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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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(**, M/F, Intense, slave paddling)

A woman reflects on her master's new method of daily punishment. (Approximately 551 words. Originally published 1995-10.)

"See how much more composed you are, how relaxed? I think we should do this every day. Nothing like a good paddling to get your mind in the proper state."

"Oh, Master, please," I begged. "I can't take this every day!"

"You will take whatever I give you, slut, and don't you forget it. Now back over my lap for another ten for your insolence!"

I moaned but obeyed. My ass already quite red and sore. The ten were hard but quick, leaving me writhing breathlessly. "Thank you, Master," I said when he finished.

"I have an idea." I looked at him nervously. His ideas usually left me with a sore behind.

"Here is what we will do," he continued, leaping to his feet and rubbing his hands together with excitement. "Each morning I will give you a paddling. I will paddle you the same number of stroke as the day of the month. Tomorrow we will start, and as it is the 12th, you will receive 12 strokes!"

"Oh, Master!"

"Yes, that is an excellent plan. If you are naughty during the previous day or night I will, of course, increase the strokes."

We started it the following day. I was barely awake when I found myself naked, bent across his lap, the wooden paddle smacking my rump a good dozen times. It wasn't enough to really hurt but it did wake me up, and indeed, I was very alert and awake all day. My Master commented many times on how much improved my behavior was: he only had to spank me twice more that day.

The next day it was thirteen, and fourteen the day after that. By the twentieth the daily paddling was starting to hurt. By the twenty-fifth I was sore during the day. By the thirtieth I was sobbing when he finished.

The first couple of weeks of the next month were like a warm bath. Just a couple nice swats to wake me up, remind me who the boss was. I loved it. It was a delightful way to start the day. As the month wore on, however, I became more apprehensive. The daily spankings were starting to hurt again. I became much more obedient and attentive to my Master, hoping for mercy. But every morning, just as sure as the sun rose, my behind was turned a sunrise pink.

Then one day, after several months, my Master was out of town. (He does work for a living, you know. If he could make money spanking me he'd be a millionaire.) I woke up feeling sad and uneasy, and very lonely. It wasn't until late in the day I realized I missed my morning session with the paddle. This was the twenty-second of March, so it normally was a rather sore wake-up. But I missed my Master's strong hand.

He gave it to me the next day, of course. Forty-five hard ones. I was really crying and exhausted when he finished, but we made passionate love afterward and it was wonderful. I made him promise to take me with him the next time he had to travel, because I just couldn't live without my daily paddling. My whole day is ruined if I don't have that wonderful sting to brighten it up!

The End

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