at least a little while."

She paused, a sudden unwelcome thought hitting her. What would Giles say?

* * * * *

"Hey, why are you stopping?"

The boy grinned, set the emergency brake, and leaned over toward the passenger seat. The girl blushed slightly.

"Isn't it a little dark and creepy out here?"

"That way no one will see us," said the boy, his arm slipping around the girl. She relaxed slightly, and their faces met in a brief kiss. He smiled. "Plenty of privacy here."

The girl melted and the couple began to make out, oblivious to the shapes moving in the dark woods beside the car. They formed into three separate beings, slinking along side the car and peering in the windows. At the gesture from one, they attacked.

It was over in seconds. The car's doors were ripped from their hinges, the teenage couple inside separated and captured. As the girl screamed and the boy pleaded for mercy, the leader of the attackers, a huge monster with a gold earing in his nose, knelt forward. He carefully, almost lovingly, dragged the suddenly still girl across his lap. Whispering quietly to calm her, his hands violently ripped open her skirt and tore her knickers to shreds. Half-naked, she lay quivering in terror as he began to pummel the smooth cheeks of her ass with his hand. Laughing with delight at her shrieks of pain, he and his pals cackled evilly, raising their faces to the night sky, the faint moonlight glistening on three pairs of needle-sharp fangs.

* * * * *

"You are alive."

The words floated from the darkness. They were a cold statement, emotionless, without empathy or sympathy.

"I told you it would work, Spike."

The pale face of the vampire leader slowly emerged in the darkness. He smiled coldly, his eyes flashing. "And the bloody Slayer?"

Drusilla smiled confidently. "She spanked me and let me go."

"That's it?"

"Yes. The spell worked perfectly, just as I predicted."

"This is too good to be true," said Spike, rubbing his hands together viciously. "Surely there's some flaw, some side effect, something we did not foresee."

"Well..." Drusilla hesitated.

"What is it!"

"The... spanking. It... hurt."

Spike stared at his girlfriend in disbelief. "She spared your life and you are bothered by a sore bum?"

"She spanked very hard, Spike!"

"Let me see." Roughly Spike spun Drusilla around, lifting through the layers of black robe to find the naked bottom of his queen. "No knickers, dear Dru. Naughty, naughty."

"Come on, have a look at me bum!"

Spike whistled. "Not bad. Though nothing like what I'd give you if you deserved it. You have blisters, but it will heal. What'd she use?"

"Just her miserable hand!"

"Impressive. I hesitate to imagine what she will be like with a weapon."

"I shall not undertake to find out any time soon," breathed Drusilla.

"Ah, my poor black goddess. I shall devour you tonight." Spike allowed Druisilla's dress to fall and began to kiss her long pale neck. A sound disturbed him and he looked up, growling, his fangs long and sharp.

"Sorry to interrupt," said a vampire from the other side of the dungeon. "But we have a problem."

"Bother me with it tomorrow," snapped Spike irritably.

"It concerns the spell."

"The spell works. The Slayer is neutralized. You may feast freely."

"Nay, it is not so," said a second vampire, large brute with a gold ring in his nose. He boldly pushed past the first and stood facing Spike and Drusilla.

Slowly Spike released Drusilla. He faced the intruders, noticing now that there were three of them. It would be annoying to have to fight all three, so Spike decided to be civilized. "Speak."

The gold-ringed fellow nodded. "Tonight we hunted north of town and discovered two delicious mortals alone in a car. But we could not kill them."

"What do you mean, couldn't kill them?"

"I mean, we had no will to kill. The bloodlust was on us. We attacked, we overcame. We played with the food a little, but when it came time to kill we could do nothing. Our lust seemed satiated by our play."

Anger began to boil in Spike's body. "You let them go!" he roared.

All three vampires cringed. "We punished them severely, first, master. Their cries of pain were like joyous music--"

"I don't care about _music_," screamed Spike. "I want *blood*!"

Goldring nodded. "I understand, master. So did we. But while we spanked the food our hunger faded, our lust died. Their music was like a feeding to us."

Drusilla suddenly stiffened beside Spike, and he spun on angrily. "You know something about this, witch! Tell me!"

"There... there must have been something wrong with the spell," she began. "I set it to apply only to the Slayer..."

Spike grimaced. "... but it applied to us, too! Now, just as the Slayer can no longer Slay, we can no longer eat!"

Drusilla shrank to the floor, frightened by Spike's fury. "I was so _sure_. I followed every instruction perfectly, measured every ingredient three times. I made no errors in the incantation, I'm positive."

Spike turned to the three vampires, his face hard as death. "Go. Now. Thank you for your information. I will deal with this hapless witch." The three vampires battled each other in a race to be first to leave the dungeon.

Drusilla watched with wide eyes as Spike approached, grasped her, and flung her over his shoulders.

"Ohhh, Spike! Don't do anything you'll regret!"

"I will not regret this, I can assure you."

"What... what are you doing?"

"This is a leather belt. See? It is used to hold up my pants. It is also used to teach toy magicians to stay away from magic they do not understand!"

"Please, not now, not right after--"

"You should have thought of that sooner, my foolish love. This is all you've left me. Thanks to you, I can't even kill you."

* * * * *

The night was growing cold as Buffy clambered through the window into her bedroom. She shut the wind out, shivering. She'd encountered two other vampires after Dusilla, and her arm ached.

She stumbled toward her bed, freezing as she sensed a presence in the room.


The bedside lamp flicked on. Mrs. Summers was seated on Buffy's bed, a grim expression on her face. In her right hand she gripped a stout wooden hairbrush.

"Good evening, Buffy. Glad you decided to come home at a decent hour."

"Oh, uh, Mom... I can explain."

"Go ahead."

"Well, I, uh... I... I can't explain."

"You were out with a boy?"

"No. No! Nothing like that. It was schoolwork, yeah, I was studying with Willow."

"I telephoned Willow."

"Oh, Mom, come on. What's the big deal? So I was out a little late."

Mrs. Summers patted the hairbrush against her palm. Her voice was icy. "The big deal, _young_ lady, is that tonight is a school night and you were to be in bed three hours ago. No wonder your grades have plummeted."

Buffy had caught sight of the hairbrush and she licked her lips nervously. "Uh, Mom, what's the hairbrush for?"

"You don't remember? It must not have made a significant impression on you the last time. I won't make that mistake again."

"Mom, I was eight years old then. I'm in high school now. You can't spank me."

"I can't?"

"Oh, uh, Mom, please! Oh, not the hairbrush, oh! Ouch! Oooh, that hurts! Not so hard. I'm sorry, I'm really, really sorry! Ow!"

With her petite daughter drapped across her lap, Mrs. Summers delivered a long and healthy dose of discipline to the jiggling bottom before her. Though it had been a long time since she'd last spanked Buffy, she remembered well the lessons her own mother had burned into her backside, and she pounded every square inch of bottom, and made sure she got strokes into every nook and cranny.

"Wow, Mom," was all Buffy could say when it was over.

"I trust that lesson will suffice?"

Buffy nodded, wincing as she crawled face down onto the bed. She was far too sore to get undressed.

"Good night then, dear. I'll see you in the morning."

Part III

The four teenagers met in the library the next morning before school started. Xander was late, stomping in furiously, slamming down his bookbag in the middle of the table.

"What's wrong?" Willow looked up from her laptop.

Xander glared at her, throwing down the red ticket. Everyone but Cordelia craned forward to look at it. Cordelia blushed and looked away.

Buffy picked it up. "What is it?"

"It's one of Principal Snyder's 'invitations' to his office. He started the program yesterday. My fourth one! God, I never should have mooned him."

"You mooned Principal Snyder!" exclaimed Buffy and Willow together.

"It was a long time ago. Never mind. The point is, the guy has it in for me. This is getting outta hand."

"I agree!" said Cordelia, then blushed when everyone looked at her. "Not that I know... anything about... whatever Xander's talking about."

"What happens in Snyder's office?" asked Willow innocently. The other three gave her a look that made her eyes go wide. "Oh! You mean-- Oh, dear. That _is_ bad."

"How come you haven't gotten any tickets?" Xander asked Buffy. "I thought you were on Snyder's ten most wanted list."

Buffy shrugged. "Probably hasn't seen me."

"There's probably a dozen waiting for you in your locker, like me--" said Cordelia. "Oops, I mean, I meant like Xander, of course."

"I didn't have any in my locker."

"Oh, well, it must have been someone else."

Buffy shook her head. "Cordelia, this is serious. Has Principal Snyder... disciplined you?"

The dark-haired girl grimaced. "Well, yes. A few times."

"How many?"

"Er, four or five."

"Since yesterday morning?" gasped Willow.



"He's just jealous because I'm so pretty and popular," sniffed Cordelia. "He's doing all the cheerleaders today. I saw him putting red tickets in each of their lockers."

"Then this is bigger than just the vampires," exclaimed Buffy excitedly. "We've got to talk to Giles!"

At that moment, the object of their conversation entered the library, his arms overladen with books, a briefcase, and a long slender white cane. Buffy glanced at the cane with apprehension, but the others took no notice.

"Giles! You're the man!" said Xander. "Get your Bookness over here. We need Geek Power!"

"Uh, what?"

"Ignore him. Too many red tickets have affected his brain," muttered Buffy, taking Giles by the arm and leading him to the table. "Seriously, we need your help. Do you know of any spells, or witch-a-magoo-weirdness having to do with spanking?"

There was a long silence. Giles looked from one student to the next, but all the faces were utterly serious. "Spanking?" he said weakly.

"Yes, as in corporal punishment, discipline, whipping, paddling... caning. Spanking."

"Oh. Well, let me think. There's an ancient Latvian curse... something about being 'whipped for eternity.' Actually, if we include whippings and torture, there are quite a few. I'd have to do some research."

"Anything about vampires wanting to spank rather than suck blood?"

Giles' face was blank.

Buffy sighed. "Last night, I ran into Drusilla in the cemetary."

"Did you stake her?" interrupted Xander.

"No, I spanked her."

"What!" Instantly the room was a pandemonium of voices all attempting to talk at once. Buffy whistled loudly.

"Quiet! Thank you. Let me finish. I did not kill Drusilla. I couldn't. I can't exactly explain it. My anger was there, the instincts to kill... but instead of killing her, I turned her over and spanked her butt until my hand nearly fell off."

"Then you let her go?"

"Well, yes. She'd been punished. What else was there for me to do?"

"She's a vampire for crying out loud!" stormed Xander. "She's probably off killing innocent people right now! Well, not right now, since it's daytime and vamp--"

"Shut up, motor mouth!" cried Cordelia. "Buffy's trying to explain."

"Thank you, Cordy. To continue. I let Drusilla escape. But I later encountered two other vampires. Those, however, I caught too late -- they'd already fed."

"Uhhh," said Willow. "More dead bodies!"

"No, unconscious _spanked_ bodies," said Buffy. "They were two young boys, lying in the grass, pants around their ankles, and bare asses blister red. The vampires had had a field day. But there were no bite marks."

"They didn't kill them?"

"No. And when I caught the vampires, even though I spanked them both most thoroughly, neither could explain it to me. In fact, they tried to sell me that they didn't understand it either!"

"Most peculiar," said Giles, rising to his feet and pacing. "Vampires that spank instead of killing. Bizarre."

"That's not all," said Cordelia eagerly. "Don't forget Psycho Snyder!"

Giles frowned. "That's not a proper term of address for your principal, Miss Chase."

"But he's gone spank-happy too! Does that mean he's a vampire?"

"Of course not," said Buffy. "He's around during the day, isn't he?"

"Oh, yeah. I guess so."

"Principal Snyder is simply taking steps to instill some discipline in the student body," said Giles sternly. "I must say I find his enlightened approach effective and delightfully old-fashioned."

Cordelia gasped. "You mean you approve--"

"Quite so, my dear. In fact... here, have a red ticket, my compliments. You may explain your passion for nicknames to 'Psycho' personally. I doubt he'll be much amused, but you never know."

"Not another one!" moaned Cordelia. Sullenly she opened her purse and dropped in the ticket inside, on top of half a dozen others.

Willow cleared her throat nervously. "I guess this means a research day for me."

"Righto!" Giles clapped his hands together. "All right, everyone better get on to class. I understand the teachers are very generous with those red tickets for tardiness!"

* * * * *

Willow was one of the first to arrive at the computer lab. She hadn't dawdled in the hallways, not wanting any excuse for one of those nasty red tickets.

To her surprise, Mr. Nemesis was already there. Draped across his lap was a female cheerleader Willow vaguely recognized. A Tiffany Something. She had gorgeous long hair, an incredible body, and was appropriately popular and vain. At this moment, however, she was most humble.

"Please, that's enough, sir," she begged. Her hands were back at her panties, attempting to protect her vulnerable butt.

"Hardly," laughed Mr. Nemesis. "That was just the warm-up!" He quickly jerked the navy blue panties down, exposing twin globes of magnificent girth. The cheeks were a deep pink.

"Oh!" gasped the girl in real emotion. She kicked her legs enthusiastically. "Oh, no!"

"Oh, yes!"

The teacher's palm went up and came down with a loud slap across the pink cheeks. The girl screeched and howled as though blood was being drawn. It didn't slow down Mr. Nemesis the slightest. For the next four minutes, until the five-minute warning bell sounded, he heated those nates crimson.

"Oooooh," moaned the cheerleader, slowly getting back to her feet.

"Willow!" snapped Mr. Nemesis. "You looked amused by the situation. Would you like a dose?"

Willow's pale skin went even paler. She somehow forgot how to talk, stuttering incomprehensibly.

"Come on, that wasn't a request. You look like you could use some. Over my lap."

Like in a weird dream, where you move without will, Willow found herself face down over the strong teacher's lap, her skirt being lifted, her panties lowered. Her face flushed with embarrassment at her predicament. Seconds later, however, as hot pain coursed through her nether regions, she forgot everything about being embarrassed and just wanted to escape the fiery stinging on her ass!

Students gradually filed into the class and sat in stunned silence, watching Willow's spanking. She became vaguely aware of them and closed her eyes to hide them out.

"P-p-p-pleeeezzz," she moaned to the teacher. "Sssstoppppp!"

"I'll stop when I'm ready," answered Mr. Nemesis, continuing the spanking. The final bell rang, but still he spanked. Just as Willow was wondering if he would spank her for the entire class period, he stopped suddenly, helping her to her feet.

"To the wall with you!"

Sniffingly and wiping away bewildered tears, Willow limped to the front of the room and stood next to the pretty cheerleader. The girl was standing with her hands behind her back, holding her skirt up so everyone could see her well-formed, well-spanked bottom. Her panties had tumbled to her ankles.

"Get your skirt up!" whispered the girl to Willow urgently. "Unless you want to go over his knee for more!"

Willow quickly mimicked the cheerleader, lifting her skirt. Cool air assaulted her bare bottom and she shuddered at the thought that everyone in class was staring at her bare ass.

"Very good, Willow," murmured Mr. Nemesis proudly, when he saw the girls. He waved to the class. "Would anyone else like to join these young ladies? No? All right, then. We'll start class."

After ten minutes of humiliation before the class, the girls were released. Gratefully, the girls pulled their panties up and smoothed their skirts down.

"My I use the restroom, sir?" Willow asked, and the teacher nodded.

Willow and the cheerleader exited together. As soon as the door was closed behind them, the cheerleader grabbed her ass and rubbed furiously, moaning.

"Fuck, but everyone's got in for cheerleaders today!" she cried. "That's the third teacher this morning and I've got a whole stack of red tickets, too!"

Willow blushed at the girl's outburst. "Uh, thanks," she said hesitantly. "For back there, about the skirt."

"Oh, it was nothing. Be glad we got off so easy."

Willow gulped at the concept that she'd gotten off easy.

The cheerleader checked her watch. "Crap, it's fifteen after! I'm gonna be really late for Physics."

"You take Physics?"

"Sure. What, there's some rule that cheerleaders have to be dumb?"

"Uh, no, I just..."

"That's the attitude I hate," growled the girl. "Don't you hate it when people think that because you're smart you can't be pretty?"

"Well, yeah."

"Same thing." The cheerleader looked at Willow. "You know, you're actually rather cute. If you did your hair a little differently... a little more open. Yeah, you'd be a real looker."


"I'm serious. My name's Tiffany Morgan, by the way. You doing anything tonight?"


"Some girls and I are going to a party. Wanna come?"

"Do vampires suck blood?" gasped Willow. "Are you kidding me?"

"We'll meet you at Gordy's Pizza at nine o'clock."

"Cool," nodded Willow. She watched the cheerleader sashay down the hall. What a terrific turn of luck. Getting invited to a cheerleader party was almost worth the spanking!

* * * * *

"Gee, this is how I always imagined spending my afternoon," moaned Cordelia, dropping a stack of dusty books onto the table.

Xander glared at her through the dust cloud. "It's not my idea of a good time, either."

"I can't even sit down to take a break," whined the girl, ignoring Xander completely. "Psycho Snyder really gave it to me for all those red tickets."

"Ahem," said a crisp voice from behind the girl, who turned and saw a glaring Giles watching her. "Didn't I warn you about nicknames?"

"Oh! Uh, yeah, but..."

"Here. Have another red ticket."

Cordelia's face went somber and she looked like she was about to cry.

"Now get back to work. Both of you."

She put the ticket in her purse and glared at Xander. "This is all your fault."

"How is it my fault?"

"It's because of you that Principal Snyder hates me," she moaned, rubbing her backside tenderly.

"That makes sense. To get back at me he spanks you. Right."

"Well it's true!"

"Come on, Cordy! When are you going to learn to take responsibility? You're always blaming everyone but yourself!"

"I do not!"

"Sure ya do."


"Ye--" Xander's mouth was promptly filled with an eighteenth century parchment on love spells. "Bleech!" he spat it out in disgust. Before Cordelia could move, he'd swatted her pert backside with a large voodoo volume.

"Yeeooww!" yelled the girl, grabbing her sore tush and leaping about. "You brat!"


In seconds the two were tightly engaged in a bizarre entanglement that could have been personal combat or kinky sexual fun, depending upon your viewpoint. What broke it up was a commanding shout from Giles and the gunshot crack of a long white cane snapping across the table next to the couple.

Xander and Cordelia leaped away from each other, staring in white-eyed terror at the stern-faced Giles glaring at them.

"Did I not instruct you two that we have research that needs doing? Didn't I emphasize the critical nature of _time_ on this project?"

"Not specifically," mumbled Xander. "You said, 'Hurry,' but you didn't say 'Emergency,' so I--"

"Silence!" Giles looked at one and then the other. "Obviously, the two of you have long-standing issues to be worked out. Despite that, you need to work together, as a _team_. I will offer you some encouragement. Xander, hold out your hand."

Shrugging, Xander stuck out his right hand.

CRACK! The white cane lashed across it. Stunned, Xander watched as a white line appeared on his palm. Suddenly agony filled him and he cried out, clutching his hand to him, and leaping about the room in pain.

"Your turn, Cordelia."

"You can't be serious!"

"Hand please."


"Fine. Butt then. Turn around." Giles grabbed the dark-haired girl's shoulders and spun her around. He bent her over. "Grab your ankles and hold on tight. If you get up, you get a red ticket!"

"Not more tickets!" hissed Cordelia. "Hey!" she cried as her skirt was raised. "What are you doing?"

"Taking down your panties," said Giles calmly. "I want to see the cane's results."

"You mean... oh, God! No!"

Giles stepped back, admiring the smooth, jutting buttocks of the pretty girl. Her flesh was already a mild crimson from previous punishment. Xander stood massaging his hand and blinking back tears, but looking on with unmitigated interest.

CRACK! The slender cane left a momentary dent across the plump cheeks of the bent-over girl.

"Oooooh!" howled Cordelia, leaping to her feet and clutching her ass.

"That's another ticket!" scolded Giles. "You must really like those the way you collect them."

"That hurt! Oh, God, that hurt!" screamed the girl. "How could you do that to me!"

"I'm going to do it several more times. Now get back over!"

Sobbing, Cordelia bent over, though she couldn't quite stop her bottom from wiggling. The second crack also made her raise up, though she quickly went back down at the reminder that she'd earned a second red card.

"Please, no more," she wept. "That really hurts!"

"I'm certain it does," said Giles calmly. "That's the whole point."

He quickly and efficiently swung the cane. Cordelia shrieked but stayed down. Again the strike, this one low, at the merger of thigh and bottom, and Cordelia's face went blood-red as she struggled not to rise.

Four parallel lines decorated her bottom. She wept as Giles rained down two more blows, these criss-crossing the others, and drawing forth dull, choking sobs from the agonized girl.

"Good girl," said Giles finally. "You took those last few very nicely. You still earned two red tickets, however." He handed over two of the slips of paper. Still wiping tears from her eyes, Cordelia eyed them bitterly as she took them to her purse.

Giles turned to Xander, who was watching Cordelia with an unabashed grin. "Your turn."

The boy's enthusiasm vanished. "W-what? You mean--"

"That's right. Drop trousers and assume the postion."

Gulping, Xander obeyed. Cordelia, a slight smile playing about her lips, came over behind Xander to watch. She admired the smooth, firm flesh of his ass, already beaten to a bright red.

"Hey, I already took one to the hand," mumbled Xander.

"So you'll get one less," answered Giles calmly. He delivered the first stroke high across Xander's cheeks.

Xander's response was a high-pitched squeal. He stamped his feet and his whole body shuddered, but he stayed put. The second cut provoked a similar reaction, but the third produced an outright yell.

On the fourth, low and at the edge of his thighs, Xander lost his grip and half-stood. He thought better of it instantly, and quickly went back down, but the damage was done.

"Red ticket!" cried Cordelia happily. Her eyes shown brightly as she admired the series of parallel lines crossing Xander's butt.

"Shut up," mumbled Xander bitterly. He took his last stroke -- the hardest yet, and one that criss-crossed the previous ones -- with scarcely a grunt.

"All right, Xander. Do you think you can work without fighting now?"

"Certainly, sir," said the boy quietly, glaring at Cordelia. She grinned happily back at him, rubbing her tush and wincing.

"Good. I'll leave you two alone."

"Happy now?" muttered Xander bitterly as Giles departed.

"Watching you get whacked makes me very happy," said Cordelia. "Especially on your bare ass!"

"Hey, if that's what it takes for me to see you caned, I'll take it any day."

"Oh, you _liked_ watching me suffer."

"Better than ice cream."

"You're a pig."


"A brute."


"A monster."

"Most likely."

Like magnets snapping together, the two embraced. They were liplocked in seconds, spinning around the room, sucking at each other, pawing at each other's clothes.

"My ass is killing me," whispered Cordelia. "Would you mind putting some cold cream on me?"

"If you do me," answered Xander. "Tit for tat."

"That's fair."

"Your house? After we finish here?"

"God, I couldn't bring you to my house," muttered Cordelia, licking Xander's face. "What if the neighbors saw us together?"

"My house, then."


* * * * *

"Please, no more!" begged the petite vampire girl.

Buffy ignored the girl's cries and continued to spank the bare bottom across her lap. She didn't stop until she noticed the two dark shapes looming nearby.

"Company," she whispered, allowing the girl to roll off her lap. Buffy immediately flipped backwards over the park bench, and laughed as the two male vamps crashed into each other, right where she'd been sitting. "Nice job, boys," she said.

Reaching up to the tree above her head, she tore off a long branch. She shoved two the vampires to the ground and carefully lowered their jeans. "Who's first?"

"He is," muttered the one on the right, and Buffy obliged, drawing an intricate diagram across the buttocks of the other with her switch.

"Now it's your turn," she said to the first, who tried to run away, but she stood on his back and began to thrash his ass brutally. He howled and fought but he was no match for the Slayer.

Finished, Buffy clapped her hands and wandered off, feeling pleased with herself. It was a good way to begin the evening.

At the cemetary she delivered two paddlings and a long whipping, and then she decided to call it a night. Walking home, she heard the familiar sound of flesh against flesh. She followed the sound and came to a grove of trees. Peering between the bushes she saw him: Spike, the lead vampire, with a pretty teenage girl across his lap. She was completely naked, her buttocks scarlet with agony as the vampire tore into her with a thick ebony hairbrush. She howled and fought and swore.

"Dani Drake," whispered Buffy. "What a bitch. Maybe I'll just wait until Spike's finished with her before I take over."

Grinning to herself, Buffy relaxed and sat back to watch the show.

Part IV

Except for the neon "Gordy's Pizza" sign glowing into the street, it was a dark, lonely corner. Willow shivered and pulled her jacket tighter. She wondered if this was a good idea. She checked her watch for the tenth time. It was nine-fourteen.

Suddenly a van squealed around the corner and braked to a noisy stop right in front of her. The sliding door opened and Willow stared at the mass of faces grinning at her.

"Come on in," laughed Tiffany, and Willow gratefully recognized the cheerleader, seated on the lap of a dreamy blond-haired hunk she'd never seen before.

Every girl in the van was seated with a guy. As Willow climbed in, she felt out-of-place and wished she hadn't come. She had no guy.

"Sit here," said a voice. A hand grabbed her and pulled her into the darkness of the van. It happened right as the driver hit the gas and Willow overbalanced and fell into the arms of a handsome man. He was college-age, with perfect teeth and bright, glowing eyes.

"Do his eyes really glow? Like a vampire?" Willow thought briefly, before she dismissed the idea as ludicrous. She was seeing vampires everywhere.

She settled into his strong arms, feeling the warmth and power radiate from him. "My name's Willow," she whispered shyly.

"Derek," he said, flashing her an incredible smile. "I love those white pants you've got on. They really show off your ass."

Willow blushed, shocked that he would say such a thing, but flattered nonetheless.

"You a cheerleader, too?"

She shook her head. "No, I'm just friends with Tiffany over there."

"Ah, Tiffany. She's a babe."

Of course she was, Willow thought bitterly, glancing at the gal. Tiffany was in heavy makeout with her hunk, his hands inside her blouse and her lips all over his face.

Suddenly Willow felt a moist warmth against her neck. It took her a few seconds to realize it was Derek kissing her. Normally she would have pulled away instantly, but she'd waited so long that she now realized it felt good, wonderful, in fact. She arched her neck and let him kiss her more.

Exactly when it happened Willow couldn't explain. She was suddenly across Derek's lap, willingly unbuttoning her white pants and tugging them and her panties down. The man's hand against her naked flesh sent floods of delight through her body. When the spanking began she was eager for it, arching her back and thrusting her ass upward. It hurt tremendously, but she didn't care. She wept, allowing surge after surge of powerful emotion to flow through her body.

Even before seeing the dungeon, she knew Derek was a vampire. Her initial instinct had been right. But it was too late now. She was caught in his spell and had no desire to leave. Naked, all the girls followed their guys into to dungeon.

What followed was inexplainable to Willow. It shocked and overwhelmed her. It was like it was happening to someone else, but she was there, participating.

Naked bodies everywhere. Booze and sex, booze and sex. She drank. She laughed so hard the alcohol dripped from her lips and down her chest. Derek licked the beer off her breasts for her, which made her laugh all the more.

He spanked her several more times that evening. He used a wooden paddle, and then a whip with a dozen short leather thongs dangling from the handle. Willow loved it. She thrived on the pain, crying out like she'd never been able to cry before. She was always so reserved, so quiet, so innocent.

Now she sucked cock with the best of the cheerleaders, and allowed a man she'd just met to take her up the ass. She had her breasts doused with hot wax, screaming as it was dribbled over her. She just smiled when a female vampire took the whip to her breasts, whipping the hardened wax off. Later, she did the same to the vampire girl, pouring on the wax and whipping it off.

For a girl who'd never had a guy before, Willow made up for lost time. She took dozens that night, sometimes several at once. She licked pussy, and tasted the rattan cane. The night became a blur of new experiences.

* * * * *

"Aha!" cried the vampire. She fingered a passage in the dusty volume, scanning through the text quickly. "So simple, too," she murmured. "A reverse incantation that undoes the Ban-Hir spell."

Drusilla took a slip of paper from a drawer and carefully began to translate out the instructions. The steps were simple, but of course the precise order and methodology was critical. She double-checked her work, and then sighed.

"Tomorrow night, everything can be undone," she whispered. To her surprise, she felt a touch of sadness at the thought. It was strange. The vampire routine -- sucking blood, killing innocent people -- had grown stale over the centuries. This new thing -- being spanked by everyone who could get a hand on your ass -- was delightfully fresh in comparison.

Drusilla thought back to the last few nights. Spike had never been so energetic before, so aroused, so passionate. He spanked her before sex, sure, but that only served to stimulate her desire. Even now, just thinking about having her bottom warmed, excited her. She could feel the dampness swelling between her legs.

She shivered. What was going on?

Suddenly the dungeon door was kicked open and she heard the outraged cry of her lover. "DRU!!!" he screamed.

"Wonderful," she sighed. "Another temper tantrum. My bottom's going to regret I ever delved into magic." She stood and rubbed her bum gingerly. Yes, it was still a bit sore, but healed enough to take more. Her sex tingled with excitement at the thought.

She took up her paper and carefully folded it and placed it into her bosom.

Spike entered the room, his eyes blood-red and violent. "Look at my ass!" he cried, turning and dropping his trousers.

Drusilla studied the bloody, pulpy mess of his once-fine buttocks. "Someone did a job on you," she whistled.

"Someone? Someone? It was the bleepin Slayer, that's who! I would rather have been staked than endure this! You, dear Dru, are going to pay dearly for this insanely stupid spell of yours!"

"Now Spike, calm down."

"I will not calm down! I'm going to blister your bottom every night until you find that spell reversal, have you got that?"

Electricity surged through Drusilla's body. "I got it," she said softly, scarcely able to hide her delight. Draped over Spike lap, she reached between her breasts and drew out the note. She kissed it solemnly. "Bon voyage," she whispered. She dropped it on the floor and pushed it under the bed.

WHACK! came Spike's heavy hand across her naked backside. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

"Ohhhhh," moaned Drusilla. The warmth felt so good she lost herself in it, wrapping it around her like a blanket. "I hope this spanking never ends," she thought.

* * * * *

The workout with Spike had woken Buffy up. She couldn't have slept now for anything. So she decided a visit to Angel's was in order. He always had ideas to help her sleep.

Indeed, Angel had an idea, but it didn't help her sleep.

He was delighted to see her, but concerned about her being out so late. "What about your schoolwork?" he asked.

"What about it."

"Doesn't being out so late interfere?"

"Well, I suppose. But I'm the Slayer. What else can I do? I have responsibilities."

"Then what are you doing here, visiting your boyfriend after midnight? What would your mother think?"

"My mother? She'd be furious, of course."

"And with good reason, wouldn't you say?"

"I suppose."

"You're being a naughty girl, Buffy," said Angel softly, caressing Buffy's golden hair.

"Come on, that naughty girl stuff's so passe. It's the nineties, babe. Get with it."

"All right," answered Angel, picking up a stout hairbrush. "How's this for starters."

"Say, wait a minute..."

"Come on, over my lap you naughty vixen. I'll teach you to run out at all hours of the night."

"Hey! Angel, please! What are you doing? Put me down!"

Buffy struggled, but she was already across his lap and helpless. Her trim slacks were unbuttoned and lowered, and her panties immediately followed. She felt Angel caressing the smooth globes of her naked buttocks, his finger tickling her crack. His every touch sent chills through her body. She shuddered.

"There we go. A good long spanking for the prettiest girl in town," said Angel gently. "Isn't that what you need?"

Buffy gulped, scarcely believing what she was saying. "Yes, please," she croaked. "Please..."

* * * * *

Sometime before dawn Willow awoke, dazed and confused. Her world was a bizarre one, the floor far away. She was floating, stuck. Slowly she became awake and realized she was upside down, hanging off the end of a bed. She rolled and thudded to the floor, bruising her knee.

The pain awoke her, sharp fear coursing through her body as she realized where she was. She gagged at the thought of everything she'd done. She was naked, her clothes nowhere to be seen. Around her were dozens and dozens of naked, slumbering bodies. She tried to rise and fell back to the floor, dizzy. Her head ached, her body ached. She placed a hand to her head and felt sticky stuff in her hair. It was matted everywhere. She sniffed, the faint musky odor bringing back vague memories of a dozen vampires coming in her hair.

A sound startled her. Panicking, Willow slid under the bed. She peeked out, noticing Spike stumbling about. She slid further under the bed, terrified.

Something prickled her right breast and she raised herself slightly. It was a crumbled bit of paper. She unfolded it.

It was difficult to read in the dusk under the bed, but she managed to make out the first few phrases. Her heart nearly stopped. It was the reversal spell!

Excitement flooded her heart. This was it! If she could escape and give this to Giles, he could perform the incantation and the dreadful spanking curse would be over!

It was quiet outside, so Willow tentatively poked her head out. Silence. She rose, and tiptoed her way through the sleeping bodies. No one moved. Near the door, she found an abandoned leather jacket. It was skimpy, barely covering her ass, it was far better than nothing. She took it and slipped out into the early morning light.

* * * * *

Buffy entered the library at two minutes to six. She grinned at the others, who were gathered around a large table.

"This is a historic occasion," said Giles, beaming at her.

"What, it's the Vampire Spankaholics Day of Reckoning?" muttered Xander. He winked at Cordelia, who blushed and looked away.

"No, this is the first time every single one of you has shown up on time!"

Buffy rubbed her butt. "I was afraid you'd be giving out more of those red tickets if I was late."

"Did you get one?" asked Willow breathlessly.

"Two," said Buffy grimly. "And Principal Snyder earned his pay with them."

"The red tickets do seem to be working admirably," said Giles. "I've noticed a massive behavioral improvement throughout the entire school."

"Yeah," said Xander. "There weren't even any food fights in the caf yesterday."

"And I saw someone actually picking up some litter and putting it in a trashcan!" exclaimed Willow.

"Two bullies I know were being nice to a kid they usually pick on," added Buffy. "I hate to admit it, but these spankings have been pretty effective."

Willow stared at Buffy, her face thoughtful. "How's the Slaying going?"

Buffy shrugged. "Better than ever, I guess. I spanked quite a few last night. I must say it's been a relief not having dead bodies everywhere after the vamps feast. Just a lot of embarrassed egos and sore butts."

She paused. "And you know... I think I could get to like spanking vampire ass. I got Spike last night, and this morning, just before dawn, I caught Drusilla sneaking outside my house. She didn't even try to fight me. Just bent over and told me to give it to her good. It was fun, too. A lot less pressure than staking."

Willow nodded, a serious expression on her face. "What about you, Xander? What do you think of how things are going?"

Xander gulped and stole a glance at Cordelia, who blushed and looked away. Xander stared at her ass. "Uh, I think it's all right. There are some, uh, benefits... uh, to having a blistered butt."


"Oh, uh," Xander said quickly, "I mean, the school, of course. Behavior's so much better. One can really concentrate and study in this environment now. It's far superior."

"Since when do you care about studying?"

"Since always."

"Yeah, right. You just like watching girls get paddled in class," laughed Buffy.

"That hurts, Buf. You really think I'm that shallow?" Xander dropped his head with a pained expression, but his eyes were plainly focused on Cordelia's wonderful rump. She blushed crimson, but didn't say anything.

"Enough chatter," said Giles. "Willow, you're the only who called this meeting. You said you've got some wonderful news. What it is?"

Willow looked at everyone with wide eyes. "Oh, uh, oh. Well, actually, now that I think about it in the light of day, I'm not so sure it's, uh, that important. Just forget about it."

"What?" cried Xander. "You dragged us all out of bed for nothing?"

"Come on, Will. There must have been something you wanted to tell us. Just say it," encouraged Buffy.

"No," said Willow. "Things are good the way they are now, right? Buffy's the Spanker, not the Slayer. The vampires aren't killing anyone. The school's a great place to study. The whole town's a better place."

"Yeah, so?" said Xander. "What does that have to do with this mysterious news you won't reveal?"

"Uh, nothing, nothing at all. I'd just thought... well, I overheard Spike last night..."

"You what?"

Willow blushed. "Yeah, I was downtown, uh, near the vampire's dungeon. I heard Spike, uh, he was talking with Drusilla. I heard him say how much he hated this new spanking curse. How he wanted it reversed so badly so he could kill again. So I thought we maybe should stop looking for that reverse spell. I mean, what's the point, if we all like it, everything's better, and best of all, the vampires hate it."

There was a long period of silence. Giles was nodding his head. "Makes sense. Why waste the effort? The likelihood of finding the cure was slim anyway."

"I'm fine with," said Buffy.

"Me, too," said Cordelia and Xander at the same time. They stopped and stared at each other in shock.

"Good. Then it's settled." Giles clapped his hands together. "No more search for the cure."

"There is one thing," began Xander.

"What's that?"

He turned at glared at Willow. "Did we have to get up at five a.m. for this? I mean, it's not like it was an _emergency_ or something. This could have waited."

"Oh. Sorry," said Willow. "I guess I overreacted by calling everyone in such a rush."

"Giles, under this new regime, wouldn't something like that merit a penalty of some sort?"

"Absolutely. Good thinking, Xander. We can't have everyone just calling meetings without good cause. It breaks down moral. At some point one of us might slack off and not show up for a real meeting."

Giles was bending his cane as he spoke, and staring at Willow. She'd gone pale, and was backing up against a stack of books.

"Uh, now wait a second, guys. This isn't fair! I just made a little mistake, that's all. It was early, I wasn't awake yet. I had a rough night. Come on! Buffy, please help me!"

Buffy shook her head and grinned at her friend. "This is the new order, Wil. Gotta take the good with the bad."

The End

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