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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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(***, M/fffff, Severe, nc severe schoolgirl)

A headmaster explains his punishment techniques. (Approximately 2,880 words. Originally published 1999-02.)

No one gives a schoolmaster credit for all the decisions he must make every day. These are critical matters: the wrong choice could effect a young lady for the rest of her life. I take such choices seriously and devote a great deal of time to research and analysis.

For instance, last week petite Becky Davenport was sent to me for slovenly dress. She's a small girl, only 13 years of age. Her body has scarcely begun its womanly development. There was no question that she deserved to be punished. Even she, standing modestly before me with her head bowed, seemed to agree that I should deal with her sternly. The only question was the method.

Our school believes strongly in corporal punishment. I am authorized to punish girls with nearly any implement I feel appropriate. I use the traditional hairbrush and slipper, a small wooden paddle, a larger leather one, a long leather strap, and, of course, the cane and birch.

Selecting the implement and deciding the severity of the punishment are key choices I face every day. I take into account the type of crime, the past history of the culprit, and most importantly, the nature of the girl's body. Contrary to popular belief, not all girls should be punished the same way for the same crime. It might seem unfair on paper, but in reality it is more equitable. Girls have different personalities and body types -- treating them identically would be the real unfairness.

Becky, as I have mentioned, is a petite girl. Her bottom is very small and tight. The cane would be unduly cruel to such narrow, firm buttocks. There just isn't the surface area to spread the blows properly. Paddles require a plumper backside, else they bruise the muscle beneath the flesh. Therefore I was limited to a few choices: the tawse and my hand.

The leather strap would work well -- it stings the surface -- but I felt it a bit severe for such a minor offense. Instead, to reemphasize Becky's naughtiness of slovenly dress, I made her disrobe completely before me. Then, tiny and naked, she laid herself across my lap for a long and most thorough bottom-slapping. I painted her little cheeks and the backs of her legs crimson, and then had her stand with her nose in the corner for an hour, warning her that we weren't finished yet. She had to wait for the rest of her punishment, naked and sore, and knowing that any moment I might call her over for another dose. I continued with my regular work while she waited, ignoring her. Several people -- my secretary and a couple students -- visited my office during the break. I did not modify my schedule in any manner. We ignored little Becky in the corner, though I know the students couldn't fail to notice her there, nor she them. I thought the shame would do her some good. When I later had her over my lap, my palm cupping her delicate haunches, she was already weeping in contrition. The final spanking certainly taught her a strong lesson, and proved my decision in using my hand a wise one. It was an intimate punishment, humiliating and yet safe and secure, not cold and impersonal like the cane can be.

For example, a couple months ago I had to cane Andrea Zutter. She's an arrogant brat if there ever was one. I must see her several times a semester, usually for the cane. She's pretty -- one cannot deny that -- but she wears her beauty as part of an offensive attack. She needs you to acknowledge her appeal via a look or change in expression. For her, I knew it would hurt her more for me to remain cold and impersonal. So the caning was conducted with scarcely any conversation or kindness on my part. It was simply, "Assume the position." I flipped her skirt up and jerked down her panties immediately, and quickly began the caning. Every crack of the cane across her pert haunches sent a chill down my spine, for the force I used was unusually hard, and the welts that blossomed stood out boldly against her pale flesh. But Andrea's got a stubborn streak: she didn't bat an eye until the seventh stroke. When I continued after eight, she broke down, shuddering and moaning in misery. Her broad buttocks were streaked with thin red weals when I finished the dozen. She had certainly been well-punished.

The decisions are not always easy ones, but I have learned from experience. In my early days as headmaster I made many mistakes. One time three girls were sent to my office for truancy. On paper the offense demanded the cane, so that's what I used. Six strokes for each girl. In retrospect, I regretted my decision. The youngest of the three girls, a Molly Packard, had never been in trouble in her life. She'd made a mistake associating with Kelly Blanchard and Megan Ruddon, that was certain, but I don't believe she deserved the cane. A bare bottomed hand-spanking would have done just as much good in her case. Caning her was like killing flies with a shotgun.

The shape, size, and texture of a girl's bottom is also crucial in the decision-making process. I am most surprised that so many of my colleagues fail to take such vital information into consideration when deciding punishments.

Larger, plumper bottoms are ideal for slippering and paddling. This is important, because for certain personalities it is the extent of the punishment that causes the most aversion, not the severity of pain. I once gave a forty minute hairbrushing to Dolly Mason. She's a full-bodied, voluptuous girl, with a large round bum that was made to be smacked. During a rebellious period she'd earned several hard canings, but she took these with scarcely a blink. I tell you, when a girl can take a dozen from me and not shed a tear, she's made of iron! Finally I wised up and saw that the canings were over too quickly for them to have much impact on the girl. So, after a twenty minute warm-up with my hand, I switched to a stout hairbrush and paddled that girl until she was putty across my lap! She sobbed until there were no tears left, and when she departed, I knew she wasn't coming back soon. (It was a year before I had occasion to punish her again.)

Not many girls have a bottom like Dolly's that could take such an extended spanking. In her case there was plenty of acreage for me to spread the blows, and a generous amount of padding so the hairbrush didn't do much bruising. For girls with less full bottoms but still needing an extended dosage, I recommend the slipper or a short strap. Those sting the surface of the skin but don't penetrate, allowing for lengthy punishments.

Don't forget other punishment areas. Many times I've seen a girl with a slender, narrow bottom but long sleek legs. The petite bottom limits your choices of implements, but the thighs offer plenty of punishment area and the skin is especially sensitive. Even the calves can be effectively lashed with a light cane or riding crop. I once used that method on Candy Grover after she'd been sent to me two days in succession. After her first two sessions her tiny buttocks and slender thighs were thoroughly strapped and welted. I hesitated to punish them again, for further beating might cause serious injury. But the naughty girl certainly was begging for discipline and I didn't want to delay. So I caned her six to each palm, then used the strap and crop across the back of her calves. She thought it was over, but then I used the cane across the soles of her feet! When she left my office she was one contrite girl, sore from the top of her crack to the bottom of her feet.

The positioning of a girl for punishment is also vital. We are all aware of the ideal spanking bottom that's so firm, plump, and rounded that nearly any position works. For scrawny or flat bottoms, however, the traditional over-the-lap or touching-the-toes positions are not the best.

An important bottom characteristic, for instance, is what I call the jut. A bottom that juts is one that protrudes noticeably from the thighs without any effort on the part of the girl. A jutting bottom offers more surface area than a flat bottom. More surface area means a more extended spanking is possible. Girls that don't have the ideal spanking bottom, however, can be bent into a position that maximizes whatever jut she has.

Some girls need to be leaning forward more than being upright -- across a desk might be a good position. Other girls might need to be flat on their belly. I done several with the girl stretched across a davenport or piano bench. For some girls even that isn't enough. A technique that works wonders is the upside down position. In this, the girl is made to either stand on her hands or head, or lie back on a sofa with her legs high and straight above her. This causes any extra flesh of her bottom to pull down toward her lower back, resulting in a plumper bottom. It also is an uncomfortable and awkward position; quite humiliating for a naughty young lass.

For a strapping a good position is kneeling on her hands and knees with her bottom thrust out behind her. This curves the buttocks and exposes more flesh for punishment and is wonderful for the strap as it can make extended contact with large areas of skin. It is most effective if you stand near the girl's head and bring the strap down from over your shoulder. Not only do you get considerable movement for some fearsome strikes of the leather, but the long strap connects with bottom _and_ thigh with every stroke!

The most humiliating position for a girl is lying on her back with her legs spread wide and pulled over her head. I use this rarely, and only on the occasions where I feel I have no choice. The girl is dreadfully exposed: you have full access to her bottom and all sides of her thighs and legs, but she's also openly displaying her anus and sex. In this position nearly every instrument works, from the hand to the cane, but I prefer to use the lighter implements and allow the punishment to come from the humiliation rather than the pain.

I once disciplined two girls this way. They were Rebecca Dayheart and Jess Morton. Both were senior girls, very attractive with mature round bottoms, and generally good students. But they'd been caught with drugs and technically my only choice was to expel them. Since they rarely caused trouble, however, I offered them severe corporal punishment instead, and they both accepted. Note that I didn't mince words -- I told them exactly the position they would be required to take and the punishments I would administer. I gave them two hours to decide, and they agreed to my terms.

I began with two ordinary spankings: bare bottomed with my hand. The girls were naked and blushing, but they had felt nothing yet. Next they assumed the position, each on a separate table, legs spread and everything exposed. I spanked them each some more, then began a thorough paddling with the slipper. I whacked their bums, thighs (both inside and out), and calves. This process took nearly an hour, and both girls were extremely uncomfortable when I began with the strap.

I used a light strap, for I wanted the severity of the punishment to be one of scope, not flash. The strapping took another hour, with me going from girl to girl and focusing on individual body parts. By the time I put down the strap, both girls were begging me to stop. Though the strapping hadn't been that severe, it had been most thorough, with hardly any exposed flesh neglected.

After a half hour of rest standing in opposite corners, the girls got back into position. I warmed their behinds with a big paddle, then finished with eighteen strokes of the cane. I laid down parallel strokes from the top of the bottom to the back of the knees. Rebecca earned two extras for releasing her legs during her caning.

The punishment was quite successful: I never had to punish either of the girls for anything serious again (though excessive tardiness did cause Rebecca to end up over my lap for a mild spanking and paddling).

There have been a few times when my methods have failed me. Once four girls were caught off grounds smoking and were sent to my office. Three of the girls were older ones, two familiar trouble-makers. Both Donna and Michelle had tasted my cane before and I didn't hesitate to stripe their bottoms most diligently. Kelli had never been sent to me before, but once I saw her long legs and lanky figure, with her pert bottom struggling to peek out from beneath her short schoolgirl skirt, I knew it was the cane for her. She took it well, and though I gave her the same dozen strokes I gave the first two girls, I didn't cane her as hard. Little Mary, however, was a deacon's daughter. She had never been caned or been in trouble, and as she was a petite girl with a rather small behind, I gave her a long spanking and hairbrushing instead.

All four girls were suitably chastised when they departed, and I thought that was the end of it. To my surprise Mary showed up at my door a week later, crying.

"What's the matter?" I asked, bringing her into my office and closing the door.

"Please, sir, I was wondering... I was wondering..."

"Well, spit it out, girl! I haven't got all day!"

The wiped tears from her face and took a deep breath. "Would you please cane me, sir."

In all my years I'd never had a request like that!

"Come again?"

"Cane me, sir!" she said boldly. "You caned Michelle and Donna and Kelli, but you didn't cane me. The others... they're making fun of me."

"Well I can put a stop to that," I began, but the girl stopped me.

"No, sir! Please don't do that! They are right -- I got off easy last week. It wasn't fair. I deserved to be punished the same as them."

"A hairbrushing from me is no mean punishment," I said. "You were well punished."

She shook her head. She was a stubborn little girl. "No, sir, it's not the same. They all got to compare marks, to feel united in their punishment. I'm alone now. Even when they're nice to me, I can see it in their eyes: they don't respect me. They think I got off easy."

"So you think a caning will get you back in their good graces, eh?" Little Mary nodded. "Hmmm. Not a bad plan, but rather hard on you. You get a hairbrushing plus a caning -- that's worse than them."

"That's okay, sir. I don't mind."

"Well I can hardly cane you for no reason, girl."

"Sir, if you don't cane me I shall do something... something awful, and then you'll _have_ to cane me." The girl's eyes sparkled as she pleaded with me. "Please, sir? Say you'll do it? I don't want to misbehave, but I will if I have too."

So I caned Mary. I didn't go gentle, either. I gave her six hard strokes that left juicy marks for her to show her friends, and I told her to tell them that six plus the hairbrushing was equal in punishment to the dozen the others had gotten. It wasn't, of course. It was much worse, but the caning seemed to satisfy Mary and she went off to find her friends.

I resolved in the future to take such a possibility into account when administering seemingly unequal punishments. (My usual solution is to punish a portion of the group differently. For instance, if I'd spanked Kelli instead of caning her, Mary wouldn't have been alone in receiving a different punishment.)

You can see that these decisions are incredibly important and cannot be made lightly. Today I've got two girls, Sandy and Linda, standing in corners waiting to be punished. They were caught pinching sweets from the school store, and that merits serious discipline. I've punished them both before, too. But their body types are opposite: Sandy's thin and scrawny, with a small, hard bottom, while Linda's heavier with a big round behind.

I squint and stare at their naked bottoms as I try to devise equitable punishments. Too much caning is awkward for Sandy's small butt, so I must supplement. I'm thinking over-the-knee spankings and slipperings followed by a dose of the strap across the bare legs and six strokes of the cane to the bottom. Perhaps I'll add a few strokes of the tawse to the hands as a symbolic gesture to not touch things you don't own.

Sigh. Decisions, decisions. A headmaster's work is never done.

The End

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