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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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(****, m/f, Serious, cons, humor, pro-abstention arguments)

Two children are caught... (Approximately 1,226 words. Originally published 1999-03.)

"Come on, Sue, my parents won't be home for hours," whispered the boy. He tugged at the girl's arm, drawing her closer. The pretty teenager looked around cautiously and gave a nervous laugh.

"Are you trying to seduce me, Jay Allen Wilder?"

Jay grinned. "Of course!"

He kissed her, a long, smoldering kiss that grew more passionate as the two embraced. Struggling mightily, as though fighting to break free from each other, the writhing couple tumbled off the sofa and onto the living room carpet. The boy's hands fumbled with the button on the girl's jeans.

"Not here," she whispered, giggling despite her protests.

"Oh God, I can't wait," Jay groaned. A moment later the girl's jeans were down and he was busy palming the round orbs of her ass cheeks through her delicate white panties.

"Okay, okay, do it!" snapped the girl, her voice rough with urgent desire. She stretched herself across Jay's lap.

After one last pause to study the beautiful scene before him, Jay began to spank his girlfriend. The slaps were loud, rough, and stingy. Sue yelped and moaned and arched her buttocks upward for more. Jay spanked and spanked and spanked. Tears began to grace Sue's blue eyes. Finally Jay paused. He kept his palm on the crest of her buttocks, soaking the heat radiating from the spanked flesh.

"Are you ready?" he whispered, nearly choking on the words he was so excited.

"Yes! God, yes! Hurry!"

Grinning like an escaped lunatic, Jay dug his fingers into the waistband of Sue's panties. She lifted herself up slightly as he slowly drew the undergarment down her legs. The sleek round bottom that was exposed took Jay's breath away. The cheeks were magnificent, far better than he'd ever imagined. The globes were impossibly round, the flesh smooth and tight. Currently both were tinged with a fiery red blush that stirred his sex into supreme stiffness.

"Lord, Suzy... you're... you're amazing!"

Sue stared at the carpet, her face going hot and red. She was grinning, however, fiercely pleased by his compliment. "Come on, hurry up," she hissed. She kicked her legs so her bottom jiggled. She wiggled on his lap so she pressed against the hardness of his crotch, drawing a low groan of protest from him.

Sighing with contentment, Jay placed his bare palm against her bare ass and began to rub lightly. As Sue moaned, he raised his hand and brought it down with hard smack.

"Ooooh!" gasped the girl, her buttocks jiggling violently from the slap and her reaction.

As Jay sat poised for another strike, the front door swung open and in stepped Mr. and Mrs. Wilder. Both wore faces of supreme astonishment at the sight before them. Mrs. Wilder grew weak in the knees and had to sit down. Mr. Wilder's expression was grim.

"Oh! Mom, Dad!"

"Oh my God!" gasped poor Sue, rolling off Jay and struggling to pull on her panties and jeans over her painfully sore rear. Dressed again, she sat on the brick bench in front of the fireplace and buried her face in her hands.

Jay slowly got to his feet and sat on the sofa. He glanced at his mother and then looked away quickly, tears in his eyes. He stared at the carpet in misery.

"I'm sorry, Dad. I'm sorry, Mom. I'm really sorry."

Both parents looked at the children with sorrowful, sad eyes. Neither said a word.

Jay spoke up again. "It was my fault. I pushed it, Sue's a good girl. She didn't --"

"Can it, son!" snapped Mr. Wilder in a deep voice that echoed around the room. Jay went silent instantly, and Sue looked terrified.

"I can't believe it," sobbed Mrs. Wilder, shaking her head and wiping tears from her eyes. "My own son, raised the right way and taught right from wrong... and here we find him, engaged in... engaged in... pre-marital spanking!"

Mr. Wilder bit his lower lip and stepped behind his wife, placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder. His eyes glowed fire as he stared at the recalcitrant teenagers.

"The two of you ought to be ashamed of yourselves! Have you no respect for each other, let alone your mother and I? And what about your parents, Sue? Do they condone this sort of behavior?"

Sue shook her head, tears stinging her eyes. "No. No, sir."

"There's a reason spanking is saved for marriage, don't you two know that? There's only one first spanking, one time when all those pent-up emotions and desires are released for the first time.... Now the two of you have spoiled that. There never will be another first spanking again for the two of you."

Sue began to cry, softly, and after a moment, Jay joined her. "I'm sorry, Dad," he whined. "We weren't thinking."

"Of course not. You just wanted to get your hand on some tail. I know the feeling, son. I wasn't born yesterday, but it wasn't a hundred years ago either. Even today your mother and I, when we spank-play... I have the same feelings I had so many years ago, on our honeymoon."

"You really waited, Dad?"

"Of course! Oh, I won't say it wasn't difficult. It was probably the hardest thing I ever had to do. But we knew it was the right thing. And let me tell you, that first spanking was the most incredible experience of my life. Probably ten times more intense than what the two of you were just experiencing. We'd anticipated that moment our whole lives. We'd spent a year working up to it, knowing it was coming, that we would be united in wedded bliss and I'd finally have my chance to really smack that gorgeous backside of your mother's." The older man gave his wife's shoulder a gentle squeeze and she moved her hand to cover his. Her face was beaming with pride and joy.

Mrs. Wilder nodded at her husband. "It's better if you wait, kids, far better. I can't tell you the security and happiness it gives me knowing that your father and I respected each other enough to wait. I don't have to worry about former lovers, that he might have spanked a firmer butt than mine, or even that he's got spanker's wrist or some other terrible disease."

She twisted her hands together in distress and broke into sobs again. "Why, oh, why couldn't you just have sex, like everyone else!"

Jay went to bed that night feeling awful. He lay awake, staring at the ceiling, thinking about everything his parents had said. He was grounded for a month, forbidden to see Sue for at least that long. Her own father was furious at Jay, so it could even be longer.

Shuddering, Jay turned on his stomach and began cry into his pillow. "I've ruined everything!" he thought miserably. "Why couldn't I have just waited? Why did I have to be so greedy, to want everything at once? Vanilla sex is okay, it's not so terrible."

But in his belly he knew that wasn't true. There was nothing that matched the thrill and pent-up passion of sex after spanking. It made ordinary sex seem, well, ordinary. Once tasted, there was never any going back.

At least, he consoled himself, his parents didn't know that Sue wasn't the first.

The End

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