Fragment 05: The New Movie

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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This is another of what I'm calling my "Fragment" series--these are incomplete, unfinished stories or scenes that frankly, I probably will never go back and finish. This one was written a while back and is rather cheesy, but hey, you are getting this for free, remember. :)

(BTW, in the original version this named famous actresses, but I took that out for this posting.)

(The Flogmaster)

The New Movie

(**, F/FFFF, Intense, nudity, paddling)

The narrator is witness to the filming of a few hot scenes for new Hollywood movie. (Approximately 5,100 words. Originally published 1996-03.)

I arrived on the movie lot just in time. Infamous director Roger LeSatir was to be filming the last few scenes during my visit. And they had saved the best for last.

The movie was called "Sorority Maidens Meet Kafka." It was a supposedly brilliant satire of silly teen sex dramas and serious philosophy--something along the lines of Valley girls quoting Shakespeare.

I was there to write an article for _Flic_ magazine. It was to be a simple deal. I hang around the set for a few days, chat with cast and crew, interview the director, take some publicity shots (I'm a photographer as well as a writer), etc. etc. It looked to be an interesting assignment--but I had no idea what I was in for.

I had arrived in town on Friday, a few days early, and when I called the studio they told me to go ahead and come right on over--shooting would be taking place all weekend. The studio heads were so eager to get some publicity they gave me free reign. There were to be minimal restrictions to my coming or going, photograph taking, or interviewing.

Friday evening at about 6:30 I showed up at the set. Everyone was off on a well-deserved break for dinner. I introduced myself to as much of the crew as I could, and I set about obtaining some background details. I befriended a young grip named Steve. He briefly gave me the details behind the upcoming scenes.

Apparently these last scenes were part of a dream sequence, a royal parody of silly sex movies. In fact, the main reason these shots had been delayed was to group a majority of the nude scenes so they could all be shot at once. (According to Steve this helped ease the tensions of some of the shier actresses.)

Steve seemed to be exaggerating the exent of nudity in these scenes. I figured it was because, as a lesser grip, he would be barred from the set during the actual filming--and he was rather bummed.

"Do you know who's in this movie?" he asked me breathlessly. I hesitated. Of course I should have known, but unfortunately my schedule had been so haphazzard of late I hadn't been able to do the necessary background research. I slowly shook my head.

"Wow! It's an incredible cast, man. You wouldn't believe it! Theresa, Sherrilyn, Lori, Elisabeth, Jami, Christina, Teri. And let's see...oh, yes, don't forget Robyn. She's hot! And," he whispered, stepping closer to me, "though I haven't actually seen the script, it is rumored that almost all of the get naked at least once! There's like a big orgy or something."

As Steve stood there panting, my mind whirled. Imagine all those actresses in a movie together! What an incredible cast. And doing a nude scene together? Wow! This weekend was beginning to look more and more interesting. Before I could ask Steve more, someone called him away and I was left alone.

Scouting around I managed to kludge together some more information. Theresa's roll was almost a cameo--she was the sorority guardian. Lori, Liz, Jami, Christina, Teri, and Robyn played pledges to the Delta Delta Alpha Sorority. Sherrilyn was the leader of the sorority. Also appearing as members of the sorority were cameos by Meg, Kathleen (looking as absurd as a college student as she had in a previous movie), and Missy and Tracey.

The dream sequence actually happens early in the script when the girls talk about what their initiation to DDA will be like. Wild speculation results, leading to the typical tale related as a dream.

At about seven o'clock things were ready to roll. I had introduced myself to Roger, the director. He only vaguely remembered me, which was fine, because I had panned his last movie in a review.

I saw the actresses were gathering, and everything was getting ready. Soon action started. Roger briefly reviewed the scene and cleared the set. (The cast had been rehearsing for the weekend's scenes all day.) "OK folks, here we go," he grinned. "The scenes you've all been waiting for." I noticed Sherrilyn laughing, but several of the others looked apprehensive. I was only later to discover why. "Action!"

The set was a deserted wooded area. Sherrilyn and the others were in a nearby station wagon, and at the cue they drove and parked before the camera. I watched as everyone piled out, the pledges obviously mystified as to the purpose of the location.

Sherrilyn stepped forward. She was carrying a pledge paddle and she tapped it meaningfully against her palm. "Are you _girls_ ready?" she asked, almost spitting the word "girls" in her contempt. "Delta Delta Alpha is only for _women_."

The others looked exceedingly nervous, and I was beginning to get excited. Sherrilyn's assistant, played by Missy, passed a plastic bag to each of the girls.

"We're here for the first part of your long and painful initiation. This part is the Race. It's very simple. I will leave you here and you have to get back to the Mansion. You can keep together or go separately. But the last three to arrive will be punished." She tapped her palm with the board. "Failure to arrive is automatic loss of pledgeship. Remember, there are only three open apprentice spots, so you are competing against each other. The first one back receives one point. A total score of three points means guaranteed entrance to the DDA. There is no penalty for being late--just punishment. You will have one hour to return. Any questions?"

I could tell the pledge we relieved. This didn't seem so hard. Jami looked up, shyly. I couldn't see her face to clearly from my angle, but she was looking awfully cute. "What are the bags for?"

Sherrilyn's eyes lit up. "The bags? They are for your clothes."

Jami gasped. "Our clothes? What will we wear?"

Sherrilyn laughed. "Why nothing, I suppose!"

"You mean we have to find our way across campus _naked_?"

"More or less." The girls all looked _extremely_ nervous. Sherrilyn spoke up. "All right. Strip! All of you. Put your clothes in the bags. Everything! Your hour started five minutes ago."

Reluctantly and rather sheepishly the girls began to remove their clothing. Christina was the quickest. She paused for a moment at her bra, and then shrugged and took it off. Her underpants followed a second later. Robyn was next. She pulled her underwear off rather slowly, more out of fear than dare. Her back was full toward me, and her ass was unbelievable. I'm a fan of good-shaped asses, and Robyn's was almost too much. It was almost reluctantly I shifted my eyes to see Elisabeth and Teri freshly naked. Lori, it seemed was a little slower. She was still struggling to get out of her dress. I wondered if she was delaying purposely because she was embarrassed.

Sherrilyn ignored her, and Missy took the bags from the other girls, and waited in front of Lori.

Now picture this--here I was, standing in a giant movie studio set the size of an airplane hanger, about thirty guys and a few women performing different functions, while before us stood five completely naked women, shivering in the cold. I could see their bottoms shuddering slightly as they shifted positions against the breeze (generated by a giant wind fan off to my left).

But the scene before me, in all its absurdities, was real. Oblivious, Sherrilyn was continuing her dialog. "Now we wouldn't want you to catch colds out here, so we have provided T-shirts for you." Tracey stepped forward and began passing out DDA T-shirts. Instantly the girl would slip it on. At first I was rather disappointed. I had really wanted to get a better look at the girls before they covered up. But I soon saw the humor--the shirts were of odd sizes. Jami's was huge and came down to her knees. Christina's and Teri's just barely covered their bottoms. But poor Elisabeth's ended at her belly button, and the tail hung down just over the first few inches of her ass, taunting her with its proximity. Robyn's was worse: the back was almost entirely cut out, while the front was cut long, almost to her knees. She apparently could were it either way, but the front would expose her utterly, while the back only revealed her butt.

By this time, Lori had managed to get undressed, and she stood there, shivering, obviously waiting for her shirt. Sherrilyn gave a deliciously evil grin: "Oh, sorry, Alison! Did I forget to mention that there are only _five_ shirts? The last one undressed doesn't get one! Oh well."

The look of horror on Lori's face was incredibly sexy. She looked utterly deflated. Her embarrassment was painfully obvious. It was so real, even from twenty feet away where I was, that I knew it was really real. She must have been one of the "reluctant" actresses. And from the looks of things, with good reason!

Sherrilyn and Missy and Tracey drove off in the station wagon, leaving six unhappy, rather naked, rather gorgeous women standing out under the stars. "Be there by midnight!" echoed Sherrilyn's last command.

"Cut and print!" shouted Roger triumphantly. I agreed wholeheartedly. What I had just witnessed was some incredible filmmaking. Perhaps it was satire, perhaps not. I didn't really care. It was erotic, and that was enough for me.

I watched as Roger and the cameramen began to rearrange themselves. It was time for the closeups. This wasn't nearly so sexy as the previous scene, mostly because it was so disjointed. Basically we ran through the entire scene again, in pieces, focusing on individuals or actions.

All the girls got dressed again. (They just slipped off the T-shirts and put back on their original clothes--there was no sense taking time to go to a dressing room. Everything was costumes anyway.) The mood on the set was light, airy. It felt a little stiff, as though it was having trouble get rid of the tense atmosphere generated by the scene. But little did I know that it was nowhere near as tense as it was going to be.

One by one the girls got to strip their clothes off, while cameras circled just a few feet in front of them. Most of them had to dress and undress several times before all the appropriate shots where taken. Several of the girls were obviously nervous about this part, and Elisabeth even complained that body doubles really should be used for the closeups, but Roger stuck fast by his no body double rule. He believed that good acting required a full committment, one that couldn't be made if one was stuck up on a silly thing like personal nudity. While Elisabeth didn't say any more, it was obvious she didn't like doing the nude scenes.

The girls were also filmed close up while they put their T-shirts on, something I particularly was glad to see. The T-shirts excellently accented the nakedness of the girls. It made them a hundred times more sexier. I kept wanting to bend down to peer underneath the shirt tails but retrained myself. It was rather amazing I had that impulse considering I had seen the very same girls completely naked a moment earlier.

Robyn was particularly attractive when they filmed her T-shirt sequence. She grabbed at the shirt, and then fuddled with it since it seemed to be all holes--she was puzzled. She finally gets it on with the back in front. The chest is completely cut out and her breasts cry for attention. There's a short strip of shirt before her belly button, and then it's all open. Behind, the shirt tail brushes against the back of her knees. Blushing beautifully, Robyn switches the shirt around, moving the holey side to the back, throughout the process providing us with tantilizing glimpses of bare breasts, smooth thighs, and a gorgeous round rump.

When she stepped away from the cameras I was so hard I thought people would notice. I tried to think of snow and glaciers and the polar caps. Instead, Robyn, responding to Roger's directive to hang around for a moment, came and stood just in front of me. Her bare ass was not more than two feet from the fingers of my left hand. My fingers twitched and my mind could only think of what it would be like to run an ice cube across those glorious humps.

But all too soon she was gone and back with others, my hand never coming as close in reality as in my imagination.

For the next few hours the scene progessed. Mostly these were closeups, though a few were distance shots. We filmed the different actresses traveling back the "Mansion," as the sorority house was called. Liz and Jami paired up, and Robyn and Christina. The others all sort of hurried on individually, each requiring a different amount of courage to motivate them through the populated areas of campus.

Most of the sneaking home was uneventful, though filled with the risks of being seen. There were a couple great "streak" scenes--one with Robyn and Christina, and one with Lori, the latter filmed from some distance, though it was obvious she was completely naked and very visible. She was passing a men's dorm at the time--several members of the crew, including Steve I noticed, joined the cast of college jocks learing at her as she ran by.

Lori had another great scene. She managed to get caught passing the library just as it was closing. A group of about twenty guys and girls had been kicked out and were slowly heading across the lawn when one of them caught sight of her, scurrying behind a bush, a bright glipmse of a bare ass. "She's naked!" one of the guys yelled excitedly, only to be jostled by his girlfriend. The troup gathered around the now rather skimpy bush and poor Lori frantically scampered about trying to hide her bare posterior. It was the presence of the girls that saved her--for several were couples and didn't appreciate their boyfriends chatting with a nude girl.

As they left Lori was horrified to hear one of the guys tell his girl that it was five minutes to midnight. In a reckless fashion Lori broke into a run, breasts bouncing, hair flying back, her rather prominent ass shifting from side to side. This sequence was apparently filmed in slow motion from several angles--Lori was made to run over and over and over again.

Initially between each take an assistant rushed to give Lori a robe to throw on, but finally Lori just stood there defiantely, not even noticing her nudity.

Most of the other girls followed suit, remaining exposed throughout the pauses and sometimes rather long waits. It was rather warm under the lights, so the girls were perhaps more comfortable. One of them later told me that nothing emphasized the nudity more than continually dressing and undressing.

The result of this policy was the cast and crew became much more comfortable with the nudity. In fact, at one point I found myself assisting the set manager and chatting with Elisabeth, when in shock I realized that she was quite naked, standing there beside me. She had turned her back and I found myself drooling at her bare ass, when she turned and saw my gaze before I could shift it. I don't which of us was more embarrassed then--we both blushed and looked at our toes, then at each other, and suddenly we began to laugh. Later, when she had put on a T-shirt, she casually flipped up the back of her shirt to fully expose her butt to me. I glanced around but no one else seemed to have noticed, and I relaxed and grinned. She was a saucy one. And not as shy as one was led to believe.

It was actually a surprise to discover that it was nearly one a.m. Everyone was told to go home and sleep, and be back by nine a.m. for a ten o'clock shoot.

Back at my hotel I took a cold shower and enjoyed a rather restless night. I was up at eight the next morning, but traffic slowed me and I didn't make it to the studio until just before ten. I discovered I was a little let down because I knew we had covered the majority of the "interesting" scenes the night before, and what could be left? Little did I know.

We started off with a bang. Actually, with several of them.

The scene was in the Mansion, and we were waiting for the pledges to arrive. Sherrilyn and her "assistants" looked exceedingly grim, which boded for excitement, and I noticed with pleasure that Meg was in place as one of the sorority members. (Though I didn't know it at the time, all her scenes would be shot that day.)

Soon an out-of-breath and still completely naked Lori came pounding through the door, and was surprised to learn that it was only fifteen to twelve and she was the first to arrive. A moment later Teri and Jami arrived, somehow paired up. Then Christina and Elisabeth, and finally, Robyn.

Sherrilyn rapped a paddle on the table before her and spoke: "Lori gets one point. You three," --she glared at the last arrivals-- "must take your punishments. Line up in the order you arrived."

Reluctantly the three lined up. Sherrilyn crossed to a couch on the other side of the room and nodded to Missy. Missy lifted a large cloth die and tossed it across the table before the solemn panel of journeywomen (Meg included). It bounced and rolled and stopped on four.

"Four times one equals four!" shouted Sherrilyn, and she motioned for Christina to step behind the couch. Christina bent over the back of the couch resting her palms on the seat. Her rump was protruding behind her, and bent over, her shirt couldn't cover it at all.

Now I had arrived late and had missed the extensive preparations for these scenes. So I had no idea several cameras were hidden in the wall behind the couch. We were shooting the closeups and everything in one take. I also had no idea what the girls had gone through that morning, which made what happened in the next few hours all the more shocking.

WHAM! The paddle in Sherrilyn's hand smacked against Christina's bare bottom. I saw Christina gasp and wince and clench her teeth. WHAM! Again the paddle came down. _WHAM_! The third blow was terrific. I didn't see how Christina could take it. In the mirror behind the couch I could clearly see her bare ass, now vissably growing red. She was undoubtably taking these blows! How could it be possible? I sure wouldn't have stood such pain and humiliation--even for a heck of a lot of money. I watched as Sherrilyn braced herself, pulled the paddle back to Canada somewhere, and let it fly. *WHAM*! It sounded like a gun going off. Christina jumped and a little yelp escaped her lips. But it was over. She stood up stiffly and walked gingerly toward the others.

I saw Elizabeth's face was in horror and fear. My heart leaped. Was she going to get the same thing? And take it? Surely she was too shy for _that_!

Missy rolled the die again and again it landed on four. Sherrilyn grinned. "Four times two is eight!" Elizabeth opened her mouth to protest but Sherrilyn cut her off. "Of the last three, you came in second so yours is doubled. Robyn's, of course, will be tripple what she rolls."

I saw Robyn tremble at that news, and I was shocked and yet stimulated. I looked on as Elizabeth took her place behind the couch. I couldn't help but notice that even without bending over her ass was almost completely visible. And such a nice ass! When she bent over I was astonished at how it blossomed, large and full, smooth and plump, round and tight. How incredible to smack it! To watch it jiggle, to feel it tremble beneath your palm. But eight times with that dreadful paddle! My mind was troubled.

I could barely watch as the first blow struck. WHAM! I saw Elizabeth's eyes go wide and her lips form an O-shape. WHAM! She was biting her lip now. WHAM! Oooh, that one hurt. I could see her wince. WHAM! I looked around me, desperate for some more information. This couldn't be happening! There had to be an explantion. WHAM!

Suddenly I remembered my camera. Almost instantly it was in my hands, and I was focusing my zoom lens towards the scene. For a fraction of a moment I was worried about what the others would think of me taking a picture of this, but a quick glance out of the corner of my eye told me that none had even noticed.

WHAM! That one landed full upon the lower half of Elizabeth's ass. Even bent over the curve of her ass protruded beyond her thighs. In other words, even bending she still had an ass. I like that in a woman.

_WHAM_! That blow shook me to my senses. I watched her bottom jerk forward into the couch and spring back. It was a bright red now, glowing like furnace. That pitiful tail of a shirt seemed miles up her back now, but even that seemed like some amount of protection.

There was no question that it was real, however. It was real. Elisabeth was really being paddled. Her face told me it was true. Her watering eyes, her tense lips.

*WHAM*! The last blow fell with even more force, but it was still a relief. It was over. Silently Elizabeth joined the others.

All eyes now turned toward Robyn. She stood there by the doorway, stunned and afraid. I couldn't believe that even Roger could be so much a film realist, and I couldn't begin to imagine how he had pursuaded so many of Hollywood's most beautiful to bare all and be paddled, but it certainly seemed to be paying off. Robyn was giving the performance of a lifetime. She looked so scared as to almost be ill.

It was then that something interesting happened. Apparently one of the journeywomen had asked for a Diet Coke and Missy had gone to get it. She was returning just as Elisabeth was receiving the last blow. She slowed to watch, but still moving, misjudged and pumped into one of the journeywomen, spilling Coke all over her. She leapt to her feet, furious.

Instantly Missy was all appologies, but the journeywoman motioned to Sherrilyn, who nodded her head. Jerking Missy behind her, the new journeywoman took the paddle from Sherrilyn. In a moment Missy was bent over the couch, her face pale.

"How many?" the journeywoman asked Sherrilyn, who responded with a "Five."

"How do you want it?" the journeywoman asked, her face gleeming with excitement and cruelty. Missy, looking extremely cute and innocent in her fear, hesitated. "Come on," said the paddle-holder, "will it be five, two, or combination?"

Again Missy paused. "Combo," she sighed.

Without another word the journeywoman soundly paddled Missy's butt extremely hard and cruelly. Missy grunted and her faced contorted. Another blow landed, and Missy jerked. Even through her black robe I could see the shape of her rump. She had a rather prominant ass, I thought. And that robe doesn't really do all that much to protect it.

Then the journeywoman paused, as though expecting something. Extremely reluctantly, her face growing even more pale, Missy began pulling up her black sorority robe. After what seemed like an eternity, a round, firm, redded bottom appeared. Missy, flushed with shame, bent back over the couch.

I was impressed. Here Missy, sweet little thing from that sitcom, was buttnaked and being paddled on a movie set! And her ass was worth seeing, too. She was kind of a petite thing, but her ass was round and very pronounced, a bit too large for her tiny body.

The third blow fell on her exposed ass like a gunshot. A sick look flashed across her face, and her whole body trembled. The blows had been even harder than those to the pledges. I noticed something remarkable--Missy's butt was so firm it visibly shook slightly even after the paddle had been withdrawn. Her rump was incredible. Silently Missy covered her butt and returned to her duties as aid.

Sherrilyn turned to the pledges. "Apprentices are just as subject to discipline as pledges. Actually, even journeywomen can be disciplined, but only by a committee vote." She turned and nodded to Missy. "Roll the die."

Missy rolled a five. "Three times five equals _fifteen_!" said Sherrilyn grimly. A somber mood had set it. Missy's mistake had affected the whole procedings. Robyn, pale, stepped forward as if shoved from behind.

"Remove the shirt." Missy didn't hesitate for moment but jumped to get the shirt from Robyn. Sherrilyn glared from behind the couch. "Last one in loses her shirt. Those are the rules." Others from behind the table nodded.

Now even the tattered shirt seemed to posses value, and Robyn reluctantly watched it go. Completely naked now, she slowly walked to behind the couch.

I couldn't help but notice with what grace and elegance she moved. She had an incredibly round ass, firm and tight, and it just rolled ever so smoothly as she walked. Her breasts were firm and actually quite large, larger than I would have given her credit for had I seen her dressed, and very well proportioned. Her lushious red hair flowed down her back fading to nothing about halfway down. Some of the hair flowed down in front and sort of drifted in front of her breasts like a hazy curtain, her dark nipples two black eyes peering from behind. It was incredible erotic.

When I watched her standing naked before me, my eyes flowed down her form. Her skin was so smooth and silky, the transition from neck to chest to breasts to belly to hips to thighs to legs so flawless she seemed like a goddess. Her hips were unbelievable, flaring out just so much, and then zooming in to maintain perfect proportion for her sleek legs.

And her face! That angelic face held such an expression of innocence, puzzlement, and confusion, combined with iron willpower, determination, and softened by pale fear. I swear, never did anyone go with such grace to meet their doom.

As she bent over the couch back, she somehow seemed less vulnerable than the previous girls. She was more exposed, more naked. And yet her face was calm and self-asured. She would survive. She would suceed. She would--_WHAM_!

The force was unbelievable. I looked at frail-seeming Sherrilyn with new respect. She was a demon with that instrument! I watched through my camera lens as Robyn tensed up for the next blow. I saw her butt was quite a distance from the couch back. The other girls had placed their butts as close to the couch and as far from the paddle as they could. But Robyn seemed to have purposely kept away. (Later I was to realize that this toned down the blows slightly, since the paddle traveled less distance and therefore picked up less momentum. Also, against the couch there is very little give, whereas Robyn now had the ability to bend her knees to break the force of the blow.)

WHAM! I myself shook as I saw Robyn's bottom shivering. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Three in row! Sherrilyn really seems to be getting into this, getting worked up. Robyn's butt was blush-red already, and that was only number five.

WHAM! I saw tears streaming down Robyn's cheeks. Through my telephoto lens I followed them as they rolled down her neck and onto her breasts. She was holding her head high and keeping her ass taut--almost taunting Sherrilyn to paddle her with more force--and the tears were all making their slow way towards the nipples of her breasts. WHAM! As Robyn jerked forward from the force of the blow, droplets of tears sprang from her chest and face, including one that was on the verge of dripping from her right nipple. WHAM! Woah! Was Sherrilyn worked up or what? This was unbelievable! How could anyone take this kind of pain?

WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Another set of three! Robyn's body was in convulsions now. The muscles of her butt were contracting and expanding without her will. Tears were flowing freely down her cheeks now. I saw that some had managed to flow between her breasts, and a tiny river was headed for her navel. She was almost vertical now, stretched tight. WHAM! A shiver passed through her whole body. WHAM! Now it was a shudder. The tears had filled her navel and now moved on towards her crotch. Her chest was wet with tears.

WHAM! She _was_ vertical now. Apparently too vertical. Sherrilyn paused and pushed Robyn down and forward, until her thighs were touching the back of the couch, and then continued to push her forward. Soon Robyn was overbalanced, and almost fell forward. Bracing herself with her hands, she froze, her rump at the peak of the couch back, her lithe legs stretched out behind the couch, almost parallel with the floor. Paddle lifted high, Sherrilyn brought it down flat, full across the exposed buttocks on the top of the couch back. WHAM!

I watched as a seisure seemed to grip Robyn. She tensed and leaped to her feet, then relaxed, and it was a glorious sight. An actual smile came to her face the relief was so great. It faded almost instantly, however, as she tried to move. Cautiously she joined the others. And once there breathed an incredible sigh of relief.

It was over.

The End