The Fight

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The Fight

(****, ff/ff, Severe, nc slippering, caning)

Two schoolgirls are forced to spank each other. (Approximately 1,881 words. Originally published 1999-10.)

Ashley and Judy were Refined, as in students of the Academy for Refined Young Ladies. Ashley and Judy were *not* refined in terms of behavior, for today was the fifth time this year they'd been caught fighting. As usual, it had started as a mild argument, then preceded to shouting and blows. Blows are a bit of a stretch, for Refined girls certainly don't resort to crass physical violence -- but Judy had called Ashley a few unmentionable names and there were rumors that that the blond girl had tossed a heavy schoolbook in response.

Now the two girl waited in despair for the headmistress. "She'll slipper us for sure!" muttered Ashley.

"It's all your fault for throwing that book!" responded Judy.

Miss Tissier couldn't believe her eyes when she entered her office, for the two were at it again!

"That's it!" she cried. "I know the Board frowns on physical discipline, but it's all I've got left with you two." She reached into her desk and removed the dreaded slipper. Then she crossed to the cabinet and took out a long curled cane!

"Oh no, Miss!" gasped Ashley.

"You can't!" said Judy.

"I can and I will," answered the Head. "Now here's what's going to happen. Since you both like fighting, you're going to spank each other. That's right -- you're going to take turns giving each other the slipper. And they'd better be hard blows or I'll take over!"

Ashley and Judy stared at each other in horror, then gleams of revenge gathered in each girl's eyes.

"You're going to spank each other until one of you can't take it any more and pulls out. That one will be caned!"

The girls stood up straight and steeled themselves. It was obvious from looking at them that each was determined to not be the one to give in.

The Head handed Ashley the slipper. "Judy, bend over the back of my desk. Ashely, you lift her skirt up and spank her over her knickers. You get six whacks and then it's her turn."

Ashley grinned in delight at her task. She gripped the slipper tightly and turned to Judy. The dark-haired girl reluctantly bent over the desk, glancing back warily. Ashley lifted Judy's pleated skirt well up, exposing a rounded bottom tightly held by a pair of snug white knickers.

Truth be told, Ashley might have been a touch jealous of her slender arch-rival. Both girls were in the running for prettiest in the school, but while Ashley was a Refined veteran, Judy had only arrived this year, turning Ashley's world upside-down. Ashley was classically beautiful: petite, elegant, graceful, and cute as a kitten. Judy was tall and voluptuous, with an utterly sinful body that drove men wild. She had a boisterous, rash spirit to match, and when she flashed her charcoal eyes at a boy he melted instantly. Ashley wished she had Judy's nerve.

Judy, of course, thought she was gawky and large. Her family wasn't enormously wealthy like Ashley's, and she'd always wanted to be the fairy tale princess, the perfect little daughter. She disliked being physically mature so young -- it attracted too much attention, and while all of it wasn't bad, Judy really just wanted people to like her for her ideas, not her body. She resented the fact that once people saw her, they dismissed her as nothing but a pretty girl. At her previous school, her hated nickname had been "Hollywood," as everyone said she'd be a sexy movie star. No one had ever asked her if she wanted to be an actress, which she didn't.

But there wasn't much time for Judy or Ashley to think of these things, for there was a task at hand: it was Ashley's chance to make Judy pay and she wasn't about to neglect such an opportunity. She brought the slipper across and down into Judy's pouty left cheek.

"Ahhh!" howled Judy, rising from the desk in protest.

"Just say 'when,'" laughed Ashley.


"Fine!" The blonde quickly smacked Judy's right cheek, then the left again. She put all her strength into each stroke, really trying to hurt her enemy. But after the first outcry Judy seemed to have gained some courage and remained silent, though she wiggled and bit her lower lip.

"Switch places, girls," announced Miss Tissier.

While Judy sighed and stood up grinning, Ashley scowled and stepped forward reluctantly. It was obvious as she watched Judy take practice swings with the big slipper that she was second-guessing her choice to spank so hard.

Judy, her ass still tingling and her cheeks red with embarrassment at being humiliated by her worst enemy, attacked poor Ashley's frilly lace knickers with a fury that astonished and terrified the girl.

"Ohhh!" she cried. "Ouch! No more! Ooohhhh! You can't!"

It was over in seconds, much to Judy's regret, and Ashley rose with daggers in her eyes. She snatched the slipper from the other girl and pointed at the desk. Gritting her teeth, Judy bent over, flushing as her skirt was raised.

Ten seconds later it was Ashley blushing, both on top and on bottom, as her skirt rose showing lacy panties with blotches of hot pink flesh peeking around the edges. Judy was particularly cruel, doing her best to catch the exposed undersides of her enemy's backside.

After four rounds each, both girls were teary-eyed and furious, but neither was close to giving in. Miss Tissier watched in amused silence as the girls spanked and spanked and spanked each other. The slippering had exceeded anything she'd dished out by a large margin, but that was fine. It was time these two brats learned an important lesson.

After the sixth round, Miss Tissier clapped her hands. "Hold on, girls. Before we continue, let's raise the stakes a bit. Remove your skirts and knickers."

"What?" cried Judy.

"You must be joking!" scoffed Ashley.

Miss Tissier pointed to the cane. "Do I need to enforce my authority?"

"Oh, no Miss!" gasped Ashley, hurriedly yanking off her skirt and stepping out of it. Judy quickly followed suit, and in seconds both girls were half-naked, their round magenta bums peeking out below their white blouses.

"Very good," murmured Miss Tissier. "Now please continue. I believe it was your turn at the desk, Judy."

Judy groaned and got in position, glaring at Ashley. Her round bottom glistened and bulged out at Ashley, almost inviting a spanking. Ashley didn't hesitate. The blows came loud and hard, drawing several cries from poor Judy.

But when it was over, Judy had taken her six and was eagerly reaching for the slipper. Ashley looked rather crushed and hesitated at the desk. "Hurry up," muttered Judy, grinning evilly. Ashley sighed and stuck out her naked butt.

"Ow!" she cried at the first wallop, and then moaned through the next two. "Oh please! Oooh, that hurts!"

"Good!" snapped Judy. "Are you giving up?"


"Then take this!"


Crying a bit, Ashley stood and grabbed the slipper from Judy. "Your turn!" she said ominously.

Miss Tissier can't help smiling at the white face of Judy. The dark-haired girl reluctantly got in position and suffers through her smacks. But she doesn't suffer silently -- she yelps and moans and wiggles a great deal.

With her turn to wield the slipper Judy is a different person: confident to the point of arrogance, she makes Ashley burst into shoulder-shaking sobs.

"Do you want to stop, Ashley?" asks Miss Tissier.

"No," chokes Ashley. "Give me the slipper. It's my turn now!"

As Judy gets in position, Miss Tissier checks her notes. This is the beginning of round twelve, and both girls are finally showing signs of weakening. The Head studies Judy's bum for a moment, noting the swelling and tiny welts are nothing permanent, but she hopes this will end soon.

The girls stymie her plans, however. Stubborn as three-year-olds, the two refuse to capitulate. The spanking continues. Judy, Ashley, Judy, Ashley, Judy, Ashley, Judy, Ashley, and so on. Ashley's crying so hard she can barely stand during her round seventeen spanking, but somehow she survives to take up the slipper to give Judy hers.

Even Miss Tissier can't quite believe how swollen and red the two bottoms have become. She watches as Ashley slowly spanks Judy another six times, the dark-haired girl crying and begging for mercy.

Ashley, already crying, bends over for her smacks. At the first one she rises, howling, clutching her bottom and shaking her head. "Oh, please, no more! It hurts, it hurts!"

"Are you done, Ashley?" asks Miss Tissier. The girl doesn't answer, so the Head decides to take it as a yes. "That's it, then. Ashley, get in position for the cane!"

The blonde's eyes swell with horror. "Oh, no, Miss! No!"

"Now, Ashley, or I'll add extra strokes!"

Sobbing, the girl collapses and basically falls across the desk. Her scarlet backside twitching slightly as she waits for the cane. Behind her stands Miss Tissier flexing the long rod, and behind her is a gleeful and relieved Judy, smirking at her enemy's fate.

Miss Tissier is merciful: she makes the caning quick. That isn't to say it isn't painful -- Ashley screams at every stroke. Deep maroon lines crisscross her bottom when it's over, but at least it's over. She rises slowly, clutching her asscheeks with her fingers, squeezing the pulsing weals and sobbing.

"Okay," says Miss Tissier. "It's your turn Judy."

A startled Judy stares at the Head in disbelief. "W-w-what?"

"Your caning. It's time for you caning. Get in position."

"But... but Ashley was the one who lost! I mean, she broke, so she was the one to be caned!"

Miss Tissier laughed, and it was a laugh that Judy didn't like at all.

"Silly girl. I never said you wouldn't be caned. I merely said the first girl to chicken out _would_ be caned. You _assumed_ that meant you'd escape scott free. Bad assumption."

Judy's mouth hung open as tears flooded down her face. "That's not fair! Why'd we spank each other so long if it wasn't to escape a caning?"

The Head shrugged. "I have no idea. That will be something for the two of you to think about over the next few weeks as you find sitting difficult."

"It's not fair!" pouted Judy as she bent over the desk. The first strokes make her scream and writhe, and then she was crying too hard to even hear the rest of the fearful cracks.

"Now you're even, girls," said Miss Tissier when the caning was finished. "I hope the two of you have learned a lesson today."

"Yes, Miss!" said Ashley quickly, and Judy nodded vigorously, still crying to much to speak.

"Good. Then get out of here. And I hope I don't have to see either of you in here again!"

"Never!" vowed both girls to themselves as they grabbed their clothes and departed. Outside the Head's office the girls dressed, both choosing to forgo knickers for the moment.

"That was hell," mutters Judy.

"Yeah," nods Ashley.

"Let's not fight any more this year, okay? At least not publicly."

"Sounds like a good plan to me." Ashley smiles. "Bitch."

Judy grins. "Whore."

The girls laugh weakly and head for the nurse's station.

The End