Couple Spanking

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Couple Spanking

(***, F/MF, Severe, semi-consensual spanking, paddling, caning, strapping)

A couple with marital problems meets their solution. (Approximately 1,812 words. Originally published 2016-05.)

The house looked normal. It was just like all the others on the block, though it was at the end of a cul de sac and a bit distant. Inside it looked homey and not pretentious or weird. Just a regular house.

The woman looked normal, too. Older, perhaps in her late forties. Mature. Still attractive, like a former beauty queen finally starting to look her age. She had dark lustrous hair and oddly bright blue eyes. She seemed nice. She had a nice smile. Friendly. Kind.

Brandi looked at Brad and he looked back at her with the same puzzled expression.

"Are you a counselor?" asked the young woman.

"Not exactly."

"I don't get it. Then why did Dr. Georges send us to you?"

Brandi fingered the card in her hands nervously. It was a plain business card. It read: Ms. Elise Tanner, Marital Trainer. There was only the phone number they'd called. No address.

"What's a 'Marital Trainer?'" asked blond without waiting for an answer to her first question.

Elise smiled. "You're impatient, aren't you. Why not sit back, relax, and the information you seek will come."

"But you don't understand. We're in a crisis. We don't have time for this!"

The woman's blue eyes sought Brad's. He shyly dropped his to the carpet, his face gaining a hint of pink.

"Is this true, Brad? Are you in a crisis?"

"I... guess. Brandi seems to think so. We're certainly having problems."

"Do you love her?"

"Of course!"

"And you, Brandi. Do you love Brad?"

"Yes, but--"

"There are no buts. You're making this too complicated. If you two love each other, that's all that matters. Everything else is irrelevant."

"But we can't stand each other!" cried the blond desperately. "Ever since Brad started working from home, we drive each other crazy."

Elise nodded as though this was normal. "And your sex life... it's gone downhill?"

"Down to nothing," muttered Brad. "She won't let me touch her."

"That's not true! I just want some foreplay, that's all."

"I spanked you like you wanted. Even though you don't seem to want to return the favor!"

"Like I wanted! You might as well have whipped me with a strand of cooked spaghetti!" laughed Brandi. She glanced at Elise. "He calls two dozen hand pats a spanking. He's pathetic!"

"Well, look at what you gave me," snapped Brad crossly. "You wouldn't even use the big paddle like I wanted."

"That's cause you want to be beaten black and blue! It's exhausting."

The two started to bicker, but stopped when Elise Tanner held up her hand. She said nothing for a moment, the silence so profound it made their argument echo loudly in the living room.

"The two of you are clearly in need of some serious marital training," she said briskly. "I see why Dr. Georges sent you to me. The problem is very simple: you're both submissives."

Brandi bristled. "Excuse me?"

"What does that mean?" asked Brad.

"You both like to be spanked."

"Of course."

"Yeah, but she--"

"I know, I know. She doesn't do it hard enough. And the same for him, right Brandi? He doesn't spank you hard enough?"

"Or often enough."

"So you're bitchy with him to try and get him to spank you. But he doesn't take the bait."

The blond stared and nodded. "Yes, that's right."

"And you, Brad. You want to get spanked, not spank."

"Definitely. I don't mind spanking Brandi occasionally, but what I really want is a toasty bottom."

"Same here," said Brandi.

"And there's the problem," said Elise. "You're both bottoms. Probably early on in your relationship it wasn't such an issue. You were freshly in love and willing to overlook some of your desires, but over time it's gotten frustrating. Let me guess. You've been married for... at least three years?"

"Three years, four months, and twenty-two days," said Brandi.

"And you've been frustrated for the last two, I warrant."

The couple stared at the woman and nodded in unison.

"So... can you fix us?" asked Brad. "We've been seeing Dr. Georges for several months and he helped a little, but he said you were the solution."

Elsie smiled. "I can definitely fix you. But this probably won't be a one-time visit. You'll have to come here often. At least once a month, maybe more. You'll have to decide."

"What are you going to do?" asked Brandi.

"Easy," said Elise. "I'm going to spank you!"

There were no windows in the basement. The walls were painted black, as was the ceiling and cement floor. It made it hard to judge the size of the room. It felt large, but the blackness made it feel like it went on for infinity.

The lighting was subdued. Several low-wattage florescent tubes were mounted to the ceiling, their fixtures painted black allowing only a hint of glow to emerge around the sides. There was enough light to not bump into furniture, but it was too dim to read a book.

The young couple stared at the racks of canes, whips, and paddles adorning the walls. There were several wooden benches, trestles, and blocks scattered about the room.

"It's soundproof," said Elise from behind them. "You can scream all you want."

The fear on the faces of the two guests was mixed with excitement and lust.

"Get undressed over there," said Ms. Tanner sternly. She pointed to a sitting area near the stairs. "Then come here for your spankings."

Brandi licked her lips. "We take off everything?"

"Unless you want extra for disobedience."

The couple exchanged a glance, then stepped over into the area indicated and began to strip. Both were moving stiffly, as though nervous and uncertain.

They were pretty. Brad was tall and lean, his body still fit from regular jogging and games on the corporate softball team. Brandi was gorgeous, slim and curvy, toned from daily yoga and a weekly spinning class. Nude, they could have been models. Brandi's pink nipples were stiff and pronounced in the cool basement, while Brad was already sporting a modest erection as he looked around at all the serious whips and floggers.

"This is gonna be bad," he whispered to his wife. Her face was pale, her eyes wide with thrill as she nodded.

"Yeah. I can't wait."

Ms. Elise Tanner had not changed clothes. She still wore the same ordinary black sweater, dark gray pencil skirt, and spike heels, but down in the basement, the outfit, and her personality, seemed completely different. Perhaps it was the twenty inch Spencer paddle in her hand.

"The two of you have been real brats," Elise said sternly. "That's why you're both going to get really hot bottoms. Now come over here. Brad, I want you to bend across this block. I'm giving you twenty good whacks to start."

Brad's erection swelled as he walked toward the woman, so that by the time he was bending across the wooden block, his cock was as thick as a banana. It pressed against the wood awkwardly, providing him with coarse stimulation. To one side, a nervous but intrigued Brandi watched.

Elise wasted no time. "Don't get up or interrupt, or you'll regret it," was all she said to Brad, and then she began swinging the paddle with both hands. The long flat blade slammed into his plump, muscular buttocks and he roared with pain. He clutched frantically at the block, finding rope bindings he could hold onto as the paddle repeatedly struck his butt. He pulled on the ropes to keep himself steady as his hips twisted and his ass turned red.

Watching, Brandi grew hot. One hand slipped down to her crotch and she rubbed discretely in the dim light. She admired her husband's figure, especially his taut butt which was starting to look remarkably like a red cherry. She twitched, feeling jealous and wishing her own ass could be so red and hot.

Suddenly Elise was ordering her to "assume the position," bending over grabbing her ankles. It was tough to hold like that while the wooden board lit up her ass, but that challenge was half the fun. There were terror in the knowlege that if she failed there might be an even worse punishment, but the sizzling pain of the swats made it tough to keeping offering up her naked butt.

Both got the twenty swats and took them well. Elise had expected that, knowing that the couple each liked it severe. She exchanged the paddle for a wide leather strap with a wooden handle. She didn't even need to tell either of her victims not to move. She whipped Brad's ass two dozen lashes, and then gave the same to Brandi.

Then she had the blond rise and took her to a spot underneath a ceiling hook. In a few minutes she had the girl's wrists bound and the girl dangling from the above. She was petite enough that her toes barely reached the floor. The flogging was vigorous, thirty hard strikes to her ass and thirty more to her wiggling thighs. Every few strokes Brandi would be unable to take them without moving so much that she'd lose her footing and go spinning and swinging. Elise would occasionally pause to allow her toes to regrip the floor, and then the belting would continue.

After whipping the wife, Elise returned to the man. This time she buckled him onto the block. As she did so, she took advantage of his helplessness to reach between his legs and run her fingers across his swollen ball sack and half-stiff cock. This caused him to shoot to a full-fledged erection, of course, and when he was just about to spurt, she stepped back and began lashing his ass and thighs with the leather strap. He got sixty, just as his wife.

For the next hour, the marital trainer punished the young couple. She used a lightweight cat on their backs. She paddled their bottoms. She placed swollen marks of crimson and scarlet across their chubby buttocks with a long straight cane. It was just a dozen strokes in the first round, but double that in the second. Both were soon sobbing and begging for mercy, but Elise was ruthless and gave no quarter.

Fifteen minutes later Brad and Brandi were dressed and standing in Elise's living room. Both looked sweaty, flushed, and exhausted. They were holding onto each other for support. And both were smiling as they made arrangements to see Elise again in two weeks.

The End