The Final Initiation

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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The Final Initiation

(****, F/F8, Severe, sorority paddlings)

Young ladies learn the true cost of joining a sorority. (Approximately 3,351 words. Originally published 1999-11.)

*** Author's Note ***
I must confess that the basic idea of this came from another story I heard in a completely different context. (If I remember correctly, it dealt with prisoners of war in Vietnam or some such thing.) I heard the story many years ago and thought of it in connection with spanking, but I never wrote my own version until now. I hope it warms a few hearts (and other portions of the anatomy ;-).

The Flogmaster

It was dark and cold in the basement where the girls waited. They were not permitted to talk. They were not permitted to sit. They were only permitted to stand and shiver and wait the gong of the grandfather clock upstairs that would signal the beginning of the weekend. Those twelve ominous tones would mean the final initiation was in progress.

Maureen strained her eyes but the room was so black she couldn't see anything, not even the movement of her own hands. She could hear the labored breathing of the others, which tended to both comfort and frighten her. She thought being afraid of the dark was childish, but this was unsettlingly eerie.

She knew there were seven other pledges in the room with her. She'd been forced to memorize everyone's name as part of Hell Week trials. In alphabetical order the pledges were Dana, Keri, Lara, Maureen, Nicole, Renee, Tisha, and Victoria. Eight pledges. Eight pretty girls dressed in white thong panties and short T-shirts that left their navels bare. She shivered again, realizing she was basically naked. It was worse than outright nudity; the skimpy clothing constantly reminded you that you were naked.

She listened. Except for the breathing of the others and the occasional bored shuffle, there was silence. No sound came from upstairs. Could they even hear the clock from down here? How long had they been here? It felt like forever, though she knew it couldn't be more than an hour, since they'd all arrived at the sorority house at eleven o'clock.

"This is going to be a long weekend," thought Maureen miserably. She'd endured it well so far. Sunday night she'd been presented with a paddle, a big heavy block of wood with her name engraved on it. Her big sister had broken in the paddle with a dozen hard swats to Maureen's ass. Then Maureen had been forced to write the date, time, and number of swats on the back of the paddle.

"Write small and leave plenty of room!" was the big sister's mocking advice.

All week, any time she saw a Delta sorority member, she'd been forced to smile, bow, and offer the paddle in case the member decided she needed a lesson in humility. Most did, of course. Usually it was only a token three or four swats that did nothing more than make your butt itchy. But if she failed to recognize a sister, ouch! By now her paddle was running out of room for the spanking log.

Monday night had been sausage night. Each inch of a twelve-inch sausage a pledge couldn't "deep throat" was rewarded with a paddle swat. After three tries, Maureen surprised herself by being able to get down eight inches.

Tuesday night had been the pie-eating contest. Each had an hour to devour three pies. It had been sloppy fun until the girls discovered the cream pies had been laced with a laxative. Privacy was not permitted to mere pledges, of course. They'd had to take turns using a large pot the sisters brought in. Keri hadn't made it in time. She was paddled. All the girls were mocked by the surrounding sisters.

By Wednesday night Maureen was naturally apprehensive. What sort of humiliation was in store? But she couldn't back out now -- she was determined to become a sorority member. She and others met at the deserted gym for what turned out to be a game of dodge ball against eight brothers from the Kappa Beta fraternity. They used soccer balls, rock hard and stingy when they smacked into your skin, and the brothers didn't hold anything back. The rules were simple: get hit by a ball and you were "out" -- out to receive a smack with a paddle and lose one article of clothing before being reinserted into the game. The game was played until one team was entirely naked. Of course, most of the girls couldn't throw worth shit while the guys were all jocks. Still, a few of the guys had finished in their underwear. But when Maureen went to bed she had red blotches on her arms, belly, hip, and thighs from the ball. And she was better off than Nicole and Victoria, who couldn't seem to dodge to save their ass.

Thursday was even worse: the cucumber test. Even in the pitch dark, Maureen closed her eyes and shuddered at the memory. Her cheeks burned with fire at the humiliation she'd suffered. They'd each been given a huge cucumber. A clock had been set and for every minute it took them to come, they received one swat. Poor Renee. She was so nervous it had taken her nearly fifteen minutes. Then, out of sheer cruelty, they'd made her do it again....

A ponderous gong sounded. It was muffled, but Maureen gasped. It was midnight! Her heart began to pound. Now began the final test, the final initiation. This was the ultimate test, far worse than the others. If necessary, it would last all weekend. By Sunday she'd either be a loser or she'd be a Delta member.

Shortly after the clock struck, there was a sound at the door and it opened. A dim candle flickered and a figure carrying it entered. Maureen saw she was a robed sister, but the girl wore a featureless white mask over her face.

"The Final Initiation has begun," said the anonymous sister. "Follow me.

She turned and headed into the hall and up the stairs. The pledges moved as one, hurrying after the flickering light.

They were led through the darkened house, occasionally passing mysterious robed sisters with white masks who stood frozen and silent. Finally they reached a room. It had been cleared of all furniture except for a group of ugly wooden chairs.

"You will wait," said the sister with the candle. She turned and left, leaving the pledges alone. The door, when it closed, sounded like the thud of a prison gate.

This room was upstairs, and there were two windows. A ghostly light came in from full moon. Maureen counted.

"There are only seven chairs," she whispered. She sat in one. It felt good to rest after standing for so long. She was suddenly aware of the aching of her legs.

Several girls took seats. Nicole hesitated. "Are we allowed to sit?"

"Are we allowed to talk?" asked Lara. "Who gives a shit? What are they going to do, paddle us? They'll do that anyway."

Reluctantly, Nicole saw she'd missed her chance. All the seats were taken. She sighed and sat cross-legged on the floor.

Time passed incredibly slowly. The girls talked occasionally, but there wasn't that much to talk about. They were too nervous. Then they heard a distant _bong_ and realized it was one in the morning.

Immediately the door opened and two big sisters in masks entered. One of them held a large sorority paddle. The other grabbed Nicole and helped her to her feet. No words were exchanged, but it was obvious what the two wanted: assume the position.

"Fuck," muttered Nicole, but obeyed, bending over and offering the back of her thong panties to the two sisters. The paddling was hard and quick, ten deafening blows. Nicole squealed at every swat. Then it was over and the sister departed, closely the door firmly behind them. This time Maureen heard the click of the lock turning.

"God that hurt!" gasped Nicole, easing herself back onto the floor. "What is it with those bitches and their paddles."

"Shut up, Nicole!" snapped Dana. "They're probably listening to us."

"If they're listening to us I'm sure they're bored stiff," muttered Lara. "This has got to be the lamest pledge initiation ever. I'd rather play dodgeball with those hunks again."

"Me too," said Maureen.

"Even the cucumber thing wasn't as bad as this," giggled Keri.

"Slut!" laughed Tisha, giving Keri a little poke. Even in the dim light it was obvious little Keri was blushing. She'd set a record the night before, coming less than a minute after being given her cucumber.

At two a.m. the door opened again and the paddling scene was repeated with only slight variations in dialog. This time Nicole had to be persuaded to assume the proper position with an extra swat of the paddle.

"Stop that!" she yelled. "My ass is SORE, you know! Why can't you paddle someone else for a change?"

But it was Nicole who got the ten swats, and then the faceless sisters were gone.

Nicole collapsed on her belly with a deep groan, rubbing her tush. Maureen felt sorry for her.

"Here, have my seat," she offered, but Nicole shook her head.

"No thanks. Sitting's the last thing I want right now. I just wish they'd stop picking on me!"

A long hour later, the girls were awoken from naps by the sound of the door opening. The clock gonged the third and final time.

"Not me!" gasped Nicole when the figures headed for her. "Do someone else! You haven't paddled anyone else! This isn't fair!" She broke down, sobbing, as she was turned around so her ass faced the sisters. "This isn't fuckin' fair!"

The ten swats were hard and Nicole fought the sister holding her and swore constantly. But the sisters didn't say a word. They simply finished the paddling and left.

Maureen went to Nicole and petted her long hair. "Sshhhh, it's okay, they're gone now. They're gone."

"But they're coming baaack," moaned the poor girl. "They're going to keep doing this all weekend, I know it!"

"They can't do that, can they, Maureen?" asked Lara nervously. "They can't just pick on one of us like that. We're supposed to be sisters."

Maureen nodded. "I'll talk to them when they come back. If they have to paddle somebody, they can paddle me. Nicole's had enough. Look at her ass. It must be black and blue!"

Nicole choked back at sob at those words, then suddenly burst into tears, sobbing as though her heart would break. She got to her knees and threw her arms around Maureen.

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!" she breathed. "Please don't let me paddle me any more. I can't take any more, I know I can't."

"Shhhhh. You take a nap. We'll take care of the sisters. Everything's going to be fine."

At four o'clock when the door opened, Maureen stood boldly before it. Nicole sat in Maureen's chair, trembling, her eyes huge with terror as she focused on the wooden paddle.

"You're not paddling Nicole any more," said Maureen firmly. "She's had more than enough. If you want someone to paddle, go ahead and paddle me."

Grimacing, Maureen bent over in the humiliating position, offering her ass to the sister. Without hesitation they moved toward her, the one standing beside her with a hand on her back to keep her down, the other swinging the paddle.

The blows were loud, hard, and painful. Maureen felt tears burn her eyes as her ass quivered with each stinging swat. But she thought of poor Nicole suffering through this three times before and held her position bravely.

Then it was over, the sisters gone, the door locked, and a weeping Nicole was embracing Maureen.

"Oh, thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou," she was saying, hugging and kissing the startled pledge. "I don't know how I'll ever repay you!"

The others watched with respect and relief. The plan had worked.

Lara stood. "If they stick to the plan, they'll be back in an hour. I'll take the next ten."

Maureen looked up in astonishment. "But--"

"Come on, you can't take every paddling. You'll end up like Nicole. We'll take turns. That's fair."

The others slowly nodded.

Thus at 5 a.m. it was Lara who greeted the sisters. Their masks didn't change expression as they motioned for her to get in position, and the paddling was hard and painful.

At six Dana took her turn, and Tisha at seven.

Shortly after Tisha's paddling, the door opened again and several sisters brought in trays of breakfast: boxes of cereal; a gallon jug of milk and another of orange juice; a stack of fresh buttered toast; a jar of raspberry jam; and a huge bowl of sliced strawberries.

As eight o'clock drew near, Renee began to complain that she needed to use the restroom. Maureen pointed to the chamber pot in the corner, and Renee made a disgusted face.

"I'm not using _that_ again!"

Maureen shrugged. "I suspect that's our only option."

As the clock began to strike, Victoria sighed and reluctantly took her place by the door. It was to be her turn this time. Renee ran up behind her and whispered, "Ask them if we can go to the bathroom!"

"Ask them yourself," muttered Victoria.

The door opened and four sisters entered. Two quickly grabbed Victoria _and_ Renee. The latter squealed in protest.

"Hey! What are you doing? Let me go! It's her turn, not mine. Please, my ass is still sore from Thursday night!"

But her cries weren't heard. As two sisters gathered up the breakfast things and departed, Renee and Victoria were both guided in position and paddled. Renee screamed at the swats and whined about needing to use the restroom, but the sisters didn't even pause as they departed and locked the door.

"They never did that before," said Maureen.

"There was always just one of us at the door before," said Lara. "They must only spank the one not in a chair."

All eyes fell to Nicole, who still found sitting uncomfortable.

"That actually makes sense," said Maureen.

The rest of the weekend was difficult, but not unbearable. Every hour on the hour, two sisters entered and paddled the girl who was standing. The girls took turns and by midnight Saturday, everyone had taken three sets of ten, except for Renee, who got an extra set, for standing when it wasn't her turn.

Renee was also the first to use the chamber pot, which indeed proved to be their only option for bowel relief. Meals were brought at regular times, eight, noon, and six p.m. After the evening meal the chamber pot was taken away and replaced with a fresh one.

Once the psychology of being paddled every hour was understood, the worst thing about the weekend was the boredom. The girls took frequent naps, stretched out their meals as long as possible, but there were still endless hours to fill. Desperate, the girls began to _talk_ to each other.

Talking brought out a number of surprising revelations. Maureen found out that Tisha had been born in Germany. Her father, a Colonel in the army, had been stationed there. Dana reveled she had ambitions of being a novelist. Lara confessed she once worked as a stripper.

"It was just for a few weeks," she said defensively. "I needed the money desperately. I did it just long enough for it to get boring. Once the excitment wore off I realized I didn't want to do that for the rest of my life. I went back home with my tail between my legs. I never told my parents."

Keri, it was learned, was familiar with paddling: her parents believed in spanking and she'd received her last one when she was fifteen! Nicole mentioned that she'd been raped by a high school football player. That revelation generated an hour or two conversation and at least an hour of vehement speeches.

Victoria couldn't exactly top that, but she did tell about the time she had a _menage a trois_.

"What about you?" asked Lara, looking at Maureen. "What's your deep dark secret?"

"I don't really have one. I guess I'm really boring."

"Come on, _everyone's_ got a secret."

"No, really," protested Maureen. "I grew up in the same town, my parents are actually still married, I have a couple ordinary brothers, a cat named Misty, and I don't know what I want to do with my life. Maybe be a vet, or maybe psychology. I don't know."

"No dreams? No fantasies?"

"Well... I've always wanted to be a rock star. Does that count?"

"No!" laughed Nicole. "Everyone's had that dream."

"Tell us something good or you can take the next turn at the paddle," growled Tisha. Her ass was next and for some strange reason, after four previous turns, she wasn't enthusiastic about another.

"Come on, tell us about a boyfriend you did, or something naughty," said Dana. "Ever steal anything?"

Maureen still resisted. "I swear, this weekend is the most unusual thing that's ever happened to me!"

But the others kept pressuring. "Perhaps we should just spank her ourselves," said Keri. "Save the sisters the trouble."

"You can't do that!" gasped Maureen, but already the others were grinning, approaching her. They grabbed her arms, pulled her forward across chairs and laps, hands pulling on her legs, holding her down.

Keri slapped Maureen's ass, hard. Maureen yelped.

"Are you going to talk?"


"Fine." And so Keri spanked Maureen. At first it was just a few solid smacks, but as Maureen didn't protest too much, and Keri and the others were amused by it, the spanking became harder and faster, and soon Maureen's buttocks were glowing crimson.

"Hey, that's enough," Victoria finally said. "Her turn's in a couple hours."

"All right. My hand's killing me anyway." Keri spoke to Maureen. "Are you willing to talk now?"

Slowly Maureen got to her feet. "Yeah," she whispered. "I'll confess a secret fantasy...."

The others crowded eagerly around.

"I... I liked that."

There were gasps. "The spanking?" laughed Keri. "You liked the spanking?"

"Yes," nodded Maureen. "In fact, I liked the paddling, too. Not quite as much, but it's been exciting. This whole sorority thing is exciting. I feel like I've got a new family."

There were hugs and kisses at that point, only interrupted by the gong of the clock and Tisha's paddling.

After that, there were no boundaries. Sex talk was open and frank. There were no secrets in the room. There were tears and hugs and laughter. There was lots of bottom rubbing and embarrassing chamber pot use. By midnight Sunday night the girls felt they'd known each other all their lives.

"I confess," said Lara at one point. "I thought Victoria was a stuck-up bitch when I first met her. But now... I think you're a dear, dear."

"We all made various snap judgements of each other," said Maureen. "But this time together was good -- we're all in this together, and we've survived. Our butts are killing us, but we've survived."

People laughed. "I'm really proud to be associated with you guys," said Renee. "I couldn't have picked a better group of pledges to be initiated with. I'm sorry I'm such a baby."

"Let's make a pact to always be friends," said Maureen. "No matter what happens with the sorority."

It was done, and shortly afterward was the gong of midnight. The door opened and two sisters entered.

"Follow us," one said. With cries and sighs of reliefs the girls filed out the door.

The ceremony was brief, as each pledge's gown was removed and replaced with a sorority robe. For a moment the pledge stood there naked, alone, but every girl stood there bravely and proudly, knowing that only friends surrounded her.

"That was supposed to be have been the weekend from hell," Maureen said years later. "In many ways it was, but it was also the weekend from heaven, for I've never been as close to anyone as I am to those sorority sisters."

The End

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