Edna #1: 4-11-94

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Edna #1: 4-11-94

(***, M/ff, Severe, n/c spanking, paddling, strapping)

Part one in a series of letters by a conservative, traditional woman to her sister detailing incidents of corporal punishment. (Approximately 2,383 words. Originally published 1995-10.)

April 11, 1994

Dear Edna,

I just helped Jack spank the McWally girls!

Yes, those are the ones. I know I've mentioned them to you before. Wade McWally is a good friend of Jack's and we've had the girls over here quite often. At seventeen, Pam is the oldest. She's tall and big-boned with wide hips and a fully body, and she's got the prettiest blond hair. Teri is only sixteen, and she's a petite doll. I just love the way she still wears her dark hair in perky pony tails. Needless to say, Jack has been aching to take them over his knees for a long time.

Well, two days ago Wade called up in a panic. Sally's aunt had passed away and they had to go to the funeral in Arizona. Wade asked if the girls could stay over for a few days and Jack agreed, of course. Wade told Jack that the girls had been caught sneaking drinks from the liquor cabinet and were both grounded.

"If they give you any trouble, Jack," Wade said boldly as he dropped the two girls off, "you don't hesitate to take the strap to them, you hear? These girls are too old to behave like children. They know you're got my permission, don't you girls?" The two teenagers looked rather sheepish as they nodded at Jack. My husband smiled at them. "I'm sure there won't be any need for that, Wade. Pam and Teri have always been good kids."

Immediately after Wade left the trouble started. After putting their things in the guest room, Pam looked at Teri with a wink and made a big show of looking at her watch. "Oh, dear, look at the time. I promised Mary I'd meet her at the library at 3 and it's almost half past. I'd better run." She turned to run out the door.

"Oh no you don't!" roared Jack. He leaped up from the kitchen table and guided a startled Pam back to the table. "I realize your dad doesn't actually spank you two any more," Jack said seating the girl. "He just threatens. Well, in this house there are no threats. If you need a taste of the strap you'll get it bare bottomed across my lap, no questions asked. You two are both grounded and you're going to help Mabel with the gardening this afternoon. Now outside, both of you!"

I was delighted, of course. My garden has been woefully neglected of late and it was wonderful to have two beautiful young ladies to help me weed and water. I had the girls change into pairs of old cutoffs and we hit the dirt. We worked for about three hours. Teri was quiet and obedient, and though Pam cooperated, she seemed very annoyed. Obviously she had thought this weekend was going to let her escape from her grounding.

After gardening, I had the girls help me with the baking and preparing supper. Pam ran to the grocery store (taking far too long) and Teri chopped vegetables for the stew I was fixing. I was growing quite concerned when Pam finally came back. I asked her where she'd been and she said there was a long line at the store. I decided that could be the case, but I didn't trust her.

When Pam gave me back my change I was puzzled. I had given her three twenties and she gave me back ten dollars and change. I had been figuring the total at around $40 with extra twenty in case I had miscalculated. I had Pam help Teri while I checked the receipt. Sure enough, five dollars was missing. I spoke to Jack about it and he confronted Pam. Her face went white.

"Oh, I didn't steal, Mr. Thomas! I just forgot. I stopped at Wendy's for a burger. I didn't have any money with me so I borrowed a little. I'll pay you back tomorrow, okay?"

"And just when were you planning on telling us about this 'borrowing?' " asked Jack. I could see he wasn't very convinced, but he let it go.

Well, things went okay the rest of the day. The girls stayed at home and were quiet. I could tell Pam was frustrated, but she was afraid of Jack. She seemed much better today, though. She slept right through church service, though Teri came with us. She said Pam was too sleepy. Jack and I had decided it wasn't fair to force her to go with us. When we got home at noon Pam was just getting up. She seemed quite content.

Then it started. After dinner we all went our separate ways. Jack and I took our usual naps. Later, I couldn't find Teri to help Pam with the dishes. I went outside. I found her, all right. She was in the back yard sneaking a smoke! Sixteen years old and smoking! Can you imagine that, Edna? What's this world coming to?

Anyway, Jack was furious. "You're gonna get a lickin girl, so just march right up to your room and get out of those clothes!" Teri was terrified. She laughed nervously at first, thinking he was joking, but when she saw he was serious, she began to plead and beg. It did no good. She began to cry.

"It's not fair," she said. "If I get a whipping then Pam should get one too! At least I didn't break my grounding."

"What are you talking about?" asked my husband. Pam tried to interrupt but finally Teri told us the whole story. Pam had snuck out during the night to meet her boyfriend! She wasn't even home when we went to church, but had Teri lie for her. "Well then," Jack said to Pam with a deep sigh, "I guess you'd better join your sister. I want both of you down here in two minutes naked as babies!"

It took them almost five. Teri was appropriately nude but Pam was still wearing her little black panties and looking rather angry. Both were frightened and embarrassed. Jack looked at his watch. "Looks like you both get an extra three minutes of warm up," he said grimly. "And you, Pam--do you call that nude? Out of those panties this instant! You've got ten extra." Pam flushed and slipped off her underwear and stood with her arms trying to cover herself. At Jack's insistence she went and stood in the corner with her back to us and put her hands on her head. "Wait your turn," Jack said.

Jack sat on the couch. "Teri, let's start with you. Over my lap." Tears in her eyes, the naked girl came over and bent herself across his lap, her face totally red at her exposure. Jack didn't hardly wait for her to get comfortable, but started slapping that gorgeous ass immediately.

Teri might be petite, but her ass certainly isn't. She's got a full adult woman's bottom, with large round globes that perk upward remarkably. I could tell Jack was aroused just watching her settle across his legs. When his hand first connected with that smooth flesh I saw on his face he was in heaven. Her ass must have been nice and firm but it sure jiggled beautifully as he spanked her.

I watched as her skin changed from a pale tan to a deep pink. Teri whined and moaned and cried out a couple of times. She wiggled a lot but did not try to run away. As Jack finished the warm-up I could see Teri was having a harder time controlling herself. Jack was really laying it on and it must have hurt. "Good," he said finally, and Teri breathed a sigh of relief. "That's the warm-up. Now for the extra three minutes for being late." Teri cried out "No!" but Jack's huge hand was coming down again and Teri began to cry and wiggle frantically. I finally went over and held her hands out in front of her and looking into her dripping eyes. When the three minutes were up Teri's bottom was a hot, glowing pink. Jack made her go stand by her sister.

"Your turn, Pam," he said. Slowly Pam turned and came over. Her face was flushed and she was really afraid now. She glanced at her sister's bottom and I saw her jaw visibly drop. She stretched herself across Jack's lap and gave me her hands like a good girl, however. Jack started spanking her immediately. Her ass consisted of quite a bit more real estate than Teri's so it took a while longer to get it to the pink stage. That was followed by the three minutes of hard spanking that left both Jack and Pam breathless, but she was also weeping. He made her stand next to her sister, two red bottoms on display.

Jack had me get the leather strap from the hook in the kitchen. While I was getting it I noticed the large wooden cutting board and I brought that out to him too. He was delighted, and decided to use it before we got to the serious strapping stage.

He had the two girls stand just as they were, with their hands on their heads. He made them spread their legs wide and relax their bottoms. Then he began to paddle them. He alternated, giving them each one stroke, then two each, then three each. During each series the other girl had to stand and listen while her sister was punished, knowing that in just a moment she'd be feeling that paddle again. I watched the two girls lean back to catch glimpses of each other's red bottoms, their faces distorted by fear and tears.

The girls were howling at this point as it is pretty difficult to withstand three hard smacks in a row but Jack didn't let up. He gave Pam four quick ones, then Teri. Then it was five each. Both girls were dancing little jigs by this time, and sobbing like babies. Their bottoms were practically roasted, blazing with heat.

Then Jack began to come down. Four each, three each, two each, and finally, one really hard smack on each bare ass. He turned to Pam. "Let's take care of those extra ten I promised you for wearing those panties." Without another word he proceeded to spank her hard ten times without stopping. Pam almost turned her bottom away a couple times she was so agitated by this time, and I was forced to help hold her steady.

"Now I think they are ready for the strap," said Jack pleasantly, as though this was nothing more unusually than announcing desert after a full meal. The girls both groaned and begged him to stop. "We've learned our lesson," said Pam. "Please stop," said Teri. "I'll never smoke again!"

Jack smiled and guided Teri over to the couch. I noticed she walked awkwardly as though her bottom hurt, but she no longer seemed concerned about her nakedness. As she bent over the back of the couch, her blazing red cheeks looking very red above her pale, sleek thighs, I saw the thick lips of her sex between her legs. She must have known what she displayed and yet she no longer seemed concerned.

Jack had me hold her head down and in place as he thrashed her soundly with the strap. Her cries were loud and frequent, the slaps of the strap terrifying. When Jack was finished, her thighs down almost to her knees matched the color of her buttocks, and I could see he hadn't neglected them, as there were several thick welts across the cheeks.

Pam was next, and Jack took his time, punishing her harder and longer, both because she was older and because there was more area to thrash. Pam struggled more than Teri and I had to concentrate on keeping her in place so I didn't get to watch Jack as much as I wanted to. There is nothing I enjoy more than watching Jack while he's disciplining a naughty young lady. He gets so excited and it really gets me hot.

Anyway, Pam's strapping was finally over. The two girls stood in the corner, facing the wall so we could look at their punished bottoms and thighs. Jack had done a really good job, extremely thorough. I couldn't see any buttock or thigh that wasn't bright red and/or welted. I complimented him on his technique.

"I think you can both go to your rooms now," said Jack after about a half hour. "That's enough punishment for today. We'll finish in the morning, before you go to school."

"What?" shouted Pam. "There's more?" Teri looked like she was about to faint.

"Of course," said my husband. "This afternoon's spanking for Teri was for smoking, and sneaking out for Pam. But, Teri, you must be punished for lying to us this morning when you said Pam was sleeping. And Pam, you will be spanked for telling Teri to lie for you."

Both girls looked absolutely aghast at further punishment, but then they aren't used to such things. I imagine after a few days with us these spankings won't seem so bad. Jack sent them off to bed and came down to me.

"You look like you could use a taste of this strap," he said to me. I stared at him in horror. "You're crazy," I said. "I'm too old for such games!" He took the paddle off the couch and swatted my rump lightly. I yelped loudly and clutched my bottom. He grinned. "Looks like there's still plenty of sauce in that sauciness," he said with a broad wink. "Now get up to the bedroom. I've got something I've got to get out of me."

My bottom still stung as I went upstairs, Edna, and I must say it felt delightful. We haven't played such games in years, but it's like riding a bike, I guess. You never forget how.

Anyway, it's getting late. I'll just let you imagine what we did in our bedroom. My bottom is quite sore, however, and I keep fidgeting. It makes it difficult to write. And I'll have to write about breakfast some other time.


Mabel Thomas

The End