Final Cut

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The Final Cut

(**, F/F, Severe, sorority paddling)

A girl discovers the price of joining a sorority. (Approximately 1,222 words. Originally published 1995-11.)

"So you want to be Alphas?" the woman spoke softly, her voice carrying across the room. There was something chilling in her statement that caused the room to go silent.

Alison felt excitement and tension in her stomach. This was the last cut, the final selection of pledges to the Alpha Beta sorority. Alison wanted to join so bad she could taste it. But she wasn't sure she could pass the initiation process.

Erica, the head Alpha, stood before the small group and smiled. She was dressed entirely in a black robe and cowl, giving her an ominous look. Behind her stood half a dozen similarly dressed Alphas. They all looked imposing, Alison thought.

"Being a Alpha requires commitment," spoke Erica. "Real commitment. Being an Alpha means being part of a team--a team that sticks together no matter what. Being an Alpha means obeying your headleaders, no matter what. Do you understand?" There were several nods from the audience.

Erica laughed. "No, you don't understand at all. Being an Alpha is a incredibly honor. You will be a part of a family for life. Any Alpha member would literally give their life for another. Alphas are incredibly close.

"You all think you understand, but you can't begin to. So I'm going to give you an example of Alpha loyalty and obedience." As she spoke Erica slowly reached into a dark cloth bag and removed a slip of paper. She whispered to the sister at her side and suddenly one of the sisters in the dark cowls was ordered forward.

The sister stepped forward, her face hard, but fear was evident behind the mask of her face.

Alison and the other pledges gasped as two sisters suddenly pushed her forward, bent her over, and drew her robe up over her head and held it in place.

She was completely naked.

With the robe pulled over her head, all one could see was her slim waist, buttocks, and long legs that trembled slightly. Erica came forward and paused next to the naked woman.

"This is sister Cathy. She has done nothing wrong, but she is a sister, and as a sister, she is obedient. She is afraid, yes--nothing wrong with that. But you see that she obeys. That is the important thing. If you wish to become an Alpha you will obey just like Cathy. You will obey for requests just like this, many quite simpler, and some much more difficult."

Erica slowly pulled a large wooden paddle from the recesses of her robe and held it high. It looked huge and horrible, thought Alison in horror.

A sister stepped forward carrying a small tube and Alison was amazed to watch as she smeared an ointment across the naked Alpha's buttocks and legs. She rubbed it in good and vigorously. Alison was impressed at the beautiful body of the young sister. Her naked buttocks were rounded and voluptuous, though her waist was narrow. Her legs were thin, but not skinny, and Alison thought of her own thighs and almost was jealous.

The sister with the ointment had left and now Erica approached the naked girl. "To an Alpha, sisterhood is everything. It has more weight than anything," began Erica in a lecture voice, but Alison and most of the others weren't listening.

Erica was swinging the paddle with incredible force, smacking the naked girl's buttocks brutally. The girl swayed and wriggled, but didn't change position or try to break away. Alison was amazed at her control. Blow after blow after blow was landing on her poor buttocks and yet she just stood there, accepting the furious blows.

As the paddling continued, Alison noticed that she was struggling, but not resisting. Her body swayed and wiggled, but she did not take a step. Her buttocks were quite red already, and seemed to grow even more red with each blow.

Now Erica shifted her position and concentrated on the girl's right buttock, paddling it furiously. Alison noticed she often struck the tender right side of her buttock, reddening each part of the butt cheek until there was even color throughout. Then Erica switched to the left buttock, spanking it as hard as she could.

Alison could hear the girl crying now; her sobs could not be silenced. The audience was stunned and quiet. Alison noticed one girl crying just from watching.

Erica was still lecturing, and every now and then Alison caught snatches of phrases like "sisterhood before dishonor" and "loyalty is everything" but mostly she was too enthralled with the spectacle before her to sense anything.

It was with astonishment that she suddenly realized how loud the blows of the paddle were. The sounded like gunshots, and in the small room the sound was deafening.

Yet Erica showed no signs of slowing down. She was sweating profusely, her face and hair damp, but she continued to spank the buttocks in front of her.

Alison thought that she surely must stop but she continued, moving around the buttocks and paddling each area carefully. Finally she moved down the legs and paddled the thighs, and then the calves. Alison was horrified. She could see the girl writhing now, her buttocks unbelievably red and perhaps blistered, her legs red and blotched. But still the paddling continued.

Erica paused now, but only to retrieve a new paddle, this one seemed to be made of leather, as it was flexible. The blows were louder now, but struck with less impact. Alison could not bear to think of the stinging pain caused by each blow. It seemed impossible to endure. Yet Cathy, the naked Alpha, bore it patiently, her tears flowing to the floor and her groans and cries louder than the paddle now.

Alison could see the girl's naked buttocks bounce under each blow, and she winced to watch the flesh trembling even when not being spanked. She noticed that the girl's buttocks were swollen and enlarged, and she watched as Erica now paddled her from below, bringing each blow upward to smack and lift up the lower portion of Cathy's buttocks. Erica spanked her furiously now, in a frenzy, as though nearing a finale.

Then it was over. The slaps of the paddle still rang in Alison's ears. But now Erica was speaking again. Alison watched as one by one the other pledges stood and in single file, walked passed poor Cathy. As each pledge passed, she was told to feel Cathy's buttocks to "understand"" the punishment.

When it was Alison's turn, she could feel her face flushing red under the stares of the others. She touched the naked flesh, feeling both its softness and toughness. She sensed Cathy instinctively drawing away from her touch, but also could tell that Cathy relished all the gentle hands massaging her sore buttocks.

Alison didn't understand that contradiction. She was amazed to feel how blazingly hot Cathy's skin was. Her buttocks were on fire. Her skin was covered with tiny hardened welts. Alison began to cry as she was led away.

So this was being an Alpha! It was amazing, terrifying, and horrible. Yet Alison knew, as much as she dreaded such punishment, that could endure even that, for the incredible loyalty and closeness the Alpha's offered. Despite everything, she was ready to join.

The End