Discipline for Rebecca

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Discipline for Rebeccca

(*****, M/fff, Severe, paddling, caning)

A girl learns about discipline. (Approximately 2,293 words. Originally published 2004-01.)

There were many things Rebecca didn't like about Hellington School for Girls, but topping the list by a wide margin was the use of corporal punishment for the slightest infraction of the rules. Running along a corridor would get your bottom smacked with a ruler. Being late to class was a certain slippering. Rudeness to a teacher would earn you a bare bottom spanking over the teacher's lap right in front of the entire class!

Serious violations of the rules -- such as cheating or fighting -- merited even _worse_ punishments: a dose of the large wooden paddle, a whipping with the lethal black leather strap, or a stiff caning with a 36" rattan rod.

Mrs. Harris, the Headmistress, was getting on in years and rarely carried out corporal punishment herself any more. Instead she sent you with a note to the physical education teacher, Mr. Roach. After he'd carried out the requested punishment, you had to return to Mrs. Harris for inspection. Woe to you if she wasn't satisfied with the state of your bottom: the penalty for inadequate discipline was to repeat it: twice!

If Mr. Roach hadn't been the school's unofficial disciplinarian -- a role he infamously carried out with extreme thoroughness -- Rebecca might have thought him attractive. He was just twenty-nine years old, handsome as the devil, and the only male within a quarter-mile of the school.

But Rebecca was terrified of the gym teacher. He never bothered to send anyone to the Headmistress (after all, she'd just send them to him for punishment) but simply punished you himself. Sometimes this was during class, right in front of everyone, but often you were ordered to visit him after school for a discipline session. Rebecca had heard so many horrible stories of his fearful punishments she grew ill when he looked in her general direction. She dreaded the day she wound up in his office for a thrashing.

Thus she found physical education the worst class of her day. She wasn't a poor athlete, but when Mr. Roach was watching she was as nervous as a cat on the Fourth of July. She tried her hardest to be on her best behavior, but she just knew that one day she'd screw up and find herself over his knee.

What was odd to Rebecca was the behavior of certain other girls in her class. Most girls held a sane fear of the strict gym teacher. But there were a few of the naughtier girls who seemed to delight in being punished by the man. Some of their escapades were outright blatant!

For instance, today. While the girls were playing volleyball, Sandra and Julia "pantsed" Donna Little. Donna was going up for a jump shot and her shorts and panties didn't rise with her. When she came back down, everyone was laughing at her exposed pale white ass.

Mr. Roach, of course, was furious, and immediately ordered Julia and Sandra to his office. Rebecca couldn't figure out why the two girls had been so stupid: had they really thought they could get away with such a stunt?

But then Mr. Roach ordered Donna to remain pantless for the rest of the class (he claimed she was naughty for exposing herself), and when she protested, he took a slipper to her bare bottom! After two dozen tremendously hard smacks to each rear cheek, Donna was delighted to obey and be naked. Rebecca watched the whole process absolutely terrified, and her fear grew when at the end of class, Mr. Roach asked Donna to visit his office after school to "further her education."

While she and the other girls were showering, Rebecca could hear the dreadful pounding of the big wooden paddle against bare skin: Mr. Roach was really giving it to Sandra and Julia! She trembled at the sound and her belly tightened with a strange quivering at every hearty smack. It went on for a very long time, until it seemed that surely the buns of the two naughty girls had been reduced to raw hamburger. Finally it stopped.

Rebecca had showed and dressed slowly, dawdling out of morbid curiousity. When a somber Sandra and chastised Julia emerged from the gym teacher's office, both were naked from the waist down and rubbing their crimson blistered behinds.

"Damn, that paddle burns," moaned Julia as she passed.

Sandra nodded, adding, "I can't wait for a cool shower." She turned to Rebecca, one of the girls still in the locker room. "Please tell me you used up all the hot water?"

Rebecca couldn't believe Sandra could find humor in her situation. "Didn't that hurt?" she breathed.

Sandra looked surprised. "Of course. See my ass?" She rotated so Rebecca could see the cherry flesh. Rebecca just stared and stared.

"Of course this was just our warm-up," said Julia. "We have to come back after school for our real thrashing. I think we'll get the cane!"

Nausea caused Rebecca's stomach to flip. "How can you be so... so calm," she muttered. "Aren't you, uh, nervous?"

Julia glanced at Sandra and the two laughed. "You've never been spanked by Coach Roach, have you?"

Rebecca shook her head.

"Well, there's your problem. It's an experience, girl. You've just got to try it. No one paddles like the Roach."

Julia nodded. "When you pulls you across his lap for a spanking, it's like being zapped into another dimension."

"Yeah, it's another world."

Rebecca frowned, shaking her head. "I don't understand. You make it sounds as though you enjoy it: doesn't it hurt?"

"Of course it hurts. The more it hurts the better! That's the whole point. It wouldn't be any fun if it didn't hurt."

"Huh?" Rebecca felt incredibly dumb, but the two girls weren't making any sense at all!

Julia, the redhead, grabbed Rebecca's arm and confided in her. "It's sexy," she whispered. "It makes you as horny as a convict. Sometimes I think I'll just die I'm so turned on."

"But why?" asked Rebecca.

Sandra shrugged. "Who knows? It just does. My theory is that the pain enhances the pleasure by being it's opposite. It's like a swimming pool in the summer. At first the water seems freezing. In reality it is 70 degrees, but since you're hot, it feels cold. It's the same thing with sex and spanking: there's pain and it hurts, but there's also pleasure. Maybe normally you wouldn't even notice the pleasure because it's so mild, but because you're in so much pain from the spanking, the pleasure's incredibly powerful. A spanking enhances even the slightest pleasure into terrific orgasms. Do you see?"

"I guess," nodded Rebecca.

Julia smiled wickedly. "I think she needs a practical example."

Sandra nodded. "Ditto." She turned and called out to the gym teacher. "Hey coach!"

"Hey, what are you--"

Coach Roach opened his door. "Yeah, what is it? Your buns cooled down already ladies?"

Sandra shook her head. "No, it's Rebecca here. She said our butts don't even look pink, let alone spanked."

"Yeah," added Julia. "She said you must not be very good at paddling."

Rebecca's mouth fell open in horror and empty protest. She shook her head violently as the coach bore down on her. "I-I d-d-didn't," she finally managed, but it sounded so weak she scarcely believed it herself. Like it a dream she found herself being led into the room of doom.

The door closed with an ominous thud behind her and she gulped at the furious expression on Roach's face. "So I don't paddle hard enough, eh?" he growled. "I don't believe I've had the privilege of smacking your ass, but we'll see what tune you sing after I'm through with you."

Rebecca squealed and cried out for him to stop, but it was like shouting at a waterfall to turn back. She fell across his broad lap and gasped when his hands began pawing at her skirt. Like magic, it seemed, he'd bared her bottom. One moment her underwear was on, then it was around her ankles.

A big meaty hand suddenly grabbed her ass, squeezing the cheeks painfully hard. The man rubbed her bottom and then squeezed each cheek separately. Rebecca moaned.

"So I don't spank hard, eh?" he grunted.

"Oh God!" thought Rebecca, and that was her last clear thought for the next hour.

She'd seen Roach spank girls with the slipper, the wooden paddle, and had heard the cane strike on a few occasions, and it had always frightened her, but she had no idea that the simple bare hand could hurt so badly. It frightened her terribly, because she figured if a hand spanking was this bad, surely a paddling would be even worse!

She couldn't imagine how it could be worse, though. The hand hurt. It smacked into her cheeks like a piston. Up and down, up and down. Every smack seemed harder than the previous. Her whole butt just bounced and bobbled like a mold of Jell-O. It never stopped vibrating from when he started the spanking. Bam! he'd hit the right cheek. Bam! he'd hit the left cheek. On and on, alternating each spank or two. It thoroughly defeated her. In minutes she was exhausted, tears forming a puddle on the floor, her howls of protest making her throat her and voice go away.

But Coach Roach was just beginning. He spanked Rebecca's butt until she couldn't even cry any more. All her tears were gone and she couldn't even scream. She just lay there and listened to the slaps against her skin. Her butt was so hot it felt like it should burn the coach's hand just to touch it, but he must have had Kevlar hands or something, 'cause he just kept coming back.

Suddenly, in the middle of this, Rebecca reached an oasis. It was a strange sensation of calmness. She gulped and took a deep breath and relaxed. The hand still slapped her ass and her body reacted, bouncing all over and wriggling like a snake, but Rebecca wasn't there. She was far away, in a peaceful place. Warm feelings flooded her. She felt so good inside. The pain was distant, unimportant. What was real was this wonderful feeling between her legs.

With a shock Rebecca slowly realized that she was aroused. Not just any kind of arousal, like the kind of spark you get when a boy puts his arm around you in the movie theatre or reaches third base in the back of Chevy: no, this was an infinitely more powerful arouse. This was the kind of arousal that inspired huricanes and volcanoes. This was an earth-shattering, mind-blowing I-am-ready-to-die kind of arousal.

Then the dam broke. Rebecca came. She came with a violence that shocked her. It was as though someone had stuck a light socket up her crotch and turned it on. It was an electric moment and she just reacted. She flew off Coach's lap and flopped onto the floor, moaning and openly rubbing herself.

She was in a daze as Coach Roach scolded her and bent her across the end of the desk. That was fine with her: she'd didn't notice when he began paddling her ass. She felt the pain, but wondered what it was. It was so far away. It felt so good. She ached with longing and wanted desperately to touch herself, but something told her not to do that. She waited impatiently as the arousal grew.

The paddle was really hurting now, digging deep into her ass, lifting her to her tiptoes with each blistering swat. Her ass felt like it didn't belong to her. She could see it, watch her own spanking. The sight of her own ass, blistered and red, aroused her. "Harder," she thought bitterly. "Harder!"

Had she thought the words aloud or was Coach Roach psychic? She didn't know or care; she was simply glad he obeyed, delivering thunderous blows of frightening force against her backside. It felt so powerful, so overwhelming. It almost competed against the omnipotent force of her desire.

Then there was a new sound: a loud cracking. She heard screaming, then realized it was herself. She was babbling. A new pain, remarkably intense, coursed through her. She found it wonderfully refreshing and drank it up quickly, writhing with glorious agony as the pain came anew.

It was the cane, she realized. She was being caned. An hour earlier such a thought would have caused her to pee in her pants in fear: now she was rejoicing. The pain was so sharp and clear it brought her mind back, at least a little, and she was amazed and overwhelmed at all she could sense and feel: cool air at the back of her neck, the tiny hairs lifting; sweat (or was it something else?) trickling down her legs; her heart thudding at a thousand beats per second; the smell of a man very near, his hand touching her, caressing her.

Everything exploded then. The universe was nothing but an orgasmic fog. Everything was pleasure, wonderful sensations throughout her body.

Then, like the confusion upon waking from a realistic dream, she was being shaken back to reality. She blinked and stared at the stranger before her. She vaguely recognized him as someone she used to fear: Coach Roach, that was his name and title. She smiled at him.

"Thank you, sir," she said.

He grunted. "You'll be back."

Rebecca nodded. Oh yes, she'd be back. As soon as she had a drink and a cool shower. Perhaps, she thought as her memory returned, she'd come back after school, with Julia and Sandra. Now those two naughty girls needed a thorough thrashing... and she might as well go along for the ride.

The End

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