The Therapist: Discipline Through Time (idea for a screenplay)

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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The Therapist: Discipline Through Time (idea for a screenplay)

(***, M/F, Intense, various n/c discipline methods)

The Flogmaster's idea for a screenplay for Rosaleen Young. (Approximately 543 words. Originally published 2003-12.)

This is an ambitious spanking movie idea for the delectable Rosaleen Young. The basic idea is a girl (Rosaleen) being punished at various points throughout history.

We begin in modern day, with older Rosaleen frustrated in her love life as she lets yet another boyfriend slip away. She arrives home early to find him with another woman, but she isn't surprised or angry. She simply packs up her stuff and leaves. It was inevitable, she tells a friend.

Something is missing in her life. Boyfriends aren't the answer. Money and jobs aren't the answer: she's a successful model with plenty of cash in the bank. She feels void inside.

She goes to a therapist who suggests hypnotism. In their first session, Rosaleen flashes back to a young girl. She's giddy and innocent, in pigtails and short dresses. But this is not herself. This is another girl, as we can tell because it's the year 1955. And this girl is naughty, deliberately breaking a vase and getting a sound bare bottom spanking from her mother.

When Rosaleen wakes up, she's puzzled. What memory was that? The therapist suggests it's from a past life and thinks it may be significant. "We need more sessions. Let's do it again tomorrow," he says.

In the next session, Rosaleen is a Victorian schoolgirl. She's a real brat, plotting with her friends to get a boy in trouble so they can see him thrashed. She's caught, however, and brought to the front of the room. Her skirt and petticoats are raised and she's caned hard on the bare bottom.

In the next session, Rosaleen is a secretary in 1940. She's made too many typoes and must be spanked by her boss. First it's a bare bottom spanking followed by a long strapped with a leather belt.

Rosaleen returns for another hypnotism session, and this one is set in ancient times. There's a group of somber warriors and the witch doctor asks for a volunteer. Innocent teen Rosaleen steps forward from a group of villagers. The watchers bow, grateful for her sacrifice. She's stripped naked and walks down to the ceremonial post where she's bound, arms above her head. The flogging is long and brutal, leaving her marked from head to toe. Her body is dragged away, unconscious or dead.

Rosaleen wakes up very troubled by these images. The therapist thinks he understands. He asks her if she's ever been spanked and she's says of course not. She's always been a good girl. And that's her problem. With the encouragement of the therapist, she goes over his knee for a spanking.

Suddenly Rosaleen is in ecstacy! This is what she's been missing! This is that undefined thing she's been longing for.

The spanking becomes a paddling, then a hard strapping. Rosaleen cannot get enough. A cane is produced and Rosaleen's crimson bottom is crisscrossed with weals. And she is smiling through her tears, she can't stop smiling.

"Thank you, doctor," she says when it is over. "I finally know who I am."

It is a confident, fulfilled young lady who emerges from the therapist's office. There's a brave new world out there and she's ready to tackle it.

The End

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