One of Those Days

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One of Those Days

(****, MMFM MMMF/f, Severe, n/c teen punishment)

A naughty teenage girl gets her just desserts... again and again and again and again... (Approximately 2,340 words. Originally published 1995-10.)

Oh, today was one of those days. First I awoke with my ass sore from the belting Daddy gave me last night for coming home past curfew, and then a few minutes later he showed up to "finish." I was still groggy from lack of sleep when he made me bend over the foot of the bed and pull down my panties and then he gave me about twenty hard swats with the big wooden paddle. He said he wanted my butt good and sore all day so I'd remember to be a good girl.

It didn't work. Brad picked me up for school and I was so distracted I think I forgot.

We arrived at school twenty minutes late, due to a little 'pit stop' we made. Mr. Throbdique was not at all amused as this was fourth tardy of the month. He took me out to the hall and gave me a good six with the paddle. Needless to say I was sitting rather uncomfortably after that.

My next class was history and at the last minute I realized I was supposed to give an oral presentation on a General Grant somebody. I didn't even know who he was. Mrs. Likpucce is from England and she wasn't at all impressed. She decided my presentation would be my punishment and gave me four with her bamboo cane right in front of everyone and I must say I put on a wonderful presentation, dancing and yelping like she was branding me, which was exactly how it felt. Then she made me stand in the corner for the rest of the period, my burning bottom facing the class. A couple of my friends told me afterward they could actually see the red welts through the fabric of my tight-fitting white pants.

At break I ran into Tom, my "real" boyfriend and he demanded to know what was up with Brad. I told him we were just friends, but Tom wanted me to prove it. He's rather aggressive, and I like that. We ended up in the back of his car and he made me suck him and then he took me across his lap and pulled down my skintight white pants and pink panties. When my bottom was bared he laughed and said he could see I'd been a naughty girl but not to even *think* that he'd merciful. Then he spanked me hard with his hand for a good five minutes, until I was sobbing and promising never to even look at another guy let alone speak to one.

It was one of the hardest spankings he'd ever given me. It took me about ten minutes to get my composure back, which meant I was late for math class. Mr. Ball is a wimpy geek shaped like a flagpole and just as lively. Without any preamble he just pointed to the door and told me to visit Principal Boner.

I waited outside the Principal's office for about twenty minutes before he let me in and lectured me soundly about tardiness. I finally got exasperated and blurted out, "Look, if you're gonna do it, just *do* it. Don't talk me to death!"

Her glared at me. "All right my eager young lady. You just earned yourself an extra five." I had to bend over with my hands on his desk and my legs wide apart to keep my ass cheeks relaxed. He delivered fifteen sound swats to my sore behind that had me yelping and tears dripping from my eyes. "There, young lady. Don't let me see you back here again for a long time!"

I nodded, whimpering and rubbing my behind, and slunk out the door. I dawdled a little so I would miss the rest of math and then went to lunch. I met with Tom and Sarah and her boyfriend, Matt, a huge football jock, and we went over to the Taco Bell near our school. The whole meal Matt was telling a story about some poor freshman kid they'd just initiated onto the football team. "We must have paddled his naked ass near a hundred times," he was saying through a mouthful of Taco. "We spanked him raw! But he's a member of the team, now." All I could think about was my own sore tush and how sorry I felt for the little freshman.

English was my first class after lunch and since it's one of my better subjects I thought I was in for a breather in my rather dismal day. No such luck. Sarah has the class with me and we were in the middle of a rather juicy gossip session with Andrea Morgan when the bell for class started. We began whispering over Mr. Whetdique's boring dangling participle lecture when suddenly he was standing right between us, the whole class completely silent.

"You two have something more important to say than what I am attempting to teach?" he growled. We shook our heads and sank low in our seats. "That's another demerit for each of you. I'll write it in the book right now." I frantically tried to remember how many demerits I had piled up but I couldn't. Unfortunately for me Mr. Whetdique's recording system was quite accurate: it was Sarah's third and my fourth. Three and beyond called for a paddling.

We both groaned (me more than her) and headed for the front of the class. Sarah bravely went first and took her five smacks without a sound. I was next and couldn't help yelping a few times during my ten (I had four demerits). The boys snickered at me for being a wimp but none of them knew how red my heinie was!

Gym was next, and I was relieved until I started to undress in the locker room. As I sat on the narrow wooden bench by my locker I felt my thighs sting. Then I remembered that Daddy had not neglected my legs the way he usually does during a strapping. When I put on those gym shorts the girls would all see that I'd gotten a whipping and I didn't want that. Nothing spreads as fast as gossip at a high school.

"Miss Loanleekrautch? I'm sorry, but I forgot my gym shorts at home."

"Again?" she barked. "That's the third time this month! I think you should go and have a nice long talk with Principal Boner about your attitude, young lady!"

I protested, but there was no arguing with her. I thought about suddenly "discovering" my shorts and going through with class, but I decided that would only get me further in trouble. With head down and a pounding heart I headed back to the main office.

I had to wait about forty minutes before my turn came up. It was kind of fun, really, watching kid after kid disappear behind his oak door and then reemerge moments later ruefully rubbing their bottoms, except that I knew my turn was coming. I even got to see snotty Sally Burnhart come out with her face flushed. She refused to look at me but walked haughtily down the hall, her pert ass wiggling so much it had to hurt.

Principal Boner was astonished to see me. He almost gleefully ushered me into his office. "I guess I didn't warm your buns enough the first time, young lady. What did you do this time?" I told him, and he seemed quite pleased. "No lecture this time, honey buns. Just get your ass in front of my desk and bend over!"

Without much preamble he stepped back and spanked me hard twenty times without a pause. I was gasping when he finished. I started to stand up. "Whoa, there, little girl. Not so fast. Drop those tight slacks of yours for the rest of your punishment."

"What!" I gasped in horror.

"You heard me, young lady! I bet you can't feel much through those pants of yours so I'm giving you twenty more on your bare bum. Now quick, or I'll have you suspended!" I knew what Daddy would do to me if I got suspended from school, so I quickly unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down.

"Underpants too!" I complied, suitably impressed when Principal Boner sucked in his breath in surprise at seeing my red and punished bottom. "Boy, you have been a naughty girl today! Did your Daddy do this?"

"Some of it," I said cautiously.

He shrugged. "Well, no matter. You'll be really sore in a few moments." Then he proceeded to give me another twenty! I was sobbing and begging him to stop when he finished, and I vowed never to be naughty again. He gave me a note for my father to sign, and I knew I'd be in for it later. Daddy always gave us the strap at home if we got it at school.

Fortunately, study hall was my last class. It's almost impossible to get in trouble in study hall. The place is like a tomb and most people just sleep. I couldn't help fidgeting, though, as the seat of my chair seemed to have been made of some kind of prickly material that really bothered my rear. Mrs. Peabottom, the supervisor, had to tell me twice to stop wriggling. She asked me if I needed to go to the bathroom and then threatened to send me to Principal Boner. I became very still after that, suffering silently.

When the last bell rang I thought I was home free when I ran into Wanda Jackson, the head cheerleader. "Are you going to remember to come to practice today, bitch?" she hissed at me and I suddenly realized I had forgotten practice yesterday.

"Shit!" I exclaimed. "I'm sorry, Wanda, but I had a family emergency. My mom had to go to the hospital--"

"Can it, bitch! We called your house and your mom answered. She said you'd gone off somewhere with Brad. Hmmm. Interesting, that. Do you think Tom would like to know about that?"

I begged her not to tell Tom and she finally relented, but insisted I show at up 4 p.m. for practice. I agreed and kept my promise, arriving at the girls' locker room a few minutes before four o'clock.

All the cheerleaders were there, even the junior squad members. They all glared at me and I looked at the floor. Wanda stood and snarled at me. "We are like a family, girls. If any one of us fails in her commitment to the others everyone suffers." She looked at me. "You broke your commitment and must be punished. Get dressed."

Shaking a little, I quickly stripped and got into my cheerleader outfit. Wanda stopped me when I went to pull on my underwear. "That won't be necessary, dear." I nodded and followed her, my ass trembling, knowing what would soon be happening. After all, I had helped discipline other girls before, though I had never been on the receiving end before.

The girls all lined up in a long row and I saw that each was holding a small thin cane, very light and whippy. Ouch. This was going to hurt. I got down on my knees as Wanda stepped forward and announced, "Three trips." I groaned. There were over a dozen girls and so three trips meant over three dozen red stripes across. Taking a deep breath I started forth. Wanda casually flipped up my skirt to reveal my bare bottom as I crawled past her, wicked eyes gleaming. She was really enjoying this!

The first stinging blow took my breath away. The second made me scream. The third I don't really remember clearly. I was scurrying too fast trying to escape the inevitable. In moments my rump was burning with a dozen stripes of hot fever. I turned at the end and made my way back, feeling really humiliated as everyone laughed and commented on my red ass.

The second seemed to last forever, and then I had to go through it a third time. My legs and buttocks were raw and blistered when it was over and I couldn't stop crying. The girls all hugged me afterwards and said I was a good sport. They helped me undress and took me into the showers and sprayed cold water all over me. It hurt like the dickens at first but then my skin went numb and I felt an incredible relief.

It was after five when I got home. I walked. Walking hurt but it was supremely better than sitting in a car. I turned down rides from several of the girls and they seemed to understand. As soon as the door slammed behind me at home I saw the look on my brother's face and I knew I was in trouble. I couldn't imagine what was wrong.

"Dad wants to see you, stat!" he hissed, his face serious, not even smirking like he usually did when I got in trouble. This indeed must be serious. I set my books down on the kitchen table and went to the den Daddy uses as an office.

"What the hell did you think you were doing!" My cheeks burned as I stared at him in bewilderment. What was he talking about? Then I saw the credit card statement in his hand. Shit, I was doomed. He wasn't supposed to see that until next month. I thought I had timed it right so my purchases would miss this month's bill. Guess I was wrong.

Daddy's face was black with fury. He was already reaching for the leather strap. "Since you spent two hundred and thirteen dollars I think it totally appropriate you should receive two hundred and thirteen strokes!" he snapped. "Now bare that bottom and get over the desk!"

Tears were already streaming down my face as I tugged on my pants. I sighed. I hadn't even shown him the note from Principal Boner. Another one of those days.

The End