Buns of Steel

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Okay, even the Flogmaster has to make a living somehow. How about writing scripts for TV commercials? Think I've got a chance? :-)


                            Buns of Steel
                             Script by F.M.
                      TV Commercial for Moco Jeans



The black screen disolves into black denim. Slowly the super-tight buttocks of a young REDHEAD come into view as she walks away from the camera. Across the room is a BRUNETTE, similarly clad, scowling.

BRUNETTE David is MY boyfriend.

REDHEAD David can pick for himself.

Brunette throws herself at Redhead, fingers clawing. Redhead cooly steps aside, then shoves Brunette to the floor as she passes. Brunette grabs Redhead's hair and pulls her down. The two roll and struggle, clawing and scratching. The scene becomes a blur of slapping hands, mouths gaped in pain, and succulent rumps thrust upward as each tries to dominate the other.

TEACHER (shouting) WHAT is going on here!

The two girls guiltily look up from their struggle, hands at each other's throats.

BRUNETTE She started it.

REDHEAD I did not!

The two resume struggle. Camera zooms forward until Redhead's ass takes up entire screen, the MOCO JEANS label prominent.


Redhead's ass takes up the entire screen. Camera pulls back to reveal the two girls standing with heads bowed before a stern PRINCIPAL who is lecturing them. Loud rock music plays so we don't hear his scolding, but we see him reaching for a large wooden paddle mounted on the wall behind his desk.

Brunette looks glum. She bends over and we see her jeans are generic. At the first whack of the paddle she yells loudly. At the second she opens her mouth and screams. At the third she's hollering and struggling to stay in position.

Redhead watches the paddling with clear amusement. She looks supremely confident and not the least worried.

Brunette's punishment is finished and she stands to one side, sobbing and rubbing her ass. Redhead smirks and bends over. Again the MOCO JEANS label is prominent.

The paddle slams into Redhead's ass. Her face is passive, almost bored. Again and again she is paddled, but it doesn't even faze her. Brunette watches in amazement. Redhead smiles, wiggling her ass sexily.

The Principal tries harder with a furious flurry of blows. Redhead yawns. The Principal stops, panting, and we see smoke rising from Redhead's ass.

ANNOUNCER (V.O.) When a tough pair of jeans REALLY count -- count on Moco Jeans. (a beat) Moco Jeans: tough AND sexy.


Brunette and Redhead exit Principal's office. Brunette is sore and rubbing her ass. Redhead is smiling. A handsome BOY approaches the girls. Both perk up, interested.

Redhead walks forward, her sexy ass drawing all attention. Boy takes her arm and kisses her cheek. The two walk off.

Brunette scowls and SITS DOWN by herself. Freeze on her startled expression as she realizes her mistake.

ANNOUNCER (V.O.) Moco Jeans. Anything else is a mistake.

FADE TO cheeky Moco Jeans logo.

The End