Delta House

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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My Visit to Delta House
Part 1

(****, M/FF, Severe, sorority paddling, games)

A high school boy visits his older brother's frat house at college and gets his eyes opened as to the benefits of modern education. (Approximately 12,293 words. Originally published 1996-05.)

My name is John. I am seventeen years old and a senior in high school. I go to Middleberg High in Middleberg, Kansas. My older brother's off at college. He's a junior at Kansas State. He's 21 and can drink and everything. His name is Jack.

Jack is really cool. Though he's much older than me he's always treated me really nice. I'm his kid brother and all, and he wants to show me off. He says I've got that babyface look the college girls just love. It's embarrassing but I suppose he's right. I always feel so awkward. My face may look like I'm 12 but I've got the body of an athlete. I'm a halfback for the Middleberg Bruisers (actually we're officially called the Bruins but we call ourselves the Bruisers). I'm stocky and squat. My brother is tall and lean.

Last week Jack had me come up and visit him at his frat house for the weekend. I'd never been to a frat house. It sounded like fun. I knew Jack was really trying to get me interested in going to college, but I had no desire to do that. Two of my buddies and I are talking about joining the Marines and that sounded like a much better plan. But hey, a weekend with college girls could be fun and Jack didn't have to know I'd already made up my mind. So I pretended to be wobbly on the issue and he invited me up.

"We've got a couple spare rooms for guests," he told me. "Come on, it'll be a blast. And Dad will think you're just scopin' out college."

"Well, okay, Jack. Are there going to be girls there?"

"More than you and I can handle, little bro. We'll make a man outta ya!"

I felt excitement go through my body. It was like just before a big football game when I was pumped and ready and knew we'd win. I could feel my dick swelling in my pants just thinking about those college babes.

Now don't think I haven't had my share of girls--there are plenty at school including a few real special lookers, but I'd done most of them. Not always all the way, but at least something--second or third base. But high school girls... well, they were just little kids, really. Now college girls--they were _women_!

I work at Domino's Pizza several nights a week. I had to work Friday night before heading to Delta House so I couldn't leave until shortly after midnight. My brother had given me exact directions and told me it wasn't a problem I would arrive at around two o'clock in the morning. "Hey, nobody goes to bed before one on a Friday night, bro!" he said. "Someone will still be up. He might be shitfaced drunk but he'll be up!"

Sure enough the lights were still on at the Delta House when I pulled up and parked my truck. I grabbed my gym bag with my change of clothes and hurried to the front door. I could hear the fading sounds of a dying party even before the door opened. It took a while and several knocks before someone came to the door. It was large beefy man with a fierce black beard wearing nothing but a large diaper. In his hand was a 16-ounce beer can and he laughed at me when he saw me.

"It's the pizza boy, guys! Where's the pizza?" He stared around me drunkenly as though pizza would pop up out of the bushes. I realized with embarrassment I hadn't taken off my Domino's hat. I took it off and shoved in my gym bag.

"I'm not the pizza guy," I explained. "I'm Jack Tracer's brother!"


"Jack Tracer! I'm his _brother_."

The guy stared at me dully for a second or so and then beamed. "Jack's brother! You're Jack's brother! Come on in, man. Welcome to the Delta House!"

He lurched forward and pulled me inside slamming the door behind me. I saw immediately that the party was over. For one thing, there were no girls. Just three drunken guys, one completely naked, passed out on the floor. The room was trashed, empty beer cans everywhere, and it was obvious a good time had been had by all.

"My name's Bubba," said the big buy in the diaper. "This here's Jack's kid brother," he said to the others, but they only nodded and stared at me with empty eyes that obviously saw nothing.

"Well, Bubba," I began, "I'm kinda tired. Maybe I should just go to bed. Jack said you had a spare bedroom."

"Aw, come on, you just got here. Have a beer or three. The party's not dead yet."

I don't remember much after that. There was beer, I remember drinking a can or two, and someone told me some stuff about Jack that surprised me but I can't remember what it was. I think it was about him streakin' across the campus or something but I can't be sure.

Anyhow, the next thing I knew it was morning, early morning, a beam of sunlight hitting me right in the face. I found I had been sleeping dangling over the arm of the couch. Very uncomfortable. My muscles felt stiff and sore like after a rough game. I groggily got to my feet and stared around me. The room was wasted. Bodies were sprawled out all over the place. I recognized Bubba, his diaper coming off showing a monster butt crack, but the others I didn't remember at all.

My head throbbed and I felt sick. As I moved I felt something lurch inside my stomach and the next thing I knew I was throwing up over the back of the couch. The smell was revolting but I suddenly realized that no one would even notice. The whole place reeked.

I got to my feet and found my gym bag and changed my shirt. My other one was soaked with beer and smelled like a urinal. I didn't want to think about it. I stumbled into the kitchen and found some milk. It came out in thick chunks with a lovely aroma. In three seconds I was bending over the back of the couch again, puking up the rest of the pizza I'd eaten the night before.

I found a can of Coke in the fridge and drained it in two gulps. I felt a little better after that. A loud burp and I felt almost human. I looked around the room again. "So this is college," I thought.

* * * * *

It was a few hours later. I heard people stirring. There were curses and grunts and angry shouts and I heard a woman yelling. I rolled over and got to my feet. My head felt like a linebacker had stepped on it and then dropkicked it for fifty yards. In other words, I felt much better.

I had found the spare bedroom and simply laid down on the bed fully dressed. I wandered out now and came down the stairs. A few people were moving about but the place was pretty quite. I heard some argument between a woman and a man down the hall. Around me a few figures passed but everyone ignored me. I don't know much but I knew enough to not bother anyone. Hangovers are hell.

In the kitchen I found a box half full of Lucky Charms and began eating them dry. My stomach rumbled. I was hungry. Then I heard a doorbell. I didn't move but continued to munch. It rang again and I heard someone lumbering to the door to open it. I heard voices, feminine ones, and some laughing.

"Now you two be good," scolded a female voice and I heard two girls answer politely, "Yes, Pledgemistress!" Curious, I took a step forward so I could see into the entryway of the house. A wall blocked my view so I didn't see anything but the shadows of some figures standing near the front door. What happened next, however, took my breath away.

A tall muscular guy wearing only a pair of tight jeans walked into the living room. He didn't seem to notice me but went straight to the mantel above the fireplace and took down a large wooden fraternity paddle that hung there. He was grinning as he headed back to the front door. I heard him say something about "girls" but the rest of his words were drowned out by cries of "Oh, please, Pledgemaster, sir!" and "Have mercy, sir!"

Then I heard the unmistakable wallop of paddle on rump and suddenly my jeans were way too tight. I could hardly breathe I was so excited. There was no doubt in my mind what was happening a few feet away, just out of my view. There were a couple girls getting their butts warmed the old-fashioned way.

I couldn't believe it. But the sound came again, this time accompanied by a feminine grunt. I wondered what the girls looked like. Were they pretty? What were they wearing? I could almost see gorgeous female bottoms in my mind, that huge paddle walloping them hard. It made me stiff listening to the sound. I couldn't control myself.

I stepped out of the kitchen and stared into the entrance area. It was living wet dream. Two of the most beautiful women I had ever seen in my life were on their hands and knees on the floor next to the staircase. They were both dressed in identical white blouses and short blue skirts that barely covered their luscious behinds. Strands of blonde and black hair had fallen over part of their faces giving them each a rather wild, unkempt look as they wiggled and tossed their heads about frantically.

They were gorgeous. Wide oval eyes and pert little noses and succulent lips that were open in large O's as they grunted and squealed softly at the blows of the paddle. I could see heavy mounds of flesh trembling between their arms and I desperately wanted to squeeze those melons and pinch those nipples. The blonde one reminded me a little of Debbie, my last girlfriend. Now there was a bitch that needed paddling!

The tall jock was standing on the right side of the blonde girl. His arm raised the paddle vertically up above his head and brought it down in a perfect semi-circle to connect with her left buttcheek. He swung it again to smack her right cheek, and then did the same to the dark-haired girl. I had long since lost count on how many swats he had given each girl but it must have been about a dozen. I was transfixed, stunned, too lusty to move. I could only stare at the girls, watch them wiggle and moan and suddenly open their mouths in the most delightful manner. I longed to thrust my dick into those hot mouths--they almost seemed to be begging for it.

Then the spanking was over, I guess. The jock stopped the paddling and stepped back slightly, admiring the view of the trembling asses in front of him. "Now what do you say, sluts?"

"Thank you for our spanking, Pledgemaster," chorused the girls. I felt a shiver go through me. I could feel pre-come seeping out of the end of my dick and wetting my jeans. This was too much!

The jock appeared to notice me for the first time. "Hey! Who are you?"

"I'm John Tracer, Jack's brother," I mumbled, embarrassed. I wondered if they could see my arousal. It would seem impossible that they couldn't--my dick felt like a tentpole in my pants. I flushed a bit and thought I was probably acting just like a little kid. But somehow seeing those two girls spanked like that turned me on more than if they'd been dancing naked in front me.

"Oh. Well, welcome, John. Welcome to Delta House. I see you found some breakfast." He motioned toward the box of cereal in my hand and I nodded.

"Uh, yeah. Thanks. I couldn't find any milk."

"No milk, eh? Can't have cereal without milk! That sounds like a good errand for one of these sluts, here, doesn't it? Which one of you wants to run to the store and buy some milk?" The two girls stared at each other and both nodded. The jock laughed. He glanced up at me. "Which do you think deserves to go?"

I didn't know what to say for a moment. Then I thought of Debbie and how good she'd look crawling on her hands and knees in a short skirt and I decided the blonde should stay where I could see her. I pointed at the dark-haired girl.

She stood up eagerly and the jock took money out of his pocket. He handed it to the girl. "Go buy a gallon of two percent. Get some more cereal, too. Sweet stuff, none of that healthy crap."

He suddenly grinned at me real friendly-like as though letting me in on a good joke. "You've got exactly fifteen minutes, babe. Every minute after that is going to be spent across my lap as I spank that perfectly naughty bottom of yours!" He laughed loudly as the girl quickly ran out the door, a desperate look on her face. I had no idea how far she had to go to buy milk but the way she was moving suggested it had to be about ten minutes away. She'd have to run to make it.

"My name's Randy," said the jock, walking toward me and holding out his hand. I shook it. "People say that I'm randy all right!" He laughed loudly and I slowly grinned, not quite catching the joke at first.

"Your brother and I go way back. We were roommates as freshmen and both pledged Delta together." He snapped his fingers and the blonde girl crawled and knelt at his feet. "This slut here is Susan. The other one's Nancy. They're on loan to us from Gamma House. They were very naughty, weren't you, Susie?" He reached down and pulled her chin up so she looked him in the face.

She nodded, scowling a little. "Yes, Pledgemaster, sir."

Randy laughed. "Very good, girl. You are learning fast." He turned back to me. "We get to keep these girls for the whole day. Instill some discipline into them. Wack their naughty bottoms back into line!" The girl named Susan winced as he said this and I saw that while she was obedient and resigned to her punishment, she did not exactly relish her time at Delta House. I, on the other hand, was beginning to find this quite an amusing place, despite the silliness of the night before.

"What grade you in, kid?" asked the tall guy.

"I'm a senior at Middleberg High," I answered.

"You play ball?"

I stood a little straighter. "Starting halfback. I lettered three years in a row."

He nodded, impressed. "Your brother's a good ball player. He says you've got a good team. Possibly make State this year."

"We're gonna try," I said proudly. "Only lost one so far. But there's still a ways to go."

He nodded and looked down at Susan, who was watching me with her bright blue eyes. She appeared to be a little scornful and haughty and suddenly I resented her. She looked down on me because I was just a high school kid.

Suddenly Randy looked at me with a wicked gleam in his eye. "Have you ever spanked a naughty girl?" I froze in terror and shook my head. "You want to try?"

I shrugged, trying to appear casual, but really I was too scared to speak. My palms felt damp and I knew now that this had to be a dream. There was no way I could be blessed with so much good fortune at once!

I saw the girl was looking frightened and staring at me nervously. There was a touch of respect in her eyes now. She smiled at me sweetly. God, she was gorgeous. She'd make head cheerleader on my team anytime.

Randy handed me the paddle. "Go to it, boy. Give her half-a-dozen licks across both cheeks." He took my arm and guided me into position behind the girl. She was leaning forward now, her hair falling down in front of her. I stared at her butt in amazement. I've seen a lot of pretty girls' butts but Susan's struck me at that moment as being the roundest, perkiest, and most spankable bottom I'd ever seen.

I hefted the heavy paddle and looked at Randy hesitantly. "Are you sure she doesn't mind?" I asked, embarrassed that my voice trembled a bit.

"Naw, that's what she's here for. To get spanked for being naughty. Delta and Gamma often do this with especially naughty pledges."

"But I'm not a Delta," I began and Susan loudly agreed.

"Shut up, slut!" Randy scolded the girl. "You're right though. That does violate our agreement with the Gamma's. Damn! I thought it'd be horribly humiliating for Susan here to get spanked by a high school kid!" I couldn't help but look sad. It seemed my dreams were only dreams after all.

Suddenly Randy snapped his fingers. "I tell ya what. Since you're not officially a Delta I'll let her 'initiate' you. You give her the six whacks and then she'll give you six. How does that sound?"

I stared at him in horror. _Me_ get paddled? That wasn't in the cards at all!

"Well? Don't you want to spank her?" he pushed. I looked longingly at the girl beneath me and I felt my cock surge with excitement. Hell, she could give me twenty if it meant I'd get to spank those cheeks. I nodded.

"You agree, Susan?"

The girl nodded. "Yes, Pledgemaster." She grinned at me and I knew she'd have no mercy on my butt.

"Good. Now go to town. On second thought, let's make it ten each. That's better. And when Nancy gets back we'll do the same with her."

I shook my head in amazement. This was too good to be true. I pulled back the paddle and swung it as hard as I could into Susan's plump bottom. There was a thunderous boom and Susan yelped loudly. Randy laughed. "Smarts, eh, girl? The boy's got some muscle for a _teenager_."

My heart hardened when Randy said that and I resolved to really let this girl have it. I walloped her again and again, loving the way her bottom rotated and wiggled with each delicious smack. I savored the image of her groaning, head close to the ground and bottom thrust up into the air so I could paddle it better.

When I finished the tenth stroke it seemed like I had hardly started. I brought the paddle down slowly, my face flushed with excitement and disappointment. My shoulders felt warm and good like I had been working out.

I stared at Susan. Her bottom must have been absolutely blazing. Tears were in her eyes as she slowly turned at looked at me. She didn't appear angry. On the contrary, she appeared excited, almost animal-like in her actions. Perhaps that was just because she was still on all fours, but she seemed to almost leap up and me and take the paddle from my hand. Her eyes glowed with fever and her smile was one of lust and desire.

I felt a twinge of something in my stomach. Was it fear? Was it lust? I didn't know. I obediently got down on my hands and knees and prepared for my turn. But Randy surprised me.

"Hold on, there, little camper," he said. His grin was laughing at me. He had a secret, I could tell. "We've got to follow the Delta-Gamma rules. As big powerful men us Deltas are only allowed to spank Gammas in their little skirts and panties. But Gammas spank Deltas in our underwear. It's supposed to even out the male strength factor."

My jaw dropped and I could feel my face flushing. "You mean--"

"That's right, high school boy. Ditch those jeans!"

Susan was staring at me with a rather mocking look and suddenly I wished I had spanked her much harder. But I wasn't going to be chicken in front of a girl. I shrugged as though it didn't mean anything and took off my jeans. My legs were cold and naked. My underpants felt pretty small and dinky all of a sudden. At least they weren't looking at me from the front. I tossed my jeans aside and started to get back onto the floor.

"Hold it. Turn around."

I froze. "What?"

"Turn around. It's part of the initiation."

I realized now I was in quite a predicament. Since I'd already spanked Susan there was little I could do to argue. It wasn't like I could back out. Besides, I couldn't go yellow in front of a girl. Especially not one that looked so much like Debbie and had a dainty sneer on her bratty face. I turned.

My dick swelled as I faced my audience. I could feel the head poking upward and almost breaching the top of my briefs. The elastic band was actually pulled away from my body. Just a glance downward and one saw everything, though it was dark down there. I closed my eyes and stared at the ceiling, my face crimson. I couldn't look at Susan.

"Hmmmm. Not much there, eh, Randy?" scoffed the girl. I heard a loud slap followed by a resentful "Ouch!"

"You will address me as Pledgemaster, slut!" scolded the jock, and I almost smiled, imagining Susan's embarrassed face.

"Yes, Pledgemaster," Susan said carefully. "Now turn around!" This last was obviously directed at me. I turned and bent down. "Good," she said. "Now count these out loud for me. If you forget to count it won't count."

WHAM! The paddle whaled against my ass. I had thought it wouldn't be much to withstand a few smacks from a _girl_, but wow, I guess college girls must take strength pills or something. She could really make that board sing!

"One!" I called out. WHAM! "Two!"

She played my butt like a drum. I couldn't help but wiggle and gasp a few times. It was hard to remember to count after the first four or five. Once or twice I think I yelped or made some sound. Tears stung my eyes and I was horribly embarrassed. To think that a _girl_ was making me cry!

WHAM! "N-Nine." *WHAM!* Gulp, swallow, wince. "_Ten!_" Whew!

When it was done I stood up slowly. I wanted to rub my bottom but they were both watching me and I didn't want them to see how much it had hurt. I shrugged and nodded at Susan. "Not much there," I said with a sneer. Susan slowly smiled and she nodded. It was obvious she didn't believe me, but she admired my bravado. Randy laughed at our exchange.

"Looks like Nancy is running late," he said a moment later. I followed his eyes and saw a clock on the wall. It read 11:17. "She left at two after," he said with a grin. "She's late."

I started to put on my jeans but Randy "suggested" I keep them off. I would need them off for Nancy's paddling anyway. I didn't speak but I was starting to wonder if this exchange was worth it. My butt was really sore. I knew that I wasn't as sore as Susan--she'd already received a dozen or so smacks before I gave her ten--but then I wasn't a pledge. She was probably used to this sort of thing.

Nancy came bursting into the house at exactly 11:19:23 a.m. "Nice of you to show up," growled Randy with a big smile. Nancy didn't answer but held out the gallon jug of milk and two boxes of Captain Crunch. She was panting heavily. At his gesture she took them to the kitchen. In the living room she gave Randy his change.

She suddenly noticed me standing in my T-shirt and underwear and a strange expression crossed her face. She was puzzled, that was true. But there was more. As though she knew what was going on and that excited her. She certainly didn't look disappointed or frightened.

But then Randy took her by the hand and let her to the couch. "We'll just round it up to three minutes even," he said generously. Nancy didn't say anything as she stretched out across his lap. Her face had turned red and I saw she was not impressed with her new position.

Randy watched the clock and when it hit 11:22 exactly he began to spank her with his hand. The slaps were large and heavy, and quite frequent, though regular. He spanked hard and solid, like a machine. Nancy's butt stuck up in the air and wiggled as she struggled to stay in position. Randy watched the clock and didn't stop for a second. He kept going until the three minutes were up and Nancy was breathing heavily and tears dripped down her face.

The spanking hadn't been wild or especially brutal--but it had obviously hurt a great deal. Nancy stood up stiffly and groaned when Randy told her I was going to paddle her. She brightened considerably when told that she would get to spank me next.

It really wasn't that much different from spanking Susan. Nancy had a different bottom. Her hips were wider and her bottom wasn't quite as firm, but she was still very pretty. She had more tears than Susan too, either because she'd just gotten a thorough hand spanking or because she was more sensitive.

Fortunately she didn't spank as hard as Susan. I withstood ten hard blows from her without much more than wiggling and a single yelp during the last stroke. I think too that by that time my dick was hurting so bad the paddling didn't seem like anything--in fact it felt quite good as it distracted me!

After the exchange of spankings, Randy and I had some breakfast--this time with milk. The girls knelt obediently in the corner with their hands behind their heads. I was on my third bowel of Charms when Jack walked in from down the hall.

He looked like hell. His hair was a mess and he, like Randy, was only wearing a pair of jeans. He waved to me and shouted out, "Hey, Bro!" I waved back. Then Jack saw the girls and his face broke into a big grin. He let out a war whoop and loudly slapped palms with Randy.

"Some Gamma babes to spank! This is awesome, dude! When did they come in?"

"Just this morning, man. Yvette brought them by. Said they'd 'violated' some sacred Gamma tradition or something. They're ours till midnight!"

jack turned to me. "You're in for a treat, boy. It doesn't get any better than Gamma babes, let me tell you. Those girls know how to party. Just wait until you get to spank one of them. Nothing like it in the world!"

Randy laughed. "He already spanked both of them, Jack. Ten swats each. And they got to spank him, too."

"You're shittin' me!"

"No way, dude. Scout's honor."

Jack looked at me and I blushed and nodded. "You mean you let those two girls paddle your butt?"

"Yeah," I said slowly, slightly defensive.

"And you walloped them good I suppose?"

"Did he!" shouted Randy. "I thought he'd break the paddle!"

I shrugged and nodded. Jack broke into a huge grin and slapped me on the back really hard. "My brother! You're a stud, man. A real trooper. We need good sports in this fraternity, don't we, Rand?"

The jock nodded. "He's a good kid."

My brother looked at the girls. "I think I want to have some fun." The girls looked nervous as he approached. "Would either one of you like a paddling?"

"No, sir!" said the girls.

Jack looked disappointed. "All right, then. I'll give you a choice. You can either give Bubba a tongue bath or take a spanking from me."

Nancy looked at the dismal figure of the huge half-clad diaper baby and looked like she wanted to retch. "_All_ of him?"

"Every square inch. And it looks like his diaper needs to be changed."

The girls shuddered. "I'll take a spanking," said Susan without hesitation.

"How many?" asked Nancy, nervously rubbing her backside. "I've already gotten quite a lot."

Jack looked thoughtful. "Tell you want. Ten whacks with the paddle on your bare ass _or_ you can have a hot and soapy 2-quart enema."

The girls glanced at each other. "I'll take the enema," said Nancy with a sigh. "Spanking," said Susan. My brother grinned and asked Randy to fetch the enema equipment.

Now I had heard of enemas before but I'd never seen one. It turned out to be really cool. Or hot. Jack let the hot water run until it was steaming and filled up the 2-quart bag with lots of soap and hot water. Nancy looked very uncomfortable. I wondered if she was regretting her decision.

"You'll keep it in while I spank Susan," said Jack, and Nancy nodded. "Yes, sir."

She got up on the dining room table on all fours. Randy carefully lifted the girl's skirt to expose the pinkest pair of panties I had ever seen. They were almost florescent. They were large and covered most of Nancy's ass, but to my delight Randy pulled them down to her knees.

There, exposed for all to see, between two gorgeous hams was the sweetest cleft I had ever seen. Her crack was deep and prominent and right at the base was a little dark hole I knew was her anus. Below that was her hairy bush and I could just make out the lips of her pussy.

As I watched, Jack began inserting the end of the tube from the bag into Nancy's ass. He did it slowly, deliberately, and she oohed and aahed the whole time. Finally he got it completely in and the hot water began to trickle into her ass. It took a while and she began fidgeting pretty soon into process. By the time the whole bag was inside she was moaning and wiggling her ass like a naughty slut. Her cheeks were still blotched red from her spankings and I longed to give her another. My cock was rock hard watching her.

"Now keep that in there," said Jack firmly. "If any drips out you'll be spanked!"

Part 2

(****, M/FF, Severe, sorority paddling, games)

A high school boy visits his older brother's frat house at college and gets his eyes opened as to the benefits of modern education. (Approximately 12,293 words. Originally published 1996-05.)

Now it was Susan's turn to be the center of attention. "Where do you want me, sir?" she asked demurely. Jack grinned. "Over the arm of the couch."

Susan obeyed, stretching out her body on the couch so her legs dangled off the end and her ass was right on the arm, sticking up in the air. She looked wonderful. But Jack made the vision even more delectable. He flipped up her skirt so everyone could see her florescent pink undies and then, after a discrete pat or two, down came the panties. Susan's twin globes gleamed brightly, their centers covered with a red blush.

"Ah, someone did give you a few," exclaimed my brother. "Well, we'll see how these compare." He picked up the frat paddle and took a step back. His arm went up high, past his shoulder, and came down with unbelievable speed. The paddle slammed into Susan's bare ass and If felt my cock go crazy with tension. Her round cheeks were pressed flat for a second and then sprang outward with a delightful haughtiness. Susan yelped and wiggled frantically, jiggling her bottom and moaning.

"Please count, Susan," ordered my brother, and with a low voice Susan said, "One, sir. T-thank you, sir. M-may I please have another?"

"Certainly." He slammed that paddle into her ass again. This time I watched Susan's face as she tensed and her mouth opened in an oval and she quivered and trembled. Tears were in her eyes. "Two, sir. Thank you. May I please have another?"

On and on it went, with Susan carefully counting out each stroke, thanking Jack, and asking for the next. It looked unbearable and I was impressed at how much control the girl had. I wasn't sure I could have withstood that kind of punishment. Her ass slowly changed from a mixture of light pink and pale flesh to a deep, thorough maroon.

At last the tenth blow hit, a solid smack that caused Susan to huff and puff and breath deeply for a full twenty seconds before she could say, "T-ten, sir. T-thank you, sir. May I please have another?"

Even after she said it she knew it was a mistake. I saw her face rise up in horror and her mouth opened as if to correct herself. But Jack pounced.

"Oh, you want another? Well, certainly! Glad to oblige."

"Sir, please--" she started to say but it was too late. The paddle spanked her hard again and she gulped and tears trickled down her cheeks and she gasped heavily and exclaimed, "Eleven, sir, eleven! T-thank you, sir. That's enough, sir, please. No, more!"

"Are you _sure_ you wouldn't like a few extra?"

"Yes, sir! Please, sir. Thank you for the spanking, sir. Most thorough! Very well done."

With a huge grin Jack nodded and gave a deep sigh. "All right, then, if you are sure. But if you ever want another one, just let me know. Now stay in position while we let poor Nancy relieve herself."

I looked over in horror at Nancy, having forgotten her predicament. She was swollen and wiggling and weeping and begging to be allowed to go potty. She was clenching her ass muscles as tight as she could but I could see liquid dribbling down the insides of her thighs. I felt it my duty to point this out to Randy, who scolded the girl.

"You're leaking," he said. "Hold it in. Two swats." He took the paddle from Jack and delivered to hard smacks to Nancy's trembling ass. She moaned and I saw she was really crying. Her ass was quite red and sore.

Randy helped her to the floor and into the kitchen where he made her squat. Here someone found a rectangular cake pan and slid it between her legs. She immediately began to drip. "Okay," said Randy, and the girl released with a grateful sob.

Out poured a dirty brown stream of soapy water and internal juices. After she was done she immediately began to defecate, somehow unable to stop herself. It wasn't much--just a couple small turds--but the smell was bad and Randy scolded her.

"Hey, Susan. Get your panties on and get over here. Your friend needs her butt wiped!" It was my brother, leering at the naked Susan still sprawled across the couch arm. She stood slowly and pulled her panties on, giving me my first glimpse her bush from the front. When her panties reached her bottom she winced as though it hurt to put them on.

In the kitchen Jack handed Susan a couple paper towels. "Wipe her good," he said, and she nodded and knelt down and began to clean her friend's butt. It was degrading and dirty, and Jack and Randy laughed as they watched Susan. Nancy was crying quietly to herself. Her face was almost as red as her ass!

* * * * *

It was later. Jack and I were walking across the campus, him showing me the sights. I wasn't much interested in the campus. My thoughts were elsewhere. "I thought you couldn't spank the Gamma's bare?" I said finally, expressing something that had been troubling me. Had what Randy told me about the Delta's getting it pants down not been true?

"In certain circumstances it's okay. They have to agree to it though, and you have to offer them an alternative punishment."

"Like the enema."


"Pretty cool arrangement," I said.

He grinned. "They do the same with our pledges. Fact is, they've got three of our new recruits right now. They've been there the whole week, though they are released during the day to go to class and stuff. But at night they are the Gamma's property."

"Did you ever do it?"

"Of course. Several times. It's part of the tradition. If you come to school here no doubt you'll spend a weekend with the Gammas."

The thought terrified me and yet I was interested. What would it be like to be treated like a slave by beautiful women, them spanking me anytime they felt like it? Forced to do degrading, disgusting things? Perhaps being given an enema?

I couldn't bear thinking such things. I decided to change the subject. "What's in store for this afternoon?"

Jack grinned and slapped me on the back. "How'd you like to play a game?"

We went back to the Delta house and Jack conferred with Randy. I saw him clap his hands together in enthusiasm and glance toward Susan and Nancy who were on their hands and knees cleaning the room from the aftereffects of the previous night's party. Randy nodded and disappeared. A few minutes later he was back with a Monopoly box which he placed on the dining room table.

"All right, sluts. Enough cleaning for now. We have a game you might like to play."

The girls eagerly left their disgusting task and hurried to the table. I saw Nancy looking at the game with apprehension.

"This game is called 'Spankopoly,'" said Jack with a huge grin. "It plays like regular Monopoly but in addition to paying rent you must accept a spanking from your landlord."

The girls groaned but I saw they were intrigued. I moved closer, the concept fascinating to me. Then I saw Jack grinning at me. "My brother here is going to play the game with you, of course."

"What!" I started, ignoring the delightful giggles from the girls.

"Come on, John," my brother said. "It'll be fun."

"Yeah, John," whispered Susan, licking the oval of her lips and blowing me a kiss. "It'll be fun!"

"Yeah, but for who," I mumbled, but nodded. The fact was, I couldn't refuse. The chance--even if it was only a chance--to spank these two beautiful babes was not something I could pass up. "What are the rules?" I asked.

"Pretty simple," said Randy. I saw he was carrying several items and placing them on the table. "For a property that has no houses, you get spanked with the hand. For developed properties, the implement used depends on the number of houses." Here he began demonstrating various weapons. "One house is the wooden ruler. Two houses is the hairbrush. Three is this strip of leather. Four is the frat paddle, which you all know well. A hotel is the cane." The cane was thin and whippy. It looked quite painful.

Nancy looked nervous. "How many strokes do you get?"

My brother stepped forward, lifting up the strap. "For hand-spankings it's the same as the rent. For developed property, it's one percent. So a thousand dollar rent bill would be ten strokes."

I did some quick calculating. That meant the worst spanking on the board was Boardwalk with a hotel--20 strokes of the cane. Severe, yes, but most likely it would put you out of the game anyway.

"Like I said, it plays like normal Monopoly. There are a few extra rules, however," said Randy. "Some of the Chance and Community chest cards have extra writing on them. They might require you to wear clothespins on your nipples for three turns around the board, for instance."

"Jail is also different," interjected Jack. "If you choose to stay in jail you must accept a 1-quart enema from the player of your choice and you have to keep it in you until you leave jail."

The two girls and I looked at each other at this news. This game was certainly going to be interesting!

"Also, to keep things fair," Randy continued, "John's spankings will all be bare-bottomed and the girls will be spanked over their panties."

"Hand-spankings will be bare for everyone," said my brother. "You also can 'mortgage' your clothing to the bank if you want: $500 per piece. If you mortgage your clothes you are spanked in whatever you have on, so keep that in mind. You can buy back your clothing for double what you were paid."

"No one is allowed to wear more than three pieces of clothing: top, bottom, and underwear," said Randy. "If you are wearing a bra you'd better take it off now."

Susan and Nancy blushed and shook their heads. My kind of women!

We quickly decided on the house rules: double salary for landing on "Go" and all fines going into the Free Parking jackpot (which was always seeded with a $500 bill). Randy also added a beer rule: to collect the free parking you had to successfully down an entire Lone Star in one long drag or the money stayed in the pot.

Without too much further talking, we began the game. Randy was going to be the banker and Jack was going to watch. The players would just be me and the two Gammas. A few Deltas had woken up or wandered by during this time and soon there was a crowd gathered to watch the game. My nervousness was increasing.

The first task was to select playing pieces, and here there was another surprise. Instead of the classic Monopoly dog, horse, car, thimble, top hat, etc., we had to pick from a selection of tiny punishment implements made of wire and wood: a frat paddle, a bullwhip, a cane, a cat-o-nine tails, a hairbrush, a wooden spoon, etc.

Susan quickly settled on the paddle, Nancy the hairbrush, and I took the cane. We rolled to see who would start and I won the roll. My luck went down from there, though, as I immediately landed on "Income Tax" and shelled out 150 big ones.

Susan rolled a bit nervously and ended up buying Oriental and Nancy took Reading Railroad. I managed to snag Connecticut on my second turn and Susan grabbed St. Charles on hers. Then something interesting happened: Nancy rolled snake eyes, putting her on "Chance" and she drew the "Advance to St. Charles Place" card! None of us could believe it. Our first spanking!

I watched with astonishment and tremendous swelling between my legs as Susan scooted her chair back and motioned for Nancy to get across her lap. "The rent is only ten dollars," she smiled. With Nancy in position she carefully lifted the girl's skirt and pulled down her pink panties. Nancy's bottom was only slightly red from her punishments of the morning, but her butt was certainly still round and shapely. I couldn't breathe as I watched Susan lightly spank her friend ten times with her hand. She didn't do it very hard but that scarcely mattered--it was the whole concept that made the action appealing. I glanced at my brother and I saw he was really turned on.

"You had doubles," I told Nancy when she stood up, rubbing her bottom. She grimaced and rolled the dice. She rolled double threes which put her on Community Chest. She took the card with nervousness but relaxed when she saw it was a "Get out of jail free." Her third roll put her on Indiana and she bought it.

Next I bought St. James, Susan bought Virginia, and Nancy landed on "Go to jail." I moved to Kentucky and added it to my reservoir, and Susan managed to get on Chance which sent her to jail!

Nancy decided not to stay in jail and used her card immediately. Her roll was snake eyes which let her buy Electric Company and New York, which annoyed me because I was shooting for the Oranges. I rolled and got double fives followed by a five allowing me to get Pacific Ave. and a "Get out of jail free card."

Susan paid her $50 and was suddenly apprised of a "rule" we hadn't been told about. Randy told her that in addition to the $50 fine she was to receive one stroke of the cane or two swats of the paddle on her bare bottom from the banker. This "fine" was doubled for each extra turn one stayed in jail. (If you didn't manage to escape jail by your third turn you had to choose between four with the cane or eight with paddle.)

Susan glumly choose the cane. She bent over the back of the couch and we all gathered to watch as Randy bared her bottom. The swishing-crack and her yelp startled us all. Randy's blow left a thin red mark across the middle of her gorgeous ass. She sat down gingerly and rolled the dice and to my dismay bought Tennessee. Ironically she'd rolled double fours (meaning she could have escaped the fine and cane). Her second roll put her on Indiana, which was owned by Nancy.

Nancy wasn't as gentle with Susan as Susan had been with her. She slapped the blond's bare ass 18 times with enthusiasm, and Susan was teary-eyed when it was over.

Nancy bought B&O on her turn, and I paid Income Tax yet again. Susan managed to buy Water Works and then Nancy rolled double sixes which put her on Park Place. She wasted no time buying it, rolling again to land on Chance, and following the directions on the card, moving her piece to Illinois Avenue and since the banked owned it, buying it.

Then it happened. I rolled an eight, which put me on Electric Company, owned by Nancy. Eight times four being 32, I shelled out the dollars and went across Nancy's lap for my first spanking as part of the game. It was embarrassing, literally. My jeans and underpants came down and Nancy's palm left pink prints all over my bottom. It didn't hurt that much, but I was mortified by all the giggles and laughter from the audience. A part of me was quite aroused by the process, however, especially lying with my stiff dick between Nancy's bare legs. I think she enjoyed it too, from the way she squeezed her thighs together a couple times.

Next Susan bought Short Line and Nancy bought Pennsylvania (though she had to mortgage Park Place to do it). She'd rolled doubles and after passing go, put Baltic into her stash. I landed on my own St. James.

Susan, ironically, ended up on the just-purchased Baltic on her turn and took four loud swats from Nancy, but everyone was giggling too much for it to be painful. Nancy returned the favor on her turn by landing on St. Charles Place and receiving 10 sharp slaps from her friend.

Fate decided for me I'd had too much good luck and sent me to B&O, where I discovered more rules we hadn't been told about. Apparently railroads, since they couldn't be improved like regular properties, had their own schedule of punishments. A $25 rent (for owning just one railroad) was 25 with the hand. Owning two ($50) was five with hairbrush. Three was 5 with the paddle, and four was five with the cane. I was glad Nancy only owned two railroads.

Still, that hairbrush stung surprisingly bad. I actually yelped on the first stroke. After that I was quiet but I was glad it was only five swats. I sat back on my chair, nursing my bum, and watched with glee as Susan rolled a nine and ended up over Nancy's lap for 36 slaps (Nancy owned Electric Company).

Nancy, on her turn, rolled doubles. She bought States on her first roll and drew our first "interesting" Community Chest card. "Receive $25 for services" read the printed part of the card. Underneath was handwritten, "and lose your shirt for one turn." Everyone giggled and Nancy blushed but cooperated like a good sport. Indeed, she wasn't wearing a bra as she demonstrated, her large boobs swaying as she sat back down, topless.

My roll was a nothing: a Chance card to pay repairs for houses I didn't own. But Susan ended up on Illinois Avenue and received another spanking from Nancy. It was more interesting this time as Nancy herself was half-naked, her breasts jiggling wildly as she slapped Susan's bare rump.

Susan had rolled doubles, though, so her turn wasn't over. She managed to buy Atlantic and then stopped on Community Chest where her card told her to collect $50 from every player. The small print said we got to spank her for the privilege--five slaps each. Rather than take the time to go over two laps, Susan bent over with her hands on her knees and Nancy and I went up behind her and spanked her soundly. It was extremely pleasurable.

Nancy was next and got to put her top back on. She had to mortgage several properties in order to buy Ventnor, but she was able to afford it. I bought Mediterranean on my turn, and Susan got pegged for Luxury Tax.

Nancy bounced off her own Park Place and then got a "Bank pays you dividend of $50" Chance card. The fine print stated she also had to lose her underpants for two turns, and again she cooperated, though she was carefully to keep her skirt down while she slipped off those pink puppies. Her turn wasn't completely over (she had doubles still) and she found herself suffering a dozen smacks from Susan for landing on Susan's Virginia Avenue.

My next roll had the good fortune of putting me on Reading, and I was back over Nancy's lap for another five zingers with the hairbrush. Susan escaped with $15 poor tax from a Chance card, and Nancy (curse her), collected the free parking jackpot (looked like at least a grand). She guzzled down the beer and then promptly began unmortgaging.

I rolled a 7, putting me on Electric again, and took 28 spanks from Nancy. Susan put my spirits back up by rolling a nine which put her across my knee from landing on St. James. Nancy got to put her panties back on but then landed on "Go to jail," and my next roll put me on my own Kentucky. Susan went to Indiana and paid $18 to Nancy both in Monopoly money and "over the knee" dollars.

To get out of jail Nancy paid the $50 and took two paddle strokes from Randy. She then rolled a 6 which was my St. James. It had been such a long time since Nancy had gotten spanked I really enjoyed that session of her across my lap!

Of course I immediately landed on Water Works and paid $28 to Susan. I didn't really mind, though. Her spankings stung but there was something delightful about being across her lap. Justice was on my side, though. After my spanking, Susan rolled and ended up in jail.

Nancy followed my example by landing on Water Works, but she'd rolled double sixes: 48 wallops to her ass and even Susan's hand was sore! She rolled double fives to pay Luxury Tax and then a ten which enabled her to buy Vermont.

Next, my nine let me stay at the $35 Park Place. (I'm glad it wasn't improved!) Susan paid her $50 and took two paddle swats to get out of jail, and while we were giggling at that, rolled a ten to collect free parking! Nancy promptly rolled double sixes and also landed on free parking. Both girls seemed to be in really good moods after pouring beers down their throats.

The game really began to roll then, each of us taking our turns and moving, buying properties and paying fines. I snagged Pennsylvania Railroad and paid taxes. Susan paid taxes too and then had to pay Nancy and me $50 each--and we had to let her spank us five slaps each for the privilege of accepting her money.

I found myself on Atlantic and paid $22 to Susan, Susan paid $10 to Nancy, Nancy $8 to me, and I $28 to Nancy. The game was becoming almost routine now, the hand-spankings almost boring.

Then Nancy got her "Bank Error in her favor" Chance card. She did get the $200 but had to wear two clothespin on her nipples for three turns--I got to put them on her, making sure they were nice and snug and pinchy. She had to keep her top off during the clothespin ritual too, which was cool.

The game proceeded and hand-spankings abounded, and I began to think of doing a trade. We'd never get anywhere at this rate. We all had property and no one had a Monopoly. I hit Free Parking finally and won over $1100 dollars which put me back in the game (I'd been running rather low). The beer helped too.

Then Susan got a $100 from Chance and had to "change clothes with player of your choice for three turns." She picked me, of course, and I had to shuck off my jeans and T-shirt and underwear and put on her white blouse, panties, and skirt. I felt ridiculous but sexy, her little panties barely fitting over me. I think they tore a bit. I know my dick didn't fit but by that time I really didn't care. I was a bit drunk and high on sexual tension.

As the laughter died down from this exchange of clothing, Nancy hit the big one: she landed on Boardwalk, giving her a monopoly. I thought this was the end, but I noticed Susan and Nancy were whispering, apparently about a trade. As I paid $6 to Susan across her lap she explained to me the deal: we'd exchange properties and I'd end up with the Oranges, Susan with the Yellows, and Nancy with the Reds. It sounded good to me. Anything was better than letting Nancy have the only monopoly. We shook hands and the deal was done.

Immediately Nancy started building houses, slapping four houses and a hotel on each of the reds (the hotel on Illinois). She mortgaged everything she had to do it, but she did it. Susan promptly landed on Indiana, shelling out $875 for the honor, and receiving our first serious spanking of the game, nine wallops from the frat paddle. Susan had rolled doubles and her extra roll put her on her own Marvin Gardens, and from there she rolled a ten to land on the mortgaged Boardwalk. Everyone except Nancy breathed a sigh of relief.

Nothing happened for a bit (except Nancy got ten slaps from Susan that didn't seem to be very gentle). When I saw the other two heading toward the Oranges, I built eight houses. Nancy skipped over me and swallowed another beer on Free Parking, and Susan mortgaged and built seven houses on the Yellows.

I rolled to B&O and took 5 hairbrushes from Nancy, and then upped everything to hotels on my Oranges. Susan immediately obliged by landing on Tennessee, owing me $950 and ten strokes with the cane! (We rounded up the strokes.)

Susan was forced to sell off all her houses and mortgage her Yellows to stay in the game. I almost felt sorry for her, but I couldn't pass up the chance to cane that lovely rump. She bent over the back of the couch. She was no longer wearing my clothes (we'd switched back) so she was in her thin skirt and panties. I swished that cane down as sharply as I could and the sizzling crack made poor Susan do a stationery dance. She cried out and wiggled but stayed bent over. Again and again I stroked her bottom until all ten licks had been applied. She was crying loudly when I was done and I felt bad, but her lovely bottom jiggled so wonderfully during the caning I couldn't help but enjoy myself immensely.

The game continued, with Nancy going from Free Parking to Go To Jail, as justice dictated. Susan went from my Tennessee to Free Parking (earning only the $500 seed) and then to B&O where Nancy wasn't merciful with the hairbrush.

Nancy decided to stay in jail. While Randy prepared her enema Nancy unmortgaged and built houses on Boardwalk (four) and Park Place (three). Susan administered the enema, and Nancy had to hold it in until she left jail.

I landed on Go, collecting a cool $400, and then Susan landed on the only unsold property: North Carolina. She couldn't afford it so it went up for auction, with a distracted Nancy and I doing the bidding. I managed to get it for $300 (the normal price). Nancy stayed in Jail for another turn. I rolled a ten and stopped by to visit her. Susan went to Go and got $400, and then it was Nancy's final turn.

She paid her $50 as required and asked for and received eight strokes from Randy's paddle, being allowed afterwards to relieve herself of the enema while everyone watched. Then she wiped the smiles off everyone's faces by rolling a 10 and landing on Free Parking!

Next I went to States and Susan to Oriental. Susan unmortgages her Yellows and puts a house on Ventnor. My double sixes put me on B&O but it's mortgaged! My extra roll gives me a Community Chest card: "You inherit $100." The added fine print dimmed my excitement, though: "Lose all your clothes for three turns." I was sullen but I obeyed, taking off everything.

Nothing much happened for a few rolls (except Nancy put a hotel on Boardwalk). Then I got a Community Chest card to make repairs on all my houses: 345 of my hard earned dollars went to the center of the board.

Susan's next roll was choice: an eight, putting her on the hotel-filled Kentucky. Instantly, she was out of the game. Her assets went to Nancy and her ass received 11 of the best from that whippy cane. Nancy now had Monopolies on the Magenta and Yellow groups. Doom was heading my way.

Nancy decided to toy with me, however. She threw doubles to move to "Just Visiting" and then a six to land on my St. James with a hotel. Suddenly the tension in the room increased and everyone crowed forward. This game was going to be a battle after all!

Nancy didn't have a lot of cash and she had to mortgage the Yellows to raise the $950. As she prepared to receive her caning I made her an offer: half the strokes if she'd do it nude. She thought for a bit and then agree, slipping off her skirt, blouse, and finally her panties. Totally naked she bent over the back of the couch and I proceeded to whip that cane across her bare cheeks with a violence that astonished me. The cane was thin, though, which meant it stung more than bruised. Her bottom had five pencil-thick welts across it when I'd finished, but there was no permanent damage. In fact, the welts would probably fade by morning.

Part 3

(****, M/FF, Severe, sorority paddling, games)

A high school boy visits his older brother's frat house at college and gets his eyes opened as to the benefits of modern education. (Approximately 12,293 words. Originally published 1996-05.)

Next I went to my own Pennsylvania Railroad, and Nancy landed on Chance. Her card read: "Your building and loan matures. Collect $150." The fine print was less subtle: "You must wear a buttplug for the next three turns." Nancy's face went pale when Randy showed her the plug: it was quite large. He placed it in her and she pulled her panties back on I could tell it was uncomfortable. Even more exciting, Nancy had rolled doubles and her second roll took her to North Carolina, the property I'd won at the auction, and I promptly took her across my knee and spanked her 26 times, enjoying the way she wiggled in my lap, that plug really bothering her during the spanking.

I went to the mortgaged B&O on my turn, and Nancy had to pay me a silly $2 for landing on Mediterranean! I then went to Community Chest and saw: "From sale of stock you get $45. The player of your choice gets to place a clothespin on you for one turn."

Nancy, of course, was the only other player (they wouldn't let me pick myself; I tried). She struggled with where to put the pin but finally decided it had to be my penis. It clamped down unmercifully, right in the middle. It was only for one turn, though, and as Nancy only went to Vermont it was my turn again almost immediately. I quickly removed the clothespin and rolled.

Nancy rolled double fives putting her back on Tennessee for another $950 and 10 strokes of the cane. She had to sell off almost all her houses on Boardwalk and Park Place to pay the bill. Again she opted for five strokes on the bare instead of ten.

After that, the game was almost dull, though there was tremendous tension in the air. We took turns, no one landing anywhere significant for a while, until I hit "Go To Jail." I didn't like it, but I decided to stay in jail--anything was better than being out there on that board!

My first enema was strange. Nancy gave it to me. I felt humiliated offering my naked bottom for her to poke into, but she did her job well and without a lot of fuss. The water was warm and gurgled into me. The sensation was strange. Soon I felt like I would burst but still the water came into me. I couldn't believe that was only a quart and she'd taken two earlier that day. She finished filling me and I had to hold on to it, resisting the urge to spurt.

Fortunately I didn't have to hold onto it long. Nancy went to Water Works (which she owned) and on my turn I rolled double ones, releasing me from jail and my enema, and without any "fines" of any kind. Electric Company was mortgaged, too, so no rent!

Nancy went to Community Chest and received "Pay school tax of $150." The handwriting said, "Let the opponent of your choice fondle your sex for thirty seconds or take a 150-swat spanking." Naturally Nancy chose the fondling, and I got to see her spread on the couch and feel her inside and out for a half a minute. It felt like half a second, really, because it was over before I'd started, but I liked the way it seemed to humiliate and torment her.

A few turns later Nancy honored me by landing on New York: $1000 and ten strokes of the cane (again reduced to five). She was forced to mortgage the dark blues. Several turns later she arrived on Tennessee again for more of the same. That time it cost her most of her houses on the reds.

I landed on Illinois for her--but that was only ten with the ruler ($100 with one house). It stung but I knew it was nothing like what she was putting up with.

From then on it was only a question of time. Soon it was St. James again ($950 and 5 more strokes on the bare), and then Nancy landed on Free Parking and scored herself a bundle. She then went to jail and decided to stay as long as she could. This time Randy let me give her the enema, and I thrilled to it, loving the way her bottom felt all hot and crackly with cane welts and the way her pretty little rosebud opened right up for me like an obedient child.

Nancy stayed in jail the full three turns and had to pay to get out, accepting eight paddle strokes rather than four of the cane. She began rebuilding Boardwalk and ignoring her reds now. I saw her strategy.

I landed on "Go To Jail" and stayed there for the full three turns (accepting another enema, of course) but used my "Get out of jail free" card to escape the paddling. I still hadn't landed on anything major of Nancy's, but she again stopped by Tennessee and I was forced to give her another five with cane and take more of her money.

Not long after that Nancy went to jail. She decided to stay and I gave her another enema, but on her next roll she got doubles, making good her escape. Unfortunately for her the two threes put her on St. James and she was out of money. Bankrupt! I had won!

I got to give Nancy a final five cane strokes on the bare, and then Randy spoke up. "Excellent game, John! But now you must punish the losers."

"What?" Nancy and Susan cried out in alarm.

"Yup. Ten strokes of the paddle for each person left in the game when you went out."

"But there were two in the game when I went out--" wailed Susan.

"Twenty strokes!" shouted Jack with glee.

"And I guess I get ten," said Nancy with a sigh.

"In the nude," said Randy with a grin.

Both girls quickly stripped and bent over the couch, then, and I proceeded to paddle their rumps soundly. Their bottoms were already sore and red and the paddling must have hurt tremendously, but I I must admit those girls were good sports--neither complained or tried to escape. They took the spanking well and then we broke out cold beers for everyone, me and the girls especially, and began to party. Pizza was ordered, loud music turned on, and people began to show up and soon there was a huge party going on.

It was great and everyone thought I and the girls had been terrific sports. In fact, we were treated like heroes. Someone produced a keg of beer and poured about half into a large plastic tub and then the girls and I took turns sitting in the tub, the beer soaking our clothes and butts--supposedly a secret sore-bottom cure!

I don't remember too much of what happened after that. There was music and more and more people, and lots of women, many of them unclothed. I lost track of Jack and Randy and the girls and found myself talking with a beautiful dark-haired girl who thought I was on the college football team--I didn't exactly tell her I wasn't, either.

It was late that night when I awoke. The room was dark, the place quiet. I looked around in confusion, discovering I was in a bedroom. I was naked. A naked dark-haired girl I vaguely recognized was lying beside me. I could just see the swell of her bare rump glowing a pale white in the darkness and I started to reach out to touch it when I heard a hiss.

Startled, I looked around and saw the door was open a crack and a woman was kneeling there, whispering to me. Her face was in shadow and it took me a minute to realize it was Susan, the blonde Gamma. I got up off the bed and went to the door.

"Let's get out of here," she said quietly, and I followed her without a thought. We went down the hall and down the stairs to the front door. The party was long dead, bodies sprawled all over the living room. It looked worse than the night before.

Susan opened the door and we left quietly, walking out into the cool night. It was here I realized I was completely naked and saw with surprise that Susan was also. She was carrying a bundle of clothes, however. I recognized her skirt and blouse.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

She grinned at me. "Come on!"

I followed her as we went across the damp lawn south of the Delta House and headed toward a long clump of dark trees on the edge of the campus. With no hesitation she darted down a thin, almost invisible path through the woods and I followed. It was dark in the trees, the gray sky and soft moon hidden. It felt cold and erie. Suddenly I began to wonder why I was following this girl. Sure, she was naked, but what did she really want? Perhaps she was angry with me for spanking her.

Suddenly the trees parted and we came into a clearing. There was a small pond here. I could hear water tricking but I couldn't see the source. Without pausing Susan walked into the water and began to swim.

"Come on in, it's wonderful!"

Breathing heavily, I followed. The water was freezing. I began to shiver and stutter. "I-It's c-c-c-cold," I moaned.

"It feels good to me," she said craftily. "But then I'm hot..."

She swam toward me and took me in her arms. Her lips met mine and suddenly we were kissing passionately, spinning around in the water. My dick swelled despite the cold and I felt it pressing against her belly. She felt it too because her left hand went down and grasped it, caressing it and pushing it against herself.

"Oh, God!" I said loudly, scarcely believing this was happening. Susan looked incredibly hot, her hair wet and slicked back, her eyes glowing in the twilight.

"Take me," she kissed in my ear, gripping me tightly against her. I felt myself entering her easily, her body wet and slick. I thrust into her without even trying, my body acting for me. In minutes it was over; I was pumping wildly into her and growling like a mad puppy.

"Oooh," she moaned. "Let's do it again. That was too quick!"

She dragged me from the water then, and threw me upon the dirt and leaves at the edge of the water. My legs were still in the water as she climbed on top of me. She knelt and took my cock in her mouth, licking me. I swelled again, though it made my balls hurt. I felt exhausted but I was too aroused to care.

She leaned against me then, kissing my lips. Her naked breasts rubbed my chest and my stiff dick thrust up between her legs. We began to make love then, slow passionate love. She seemed to enjoy it as much or more than me. We kissed a great deal, and I fondled her body, my hands caressing her breasts and bottom. I loved the feel of her bottom. It was round and bouncy and yet the skin was rough and swollen from her many spankings. It must have hurt her for me to touch it. I thought back to everything that had happened earlier in the day and I was amazed and aroused. It was incredible, too much to contemplate. I groaned and pushed into her as hard as I could.

It seemed like hours later when I opened my eyes and saw Susan lying next to me, naked, watching me. It was freezing cold but she didn't seem to mind. "That was incredible," I said.

"Yes," she whispered.

We didn't speak for a few minutes. "What time is it?" I asked finally, noticing the sky was lightening. She shrugged. "Don't you have to be back at the Gammas?"

"Yes, I do," she said with a soft smile. "They expected me hours ago. I'm being very naughty."

"Oh. But won't they--"

"Yes, they will. I'm certain Yvette will spank me very hard."

"Shouldn't you go, then?"

"Do you want me to go?"

I shook my head. "Not really. But I think you've been spanked enough for one day."

"Really?" Her eyes laughed at me and she rolled onto her stomach, waggling her rump at me inviting.

"Perhaps not," I said, reconsidering. I sat up and dragged her across my lap. I'd only managed to slap her bottom a couple of times when my dick poked into her and I realized I was ready for something more important than spanking. I rolled her onto her back and thrust into her. "I think you need _real_ punishment," I said with sternness, but I was smiling.

She giggled. "Oh, please, sir, not that! _Anything_ but that!"

Needless to say, I did not heed her pleas but punished her ruthlessly, again and again, until it was nearly daylight. Then after a quick swim to watch off our sweaty bodies, she left me.

* * * * *

It took time as I had no clothes, but I managed to sneak back to the Delta House without getting caught. I found an empty bed and fell into it, not really caring who it belonged to. I woke up hours later, my mind finally beginning to think again. I had to work that evening and I knew I needed to get moving. As I drove home I thought over everything that had happened. I was thrilled by my college experience. That night, the first second I got a free moment at work I took five and called Tommy and told him the Marines were off--I was going to be a college man!

The End

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