The Contest

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The Contest

(***, MF/MF, Severe, public paddling)

A young couple competes at beach games where there are literally sore losers. (Approximately 4,005 words. Originally published 1995-10.)

Julia stared at Scott nervously. Even inside the locker area they could hear the roar of the crowd, the shouts and catcalls and cheers. The noise was deafening. Julia peeked through a crack in the doorway at caught a glimpse of the large stands filled with screaming people.

"How did we get into this?" she thought in terror. She had never expected so many people. The contest rules had mentioned an audience, of course. That was how the club made money. But somehow Julia had thought that an audience meant a couple hundred people. Here there were _thousands_.

Her knees felt weak and her heart beat wildly at the thought of performing in front of them all. "I can't do it, Scott!" she whispered, staring up at her husband's dark eyes. Her large brown eyes were filled with tears as he smiled at her comfortingly, his lips twisted in that classic wry grin that had made her fall in love with him. That and his bronze body, of course.

"Shhhh. Don't worry, honey, it'll be fine. Everything will be just fine."

"But those people..."

"Forget them, Julia. Think of us, think only of us." Scott's voice was firm and without doubt and Julia suddenly felt better. He was right. They had practiced all summer, hadn't they? Were't they ready? She felt a surge of anticipation flood through her. Yes! They were ready!

Suddenly the doors burst open and they were ushered out into the blinding sunlight, the screams of the crowd deafening. Like sheep they followed, stumbling across the hot sand. Julia glanced around but could only see dim figures that stood and waved and shouted. She felt alone and helpless, and she clung to Scott for support.

"Welcome to Beach Games 1995!" screamed a loudspeaker somewhere. "Our contestants our coming on stage now. Would everyone please greet our challenging couple, Mr. and Mrs. Julia and Scott Allen!" The crowd roared and stomped their feet so hard the ground seemed to shake.

"And now give a warm welcome to our existing champions, Mr. and Mrs. Lisa and Tony Wilcox!" continued the loudspeaker to the delirious roar of the audience.

Julia and Scott stood on the stage and felt as tiny as ants, and flushed with embarrassment with all the attention. They watched as a cute, athletic couple came bouncing out of a tent on the opposite side of the game area.

The man was tall and limber, perfectly tanned and obviously confident with his body. He gave a broad wave to the audience and did a cartwheel. The girl was a tall, slim blond, with a pretty face and a impossibly white smile. She was dressed in a tiny white bikini that looked like it was about to pop off at any moment. To the delight of the men in the crowd, she too did a cartwheel, her top precariously close to falling off when she stopped. She feigned consternation and proceeded to correct the matter, cheers and whistles encouraging her.

"All right," said the announcer when the couple in white reached the stage, "let's begin our game. Scott and Julia are the red team, Lisa and Tony the white. Our first game is the Frisbee relay!"

Quickly the two teams lined up as the announcer reviewed the rules. "It's pretty simple, folks. Each team tries to goes as far as they can with four Frisbees throws, with each throw beginning where the previous landed. Team members must alternate throws. The winning team gets five points!"

The red team had drawn the first position so Julia stepped forward and threw. The wind was greater than she had realized and her throw went way off course. Scott's throw was a little better but they were still behind. The next throws were better but Lisa and Tony didn't make any mistakes, each toss going straight ahead. They easily won by a good twenty yards.

Julia sighed. She knew they were up against champions, which frustrated her, but she also knew that she and Scott were good. They could win, she knew it!

The next game was more difficult. It was the first of many obstacle races. In sixty seconds one had to climb a rope ladder, then swing from a hanging rope across a pool of mud, climb a log wall, splash though a water bath, and race through thick sand to tag your partner who'd run around the course to the entrance and race to complete it.

To add spice to the game there were both rewards and punishments this time. The reward for winning was ten points. The penalty for losing was five wacks each from the opposing team.

Julia and Lisa started out. The rope climb was tough, and Julia wasn't as agile as Lisa, who was swinging across the mud when Julia reached the top. She followed quickly, but the lead Lisa had created seemed insurmountable. Tony held the lead easily and Julia was trembling as she and Scott approached the stage to receive their punishment.

The crowd was cheering in excitement, to Julia's dismay many shouting that the punishment was too light. Turning their backs to the audience, Julia and Scott bent over and took their blows. The wooden paddles wielded by Lisa and Tony were large and wide, each blow cracking like a gunshot. They didn't spare anything, either, both Lisa and Scott paddling harshly and without mercy. Julia had thought Tony's five were painful until Lisa gave her five. She was brutal.

Groaning, Julia and Scott stood when it was over, their bottoms burning. "Come on, Lady in Red! Wag that butt when you're spanked!" came a shout from the throng and Julia flushed in shame and pretended she didn't hear.

The next event was a game of tag football. Eight minutes on a reduced field, with the winners keeping the difference in scores and the losers punished the same.

It seemed but seconds later and Julia and Scott, still panting, were bent over and receiving more hard smacks from the paddle. Twelve from each this time. Julia was crying a little by the time it was finished, her poor bottom beginning to match her red bikini. In her mind, however, she was grateful that it was only twenty-four. It had came very close to being thirty-six.

The audience chanted each blow as it landed, Julia and Scott gritting their teeth and trying to remain dignified. It was humiliating. Julia desperately wished the bathing suits were a little thicker and covered a little more skin.

Next was a bonus round, ten points that the red team desperately needed. Each team was to choose one member to shoot baskets at an oversized hoop using giant beach balls. The trick was to bet with the opposing team how many baskets you thought you could make in 30 seconds. They could give you the chance to do it or they could counter with their own prediction. The team goes for it picks up two points for every basket, but if they miss their goal, their partner faces a gauntlet of paddles from the audience.

Julia and Scott talked it over, Scott wanting Julia to shoot. "But you're the better shot," she insisted. "It doesn't make sense. Just go bet; don't worry about me. Remember, we need those points or both our butts are in a sling!"

Finally Scott conceded. He started with five baskets, and Tony countered with six. Scott upped it to seven, intending to give it to Tony, but Tony balked and let Scott have it. Great. That meant he'd have to shoot.

He shot. Badly. The wind was terrible, something Tony apparently knew well, the beach balls highly influenced by any breeze. But he had managed six when the buzzer rang. Julia smiled at him. "At least we get twelve points!"

The seven audience members, selected at random, were all strapping young men with huge muscles and grotesque leers. Lust was written all over their faces and not too discrete bulges in their shorts. Julia felt a surge of panic but calmed it, not wanting to make Scott even more depressed.

The gauntlet was to be held in the sand right in front of the screaming crowd, hands reaching out so close they could almost touch Julia's long hair. She was to be on her knees, hands locked behind her neck. She was to make two passes, once each direction, crawling as fast as she could. There were no limits to the number of blows the men could give her--everything was dependent upon her speed in the thick sand.

Julia was terrified, the screaming crowd on one side, the stern row of men whose strong hands held huge wooden paddles on the other. She darted forward desperately, the first blow catching her so hard it almost knocked her over. But then there was another and another and another, and she was racing forward, every fiber in her being pushing her, yet she seemed to be floating so gradually, so leisurely, it was horrible.

The paddles smacked at her, loud and merciless, her tears blurring her vision, the fuzzy movement of the crowd and paddlers dizzying. She wept and struggled on, finally reaching the end and turning to go back.

The pads on her knees kept the hot sand from her but the paddles were blazing against her buttocks, her rump being lifted and pounded and smacked with a rapidity that stunned and exhausted her. Her buttocks felt huge and swollen and when she reached the end she collapsed, sobbing, her face crimson at the thought of all the people watching her performance.

Scott was there, his hands strong and comforting, his tears making her cry more as she tried to comfort him, which only made him love her all the more. "Here she is," he thought, "paddled and in pain and she's trying to comfort me! What a woman!"

But more events were looming, and after a short break of water and a quick energy snack, the teams were again in position. This, finally, thought Julia, was a water game. Another relay, this one involving a complex path through a swimming pool filled with obstacles.

Julia and Lisa went first, diving in together in their respective lanes. Julia thrilled at the touch of water to her hot skin, especially her sore bottom. She was at home in the water, lithe and quick, and in seconds had left the larger Lisa behind.

Diving near the end of the pool Julia retrieved the metal ring at the bottom and swam to the edge and climbed to the diving board. Here she dove beautifully, drawing gasps and cheers from the audience, and before Lisa had even drawn herself out of the water Julia had tagged her partner.

It was pretty much over at that point. Scott finished before Tony had even found the ring. The red team hugged vigorously in celebration, their victory the sweeter after their series of defeats.

It was a dismal Tony that withdrew from the water, his heart sinking when he saw he was a full twelve seconds behind Scott. He and Lisa took their punishment well, however, standing bravely and enduring the pain and the taunts of the crowd.

Julia especially enjoyed paddling Lisa, her firm bottom quivering under Julia's hard blows. Julia's muscles were strong from years of swimming and she made good use of that strength, pounding Lisa's rump with every ounce of power she could muster.

After the twenty-four smacks from the red team the white team looked quite abashed, and even more so when they saw the scoreboard: red, 22; white, 27. Only a five point lead despite everything.

The next round was the tug-of-war. Sixty seconds to pull the other team over the line. You scored one point for each foot of rope you won by. If it was a complete victory (dragging the other team across the center line), you not only scored a five point bonus but could punish the opposing team.

The starting gun boomed and the two teams leapt into it, hitting the ropes hard and pulling, digging deep into the sand. Lisa and Tony got off to the better start, but Scott and Julia were determined and pulled them back. It was close, but time finally decided it, with the white team winning by just three feet. No bonus and no punishment, to Julia's great relief. Though she would have loved to have Scott and Lisa under her paddle again.

The next event was another water one, and Julia was excited. Ten points was the prize, with a bonus of five if one could complete a third lap before the opponent.

Julia went first again, this time against Tony, not that the order made much difference. It began with a dive and a swim into a twenty-foot underwater tube, a metal ring at the end the goal. There was a breathing hole at the end of the tube, but Julia didn't bother with it, returning with one breath, passing Tony midway. She swam across the water to the other side where she tagged Scott who dove in and swam to the tube and dove just as Tony emerged. Scott too, ignored the beathing hole and swam the tube twice in one breath, returning to victory just as Lisa reached the tube.

With fierce desperation Julia dove back in determined to win the extra five points. She swam rapidly and dove, passing Lisa midway through the tube. With a strength she hadn't known she possed she grabbed the ring and swam back out of the tube, reaching the surface and swimming back just a yard behind a suddenly frightened Lisa.

The race was fierce and frantic, but Julia's superb skill won out. She beat Lisa by a full stroke, and it was time for rejoicing on the part of the red team. Dancing and laughing because now they were ahead a full seven points! And giggling now, because the bonus meant they were allowed to paddle Lisa and Tony a full ten swats each!

Julia enjoyed the paddling immensely, loving the looks of terror and despair that passed across the faces of Lisa and Tony. Lisa and Tony were extremely contrite when it was over, their bottoms quite sore, their egos even more bruised.

But it was time for the final bonus round, the last event before the grand finale. The structure to the bonus round was similar to before, but the game was different. This time it was horseshoes, the winner being the closest shoe. A bonus of two points was awarded for a shoe touching, and ten for each ringer. The bet was for the number of points the winner would receive, the loser receiving blows. The catch was that the challenged player received two shoes, the challenger only one.

Again it was decided (by Julia) that Scott toss. He bet five to start, and Tony upped it to eight. Scott went ahead and bet ten, and Tony changed it to eleven. Scott let him have it, thinking that with two throws he could easily beat whatever Tony threw.

Wrong. Tony threw a ringer. Scott looked at Julia sadly and shook his head. His first throw bounced and clanged against the metal pole and stopped. It was touching! Two point bonus! But Scott's second throw went wild. White won the bonus round of 11 plus 5, which after Red's two point bonus meant White was now in the lead by seven.

Worse, there were punishments for Julia, some unexpected. A ringer in the horseshoe meant Julia, as the partner, would lose her bathing suit! She was horrified, but they had been warned that it was a possible outcome in the game. She reluctantly took off her white bikini, her breasts dangling in the open, her naked red bottom exposed.

This time of eleven audience members, a few girls among the chosen. Julia was led to the starting line and explained the rules. She would run as fast as she could, following the marked course. As she ran the paddlers would chase and spank her, twenty yards each. Again there was no limit to the number of blows each person could give her, it was all dependent upon her speed.

Mortified, Julia stared out the flag-marked course she was to follow. The sand was thick and hot and she knew it would be difficult to run very quickly. At twenty yards apiece she would have to run 220 yards being spanked all the way. She began to cry just thinking of it, the wild screams and cheers of the audience embarrassing her even more.

With a smack on her butt like a gunshot she was off, running frantically, her arms locked behind her neck, elbows sticking out awkwardly. She felt graceless as she ran, her breasts bouncing against her chest, the paddle spanking her sharply and much more quickly than she had thought possible.

It caught her at every turn, each blow a little unexpected, and each time striking her in a slightly different position, sometimes catching more of her rump, at other times just her right or left thigh.

She wept miserably as a new paddler stepped forward, this one young girl. She was lithe and energetic and managed to keep up with Julia without a problem, and she brought her blows up from below, lifting Julia's bottom with each terrible spank. The blows weren't that hard, but the effect was debilitating for Julia, who had never felt such degradation and dispair.

Then the girl was gone and there was a large man chasing her. He managed only a few spanks but they were brutal, easily the hardest she had received yet, almost knocking her down.

She ran faster, or tried to, her feet sinking so deep into the sand she had to almost march to keep going, lifting her knees straight up. Her buttocks were so sore now that the blows didn't seem to matter so much to her, and she found herself content to simply run and endure, because there was nothing else she could do. The cheers of the crowd each time a paddle caught her with a particularly hard blow was an added insult to her injury, her face flushing at the thought of how she must look, naked and jogging along the beach, buttocks beet red and welted as she was spanked along.

Julia's legs ached and her throat hurt from lack of liquid but her buttocks flared with each white-hot smack from those cruel paddles. The smacks were outrageous against her bare skin, the loud slaps frightening.

When it was finally finished Julia thought she had never felt so exposed, so vulnerable, and her buttocks burned and seemed to attract so much attention to that lower part of her body she found herself blushing and her sex damp with desire. Scott hugged her and kissed her cheek and she wept against he shoulder and told him everything would be fine.

But Scott had a bonus coming too, and he proceeded to spank Lisa five times, paddling her extra hard to make up for Julia's punishment. But Lisa just gritted her teeth and grunted under the blows, refusing to acknowledge the pain or struggle for the audience. The crowd booed her poor performance, but she shrugged.

Now it was time for grand finale. This was a two-part obstacle course worth twenty points. Each member of the team was responsible for a different part of the course. The first part was for the women, and involved running, swimming, swinging, and sliding. The second part was the men's, which involved jet ski racing, climbing, and sliding.

The gun fired and Julia and Lisa took off, running towards the long pool and diving in and swimming to the other side. Julia was still naked, completely self-conscious of her breasts bouncing as she ran awkwardly. Lisa was the first one to the pool but predictably Julia was the first one out. She was three quarters of the up the log wall when Lisa emerged and began climbing, but by the time Julia grasped the tug line in front of the mud pit Lisa was at the top.

Scott gunned the engine to the jet ski and pulled Julia through the mud pit and into the ocean, the water washing off the sticky black mud. As soon as she passed the marker Julia let go of the tow rope and Scott was racing up the predefined path.

But Lisa had also gone through the mud and ocean, and now was swimming slowly towards the shore, Tony roaring his jet ski and chasing Scott. At a couple of sharp turns Julia was terrified Scott was going to overturn his craft, but he went cautiously and remained upright. Tony, on the other hand, was reckless, taking corners at impossible speeds and controlling his craft with the hand of a master. The crowd was obviously impressed and cheered him tremendously.

They neared the finish, Scott still slightly in the lead, and Scott landed and leapt out and ran to the large cargo net and began to climb. In seconds Tony was there and gaining on him, but with two on the netting it became unstable, and the advantage was to Scott.

He reached the top and dove into the tube just as Tony climbed off the net, and both slid down to the mud bath waiting them. Scott landed just seconds before Tony, and the applause was tremendous. The red team had won!

Scott and Julia hugged each other and wept, Tony and Lisa taking each other's hands quietly and waiting for the dreaded ending. The celebration lasted for several minutes and then the audience began to clamor to punish the losers.

Lisa and Tony were stripped, their legs planted to the knees into the deep sand. A wooden frame passed over their heads and to this cloth ropes securely bound their outstretched arms. They were naked and helpless as they awaited their punishment.

Julia and Scott approached with the victory paddles and proceeded to spank the losers thirty-four strokes each (twenty for the win and fourteen extra for the winning margin). Julia was astonished at how aroused she became, her sex wet and dripping as she smacked the exposed flesh of Tony and Lisa.

She paddled them as hard as she could, loving the way their bottoms quivered and bounced under her paddle. When they had finished both Tony and Lisa were crying, their buttocks blistering red. But Julia couldn't help but notice that Tony's penis was long and hard even after the paddling, and she was sure she had spotted drips of moisture on the sand beneath Lisa's exposed sex.

"So they too were aroused by the punishment," she mused. But then she saw, in a mixture of fascination and horror, that the crowd was dispursing from the stands and lining up to take turns "meeting" poor Lisa and Scott.

She couldn't imagine such humiliation. The strangers in the crowd milled around the stretched and exposed bodies of the losers, slapping and pinching and poking and teasing the unfortunates' open sex and stinging flesh as though it were nothing but the skin of a cow or pet kitten.

Yet the crowd intrigued her, and she couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to feel so many hands on her body at one time. But when the gentleman beside her, one of the contest's organizers, spoke, she was terrified by his words: "They all leave that way, girl," he whispered. "Sooner or later all champions lose and must take their punishment."

His gaze as he looked at her sent electricity through her spine right to her sex which became incredibly wet and painful in its fierce desire. It took all her strength to not slam her legs together and rub herself. His smile was chilling. His last words were devastating:

"Congratulations, _champion_."

The End