The Escape

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The Escape

(****, M/f, Intense, strapping)

A girl thinks she's getting away light punishments. (Approximately 2,470 words. Originally published 1995-10.)

"How many do you want?" asked the man gently.

Loraine started at her step-father in surprise. Her father had never asked her how many strokes. He'd always just strapped her until she thought she was going to die, and then he'd given her one or two extra before he stopped.

"Uh, what do you mean?"

"I mean how many strokes should I give you? You were the one who committed the sin; I think it appropriate you should pick the punishment."

"You mean if I say I should only get, uh, ten strokes that's all you'll give me?"

The gray-haired man nodded. "Yes. You know best what you deserve. If you don't think what you did was that wrong, you may choose a lesser punishment. It's up to you."

Loraine's face went into a wide smile, though she tried to hide it by looking away. She couldn't believe her good fortune. What an idiot her step-father was! She'd been terribly frightened when her mom told her he was going to have him whip her. She remembered her father's whippings and they'd been fierce ones. But Jack was one of those modern "sensitive" guys. He apparently had his own way of dealing with naughty girls.

Screwing her face into a serious expression, Loraine looked at her the tall man and nodded somberly. "You are right. I should be spanked for disobeying my mom. But I think five should be enough to teach me a lesson." She held her breath. Would he do it? Just five? She could hardly not laugh it seemed to ridiculous and paltry. Only five licks! Her father gave her that many just to warm her up.

But Jack nodded. "All right, young lady. Bend over the back of the couch here. Pull those panties tight."

Loraine obeyed, smiling as she bent over. The leather came down. Splat! It was a sharp blow that made her wince, but it was endurable. The second and third really stung, but she was quiet. At number four, however, she realized she needed to make this look good, so she yelped and allowed tears to come into her eyes. At the fifth one she began to bawl tremendously as Jack put away the strap.

"I hope that you learned your lesson," he said calmly, and she nodded frantically through her tears.

"That _really_ hurt," she wept, "I'm really sorry, Jack." She made a big show of rubbing her bottom and made her way to her bedroom where she shut the door and practically collapsed on her bed laughing. What an idiot! This was like a dream come true. Not only would she get her punishments over with quickly--no drawn out grounding--but they wouldn't even hurt!

Well, wouldn't hurt much, she thought ruefully, rubbing her butt and wincing at little. They had certainly been hard strokes. As hard as any of her father's.

At the mention of his name she glanced at the stand near her bed and looked at his picture. She felt sad and missed him. She couldn't believe it had been three years. She was almost sixteen now, and he hadn't seen her grow up. For a split second the horror of the car crash and all the ugly memories surrounding that mess came to her mind and then she forcefully pushed it from her brain.

She remembered how happy her mother was when she met Jack just over a year ago. Loraine wasn't very impressed--he had seemed so old at first, but her mom had been so depressed for so long it was incredible to see her smile again, and so Loraine kept her feelings to herself. When the two got married, Loraine wasn't opposed to it. Jack made it clear he wasn't out to replace her father, and her mom was equally clear in stating that she hadn't forgotten Richard.

Over time, Loraine had grown to love Jack. He was kind and friendly and quite intelligent. She could see why her mom liked him. He was very different from her father but if she'd had to pick another, Jack was a decent man. She especially liked that he didn't mind if she talked about her real father, or that she wanted to keep his last name. He didn't put pressure on her at all and didn't resent it when she confided in her mother.

When her mother told her that Jack was going to start disciplining her, Loraine wasn't sure how to feel. With her father it had been easy: he whipped her hard but she always knew that he loved her. With Jack she wasn't so sure.

But then he'd pulled this "Pick your own punishment" crap and Loraine thought it was wonderful. She could act it up and pretend like it really hurt, but since she knew her punishments wouldn't hurt she was free to do whatever she wanted!

She started the next weekend. Her mom told her to be in by eleven and Loraine agreed. But when the date with Chuck was going so well she kind of forgot, but didn't worry about it much. What was the worse thing that would happen? She'd get a _spanking_, ooh, now there was terror.

Sure enough, Jack was waiting for her when she got home at midnight. He shook his head and held up the strap. She nodded and pretended to be rather sad. "I think two, no, three will be enough," she said as though thinking about it carefully. "Yes, three is perfect."

Her step-father nodded and she got over the couch, dropping her jeans so only her underpants protected her bottom. The three strokes stung like the devil and Loraine yelped and carried on like she was being flayed alive. When it was over she gravely thanked her step-father and tearfully apologized. Once in her room, however, she giggled herself to sleep. This was perfect. If she could escape all her punishments this easily life would be perfect!

Actually, she kind of enjoyed just a few strokes of the leather, she thought, as she lay in the dark and fondled her bottom. More than that started to really hurt, but just a few, well, it kind of turned her on. She found this strange, but decided it must be because she was almost naked in front of Jack, or because her bottom was so close to her pussy. She touched herself there and blushed in the dark. Thinking of the whipping, however, made her wet and she couldn't help but touch herself. She fell asleep smiling broadly.

* * * * *

Over the next few weeks Loraine took advantage of her step-father's generosity many times. Several times a week, at least, she found herself bent across the couch yelping at three or four sharp cracks of the strap. A couple of times Loraine said just one stroke was enough and Jack just nodded. He never questioned her decision, giving her exactly what she asked for. Loraine found this wonderful. Depending upon her mood, she'd take just a couple strokes, or occasionally, more.

Then one day Loraine overheard her mother arguing with Jack. Jack rarely argued. It was her mother that always shouted. This time she wasn't shouting, but she was angry. "Come on, Jack, you've got to admit her behavior is getting worse and worse. You've got to really give it to her. This business of one or two strokes is ridiculous! Her father gave her fifty if he gave her one!"

But Jack just smiled and said things were in control. He kissed her and Loraine slipped away, content that everything was going well with her scheme.

The next week Loraine was caught shoplifting. She and her friend Sarah were at the mall and tried to sneak out of Macy's with bathing suits in their handbags. Security caught them and called their parents. Loraine's mom took her home, absolutely furious. The store was considering pressing charges, but since it was the girl's first offenses, they were inclined to go easy on them.

When Jack arrived that evening Loraine heard the two arguing something fierce. Actually, it was mostly her mother shouting, she heard, but it was obvious the two disagreed. Loraine had a dreaded feeling she knew exactly what it was about. She hoped Jack would win.

Sure enough, there came a knock at the door and Jack was standing there, holding the strap. "Your mother thinks I should give you about fifty," he said grimly. "What do you think you deserve?"

The phrase "about a hundred" popped into Loraine's head but she kept it to herself. "Well, this is a pretty serious offense, so I think ten should be enough."


"Yeah, no, well, let's do twelve. That will _really_ teach me." She felt her stomach turn silently as she knew twelve would indeed hurt, but it was nothing compared to fifty.

Jack nodded and they went into the living room. The whole house was quiet. Then "Whack!" "Smack!" "Thrap!" "Floop!" "Smert!" Again and again the belt came down and Loraine leaped out and yelled out in pain and cried big weepy tears and went to her room sobbing and rubbing her butt.

As she closed the door Loraine heard her mother shout something at Jack but he didn't answer but only nodded. Loraine shut the door firmly and retreated, feeling a little guilty. Her buttocks throbbed a little and some of her tears had been real, but she knew that she hadn't really been spanked. It made her feel bad, somehow, as though she had betrayed Jack. She felt a little sorry for him. Here he was being so nice and all that got him was her mother yelling at him.

Suddenly Loraine wished she'd asked for twenty strokes, or even thirty. "It would have served me right," she thought. "Now Jack's in trouble because of me." She didn't sleep very good that night. She felt even worse the next day at school when she saw Sarah and found out she'd been well whipped and was to get another thrashing on Saturday.

"Daddy says I'm grounded for a month, too," she whined. "It's not fair. What'd you get?"

Loraine blushed and mumbled, "Oh, I got a good lickin'," but she knew she was lying to her friend and she felt ashamed.

A couple weeks passed. Loraine improved her behavior a little so she only got a couple mild whippings, nothing serious. Slowly the house returned to normal, though Loraine could sense tension between her parents, especially if the subject came to her discipline. Loraine therefore tried to be careful so she wouldn't have to abuse Jack's generosity.

Then one day Loraine went way overboard. The police brought her home. She'd been caught at a party where there was alcohol being served. This was a serious offense and Loraine's mom went ballistic. Loraine wasn't too worried. She'd already decided to ask for twenty this time, more than ever before, so she figured that would satisfy her mother.

But once she was bent across the couch and waiting for that first stroke, Loraine felt a horrible hole in her stomach. She knew twenty wasn't enough. Her mom had specifically forbidden her _not_ to go to that party and she'd done so anyway. She'd known in advance that there was going to be booze there, too. She had seen the look of disappointment in Jack's eyes when she'd told him twenty, pretending such a large number shocked her, and now she just felt awful. Her mother had angrily gone to her room and slammed the door shut.

Suddenly Loraine couldn't take it any more. She stood and turned to Jack, who stared at her in surprise, the leather raised. "Hey, get back over the couch," he said sternly.

Loraine began to cry. "Oh, Jack, I'm sorry, I really am. I've been a terrible, terrible, girl, and I know I deserve a whipping, but it hurts so much--I can't help it. I know I deserve more than twenty, but I can't pick more than that. Can't you just whip me a long time until I've had enough?"

"You must tell me how many," said Jack slowly, his face softening. "You are the only one who truly knows what you deserve."

"Oh, but Jack, it's too hard. I mean, my dad would have probably given me, oh, I don't know, thirty or forty for disobeying mom and going to the party, but I don't know about the beer. Maybe another twenty for that?"

"Only twenty?"

"Well, you're right, it's very serious. I s-suppose it would a good amount, maybe thirty or forty for that, too."

"Hmmm," mused Jack. "Is that all you deserve?"

"Oh, no, I've been terrible lately, Jack, and it's killing me inside. I feel awful. You and mom are fighting and it's all my fault. You've been so nice to me and all I do is take advantage of you. I'm horrible, I know. I wish--" Loraine broke off and turned away.

"You wish what?"

"I wish you wouldn't give me any choice. This makes it feel too much like I am punishing myself. I wish you would just whip me until I can't take it anymore."

"But when is that, dear?"

There was a long pause. When Loraine found her voice it sounded small and far away. "I-I think a hundred would be good."

"One hundred."

"Yeah," she said softly, beginning to cry again. She took a deep breath. "And another hundred next Saturday."

"Another whipping next week! What's that for?"

"Oh, just to make up for everything. Please, let's get it over with. I can't take this much more." Sobbing, the broken girl bent back over the couch and then paused. "Please, not too hard," she began and then stopped. "Oh, never mind. Do your worst. I deserve every bit. In fact," with a sudden impulse she reached back and pulled her panties down to her ankles. "Do it on the bare."

Jack nodded. "Loraine, I must say I am very impressed with you. You have just learned what it means to be an adult, and that's a big step. I think you've learned a much bigger lesson tonight than anything I could teach with the strap."

Hope gleamed brightly in Loraine's pretty dark eyes. "Does that mean you're _not_ going to whip me?" she implored.

"Absolutely not," said Jack sternly. "You are going to get every stroke you asked for, and a hundred more next Saturday. Now get ready."

Fear tightened in Loraine's chest but she felt strangely content inside. So there was no escape after all. "That's the way it should be," she thought. She sighed and prepared to receive the whipping of her life. It was fair. After all, she'd asked for it.

The End