Coach Licklater

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Coach Licklater

(****, M/fffff, Intense, intense schoolgirl paddling)

Paddle swats from the big male coach -- ouch! (Approximately 5,129 words. Originally published 2003-12.)

Because Coach Licklater was the only male teacher at Sunquest Academy for Girls he'd been assigned as school disciplinarian. This meant that every day at three fifteen he'd paddle all the girls who'd gotten in trouble that day.

The way this worked was a teacher would give you a note which you had to take to Coach Licklater and get him to sign after he'd delivered your licks. Sunquest is a strict school, so punishments were frequent, but not that severe. Typically a girl was given three or four swats, which wasn't bad.

There were two problems with this system, however. One was that on occasion you'd find yourself with notes from several teachers on the same day, meaning you were in for a real bottom-warming. The other problem was Coach Licklater himself.

He was big beefy man, sort of an out-of-shape Arnold Schwartzenegger after twenty years of drinking beer and watching football. But he was still strong and could really swing a paddle.

The big problem with Coach Licklater was that he enjoyed his job a little too much. Having a teenage girl in extra-short gym shorts bending over his punishment bench was a dream come true. But it often got even better. One of the rules of the school was that you weren't allowed to get out of position during a paddling. If you did, the paddling was started over and you lost the right to wear your shorts. That's right: the redo was on bare skin!

Coach Licklater knew this, of course, and he paddled harder because of it. Every blow was designed to dislodge you, to bring forth the maximum amount of pain, to cause you to rise up from your position, all so he could order you to take down your shorts and present him your bare ass.

Most girls gave up practically before it started, rising on the first swat and resigning themselves to a bare bottom paddling. After all, what was the point of taking six or seven hard swats over your shorts, only to fail and have the punishment start over with no protection?

A few girls fought him, struggling to take their paddling bravely, but almost inevitably the coach would win and the paddling would be started over, this time with the tearful girl bending over naked from the waist down.

That was the dilemma with Coach Licklater: did you challenge him by keeping your shorts on? That would probably make him angry, and your paddling would be much worse, and you ran the risk that a single slip not only cost you the humiliation of exposing your bare ass, but suffering extra strokes.

If you had only been sentenced to a few strokes, the decision wasn't too difficult. But when your paddling was in the gray 6-to-10 swat range, it was much more difficult to tell. Could you hold out for eight swats?

That was the dilemma that faced Sheri Lillyass one day. Normally a bright and conscientious student, she got a little carried away celebrating her 18th birthday. With only two months of school left, she felt she deserved a bit of a break, and though she had tons of homework to do over the weekend, she decided to procrastinate a little.

Friday evening she stayed up late watching a horror movie with her best friend Alison, and Saturday, after sleeping in until noon, she was rushed making the final preparations for her birthday party. The party was at Alison's house (her parents were less strict than Sheri's and had promised to be away until ten o'clock). The party was awesome, and though Sheri was conservative and shy, she was "encouraged" to try some of the beer a few of the boys from the public high school had brought. She didn't like it, but the guys did, so she drank more than she would have on her own.

Sunday she awoke with a headache and skipped church. She was planning to do homework in the afternoon, but Alison told her Jake from the party wanted to meet at the carnival. Since it was the final weekend for the carnival, she agreed, and soon was having a blast hanging out with Jake and his buddy Don, who were both hunky seniors and football players. She forgot all about her homework.

She arrived home at almost midnight, discovered her parents were up waiting, extremely worried, and after a lecture and a grounding, she went to bed. She awoke late the next morning, head aching and dizzy, and the first thing she remembered was the stack of homework she'd neglected.

Sheri couldn't believe she'd been so irresponsible. It was so unlike her. But then she decided that since it was her first time, probably the teachers wouldn't make a big deal about it. Getting a paddling didn't even occur to the pretty teen: she was mostly worried about her grade point average. Hopefully the teachers would let her turn in the work late, or maybe she could do some extra credit work to keep her 4.0.

In four years of high school Sheri had never been late. Well, there was that one time with the snow storm last year, but by the time she arrived, she learned that school had been canceled. Thus Sheri wasn't even aware of school policy. The main doors were locked at 8 o'clock, so she had to enter through the staff entrance, which was through the administrative offices. Of course she was noticed, and Principal Harris' secretary handed her a slip of paper.

The pink paper was a punishment slip! Sheri couldn't believe it. The note indicated she was to report to the gym promptly at 3:15 dressed in her gym clothes. She was due three swats for tardiness.

Her head still swimming with astonishment, Sheri made her way to English class. Unfortunately, she hadn't quite finished reading _The Great Gatsby_ (she'd only had a few chapters left and planned to do it that weekend), so she was a little clueless during discussion time. Mrs. Davis was not amused, but didn't say anything.

Advanced Algebra was where things went downhill, however. When Sheri sheepishly admitted to not having her homework assignment, Ms. Howard cruelly marked down a zero in the record book, ignoring Sheri's pleas for leniency. When Sheri insisted that wasn't fair, it being her birthday and all, and begged for more time or extra credit, the teacher told her to go sit down and shut up. But Sheri wasn't so easily put off. Math wasn't her best subject and she was straddling the A-/B+ fence and she was terrified this missed assignment would drop her to the B side. She persisted.

"I'm not giving you extra credit or letting you turn in the assignment late and that's final."

"But Ms. Howard, you don't under--"

"Sit down now!" snapped the teacher. "Or I'll make it hard for you to sit down."

The threat passed right over Sheri's head, her not being used to such discipline. She continued the beg. Ms. Howard didn't waste any more time but grabbed a pink punishment slip, filled it out, and handed to the startled teen.

"There, happy birthday," she growled. "Now I've got a class to teach. Unless you want to make things even worse, I suggest you go to your seat and close your mouth."

Sheri wanted to cry. She felt like she'd been slapped in the face. She sat in her chair, stunned. The consequences of the punishment slip didn't really register: she'd never been paddled and the concept was a vague, abstract thing for her.

But her day was not over. In her AP Chemistry class Sheri was lost, having neglected to read the next chapter in the textbook. That frustrated and annoyed her, for she hated not understanding things. Irritated, she skipped lunch and spent it in the library, trying to finish her Geography reading. She managed about two thirds of it, but felt she only remembered half of that, she was so distracted by her headache, the odd pit gnawing in her stomach that she couldn't figure out, and the sweet memories of the previous night when Jake had kissed her on the Ferris wheel.

Sheri was angry when she arrived in Geography. She was mostly mad at herself, for being so stupid, but she was also furious that her teachers, who she'd thought of as her friends, were being so unreasonable and cruel to her. Thus when Ms. Anderson announced a pop quiz, Sheri was not in a good mood. Her mood soured further during the quiz as the girl struggled with the questions, and she livid when her paper was handed back to her with a 70 circled at the top. Ms. Anderson graded on a curve, so that turned out to be a solid B (Sheri wasn't the only girl who hadn't read the material), but Sheri was still upset and went to the teacher when the bell rang and begged for a make-up quiz.

"What? I'm not giving you a make-up quiz. The whole point of a pop quiz is that it's unexpected."

"Please, Ms. Anderson. How about if I write a research paper?"

The woman shook her head.

"Ten pages."



"I'm not changing the grade. Look, Sheri, and I know you're an A student, but there's nothing wrong with a B. I don't even know what you're worried about. Didn't you already get accepted by Dartmouth? They won't even see your final term marks."

"But Ms. Anderson--"

At that moment the bell rang and Sheri looked around to realize the next class had already filed in.

"Oh my God, that's the final bell!" Sheri hovered in indecision. She still wanted to push her case with Ms. Anderson, but now she was late for Spanish.

"Go!" said the teacher, pointing to the door. "I won't change your grade and if I hear any more argument I'll dock you ten points on the quiz!"

The horror of a C shocked Sheri and she staggered out the classroom, bewildered. She'd always gotten along so well with Ms. Anderson. What was going on?

As Sheri wandered the halls, she was suddenly startled to realize someone was talking to her. She looked up and it was Principal Harris.

"Sheri, Earth to Sheri. I was asking for your hall pass," said the Principal with a friendly smile. Sheri was one of her best and favorite students.

"Oh!" Sheri flushed pink. "I... uh, well, I... I don't have one."

The Principal frowned. "What are you doing wandering the halls without a pass?"

"I, uh, I'm on my way to Spanish. I was talking with Ms. Anderson and didn't hear the warning bell."

The woman smiled sadly. "I'm afraid we have a zero tolerance policy at Sunquest, Sheri." She began to write on the pink pad in her hand. "But since it's your first time, I'm only putting you down for two swats, okay?" She tore off the page and held it out to the girl.

Sheri took the paper in a daze, suddenly remembering the two others in her pocket. "What do these mean?" she whispered, her voice suddenly faint with worry.

The Principal wrinkled her brow. "You're to report to Coach Licklater after school, of course. For discipline." Suddenly the light dawned. "Oh, you've never been paddled before, have you!"

Sheri shook her head dismally, that pit in her belly growing.

"Well, don't worry. You're a big girl. It won't be too bad. Just a couple licks. It'll sting a bit, but you'll survive. Probably a good experience for you, actually. It's not good to escape Sunquest without ever being spanked."

The reality of her dire situation was finally beginning to sink in to poor Sheri. The knowledge that her bottom was going to be smacked in a couple hours was distinctly unpleasant!

As she hurried off to Spanish, she checked the other papers. Each slip was for three swats. That was a total of eight! Sheri didn't know how bad that was, but it didn't sound good. If two or three swats was considered punishment, eight must be severe.

Spanish was miserable, as Sheri couldn't concentrate at all. She kept imagining Coach Licklater holding up a big wooden paddle, a leer on his face. The concept of that paddle hitting Sheri's ass was just too intense for the girl: she put it out of her mind. It couldn't be real. There had to be some other possibility. Twice Mrs. Diaz had to reprimand Sheri for not paying attention, and the third time the teacher dryly actually asked Sheri, in a grim tone of voice, if she'd like a punishment slip?

"No!" cried the teen, terrified. Her loud denial to what was supposed to be a rhetorical question sent the class tittering, and Sheri blushed. "No ma'am, I'm sorry. I'll pay attention from now on."

"En Espanol!" said the teacher sternly.

"Apesadumbrado," mumbled Sheri, bowing her head and wishing she was invisible.

Her final class of the day was the mandatory Health class, which was so boring and routine Sheri usually used it as a study hall. Today, however, she couldn't concentrate on her Algebra homework: she was watching the clock as it inched toward three p.m. and the final bell. The three ominous pink slips in her pocket seemed to have grown, and they weighed her down as though they were made of lead.

Finally, the bell rang, and Sheri gratefully escaped the classroom, but her feet were leaden. She put away her books in her locker and headed for the gym. She didn't want to go, but the notes were specific that she be there _promptly_ at 3:15, dressed in her P.E. clothes.

It was ten after when she arrived. She found her gym locker and slowly changed clothes. The shorts, she suddenly realized, didn't give her a lot of protection. She was so worried about her own fate she didn't even realize she wasn't alone until Maggie said something to her.

"Huh? What did you say?"

"I said, "Nice day for a butt-warming,'" laughed the pretty blonde girl. Maggie was only a junior, but Sheri knew her from yearbook last year.

"You can joke about this?" breathed Sheri.

"Aw, it's not a big deal. A few swats are bad. Unless you've got a bunch. Is this your first time?" Her voice held awe and respect.

Sheri blushed and nodded, wondering why she was embarrassed at having never been paddled.

"Cheer up. It's not a big deal. What'd you get, three? Four?"

Wordlessly, Sheri revealed the three slips.

"Oh my God! That's eight. Ouch. No wonder you're nervous. That means that's really nine, with eight on the bare. Oooh, you'll be sleeping on your belly tonight."

Sheri was bewildered. "What do you mean, nine?"

"You don't know how this works, do you? You see, you're not allowed to move out of position once the paddling starts. If you do, your shorts come down. The spanking's on the bare bottom."

"No way!" gasped Sheri, her mouth dangling open. "You can't be serious."

"Them's the rules."

"But Coach Licklater's a guy!"

"Yeah. Glad you noticed."

"But he can't see me naked!"

"Well, unless you can take eight swats over your shorts without moving, he can and will."

Immediately Sheri resolved to take her paddling with Olympic fortitude. There was no way she was baring her ass to the only male teacher in the school!

As the walked out of the locker room, Maggie explained. "If you move, the paddling starts over from the beginning. Most girls take their first swat over their shorts, then get up, and take the paddling on the bare. If you don't, you'll take a swats on your shorts that don't count."

"I won't get up," said Sheri grimly.

Maggie laughed. "Oh yes you will. You have no idea how much even one swat hurts." She held up her slip. "I'm only in for four, but my ass is sore from a four swats last Friday, so I'm just going to take it on the bare. I might be able to handle four today, but I just don't know. I don't trust myself. And why take the risk? Coach has already seen my bare ass anyway."

Sheri's mind spun and she couldn't believe this was happening. But she knew there was no way she was taking down her shorts. Just the thought was hideously horrible.

Coach Licklater was on the gym floor moving a wooden pedestal of sorts into the middle of the room. Several other girls in gym outfits were standing waiting and Maggie and Sheri joined them.

"Looks like quite a crowd today. Mondays are always heavy," laughed the Coach pleasantly. The grim faces of the girls didn't smile back.

"All right. Everyone have their pink slips? Good. Everyone know all the rules? Oh, I don't remember seeing you here before. Sheri Lillyass, isn't it?"

Sheri turned beet red as everyone stared at her. She nodded and stared at the floor.

"Since it's your first time, I'll explain the rules. One by one, you each come up here. You present your slip -- or slips, if you've been particularly naughty -- and bend over this horse here for your swats. Now at least the first swat must be taken over your shorts. If you get up during your shorts paddling, the entire paddling begins again, but this time without your shorts. Without your underwear as well. It's bare bottom!"

The coach grinned as he said this, a huge toothy grin, but none of the girls smiled. Most fidgeted and looked uncomfortable. Sheri's face was ashen.

"If you can stay down for the entire shorts punishment, that will be all you receive. But if you get out of position, I'll start the punishment over from the beginning, and your second round will be bare bottom."

The big man clapped his hands together. "All right. Let's get this party started. Who's first? We'll go alphabetically if there are no volunteers."

Sheri shrank to the back, terrified. There was no way she'd go first. Fortunately, one of the unfortunates there was Amy Algar, a freshman in for her ninth paddling of the year. She was only due three swats, though, and didn't seem worried. She held up her hand.

The coach took her punishment slip, grumbled when he saw it was only for three swats, and told her to get in position.

The petite girl clambered over the "horse" as the man had called the pedestal. It did resemble a saw horse, Sheri thought, at least a little. It was about a yard wide with upside down vee-shaped pieces on each side. It was about three feet high, with a padded flat area across the middle for the girl to lean across. There were wooden beams across both ends, at the floor, and Amy gripped the one at the far end and placed her feet at the outsides of the near beam. The result was that her legs were splayed three feet apart, her head bent down, with her gym-short ass stuck up in the air.

Sheri suddenly gasped. Coach Licklater was holding up a huge wooden paddle. It was nearly two feet long and probably six or eight inches wide. It looked thick and heavy. A series of pencil-diameter holes had been drilled across the surface to spell out the word "OUCH." Someone obviously had a black sense of humor.

The coach lined up on Amy's left side. Holding the paddle with both hands, he stretched it out until it was right behind her ass. The blade dwarfed her small butt, easily covering the entire buttocks. Then the coach drew back the paddle to his shoulder and swung it down hard.


The noise was loud and echoed throughout the gym. Sheri and the others cringed. Sheri couldn't believe how hard the swat was: the coach was swinging as hard as he could!

Amy grunted, and her shorts wiggled frantically for a few seconds, then she settled down. WHAM! the paddle walloped her again. This time Amy's head went up, her hair danced a little, and her butt moved a lot. But she didn't get up. WHAM! The final swat was even harder, the noise deafening. Sheri watched with her mouth open, terrified. Amy gave a little cry of alarm, her ass twitching furiously. When the coach ordered her up, she stood shakily, still wiggling, and her eyes were red.

"Next," said the coach, obviously annoyed at the limited punishment he was able to give Amy.

Pascale Davidson was next, a nice-looking brunette. She was only a sophomore, but she looked like she could be in college. Her voluptuous body was as mature as an adult, with full breasts and bottom.

"Six!" exclaimed the coach when he saw her paper. "Smoking. Again."

The teen shrugged, and got over the horse. Her bigger butt looked huge as the cheeks strained against the skimpy shorts. Sheri could see portions of the girl's asscheeks hanging out at the base of the shorts. This paddling was going to hurt!

Pascale stood up immediately after the first terrible swat. She didn't hesitate but quickly yanked down her shorts and underwear, revealing a beautiful, shapely, and very pink bottom.

"Six more," grunted the coach, hefting the paddle.

When Pascale bent back over the horse, Sheri nearly fainted. She'd been worried about the coach seeing her bare bottom but now she realized that was the least of what he'd see. With her legs spread apart the way they were, Pascale revealed everything. Her fully mature slit dangled between her legs, the far side furry with a dark bush. Above the sex and between the curves of her asscheeks was the black dot of her asshole. She hid nothing, but in fact, presented everything obscenely, thrust up as though showing it off. Sheri felt sick to her stomach and her resolve to take her paddling over her shorts quadrupled.

The coach stepped forward and slid a wooden bar into position over Pascale's back. The bar pinned her in place, making it impossible for her to rise. For this portion of her punishment willpower was not in question: she just had to suffer.

The paddling of the pretty brunette was brutal. Every swat was fiendishly hard. The girl's buttocks quivered violently, smashed flat by the board and springing back to rotund life a fraction of a second later. The skin quickly went hot-pink, then red, then crimson, then magenta, then purple. After six swats the girl was a mess, weeping non-stop, her mascara running, her hair disheveled. Holding her blistered butt with one hand, she bent and retrieved her shorts and went and stood by Amy, who's eyes were moist with sympathy. Sheri couldn't figure out why the girl wasn't getting dressed. Didn't she realize she was standing butt naked in front of a guy?

"Next," said the coach.

"I guess that's me," sighed Maggie. With a smile of encouragement to Sheri, the blonde went forward. She had a really nice butt, Sheri thought as the girl bent into position. She found herself wondering how it would look bare and bright red like Pascale's.

Sheri didn't have long to wait. After one swat Maggie was up and pulling off her shorts. She wasn't messing around. And indeed her bare ass was magnificent, the cheeks full and curved. But Sheri was surprised to note that the girl's butt looked like it had already been paddled. The flesh was already blotchy with red. Then she remembered Maggie said she'd been spanked on Friday. That must be the remnants of her last punishment.

Back over the pedestal, Maggie was locked in position by the wooden bar and endured four blistering swats of that big board. She didn't take her punishment quietly the way Pascale had: she yelled with every smack. (As she revealed to Sheri later, yelling releases tension and makes the spanking easier to bear.)


All eyes suddenly fell on Sheri. She looked around, terrified. There was still another girl, Erica Short. Sheri's eyes pleaded with her to go next, to postpone her own fate for a few more minutes, but the younger girl looked away, worried about her own bottom.

"Sheri, your last name begins with 'L,' so I think that makes you next," said the coach thoughtfully.

Sheri couldn't move. Her mouth was dry and she felt like she was going to throw up. "This c-can't b-b-be," she stammered. "There--there's been a mistake."

"Give me your pink slip."

Sheri watched as her hand reached out with the three slips and handed them to the man.

"Three!" Suddenly a smile beamed across his face. "Three, three, and two. That's eight. Oh, you've been a very naughty girl!"

Sheri stumbled forward. The punishment horse swelled before her until it was the size of the entire world. She was across it, her ass high in the air. She couldn't believe this was happening. She was eighteen now, too old for childish discipline.

"Hold on tight," laughed the coach, and suddenly Sheri's ass exploded.

She didn't even hear the sound of the swat. She felt the pressure of impact and was suddenly overwhelmed with pain. The intense stinging dominated all her senses. For a few long seconds she thought she was going to die or faint or both. It was like her ass was the entire world. Then she remembered and saw she was gripping the hand brace with all her strength, willing herself not to rise. That was terribly tempting, however. She wanted nothing more than to reach back and massage her smarting ass. But she didn't dare.

After a pause, where the coach waited in vain for Sheri to rise, he swatted her again. Oh the agony! Sheri had never felt such pain. Her ass throbbed and she wiggled it frantically, trying to throw off the sting. But her main goal, of keeping in position, was still clear and she held on tight.

Two more blows followed, each more severe than the previous. She shrieked with each spank. Her ass danced uncontrollably. Sheri was beside herself with terror at the thought of more strikes. Her knuckles were white she gripped the beam so tightly, yet she somehow held on.

Coach Licklater was impressed. For a first timer, she was holding on remarkable well. But he wasn't going to let her off easy. He took a couple steps back, pulled the paddle back to his left ear, and whipped it around 360 degrees to smack with a wallop into those elegant cheeks.

The result was staggering. Sheri's legs flew backwards, sticking straight out for a few long seconds. Her head flung all about, her hair tumbling over her face. Her mouth opened in a high-pitched scream that alarmed the coach.

And suddenly Sheri was off the horse, rolling on the gym floor, gripping her buttocks and sobbing. Everyone watched her in silence for several long minutes until she calmed down. Coach Licklater had an amused expression on his face. "Shorts off," he said finally, pointing at the horse with the paddle.

"Noooo, please," moaned Sheri. "I can't, I can't."

"Hey, I can keep paddling you over your shorts, but none of the swats will count. You've got eight on the bare coming and that's what you're going to get. Get in position now!"

Four minutes minutes earlier Sheri would have told you she'd rather have died than bare her buttocks for the coach. But now, with her ass burning so brightly, it seemed like a minor detail. The garments came off, the bare buttocks, a mottled crimson, were revealed.

There were surprised looks in the audience. Sheri wasn't bad looking; in fact, she was quite pretty, in a female-lawyer studious kind of way. But few thought of her as sexy because she was always so serious about her schoolwork. Now, seeing her bare ass, the girls -- and the male coach -- were stunned at how sexy Sheri looked. Her lithe figure had curvy hips, long splendid legs, and a fantastic bottom. The cheeks were full and round, the cleft between them deep and pronounced. Several of the girls, Pascale included, frowned, a twinge of jealousy coursing through them. Sheri rarely even dated: how could she deserve such a sweet butt?

But Sheri wasn't thinking of anything close to this. She felt the eyes of everyone on her and was blushing scarlet, shamed down to her toes at the thought of being seen like this. A light tap from the paddle sent her scurrying to the horse, where she was locked in like the others. Now she was trapped. She couldn't even reach back to protect her bottom.

Her bottom! How huge it felt. She could feel air gently passing over the hot flesh, the current drifting down between her legs. Oh, Lord! Everyone could see! She snapped her legs together, refusing to spread them.

The coach calmly grabbed an ankle and pulled it to one side, fastening it to the horse with a Velcro strip that was there. He did the same on the other side, and now Sheri was helpless. She could wiggle her ass a little, that was all.

Coach Licklater began the paddling. It was the longest eight minutes of Sheri's life. Against her bare skin the sting was even fiercer. The incredible heat from the spanking was made more obvious by the cool air that blew across her blistered flesh. Oh, it was awful.

Finally, about a year later, it was over. The coach released the pin bar and Sheri was free to rise. She could hardly move. She staggered to her feet, her buttocks an agonizing mottle of crimson and purple. Her hands went back and squeezed the steaming, tender flesh. Sheri wept and massaged her sore butt while young Erica suffered five swats: one over her shorts, and four on the bare. Every time the paddle came down, Sheri winced, her ass shuddering.

Then it was all over. All the girls had been well-punished, and it was time to go home. Sheri found herself being guided by Maggie, who was sympathetic.

"Wow, he really roasted you," she muttered. "Hey, aren't you going to get your shorts?""

In a daze, Sheri realized she'd forgotten her gym shorts and her panties. They were in a discarded bundle on the floor. As she bent to pick them up, she vaguely realized the coach was watching her. She stood up, unconcerned he was getting a full view of her nude front. She no longer cared about such a minor detail. She limped away, and her magenta ass the last thing he saw.

The End