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(****, M/ff, Intense, schoolgirl discipline)

Remember the Arosmith music video Crazy? Well, this story takes up where the video left off! (Approximately 3,192 words. Originally published 1997-11.)

(Postscript to Aerosmith music video Crazy)

* * * * *


THE STORY SO FAR: Two Catholic schoolgirls, played by the delectable Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler, have skipped school and run off on various illicit adventures, including petty theft at a convenience store, entering a bar where alcohol is being served, getting involved in an impromptu strip tease at said bar, and going skinny dipping with a hunky farmer boy. Our story continues with the consequences of the girls' actions, beginning the next morning, when the two rebels are brought before the school principal.


* * * * *

The two girls stood with heads bowed before the school principal. The old man was large and gnarled, his face contorted in rage. A red line pulsed on his forehead as he spoke.

"You are a disgrace to this school! A disgrace!" he roared.

The girls glanced at each other, biting lower lips to keep from laughing. The man was sputtering with anger, ranting and yelling. It was comical. The brunette, Liv, winked at her friend and made a mock stern face, mimicking the angry administrator. Alicia nearly giggled.

"My first thought was to expel both of you," growled the old man.

Alicia opened her mouth in mock horror and mimed "Oh no!" to her friend. Liv grinned.

"But I'm not going to expel you," said the principal. Liv's face fell slightly. Alicia looked puzzled. "That would be too easy. I'm sure that's what you expected, perhaps even wanted. Instead I have a special punishment in store."

The man grinned at the surprised faces of the girls and rubbed his hands together. "This punishment hasn't been used at this school since 1972, but it's still in the school's charter, and all parents have to agree to the charter in order for you to be admitted here."

Alicia, the blond, was curious and becoming a little worried. What was the man talking about?

"I'm talking of corporal punishment, of course."

The girls stood up straight and stared at the man in horror. He couldn't be serious! They were much too old to be spanked like little children.

"Don't think you're too old," said the principal. "And don't think this is going to be a little child's punishment. This is going to be as severe as I can make it. In fact, I'm disappointed that the charter limits me to just twelve strokes of the cane."

Alicia's face had gone pale. Liv frowned and tried to look tough, but it was obvious she was worried.

"I'm sure you will be delighted to learn I have devised a method of working around the charter's limitation," said the principal, and the girls' eyes grew wider. "The charter also specifies that young ladies may be spanked with a leather slipper. Now while the charter explicitly states that seven days must pass between canings, there is no such limit on slippering. Therefore, before you are caned, you are going to be soundly slippered!"

The girls glared at the old man. He was enjoying this.

"According to our charter, the most severe slippering is administered on the bare bottom," continued the principal. His jaw worked for a second. "Unfortunately, I, as a male, am not allowed to administer punishment in such a manner. Therefore I have made arrangements for Ms. Worter to assist me." He nodded at the large woman waiting in the corner.

Ms. Worter stepped forward. She was the principal's assistant, a broad woman with a no-nonsense expression. In her hand she gripped a huge size twelve leather slipper. She nodded to the principal and he quickly departed, closing the door softly behind him.

"All right, young ladies," snapped the woman. "Get those panties off!"

Liv and Alicia looked at each other nervously. They wore their standard uniforms: white blouses with blue ties, blue plaid skirts, white socks, and dark shoes. And cotton underpants. Mustn't forget the cotton underpants.

But now, it appeared, they must. Licking their lips and fidgeting, the girls felt under their skirts and began to wiggle their panties down. As the thin panties fell to their ankles, the girls blushed slightly, and then stepped out of them. The woman carefully folded the panties and placed them on the desk.

"You, the blond one. You're first. Get over here." The woman was seated in the principal's leather chair. Alicia walked over boldly, pretending not to be nervous. She winked back at Liv and smirked.

The woman grabbed Alicia by the back of her hair and dragged the wincing girl across her wide lap. Settling her in place, the woman carefully lifted the short skirt, exposing Alicia's petite but shapely bottom.

"Pale cheeks," grunted Ms. Worter. "Obviously you haven't been spanked in a very long time. I shall make up for that. Now keep your lips shut. I don't like squealers."

She gripped the slipper in her right hand, lifting it high. Her left arm pressed down on Alicia's back, pinning the skirt up.

WHAP! came the slipper, the broad sole catching the fullest part of the girl's left cheek.

"Oooh!" gasped the girl, her body jerking.


"Ow! Ohhh! Ooooo, please!" gasped Alicia, her hands flying back to protect her stinging rump.

The woman calmly gathered Alicia's hands in her huge left palm and pinned them against her back.

WHAP! WHAP! Two more burning wallops to the same cheek. Alicia squirmed frantically.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! came the slipper on the far cheek, bringing forth a rosy redness. Liv stood on other side of the massive desk, watching the spanking, her lips and mouth suddenly dry.


"Oooooooh," moaned Alicia, blinking back tears. The stinging was so fierce and determined and it had caught her completely unprepared. She felt miserable and sorry for herself.

Three more spanks caught her right cheek, and then the woman attacked the left flank again. Alicia couldn't believe this was happening. Her bottom was becoming incredibly sensitive. The initial shock was over, but now it just hurt.

After a dozen to each cheek, the woman paused and indicated Alicia was to rise. "That's half," she stated firmly. "I want you to stand and watch your friend get hers and hold that skirt up so your bottom is bare. Don't you dare touch your bottom or I'll put you back over my knee for another dose!"

Liv approached the woman with apprehension, but her lips were pursed in a stubborn line. She wasn't going to make a big fuss like Alicia. She went over the lap obediently, her face reddening slightly as her bottom was exposed.

"Do I need to hold your hands?" asked Ms. Worter. Liv shook her head. "Good. Now lie still. Twelve on each cheek."

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! came the slipper, incredibly hard and fast. Liv couldn't help but gasp in astonishment. The pain was unbelievable. It didn't seem possible a little thing like a slipper could hurt so much, but hot pain flooded the girl's buttocks as blows rained down.

"Grrrp!" mumbled the girl after a particularly hard series of swats. Her eyes stung and she blinked back tears.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! came the final six, drawing forth a cry of protest from Liv. She stood up stiffly, wincing at the pain of her bottom.

"All right. The naughty blond's turn again," said the woman, motioning for Alicia. Alicia's eyes were wide with fear and she licked her lips nervously, hesitating. She saw the woman's determination, though, and reluctantly decided to cooperate. She bent forward across the lap again, her bottom glowing red already.

"Ahhh!" she gasped as the spanking began. She couldn't help but wiggle, kicking her legs a bit. But at least the woman didn't have to hold her hands like a baby. Alicia kept her hands gripped on the base of the chair, pulling herself down, closing her eyes as the slipper loudly slapped her rump.

After another dozen on each cheek Alicia was wiping the tears from her face. She stood awkwardly, not daring to disobey the woman and clutch her bottom, but oh, how she ached to touch herself. Her poor ass was on fire!

Liv, meanwhile, was preparing herself for another round. She was bent across the woman's lap, her tender bottom feeling horribly vulnerable.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! came the spanks. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! The woman was spanking harder than ever now, lifting the slipper way above her head before bringing it down with as much energy as she could muster. The sound was almost as bad as the pain.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! it began on the other cheek. Liv hated that, the way the woman alternated cheeks. She'd been paddled once, at another school, and the contrast with this was startling. Then the paddle had caught both cheeks fully, bringing her entire ass into a state of fire. This, however, drew out the punishment. While one cheek suffered the other quivered and waited, feeling neglected, but dreading its turn.

"Ohhhhhh," she moaned as the spanking went back to the right cheek. She prayed this would soon be over. Just one more cheek to go!

The final six were the hardest yet, right at the base of her rump, low and inside. "Aye ya yai!" howled Liv in terror at the last few spanks, unable to contain herself. "Ooooh," she breathed gratefully, when the woman let her up.

Alicia stood nearby, holding the back of her skirt up with both hands, wiggling her feet impatiently. Her face was stained with tears. Liv looked away, her own eyes watering. She had never dreamed a spanking could be so painful. Her butt felt roasted.

Ms. Worter stood and smoothed down her dress. "Very well, girls. I hope that you are learning your lesson. I will send in Principal Carter to finish your punishment."

Alicia's stomach flipped when she heard the woman's words. As the lady left, she glanced fearfully at her friend. Her eyes were wide and there was no sign of rebellion in them now; only pure terror.

Liv smiled bravely. "I guess she means the cane."

"Oh God, I can't take any more!"

"Do we have any choice?"

The door opened and the principal entered. He frowned at the girls. "No talking," he said, and then he smiled, seeing their ashen faces. "Oh, you like this?"

He held up the long rod so they could see it. It was about as thick as a man's finger, a yard long, and very bendy. It was a pale brown color. The man whipped it through the air and the sound made Alicia want to pee.

"Who first?" asked the principal, looking expectantly from one girl to the other.

Alicia closed her eyes in horror and prayed Liv would be brave and go first. When she opened them she saw Liv had stepped forward and was being guided to the desk by the principal. He pushed her forward until her thighs touched the desk and then he bent her over and told her to grab the other side of the desk and hold on.

"I'm going to give you twelve each," he said sternly. "Two sets of six."

God, no, thought Alicia. He's going to draw it out and make us wait in between. I can't take that!

The principal stood behind Liv and flipped up her skirt. Her naked cheeks greeted him, the skin raw and blistered.

"Oh!" he gasped, standing upright and flipping the skirt back down. "You did not put your panties back on."

Blushing, Liv shook her head. It had completely slipped her mind. She stood up. Finding the underwear on the desk, she handed a pair to Alicia and took the other for herself. The principal turned his back for a second while the girls slipped the underpants on, the garments feeling most uncomfortable.


"Yes," sighed Liv, wanting this over with. She bent over, leaning against the desk, her bottom feeling huge. The panties gripped her cheeks too tightly and made her more aware of exactly where she was about to be hurt. She couldn't breathe as she felt the principal flip up her skirt.

Just how badly was this going to hurt? The thin cane didn't seem that bad. It wasn't big and heavy like that thick paddle she'd gotten. That thing had seemed like it would break her ass in two.

Liv didn't have to wait long for her answers. Principal Carter snapped the cane down viciously, without warning, the faint hiss of the rod through the air giving Liv her only notice. The stick made a snapping sound as it struck her wide bottom, and Liv sucked in her breath in horror. Despair filled her belly as she realized for the first time what she was in for.

The pain was indescribable. It was a thin line of agony across her cheeks. It felt like a red hot branding iron had been pressed against her butt. The sensation was engulfing. Liv wanted to scream, to howl and kick and struggle, but her mind had vanished. All she could think of was the stunning pain, how horrible it was, and that this was just the beginning. She was frozen in terror.

There was another crack and she felt a crisp tingling slightly lower on her cheeks, a tingling that rapidly developed in real pain, then agony. Tears leaped to Liv's eyes and she finally managed to gain her breath.

"Uuhhhhh," she groaned, the sound low and gutteral, desperate and raw. She had no idea where it came from. It sounded like another person.


The third stroke was even worse. Liv was more aware of what was happening now, and the third stroke she really felt. She could feel it biting into her ass, the flesh back there pulsing and throbbing. She had never been so aware of her buttocks, the chubby flesh incredibly sensitive and tender.

As the forth stroke found its mark, Liv began to cry. She gritted her teeth to keep from screaming, but couldn't stop the tears from pouring down her cheeks.

From her position several steps away and behind, Alicia watched her friend suffer. She had never felt so much fear. The cane was so loud and so hard, the strokes so vicious, Alicia couldn't imagine how it must feel. She couldn't believe Liv's ass wasn't bleeding. She could see the cheeks, gripped tightly by the wide cotton panties, dull lines of flesh swelling from each stroke. Her friend's butt was going to covered with lines before this was over. For that matter, so was hers. That thought chilled Alicia and she winced as the cane cracked down again.

"You may stand," said the booming voice, and Liv shakily got up. She felt weak, as though she'd just run a marathon, or made love for several hours. Indeed, it was most similar to the latter, her body alive with sensations. She felt stiff and aching, and that wasn't counting the throb of her bottom.

As Alicia slowly exchanged places with her friend, Liv managed a weak smile of encouragement. Alicia nodded, knowing the hope to be false. But she was determined to take this like an adult. She remembered how she'd reacted to the slipper, making far more noise than Liv, and now she resolved to take this without a peep. She bent across the desk with determination, gripping the other side with her hands, her smaller height meaning this put her on tiptoe. She winced as the principal revealed her bottom.

Alicia's bottom was thinner, narrower, and firmer than Liv's. It meant Principal Carter had less of a target, which meant he had to be more careful to not overlap his strokes. But it seemed to him the girl's panties were a size too small. They didn't completely cover her bottom, leaving portions of her cheeks protruding, the flesh red from her slippering. Perhaps this was her way around the regulation underwear, which was meant to be modest.

She will pay for that, thought the principal as he raised the cane.

When the cane whipped across her butt for the first time, Alicia thought she would die. She had no doubt that she'd been cut. She could almost feel the blood dripping. Her tortured flesh howled as the cane cracked down again. Gritting her teeth Alicia closed her eyes and refused to cry out. The third stroke was the worst, a blinding pain that made her entire world a red blur. Tears began to leak from Alicia's tightly shut lids.

Swish! went the cane. CRACK! it connected with a sharp whipping sound. Alicia quivered, clutching the desk fiercely, raising one foot and wiggling mightily.

THWACK! It struck again, this time low, right above her thighs, on as much bare skin as possible, and poor Alicia squealed slightly. It was impossible to bear this much pain. She gripped the desk tighter and held her breath for the last strike, which came with such ferocity that her ass was nothing but a blur of pain, with nothing distinct.

It was Liv's turn again, and she approached the desk with apprehension. She had new respect for the thin rod in the teacher's hand. Her cocky demeanor of earlier was gone, replaced by meek cooperation. She prayed it would be over quickly. She bent forward, arching her sore buttocks toward the principal, and clutched the opposite end of the desk.

THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! The cane cracked down hard and impersonally, the stick not caring how much she whimpered and suffered. The agony was as rich as ever, but to Liv's relief it didn't last long. Though the principal waited about fifteen seconds for the pain from one strike to sink in before he delivered the next blow, to Liv it seemed she was being struck constantly, and she was sobbing when it ended.

Alicia didn't want any more of the cane. Her bottom ached so badly just the thought of the cane crashing across her buttocks brought tears to her eyes. She wiggled and pleaded and hesitated, but reluctantly found herself over the desk, waiting for the first blow.

It was a cracker, knocking the breath from her body and bringing tears to her eyes. Again it came down, and again. Alicia writhed in pain, moaning and kicking her right leg frantically. Her delicate bottom danced a little jig as the cane thrashed her. The new blows were crossing over previous welts, sending incredible spasms of anguish through her body. When the last blow had landed, Alicia fell to the floor in a heap, sobbing, emotionally and physically drained.

When the principal ordered the two girls to their feet and scolded them one last time, both stood trembling before him, bodies burning with feeling, and nodded, agreeing with him wholeheartedly. They had acted foolishly and disgraced the school, and they had been punished accordingly. There was no question in either girl's mind that they would never do something like that again. Acting crazy was fun for a few minutes, but their bottoms were going to be sore for eternity.

The End