The Date

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The Date

(****, M/F, F/M, Severe, sex, spankings)

A young man goes on the wildest date of his wildest dreams. (Approximately 4,193 words. Originally published 1995-10.)

"Excuse, me...Alex?"

The voice said my name hesitantly, not like it wasn't sure if it was the right name, but as if uncertain how I would react.

"Yes?" I turned and froze, hardly daring to believe she was speaking to me. It was the gorgeous girl from the beauty salon. I'd seen her other times when I'd gotten my hair cut.

"My name is Dana," she said smiling. "Don tells me you're Alex."

I nodded dumbly, afraid to speak lest I destroy the magic vision I was experiencing.

"Can we walk and talk?" She led the way and I followed like a little puppy. She had dark hair and huge, luminous eyes of blue that were so bright they looked painted, like a doll's. Her lips were curved and the red made her perfectly white teeth somehow seem even more white.

She was wearing a pair of shorts and a matching top, the pattern something unusual, a mess of brown and gold leaf-like shapes. But all I could think about was how cute she looked bouncing along in front of me.

"I've seen you watching me," she said. I flushed and stared at the ground. I couldn't look at her. "Don't worry--I'm flattered," she whispered, taking my hand in hers and leading me along the sidewalk in front of the shops of the mini-mall.

"Do you know what a nymphomaniac is?" She laughed at my shocked expression. Her laughter was like music, I thought, though her voice was firm and in control. She knew what she wanted.

"I'm a nymphomaniac. I crave sex, all the time," she continued, as though she hadn't paused. "Sex of all kinds, the kinkier the better. Do you like kinky sex?"

I mumbled an "I guesso" to avoid looking at her and seeing her see me blush.

She laughed again, not a silly giggle, but a real deep laugh, the laugh of a confident person. "I want to have sex with you. Do you want to have sex with me?"

I stared at her and stopped walking. We were still holding hands. I looked at her beautiful face and luscious body and was amazed. "Who wouldn't?" I said, throwing 24 years of conservative pre-marital vows aside in a second.

"Do _you_?"

"Yes, definitely!"

"Good. When can we meet?"

I thought rapidly. Tonight was definitely out. My parents had plans and there was no way I could cancel without it seeming strange. It would have to be tomorrow morning, Sunday morning. She agreed immediately and gave me clear and concise directions to her house. In seconds I was alone, people brushing past me to access the little shops. Was it a dream or did it happen? There was only one way to find out.

* * * * *

I knocked on the door rather hesitantly. It was 10 a.m. on Sunday and I wasn't sure if it might not be a cruel joke. But then the door opened and there she was, dressed only in a loose-fitting robe. The smile that greeted me was genuine. She was excited to see me. I rather bluntly handed her the roses I had purchased and entered.

The room was dimly lit. There was a large foyer that led to a larger living room with a huge picture window. The blinds were down but opened and I could see a well-groomed backyard and the edge of a swimming pool. She headed right for the glass doorway leading out onto the deck.

"I thought we could start with a swim. How does that sound?"

"Oh! I, uh, didn't know...I didn't bring my swimsuit," I managed, barely able to contain my disappointment.

"Oh, that's OK, I don't have one either!" she said laughing as though a swimsuit was as useful for swimming as an egg salad sandwich. Before I could catch my breath she had dropped the robe and slung it over a chair. She was completely naked.

Let me take a moment and attempt, vain as it will be, to describe her undescribable body. Dana's about five foot six. Her skin is smooth and evenly tanned, with no tan lines. Her back is long and sleek, running down to narrow waist meeting wide hips that flared outward at the sides, sloping out and down forming the most delicious buttocks imaginable. Her bottom was round and infinitely smooth, the mounds of flesh trembling and shimmering as she walked towards the pool. Her legs went on for miles, shapely and sleek.

Though I could barely believe this was happening to me, I watched her leap lightly into the air and dive into the water, her buttocks bouncing gloriously as she moved. My cock was so hard so fast I had to adjust my pants.

Dana cut through the water and reached the other side. She turned and I saw she was smiling at me. She waved me to enter. When I hesitated she swam toward me and slowly climbed out. I couldn't move.

Her breasts were large and firm, dangling in front of her as she bent over the ladder. When she stood up I caught a brief glimpse of the dark triangle of hair that hid her sex. She was dripping water as she approached me, her breasts covered with droplets of moisture. Even her nipples held beads of water.

"Come on, Alex. Let's get you undressed and into the water." I was terrified. No woman (to my knowledge) had ever seen me naked nor had any ever expressed any interest in doing so. Suppose she laughed or changed her mind?

But she was already unbuttoning my shirt, her dripping nipples brushing against the fabric. I don't have any idea how she did it so quickly, but somehow I was naked in just seconds. I felt horribly embarrassed at the bulge of my stomach, cursing again my lack of weight control. But she didn't laugh. She smiled and her hand touched my penis while her eyes never left my face.

"You are beautiful just the way you are," she said and kissed my lips. I shook my head and tried to correct her but she wasn't listening. She took me to the pool and suddenly pushed me in.

That broke the spell. In minutes we were both laughing and giggling and splashing each other, all formalities forgotten. In fact, I quite forgot myself. I delighted in swimming under water and pinching Dana's bottom or grabbing her from behind and brushing my hands against her breasts. She didn't seem to mind in the least, and returned the attention, touching my penis frequently enough to keep it hard despite all our play.

Suddenly she leaped upon me, wrapping her legs around my waist and impaling herself on my cock. I was so stunned I didn't know what to do. Fortunately she did all the work, pumping herself on me, and we were both so aroused that in just seconds we both came.

We leaned back against the walls, panting, suddenly exhausted. "That was incredible," I said. She laughed and said there was plenty more where that came from. How much could I take?

We got out of the pool and headed inside. She fetched some towels and we dried off and left the towels outside to dry. Inside she threw herself on the carpet and stretched out on her back, her breasts thrust high into the air and exposing her sex in an extremely vulgar manner. I tried to be calm as I sat down beside her, my cock already hard again.

She rolled over and looked at me. "I'm so horny," she said. "Let's do something kinky. What do you like?"

I shrugged, my brain frantically trying to come up with something she would consider kinky. "What do you like to do?"

"Oh, I do everything!" she said laughing. "I'm serious, too. I like to do whatever turns my guy on, because that turns me on. I've done everything from group sex to s&m and everything in between. Let's do whatever turns you on. Do you have any fantasies?"

"You mean other than lying here with you?" I asked and I was delighted when she laughed.

"Seriously," she said smiling and leaning into me. "Isn't there anything you want to do to me? Or me do to you? I'll do anything you want, _anything_."

Well, with a challenge like that I had to come up with something. Dana had rolled over onto her stomach now, and her gorgeous rump was near my hand. I casually reached out and caressed it, Dana's purrs of pleasure giving me courage to ask what I feared to ask.

"How about a little spanking?" I whispered, half afraid she'd think me perverted or something, but even more afraid she wouldn't agree. To my delight and amazement she was fantastically excited.

"Oh, yes! That's what I need! Spank me, please, spank me hard," she whispered eagerly, thrusting her buttocks up into my palm. "I've been _very_ naughty. Punish me, Alex, punish me."

I sat on the couch and in the gruffest voice I could muster commanded her to come and lay across my lap. Smiling broadly, she meekly obeyed, bowing her head and crawling on her hands and knees. She stretched out across my lap, her body touching my cock as she slid past, sending me to heaven. Without my telling her she folded her hands behind her head and waited obediently, expectantly.

I plumped her buttocks with my hand, scarcely daring to believe in my good fortune. Her ass was so smooth and round my cock actually hurt. And though her legs were together I could just see the glimpse of her mysterious depths between her thighs.

"I'm going to really spank you, now," I said, attempting to sound harsh. "Are you ready?"

She nodded and I delivered the first spank. It wasn't much of a slap at all and she actually giggled, making me angry. I had held back in fear of really hurting her, but now I was mad. I slapped her bottom as hard as I could. I felt satisfied when I heard her grunt. The slap sounded loud against her bare flesh and it sent shivers of feeling through me. My cock was exploding. I pulled it away from her so the tip wasn't touching anything and that seemed to help.

I spanked her soundly, again and again, my hand slapping her buttocks. After the first few I was worried I was hurting her but she was still smiling. Even after I had given her a couple dozen hard smacks she was still asking me for more in between her groans.

"Harder, Alex, harder. Give it to me good. I need it. I'm so horny, spank me harder." I complied the best I was able, but I was so turned on by the whole proceedings I was distracted. I couldn't help but feel excitement at seeing her sprawled, naked, across my lap, her bottom reddening under my blows. I loved the feel of her warm flesh against my palm and the sensation of her buttocks trembling with each smack. My cock was pumping solely without my aid and the tip was oozing moisture.

Dana moaned and wriggled against me, and I saw she was crying. She was still smiling and urging me on, but her face was streaked with tears. "Yes, that's it, Alex! Right there, harder, good, very good, oooh, ouch that hurt--don't stop-I love it! Keep it up, harder, faster."

In a frenzy of passion I spanked the bottom portion of her buttocks, lifting the plump undersides with intense slaps, loving the heavy sway of her flesh.

My hand was becoming sore. It throbbed at the beating I was giving it, and I wondered how Dana could take such punishment. But she seemed pleased at the pain, groaning with delight and complete abandonment. When I paused again to flex my hand she turned and saw me.

"Awe, did Daddy hurt his poor little hand? He can't spank little Dana any more?" She laughed and leaped off my lap before I could stop her, my face red with embarrassment and anger.

"Hey, come back here!" I shouted, trying to sound tough. "I'm not done yet. You haven't felt anything yet. I'm just getting started."

But she disappeared down the hallway, her delightfully red bottom the last thing I saw. She reappeared a moment later, just as I was wondering if I should go look for her. She was carrying a small trunk. When she got closer she dumped the contents out onto the floor so I could see.

I was astonished. There were paddles and whips and handcuffs and leather bracelets. I saw nipple clamps and gags and blindfolds and various devices of unknown purpose. It was a regular treasure chest.

"A few of my toys," she said proudly, picking up a ridding crop and fondling it tenderly, lost in memories. I wondered how much pain that device had given her over the years. From her expression it must have been phenomenal.

She threw down the quirt and picked up a thin wooden paddle. "Here, use this. Give me a good paddling. It'll save your hand and I'm sure you'll enjoy it tremendously. And of course I deserve the punishment," she said with a sly wink and one of her shy grins.

I tested the paddle with my hand. It was large and oval shaped, but very thin. It would make a lot of noise, I could tell, and it would sting unbearably. The thought made my cock tingle and my bottom feel exposed and I knew why she craved its pain.

I made her stand in front of me with her hands behind her back. Her breasts were thrust out in front of her and I took advantage of that fact to caress and them and pinch the nipples. I patted her bottom with my hand and squeezed the warm flesh with my fingers. She was ready, her lips slightly apart, her eyes shining brightly. I slipped my hand between her legs briefly. Her sex was wet. She was ready. I gripped with handle of the paddle with both hands and pulled back.

The blow was tremendously loud, like the crack of a rifle. She squealed in pain and shivers went through her body, her hips shaking. "Shit that hurts!" she moaned.

I nodded but didn't speak. Instead I gave her another smack immediately followed by another and another and another. I kept them coming, faster and harder, pounding that hard board into the soft flesh of her buttocks.

She was sobbing in seconds, her eyes even more beautiful when filled with tears. She was so poignant my heart ached and I paddled her harder to keep myself from letting up out of sympathy. She didn't need sympathy. She needed hard punishment. I could tell. I understood her pain.

Her buttocks were violently red now, and she was struggling desperately to maintain her composure. Her hands strained to remain in position behind her back and she wiggled her bottom in vain efforts to escape the blows.

Though it was beautiful to watch I told her to settle down or I'd have to tie her up. Did she want that? She moaned and shook her head and calmed down a little as I continued the paddling.

I moved to her thighs, next. This was agony for her. The flesh was virgin and tender. There was little excess flesh here, so the pain was mostly across the surface of the skin. I am certain it must have stung unbelievably. She whimpered and moaned at each blow.

When I finished she fell to my feet, sobbing, kissing my toes. "Master," she said. "Anything you ask I'll do. Anything." I knew she was sincere and I considered her request. Perhaps this would be a good time to test her will.

"Get up, slave!" I commanded fiercely, slapping her left breast with my right hand. When she was standing I slapped her breasts back and forth, enjoying their movement as much as I had enjoyed the bouncing of her bottom.

"Do you want to obey me, slave?"

"Yes, Master. Anything you say."

"You will obey me instantly, no questions asked. Or you will be severely punished."

"Yes, Master, instantly." She knelt and kissed the paddle in my hand and stood back up promptly. "Your pleasure is my desire."

"Turn around," I said, guiding her with the paddle. I bent her over the back of the couch and plunged my hard cock into her from behind. I knew this position would not satisfy her the way it would me, and that was what I wanted. I pumped into her and in moments I was in ecstasy, thrusting cruelly into her, her clitoris virtually ignored. Her raw buttocks bounced against my hips and I slapped the sides of her thighs and bottom as I reached my climax, her groans of pain echoing mine of pleasure.

"Excellent, slave! You are wonderful," I said proudly, pushing her onto her hands and knees. "Now perform for me." She looked at me with confusion, until I smacked her with the paddle and pushed her hand toward her sex. I was rewarded by the faintest hint of a blush on her part. So she was not so immune after all.

She touched her clit with her fingers and masturbated while I watched. She was grateful for the opportunity, I could tell. The fact that I was watching seemed to turn her on even more. Partway through I began to spank her occasionally, without reason or rhythm. This obviously frustrated and tormented her and when she finally came she was crying again, though this time she was smiling, her face red with exertion.

I sank back on the couch, tired. She came forward and spread my legs wide. I watched her without moving. Her expression was one of daring, one of delightful naughtiness.

Without using her hands (they were tightly gripped behind her head), she took my penis in her mouth and began to suck on it. It immediately grew and filled her mouth like a gas filling a vacuum. I felt her gag slightly but she smiled at me and continued her ministrations.

I leaned back, ecstasy filling my body from the tip of my penis inward. It was one of the most pleasurable sensations I have ever felt. It was wonderful. In moments I was lost, everything a pleasurable fog.

I vaguely remember coming in her mouth, her coughing and swallowing my semen without complaint. I felt her turn me over onto my stomach, her soft hands caressing my body. I felt her tongue lick my buttocks, even my anus. Even when I heard the first click I wasn't fully aware what it was.

But the second I felt the first smack from that paddle and I tried to rise and found I couldn't, I knew what had happened. I was handcuffed, my arms locked behind me. My feet were also cuffed.

And little, obedient slave Dana stood beside me holding that dreadful paddle in her hand. One glance at her grinning face told me there'd be no mercy. I knew I was in trouble and there was no escape. Somehow that turned me on more than anything else that morning, and I found myself coming onto the couch.

But then the spanking started and I forgot about coming. I forgot about Dana, the naked girl that had been on my lap. All I could think about was Dana, the Paddler, the One With the Key.

The blows were hard and quick and she spread them, carefully paddling every part of my ass. I struggled and cried, tears dripping down my face. I refused to beg for mercy but I couldn't help but groan and whimper, hoping, just hoping, that she'd hear my desperation and have mercy.

The pain was amazing. I'd never felt anything like it. The first few blows felt warm and good, almost comforting. But as the spanking continued the warmth became heat and then hot, a fierce burning that wouldn't stop. Nothing I did lessened the pain. No matter how I wiggled or tensed the pain continued, fiercer and more intense than before.

I was soon gasping, all my composure forgotten. I was certain that this had been going on for hours, and I wondered how long it could possible last. My buttocks felt raw and welted. I was beside myself with pain and frustration. All I could think about was stopping the pain. And to my dismay I began to whimper and beg Dana to stop.

"Please, Mistress," I begged, sobbing, "please stop. Enough! I will be your slave. I'll do whatever you want, pleasure you any way you want, just please stop the pain!"

But cruel Dana just laughed and began paddling my thighs, leaving my buttocks exposed and vulnerable, throbbing uncontrollably. "Aren't you sorry you were such a fierce Master?" she said driving the paddle down unbelievably hard.

"Yes!" I sobbed. "Very sorry."

"Now you know what it is like to have such an unrelenting Master, a merciless Master without compassion."


She returned to my blazing buttocks, the thin paddle feeling as heavy as lead, my groans louder than the blows. I had never known such distress, such helplessness. It frightened and exhilarated me. While most of me was lost in the sound spanking, a tiny part of me was desperately wondering what Dana's face looked like during the spanking. Was she exhilarated too? Cruel? Aroused? Frightened?

When she finally stopped I lay silently, sobbing, the couch wet with my tears. I felt a cooling wetness on my bottom and I realized with a start she was licking my buttocks again, licking at the tender welts, her saliva soothing. I wanted to cry but of course I already was. My heart was exploding with emotions I had no way to express. I sobbed in misery and shame.

"Would you like to spank me again?" she said suddenly, her face beside me. I was still tied. I wondered if this was a trick question. Her face seemed calm, her eyes honest. I decided that regardless of what she had in mind I could only tell the truth.

"I'd love too," I said. She smiled broadly and I felt the click of the handcuffs being released and suddenly I was free. I turned and sat on the couch, the rough cloth awaking every welt of the abraded flesh of my buttocks.

She handed me a leather paddle. "Do your worst, Master," she whispered, and I knew I would have no mercy on her. She wanted my worst--it was my ability to provide her with that that turned her on. Perhaps she had seen that in me early on, back at the beauty salon. After all, how many people could turn around and spank the beauty they idealized just moments before? It takes a rather cruel spirit to accomplish that. (Not crude cruelty, but the cruelty of Truth.)

Without further analysis I spread her across my lap and spanked her bottom with the leather paddle, the noisy slaps and bouncing flesh arousing me almost instantly. I watched her as she strained to turn and look at me, her face red with strain, huge blue eyes filled to overflowing with perfect tears, lips stretched in a painful grimace. I knew what she was telling me. I understood her pain like I understood my own.

So I spanked her harder and faster, fully enjoying the delicious bounce of that glorious bottom. And with every stroke I felt a twinge in my own buttocks, my heart pounding with excitement and fear, wonder and amazement.

* * * * *

It was some time later. After the spanking we'd made passionate love on the couch, as I took her twice in a row I was so turned on. Then we both fell asleep, exhausted.

I woke up first. Dana was asleep next to me and I reached out and petted her breasts, my cock hardening as I felt the tiny hairs on her flesh. With a shock that was like watching a still photograph suddenly come to life I watched my sleeping beauty awake. Her smile was one of contentment and delight.

"Are you happy?" she whispered.

"Never happier," I said, kissing her lips, brazenly pushing my tongue into her mouth, loving the feel of my tongue against her teeth.

She pushed me away, panting playfully. "Let me breath, Alex!" she laughed. I giggled and fondled her breasts.

"Will you be my slave?" I asked her.

She looked at me without speaking for a moment. Then she smiled. "If you will be mine and obey my every instruction."

I nodded. "And if I don't obey?"

"Then you will be punished," she said simply, and she laughed, delighted.

I felt a chill pass through me. My bottom tingled. I vowed to never disobey her, ever, but something deep inside of me made me think I someday would.

Just as I was certain she would disobey me.

The End