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(**, M/fm, Edgy, nc severe caning)

Two students are publicly caned by a committee of headmasters. (Approximately 1,362 words. Originally published 1998-09.)

Empty desert plates are pushed away with deep sighs as the men and women in the grand hall eye the stage with great anticipation. Conversations lag as coffee and tea is served, and everyone begins to fidget with impatience. After such a fine meal, the guests are eager for the finale.

Cheers arise as the curtains slide open, revealing two forms on the stage. The first is a young man, tall, thickly built, with a rather scruffy appearance. He wears gray school shorts and a ruffled white shirt. An angry scowl across his face distorts what would be a handsome, if immature, face. Next to him stands the second figure, a pretty girl. Her long, auburn hair flows gracefully down her shoulders. She wears a gray pleated skirt, a white blouse, white knee socks, and black shoes. Except for the dour expression of resentment on her face, she'd make the ideal portrait of a schoolgirl.

A tall, gray-haired gentleman, his dark suit perfectly tailored and immaculate, walks to the wooden podium at the center of the stage. The two children watch him like rabbits eying the fox. In the man's hand is a slender, crock-handled cane.

Ignoring the teenagers, the man faces his audience. There are approximately one-hundred-and-twenty faces watching him, each that of a headmaster or headmistress of a school.

"Ladies and gentlemen," he says, his voice crisp and strong and bursting with authority. "We have here before us, two youngsters who have proven to be most incorrigible. Their exploits and misbehavior is legendary. This young man's name is Bradford. He has been caned on sixty-three times since his entry to the school system. He is eighteen years of age. His crimes include tardiness, lechery, foul language, improper conduct, failure to appear for punishment, absenteeism, failure to produce adequate schoolwork, failure to complete schoolwork, and stealing, just to name a few. This boy has been expelled from four different schools. Nothing seems to make any impression on this boy. Therefore he has been brought before us, where we can make an example of him.

"Next to Bradford is a young lady. She appears to be prim and proper -- one would think she's typical of today's youths. But that is not the case. Angela, like her compatriot, is incorrigible. In her illustrious school career she has been caned a total of seventy-two times. She has been expelled from three schools. Her list of offenses is quite similar to Bradford's; I will spare you the tedium of reading through the list. Angela is seventeen years of age. Today she will have the privilege of learning from our combined resources."

At the nod of the gentleman's head, two assistants move to guide the young man to a wooden stand at the front of the stage. The boy's feet are secured to the base of the stand, and his arms are outstretched toward his feet and attached. Thus he is bent over with his backside to the audience.

The stand is nearly six feet wide, with plenty of room for two. The girl is brought forth, her lip curling stubbornly as she glares at everyone. She is bent into position and secured next to the boy.

The head headmaster, bending his cane enthusiastically, approaches the students. With the tip of the cane he flips up the girl's skirt. Her pale blue knickers frame a rather substantial backside. Going to the boy, the man lowers the shorts to the boy's ankles. For a moment he waits, admiring the twin bottoms, but then with a lightening-like move he jerks the boy's undershorts down.

"Not on the bare!" shouts the boy.

The headmaster only laughs. "You should have thought of that before, Bradford!"

He turns to the girl. The slight smirk on her face vanishes. His fingers grasp the waistline of her knickers, and a moment later, her bum is exposed to everyone. She shudders, but does not speak.

The gray-haired headmaster begins to practice with his cane, flexing it frequently, and swishing it through the air. The cane is thin and light, and extremely flexible.

"This is not my senior cane. This is my best junior cane," he explains to the audience. "It is light and whippy; a girl's cane. But as we shall see, it will make it's mark. I intend for everyone assembled to have a go. I shall begin, demonstrating proper caning technique."

Taking a stance behind Angela, who trembled in terror, he snapped the cane across her haunches. It flashed so quickly no one even saw it fall -- they just heard the CRACK! and saw the scarlet line blossom on the pale flesh. A hiss of pain escapes the girl.

With no pause, the cane cracks down again, and again. With three parallel lines glistening on the girl's bottom, the head headmaster moves to the boy and delivers three identical stripes across his bare haunches.

He doesn't stop at three, however, but after a short pause, administers six of the best to the boy. Then it's the girl's turn for six crackers. The boy moans slightly during his final three strokes, but he does not steak. The girl takes her three quietly, though she wiggles profusely.

Twelve each. Their bare bums are well marked, the plump flesh quivering and glistening with thin red stripes.

"How was that? Did you feel that?" He pokes the boy's bum with the tip of the cane.

"Yes, sir!"

"Had worse, have you?"

"Yes, sir."

"And you?" The tip of the cane presses into the girl's right buttock.

"Not bad," says the girl. "Though I've had worse from my housemistress."

"Oh, have you?"

"She doesn't use a toy cane like that!" sneered the girl.

"She uses a stout one, I suppose," laughs the headmaster. He turns to the audience. "Who's first?"

A system has been devised: the teachers will proceed in alphabetical order. When their name is called, each will walk to front and deliver six strokes to the girl, and then six strokes to the boy. It doesn't take long. Each set of six takes no more than a minute, so the teachers make rapid progress.

When approximately thirty of the teachers have gone, the two teens on the stage have considerably sobered. The head headmaster taunts them: "Had enough, have you? Ha! We've hardly begun!"

The canings continue. The chastised youths growing more and more uncomfortable as their backsides become more and more marked. Their swollen bums are crisscrossed with weals, and still the cane continues to whip down, the strokes just as hard, just as quickly.

Tears begin to drip from the eyes of the teenagers. Soon they begin to moan and wiggle. They begin to protest at the approach of each new caner.

"Oh, please! No more!"

"We've had enough! We've learned our lesson!"

"Bah!" snapped the head headmaster. "We've got sixty more heads to go!"

The boy's head slumps forward in depression, and the girl sobs as a new marksman appears behind her, cane at the ready. The cuts are quick, violent, and she shudders in agony.

After the seventy-fifth caning, it is ruled that the bums of the two youths are too severely marked to continue. Therefore the canings proceed with the strokes applied to the back of the thighs. This assault on fresh flesh brings howls from the two children.

The canings are not mild. Every person in the room is an expert, having caned dozens and dozens of children. They use every trick they know to bring the maximum pain to the exposed flesh of the two miscreants.

Finally, it is over. Every headmaster and headmistress in the room has done his or her duty, applying the cane thoroughly to the two naughty children. The teenagers are released into the arms of a nurse, who leads them away to apply much needed medical attention.

"Have you learned your lesson?" shouts the head headmaster after them.

As one, the once rebellious boy and the once rebellious girl nod their heads vigorously. "Yes, sir!" they sob in unison. "Yes, sir!""

The audience of headmasters and headmistresses, rises to their feet and cheers wildly as the miscreants are led away.

The End