It's a Dirty Job But . . .

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It's a Dirty Job But . . .

(**, M/f72, Intense, Teen paddling)

A man takes a job at a girl's school as the head disciplinarian. (Approximately 7,555 words. Originally published 1996-05.)

Trust me--I am not gay. Far from it. I just wear the dress for the job.

It's a great job. They call me Aunt Hillary, and I am very popular with all the girls. Many times they come to me for advice, especially regarding boys, and I do my best to guide them. I do fairly well, too, even when they've got "feminine" problems.

I first heard about the job from a girlfriend of mine whose cousin knew someone who'd graduated from the school and had heard they were looking for a new Disciplinarian. The odd job had stuck in her mind and she had mentioned it to Shelly, sort of as a joke, you know, and she passed it on to me. I laughed but inside I was drooling just at the thought of such a position. And to get paid for it nonetheless!

Further investigation discovered the job was for real and that the position would become available in just one week. I rushed to put together my new "look" and come up with a fake resume. (I was rather inspired by _Mrs. Doubtfire_, you see.)

It was a difficult job, I was told by the headmistress. With seventy-two girls at the Pittman Secondary School for Young Ladies I would be kept quite busy, and the hours were most irregular. I might be called to duty at any moment. When not specifically fulfilling my duties I would act as a secretary to Mrs. Lendham, the assistant headmistress. There were few people with the temperament to handle both jobs. Was I still interested?

What a silly question!

I've been on the job for almost a year now, and everyone seems very happy with my performance. No one even suspects I'm a man. I guess I'm fortunate to have such fair complexion and delicate features. Who knew it would pay off this way?

Tonight is Sunday evening, my favorite night of the week. During the week there are usually several opportunities to perform my duty, as the Pittman school is extremely strict and these modern girls are rather disobedient. But Sundays, Sundays are the dream come true.

Long ago, when Mrs. Pittman founded the school, God bless her soul, she established certain behavioral standards and disciplinary procedures. Upon her death the school was required to keep every procedure intact or lose the giant endowment she left in her will.

One of Mrs. Pittman's peculiarities (and there are many), was her obsession with strict discipline, particularly physical discipline. She was found of quoting about the rod, and she certainly never spared it.

She firmly believed that young girls needed frequent physical punishment to keep their minds and bodies pure. As part of this belief she established specific policies towards disciplining the girls, including the daunting post of Disciplinarian I now hold. You see, my primary duty is to paddle the girls that misbehave. Occasionally I am even required to cane the severe cases. (Fortunately these are extremely rare. I only had to cane one girl this year, and I didn't especially enjoy it. I broke the skin and the blood turned me off completely.)

But the delight of my job is the Sunday night ritual. At nine o'clock sharp I make the rounds of all the girls rooms, beginning with the younger girls and slowly making my way to the older ones. I am to give each girl a sound spanking before they go to sleep. This is every girl, regardless of whether she misbehaved or not.

The spankings are not especially severe: 10 strokes for the freshmen, 15 for the sophomores, 20 for the juniors, and 25 for the seniors. But they are sound enough to cause a bit of pain and remind the girls their place. (On Mondays the girls are usually quite well-behaved and I have little to do. Fridays and Saturdays are my busiest days.)

It is almost nine now. I've got the paddle ready. It's a massive oak board, oval in shape, approximately eight inches tall by fourteen inches wide. Though it is very thin--about a quarter inch--the wood is extremely hard and strong. It has a leather-covered handle that is almost shaped to my hand.

It's a beautiful instrument, balanced and unbreakable, and it has apparently been in use for over fifty years. If only that paddle could talk! How many gorgeous bottoms has it spanked?

There's the clock. It is time. I close the door behind me and walk down the hallway and into the girl's section. All is fairly quiet, but I can hear some scurrying and conversations, especially among the seniors.

My first stop is one of my favorites. Of all the freshmen girls one stands out to me as the prettiest. That's darling little Rebecca Macintire. She's a blonde-haired blue-eyed cutie with a dimpled smile and the body of sex goddess. She always acts shy and reserved but she certainly doesn't look like it.

Inside the room the girls all look up at me, apprehension and annoyance on their faces. I supposed they think I would forget or something. I smile and make some remark about the headmistress' new hairdo that makes them all giggle.

Jenny, the closest to me, is already climbing out of bed, abet reluctantly. She kneels beside the bed and lifts up her nightgown. The other girls and quickly assuming similar positions, laughter dying out.

Jenny's rump is sleek but rather large. She's a little too plump. I give her the ten smacks quickly and efficiently, admiring the color I obtain. She groans and wiggles her ass and hops back into bed, silently wiping away tears.

Samantha is next, a darling blonde with a sweet face and very polite demeanor. I have yet to have ever made her cry. She takes the blows silently, wincing and tensing her body, but no tears. She thanks me quietly and a little sadly, and climbs into bed.

Rebecca is next. My hidden cock is tall and hard by this time, and the sight of Rebecca's perfect bottom arouses me fiercely. Her cheeks are round and plump, flaring wide from her narrow waist. She kneels obediently, her legs slightly apart and I can just see the hint of blonde hair peeking between her legs.

I paddle her very hard and I wish I could savor the sight of her buttocks bouncing, the pink flesh reddening under my blows, savor the image of her head thrown back and her mouth open slightly in pain, savor her breasts thrusting forward and pushing away the flimsy nightgown and giving me a heavenly view of her cleavage. Rebecca's eyes are large and bright and shine with intelligence, and she smiles at me when I am finished.

"That _really_ hurt," she whispers. "Did you have to do it so hard?" To my delight she arches her neck and peers at her backside over her shoulder as rubs her bare bottom with her hand. "Just wait until you are a senior," is all I think. "Twenty-five delicious blows."

I spank Wanda next, a sweet, dark-haired beauty from down south. The pain doesn't seem to bother her as much as the embarrassment. She blushes deeply and quickly covers up her little rump the second I am finished.

In the next room I find Jessica, a flirty blonde who has more hair than I.Q. She is always terrified of being spanked and tonight is no exception. I have to give her a couple extra smacks to get her attention and convince her to cooperate and lift up her skirt.

Tanya glares at me when I approach her. "Why do we have to do this?" she whines. "We didn't do anything wrong." I don't even bother to answer but simply point my paddle at her and she reluctantly turns and shows me her ass. I spank her hard but quickly, and give her an extra one for whining. She resents that and glares at me, but fortunately for her bottom, she doesn't speak.

My next victim is Andy, a tall, thin girl already standing in place holding up her skirt. She rather boring, too quick to please. Her body is so thin I am certain the paddle must really sting her, but her face remains a polite mask.

Cara is next, a young dark-haired girl. She's pretty, but she scowls all the time, and my presence did nothing to improve her disposition tonight. She was slow at lifting her robe so I gave her an extra smack. She yelps angrily but quickly pulls up the nightgown revealing her petite bottom, still red from the spanking I gave her yesterday morning. Her Sunday ten are particularly painful, and I can hear her crying softly even as I close the door and whisper "Lights out, girls."

The hall is quieter now, everyone aware of my presence. The next room is dead silent. Andrea, the first girl, is already kneeling beside her bed. She's a snotty kid, rather obnoxious and always sucking up to anyone in power. Her prettiness is mostly makeup, but though her breasts are almost nonexistent her buttocks are glorious. I always enjoy spanking her and tonight is no exception, as I delight in her astonishment at how severely I punish her.

I suppose I am spanking the girls harder the usual. But I am really turned on tonight. And they deserve it anyway. Most of them are arrogant little nobles like Andrea.

Melody is next, terrified as usual. She drops her nightgown twice, she's so nervous, and I have to give her two extras. She always is so distraught I almost want to have mercy on her, but I know that the punishment will strengthen her.

Brad, the American, is next. She's large-boned and tall, a good basketball player and rather loud. She takes her blows well but complains, as usual. I give her an extra for her mouth and she just grunts.

Cindy is the last for this room. She's part Oriental, very tiny, the paddle seeming larger than her. She cries softly to herself as I spank her, the huge paddle catching the back of her thighs as much as her miniature bottom.

The next room has the twins, Sally and Ellie. They are quite mischievous, and scarcely a week goes by I don't see one of them in my office. Once, after a particularly crude practical joke they pulled, I got to spank them both together. Fifty blows a piece and I was delighted to watch how their identical bottoms turned red identically.

Amelia is next, fat as a cow and just about as immune to pain. Oh, she blubbers like a whale but I can tell she barely feels a thing.

Not like Sasha. She's jewish. Tall and dark-haired but extremely strong-willed. I've never made her cry either. She's very well-behaved, too. I've never had her in my office, to my disappointment. Well, she still has a few years.

There are only two girls in the last freshman dorm, Helen and Darlene. Both are extremely talkative girls, always in trouble for talking out of turn. It was no surprise they weren't quiet when I entered.

Helen is Swedish. She's blond and very attractive, physically very mature. She loves to giggle. Once she started giggling in my office and even the spanking couldn't make her stop. She was crying and giggling at the same time!

Darlene's American. She's rather plain, though. She still needs to grow into her body. Once she does, however, she'll be heartbreaker on her assets alone. Watching her squirm under my blows always is a delight.

I leave the freshmen section and move upstairs to the sophomores. My first sophomore is Lisa. She's a rebel, opinionated and a troublemaker. I see her quite often. Tonight she's on my list to receive an extra ten for a disturbance at breakfast. (I get Sunday off--no spankings until nine o'clock.)

She smirks at me. "Got some extras for me, Aunt Hill?" That's her favorite name for me, and it always gets a laugh and annoys me.

"Get in position," I said. "Or I'll double it."

She obeys, not instantly, but quickly enough so I can find no fault. Her buttocks are thin and firm but very smooth. She tenses her body for the blows. I count them out quietly, pausing after the fifteen before going on to the extra ten. She's breathing heavy when I'm finished, her face a mask of non-feeling, her jaw tight. "Not bad, Aunt Hill," she whispers. "I almost regret spilling Martha's milk."

I ignore her and move on to Tiffany, the blond princess, arrogant beyond belief. And I paddle her quite often too, but she never seems to learn. I think her brain's too small. But she'll make it on her body: nice face with a killer smile coupled with huge breasts and a shapely rump. I enjoy watching her breasts bounce as I paddle her.

Nancy is next. She's a brain, quiet and usually reading. She's not bad looking. A little plain and she rarely tries to look decent, but her body's very nice. Tonight she pretends to read a book while I spank her, but my paddle is especially hard and she can't concentrate. By ten she's forgotten her resolve and by fifteen she's struggling not to move her hands to cover her buttocks.

Allie is next, a real cutie. Sweet and gentle and utterly devoted to her boyfriend Jack from back home. She writes him everyday and everyone is sick of hearing about him. Many wonder if he really exists. She always bounces well under my paddle, crying and writhing to escape. Tonight she is particularly sexy, her buttocks round and luscious, her pale skin reddening beautifully.

I go to the next room glancing at my watch. I'm running a few minutes behind. Martha is first. It was her milk Lisa spilled, apparently. She's large and blunt and takes my blows without a sound or acknowledgement. Boring.

But Kathy is next, one of my favorites. She's an American, bold and sassy, and quite unafraid of anything. She'll take any dare. I spanked her twice during the past three days, which is above her normal, but not too unusual.

Though she's naughty, Kathy has a wonderful smile and infectious laugh. She never seems to mind the spankings, regarding them as minor annoyances along the path of life. She grins at me now and cheekily moons me, arching her back and thrusting her buttocks toward me. Her buttocks are round and firm and delectable. Normally they are smooth and white but tonight they are red and welted from my previous administrations, one in particular being quite severe. She takes her fifteen with her usual cheer, but by the end I can tell she is having difficulty bearing the pain.

Sally is next, a quiet, reserved kid from Nebraska. She blubbers and cries the whole time, sobbing like I'm trying to kill her. She so nervous she drops her skirt three times during the punishment meaning I have to give her extras. Her buttocks are surprisingly nice and firm but from the way she acts you'd never know it. She's far too shy and reserved.

Stephanie, a girl from England, is the last for this room. I like her. She is cute, has a delicious accent, a remarkable wit, and a terrific ass. Best of all she doesn't mind spankings the way most of the wimpy American girls do.

She winks at me saucily and lifts her skirt. "We've got to stop meeting like this, Ma'am." I laugh and paddle her rump hard not even easing up partway through the way I do with some of the girls. She was gasping when I finished. "That right smarts, Ma'am," she says rubbing her bottom with her hand.

"That it should," I whispered. "Just wait 'til next year. Now lights out, all." I left quietly, poor Sally still crying into her pillow. Once again I suspect she is faking.

In the next room I started with another Sally, this one a young black girl from Chicago. She is very pretty and her skin's very dark, but tonight even her skin shows marks from the paddle when I'm done.

Erica is next, another princess. She'd been sent to this school because she'd been kicked out of her last several. When she first arrived she called her wealthy father every week and told him we were beating her and she had to come home. But he was fed up with her games and refused. She really resented me and was one of the few girls I wasn't on good terms with in off hours.

I didn't have a great deal of patience, tonight, so when Erica started making a scene I just bent her roughly across the bed and gave her round bottom a good five swats. "Are you ready to cooperate and raise your skirt now?" I asked. With angry tears in her eyes she nodded and obeyed and I gave her fifteen sound smacks.

Kelly was next, a real beauty and good friends with Erica. Kelly didn't like being spanked but she tolerated it. She always seemed a little embarrassed at all the fuss Erica made over it. She was nervous but cooperated, and her fifteen went without incident, except for the fact that my cock was so hard I thought everyone could see it through my dress.

Last but not least was Darla, a petite little girl from Boston that was terrified of me. She had already assumed the position and lifted her skirt when I first came into the room and had waited quietly all this time. She yelped and cried during the quick spanking, but obediently stayed in position. Her cute little bottom was a rosy pink when I finished and I gave her a hug as I left and she hugged me back very tightly.

The next room was the last on this hall. Normally there were four girls in it, but Eleanor was at home with her mother, who was seriously ill. Deanne was first, a tall, rather awkward girl. She could have been pretty but her body seemed to confuse her, and she always dressed rather untidily. She took her spanking well, though, her large bottom absorbing the paddle almost without effort.

Dana was next, a short plump girl with a very round bottom that smacked deliciously. She had failed to turn in a term paper due that afternoon (she'd already been granted one extension), so I was obliged to deliver an extra dozen smacks to her offered bottom.

Well, that was it for the first floor. I shut the door carefully behind me and listen to make sure the floor is quiet. I must be particularly randy tonight, because I actually wish one of the darlings would make a fuss to I could go back for more, but the girls are silent.

Upstairs, however, the juniors and seniors are anything but quiet. The first room contains a troublesome quartet if there ever was one. Twice this semester I had the whole group in my office for a gang paddling, and I can tell by their expressions that the girls are rather wired tonight.

"Enough, girls," I say quietly, but the leader, a pretty brunette named Amy is on her bed dancing to the radio music. The music isn't loud, but I am annoyed. I shut it off angrily, and give Amy's bottom two gratuitous smacks before she can bent over and get into position for her twenty.

Sara is waiting when I'm done with Amy, but I can see she is frightened. She dislikes spankings something terrible, but she always hangs out with Amy and Jennifer and therefore gets her fanny spanked a lot. She cries out at the first stroke and is in serious tears before I reach double digits.

Jennifer is standing watching, a rather smirky grin on her face. I don't really need to look at my list, but I make a big show of it, acting almost surprised to find her name. "Jennifer, why it says here you've got a twenty-stroke paddling coming! You. Imagine that. Such a surprise. What did you do this time?"

The dark-haired girl shrugged, pursing her lips as though she was some kind of a sexy runway model. She always reminded me of someone who was smoking, though of course this was just her mannerisms. I'd never seen her with a cigarette. "Oh, nothing much. I don't think Mrs. Nadek liked my essay on 'How to Shoplift and Get Away With It,' though. She said I was being cheeky."

"I think I'd have to agree," I said carefully, unable to hide a big smile. "Turn around." The girl sighed and nodded. She turned and flipped up her gown and bared a rather scrumptious ass I'd had the blessing of punishing many times before. I paddled her quickly and mercilessly, spanking her all over her backside, especially the lower portion on the edge of her thighs. After twenty sharp spanks I paused for a breath and then gave her four sets of five.

She was sobbing when I finished, the muscles of her buttocks contracting without her control. "Ouch!" she said, lifting herself upright. "I've got to remember that Mrs. Nadek has no sense of humor at all," she mumbled and to my delight, reached behind and rubbed her fiery bottom.

Darlene is the last for this room. She's a rebel type, but not your normal kind. She's cute enough, in a scruffy sort of way, but I think her rebellion is genuine. She takes these kinds of things seriously, and while she cooperates, she lets you know on no uncertain terms that she doesn't agree with the status quo.

"Fuckin' A that hurts!" she shouts out when I finish, and so she's back over for another ten for foul language.

The next room has Anne, a very polite, well-mannered girl trapped inside a whore's body. She's massively oversexed, more mature than many college girls. She submits to the spanking docily, and I enjoy watching her body bounce.

Becky is next, a real nasty brat. She's a bit overweight, very bossy, and not very well-liked. I spank her hard and I'm obliged to give her a couple extras because of her bratty attitude.

Barbara is already waiting for me. I can see from her expression that she is very nervous, and I know why. She is on my list for extra punishment. It seems she was caught off-grounds today and gets an extra twenty.

She's a cute girl. I feel a little sorry for her. I knew she was in the middle of her first real romance and the guy was a jerk, pulling her along with promises and then cheating on her, but she just couldn't say no to him. So I spank her hard, hoping she'll learn her lesson and get rid of the idiot. She's sobbing when I finish, and I pointedly tell her to stay away from the boy. "See what he brought you?" I scold, but she just cries into her pillow.

Tracy is almost routine, after that. She's pretty, in an understated way, but she doesn't react at all to the paddle, trying desperately to act as though it doesn't bother her.

There's a commotion in the next room when I enter, and I am shocked to see Sherrie and Stacy in the middle of a fierce wrestling match. The girls are so intense they don't even notice when I enter, despite the cries of warnings of the others. I break them apart and take Sherrie across my lap for a good dozen smacks and then give the same to Stacy. I glare at the girls.

"Now will you two explain what is going on here? You know there's no fighting at Pittman!"

Both girls are quite sober now, staring at the carpet and writhing a bit. Stacy I spanked earlier in the week, so I know she's sore. Both of the girls are blondes, and they have this rivalry/friendship thing going. One minute they are best friends, the next they hate each other. Two minutes after that they are buddies. It drives everyone mad.

"Alright, you two. We'll forget it for now. Get in position for your Sunday spanking and we'll call what you just got your punishment for fighting."

The two girls nod and look at each other soberly. Sherrie begins to cry. "I'm sorry, Stace," she says as she bends over and I flip up her skirt. "I didn't mean it at all!"

"I know," agrees her friend. "I'm sorry, too. I overreacted."

There is no further conversation as I quickly and efficiently spank both of the girls twenty hard wallops each, generating large amounts of tears and overacted cries of pain.

Jill is next. She's a quiet girl, almost the opposite of the two blondes. She's tall and thin as a willow branch, her dark hair straight and long. She says nothing before, during, or after her spanking. Rather boring except her bottom is very firm and quite round.

Yolanda is last. A dark-skinned girl, her face glows when she smiles, her white teeth gleaming boldly. A well-behaved girl, you'd think she'd resent the Sunday punishment, but it never seemed to bother her.

"Evening, ma'am," she nodded at me and got in position. Her bottom is olive-colored like the rest of her, and the spanks don't make any kind of impression, though I know they must sting.

"Thank you, ma'am."

"Good. Now you girls get to sleep." There are murmurs of consent, and I hear quiet crying into pillows. What an appropriate way to go to sleep, I think to myself.

I take a deep breath before going into the next room. These four girls are major trouble. I cannot understand how they wrangled to get assigned to the same room. At least one of them is in trouble every week, and all four as a group once a month.

Tonight I am to give each of the four an extra sixteen for violating Saturday night curfew by sixteen minutes. I'm sure the girls are grateful they weren't more late, especially Gina and Gloria whom I both had to spank during the week.

Jan is the leader, a tall blonde with deep blue eyes that are disconcerting and make it easy to go easy on her. I promise myself I will not, though I can feel myself hesitating as she looks up at me sweetly from her bed where she is "studying" (the books are all spread out so I can see this is what she is doing). She looks so innocent it is tempting to believe whatever she says.

"Oh! Hi, Auntie," she says smoothly, looking up at me with her eyes wide and nervous. "Is it time already? I had no idea. Oh, dear, and I'm so sore from last week, too!" She made an exaggerated gesture of rubbing her behind and looking pitiful.

"Don't even try it, Jan," I say sternly. "You're each getting an extra 16 and you know quite well why."

"But Aunt Hillllareeee," whines Jan, her lips pouting into a sad expression. "I'm so sore! And Gina and Gloria are even worse!" (Her friends promptly put on expressions that try to convey great agony of spirit, but I'm not convinced.)

"Couldn't we take our extras tomorrow?" whispers a new voice. It is Eve, the sultry one of the bunch. Dark and petite, her beauty is cold and aloof. One would think she's royalty, but in truth she's a real brat, and she has a nasty cruel streak. I once saw her quite deliberately push a girl down a flight of stairs. Even worse, she never would admit it. It almost got her expelled. Only her parents influence saved her.

Still, even though I know what Eve is really like, her beauty is the kind that makes it difficult to disagree with her. She has a knack for appearing reasonable. Her best subject is public speaking, especially debate. Her arguments and logic are weak and often flawed, but her presentation is unmatched.

But tonight I am resolved. Despite their howls of protest, I line them up and have them bend over. Walking along behind them I pull down each pair of panties. Then I begin the paddling. I decide sets of ten would prolong this the best. Jan is first and takes her set without a whimper. Eve growls a bit and fidgets, but does not speak. Gina, a dark-haired, small-boned girl is practically knocked over by each of my spanks but she doesn't even tear--I'd swear she's made of rubber. It takes a good forty or fifty to make her cry. Last is Gloria, the witch of the bunch. She's plump and annoying to look at, whiny and smarmy, vain as a pussy cat, and not very attractive at all. I suppose if she were posed properly and had make-up on in the right spots she'd pass as pretty, but she prefers to feel beautiful by being rude and condescending. She grunts at my spanking but does not cry out.

Then it's back to Jan again. This time she fidgets. Eve begins to whine and cry a bit. Gina is a stone. Gloria takes her ten without a sound.

The third set of ten I make especially hard. Jan finally feels it and begins to cry, though she does not speak. Eve sobs. Gina does not move. Gloria curses and mutters at me under her breath--I know what she is saying but I cannot quite hear it. I tell her to be silent or she will receive extra.

The final pass is only six strokes each, but I make them count. Jan cries freely, Eve is practically begging me to stop, and Gina finally shows signs of pain by wincing and I can see her eyes are wet. Gloria breaks down and cries, though it isn't much. She's more annoyed than hurt.

This room took up a great deal of time, so I hurry to the last of the juniors. These girls are a quiet bunch, waiting silent and still, their faces pale as they listened to their friends next door receiving sound punishment.

June is first, a petite dark-haired girl. Her skin is a deep tan, and after twenty wallops with the paddle her bottom is a dark brown. Wiping tears from her eyes she climbs into bed sighing with relief that it is over. She does not like being spanked at all.

Carol is next, a rather perky girl, the kind that mean no harm but cause it by speaking without thinking. She's very nervous now, and yelps through the entire spanking. When I'm finished she wiggles and rubs her bottom in a totally impromptu manner that fills me with longing. She has no idea what she does to me when she moves like that!

I move to Glenda, a large girl. She's almost as tall as me (and I'm quite big, especially for a woman). Her broad backside takes the paddling easily, though she puts up rather too much fuss for such a minor punishment. Like June, she does not like getting spanked.

Rene is my last junior, a shy girl, pretty in the right light, but with an awkward body that hasn't quite settled in all the right places. She's tall and lanky, her breasts are almost invisible, her hips too large for her frame, and her bottom pert and sassy. She blushes as I come toward her, but obediently she bends over and when her bottom is properly bared, I spank her solidly.

And now for the seniors. These girls remind me of fine wines, aged and savored over the years, and now it is time to drink them. I naturally have mixed emotions. There's a history to them that I love, and of course they are physically more mature, but they no longer have the charming innocence of the younger girls. Still, I get to savor twenty-five glorious blows on each of their naughty bottoms.

Most of the senior girls are well-behaved. After three years at Pittman they know the rules well and have adapted to the school and corporal punishment is rarely necessarily except for serious infractions. So Sunday nights are especially delicious to me.

The first senior is Judith, a large rather frumpy girl. She's awfully stuck-up and though I'm sure I'm not supposed to, I usually spank her extra hard just because of her attitude. Tonight she was a touch slow getting into position and I swatted her an extra one, and when she complained I gave her two more for good measure. She was not happy with me.

Cindy is the next girl. Another blonde-haired, blue-eyed All-American girl, she's bubbly and vivacious, and totally empty-headed. Her body is cute and decidedly functional, but I find her boring. I spank her extra hard just because I resent girls like her.

Jeannie is next. She's a small girl, rather conniving and obnoxious. She basically ignores my spanking, something that really annoys me. But there isn't much I can do about it right now. I'll have to see she gets something special during the week.

Kim is the last girl in this room. A petite oriental girl, I really like her. She's very polite, has a cute smile, and her body is lithe and athletic. She also doesn't seem bothered by the weekly spanking, though she does cry a bit.

"Thank you, Aunt Hillary," she says politely when I'm finished.

"You are welcome, dear," I say in my falsetto voice. "Sleep well."

The next room has two special "friends" of mine. I quickly get Vivian taken care of, a tall stick of a girl of rather depressing of face and figure who reminds me to much of Popeye's Olive Oyl. But I take my time with Linda and Shannon. These girls are both brunettes, of medium height, and similar personalities. But Linda has the most dazzling breasts I've ever seen--they are embarrassingly huge. To tell the truth, I'm not much of a breast man--I prefer bottoms--but this girl draws my eye every time simply because I cannot take my eyes off her. My mind whirls uselessly as I watch her and try to contemplate how gravity affects her body.

Shannon's extra gift isn't up top--it's down below. Her ass is the largest and roundest of all the girls at Pittman. Every time I see her I'm amazed. She's not fat, either--she just has a large rump. I think it embarrassing her, too, and since her face is so pretty she tries to draw attention to that. But frankly I don't give a twig about her face--I love that bottom!

Both Linda and Shannon take their spankings wonderfully, with just the right amount of wiggling and reaction to make it interesting and giving me appropriate feedback that I'm doing a proper job, but without annoying shrieks or sobbing as though I'm pulling their toenails out with hot pliers or something.

The last girl in this room is Jessie. She's a loner, quiet and rebellious. I have a feeling that she thinks she's too good for this school, though she never says so. She's very smart, but her grades are only average, and I think she plays dumb so as not to draw attention to herself. Even when I spank her she seems to be alone--it's as though she's grunting and murmuring to herself, as though even I'm not there.

In the next room I begin with George, a pretty brunette from Canada. She has rather large breasts which I have always found amusing, given her masculine name. She does not say much during the spanking, though, and is rather boring.

Liz is next. A rather fat girl she has a beautiful face, really pretty, very round with sparkly eyes. She's very friendly and kind, though she blubbers a bit too much during her twenty-five for my taste. I always feel like I would like to give her the cane so she can feel what real pain is like.

After Liz, I move to Tonya. She's short and stocky, and her ass is rock hard. She's a very nice girl, very much into athletics, but she has a number of bad habits, her most serious being a short attention span for anything not related to sports. I make sure she pays attention to my little lecture as I paddle her, though!

Ny favorite in this room is Joella, a pretty girl from New York state. Her father is _extremely_ wealthy. He could buy a hundred schools like Pittman from the loose change in his sofa. But Joella is a sweet girl, kind and considerate, without a vain bone in her body. I almost regret having to spank her, as of all the girls at Pittman she deserves it the least, but she cooperates willingly with the practice though I know she feels the pain.

"Please go ahead, Aunt Hillary," she says to me, baring her sleek buttocks to me. Her bottom is pale and looks fragile to me; I hesitate for a second, and then begin to paddle her. I try to be fair and spank her as hard as everyone else. She grunts and even cries out a couple of times, making me wince. But when I'm done her butt is scarlet and her face is wet with tears.

"Thank you," she whispers hoarsely and quickly crawls into bed, her cheeks flushed with shame. I hear her sniffling quietly to herself as I close the door.

Lily is next. A petite girl, stocky, but pretty in a real sort of way. She adores me. She watches me with wide eyes as I enter--she is both glad to see me but terrified of the punishment she knows she has coming. She's cute in a rather childish manner. She does not like being spanked at all--she howls to high heaven--but I think it's mostly show to make me notice her. She even grabs her bottom part way through the spanking making have to give her a couple extra swats.

Shauna is much prettier than Lily, but with about half of the personality and a quarter of the brain. She grimaces and scowls at me and very reluctantly bares her bottom for me. She takes her spanking with a great deal of "ooching" and "owing"--it is all show. I'm sure she thinks she's being subtle.

The next girl is named Celia, and she's a quiet African-American girl. She's also one of the few that doesn't deserve a weekly spanking--but of course I give it to her anyway. Rules are rules.

The last in this group is Heather, a really bratty girl from California. She's arrogant and knows it, but doesn't care. She think's it's cool. She's sitting on her bed, hands folded in front of her, watching me. She does not move when I wave the paddle.

"Come on, Heather. You know you've got extra coming."

Heather looks like she just drank acid. "It's not fair!"

"Of course it's not fair. But you're the one who borrowed the book--it was your responsibility to keep track of it." Heather was in trouble because a library book checked out in her name had been found with grape juice staining the pages. Heather claimed she'd lent the book to Angela Davidson, a charge Angela denied at first--but finally admitted that it was true. Angela would get hers, but Heather was to receive an extra fifteen for not properly caring for library property.

Reluctantly Heather got in position and I began to spank her. Heather's a pretty girl, slim but with very feminine swollen hips. Her ass is fine and I enjoyed spanking her immensely, though by the time I'd finished both her standard 25 and her 15 extra I was panting and my arms were aching. But it was nothing compared to how Heather felt, because her butt was practically radioactive.

The first girl in the next and final room was none other than Angela Davidson, the girl who had damaged Heather's book. I could scarcely believe my good fortune: Angela is one of the prettiest girls at Pittman, and she's normally quite well-behaved, so much so, in fact, that I've never seen her in my office.

Angela glanced up at me as I entered and I saw she was crying a bit already. I couldn't say I blamed her. I cleared my throat and pretended to read off my chart: "Angela Davidson, you are to receive extra punishment tonight: twenty strokes for damage to Heather Allen's library book and another twenty for initially lying about your involvement."

There were gasps from around the room and Angela look sick. "Oh, please," she whispered, her voice trembling. "I'm sorry, I really am. It was an accident."

I glared at the girl sternly, and then softened. "Since you did tell the truth when pressured, I shall reduce the punishment for lying to only ten strokes."

Angela looked terrified but somewhat relieved. "T-Thank you, Aunt Hillary. I really am sorry."

"I know, dear. Now get in position."

Angela obeyed, though her knees were shaking. "Be still," I scolded, and then began to paddle her. I was merciful and did it quickly, delivering her twenty-five in less than thirty seconds. She was sobbing and gasping when I was done, mostly in fear of what was to come.

"Now for damaging the book." I proceeded to spank her rump another twenty times, this time slower, taking my time to aim carefully at parts of her bottom I could see weren't as severely marked. When I stopped she was wiggling non-stop and moaning. Her ass was a brilliant red.

"And now for lying."

"Oh, please!" Angela moaned. "No more!"

"Shall I go back to the original twenty I promised you?"

"No!" Angela practically shrieked.

"All right. Now bend over for ten more."

Sobbing, the girl obeyed. Her face was drenched with tears now, and she couldn't stop trembling. I knew this was serious punishment for her, as she wasn't at all used to the paddle. I delivered the blows soundly and evenly, the last few real hard ones that came upward and literally lifted poor Angela off her feet. She went onto her tiptoes and howled in pain at each stroke.

"Okay, that's it. I hope you learned your lesson."

"Yes, ma'am!"

I turned away from the sobbing girl and saw little Bonnie waiting for me. A bright, happy girl, Bonnie was the definition of "cute." I don't know if I'd go so far as to call her pretty and I certainly wouldn't call her beautiful--she was too flighty for that. But she was undoubtedly cute.

"I'm ready, Aunt Hillary," she said pleasantly, bending over for me. I didn't waste any time but gave her the punishment she was waiting for. She yelped a few times and after about eighteen or so I saw she was crying, though she didn't make much noise. When I finished she stood up and sighed deeply, almost contentedly, and hopped under the covers of her bed. She cracked me up she was so darling and innocent, even at eighteen years old!

The very last girl of the evening was Catherine, and one couldn't have wanted a better girl to cap such a wonderful night. Tall but shapely, Catherine embodied elegance and grace. Her sleek legs and gorgeous thighs took my breath away, and she took her paddling with such dignity it brought tears to my eyes and a fresh rise to my exhausted crotch.

When I'd finished applying the last rosy kiss to her firm cheeks she slowly stood, slipped her panties on, and patted her nightgown down across her rump. She thanked me carefully, and without any sign of haste, climbed into her bed. I noticed she sat down fully for a second or so as she got under the covers but one would have never known from her face that she was in any kind of pain. She smiled at me in a friendly, satisfied manner, and closed her eyes as I flipped off the light and exited.

As I walked back to my quarters the hallways were silent. Perhaps it was because there were no more echoes of spankings bouncing up and down the corridor, or because all the girls were sound asleep, but it was so still one really could hear a pin drop.

I didn't wait for one, however, but hurried to my room. I had urgent business to attend to, business of tremendous magnitude, namely a huge swelling between my legs that craved, no demanded satisfaction. After hours of watching bare bottoms ripening under my stern caress I could no longer hold myself back--I climbed into bed and turned out the light and spent the next couple hours in bliss, remembering each individual bottom and tear-stained face.

There's no doubt in my mind: I've got the best job in the world. I can't wait for next Sunday evening.

The End