The Fratority

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The Fratority

(****, MF+/MMMFFF, Severe, Semi-nc, fratorority paddling, humil)

Several pledges vie to become members of a fratorority. (Approximately 12,194 words. Originally published 1999-09.)

Chapter One: Preparation

"Is everyone here?" asked Carlos. His voice was quiet, but everyone heard. Instantly the babble of voices faded. Everyone turned, checking everyone else.

"I count twenty-six present," remarked Annabel, secretary of the Fratority. "All members present, plus the eight pledges applying for membership."

Melinda, the tall, dark-haired president of the club, stood. She walked toward the huddle of pledges. Slowly she glared at each one, walking with her hands behind her, like some fierce general. As usual, the college freshmen were intimidated by her cold demeanor.

Reaching the end of the line, she spun on her heel. "Pledges, tonight is the final initiation into the Fratority of Fi Cappa Delta. This is going to be the supreme test of will. Do you _really_ want to join? If so, step forward, introduce yourself, and ask to be accepted into the Fratority. Once you've be accepted into tonight's initiation, there's no backing out. This is your last chance to withdraw without consequence."

There was a long moment of silence, then a young man, blond, well-dressed, stepped forward. "Eric here, Ma'am. Reporting as ordered. I ask to join this Fratority and I submit myself to your judgement. I swear to uphold all rules and regulations of Fi Cappa Delta." He knelt, bowing his head.

Immediately, a tall girl stepped next to Eric. She was stunningly beautiful, with incredibly long dark hair and an angelic face. She stood straight and with an expression of utmost seriousness on her face, said: "Lisa here. I, too, ask to join this Fratority and submit myself to the judgement of the members." Then she knelt, staring at the floor.

James, wearing a black leather jacket and torn jeans, was next. He repeated the oath and knelt, but he didn't look down.

Bobby, wearing a slightly faded high school letterman's jacket, quickly stepped up near James. "I, uh, ask to join this Fratority and submit myself to the judgement of the members." He knelt awkwardly.

Melinda glared at the jock. "Didn't you forget something?"

"Uh, I don't think so."

She sighed. "Your name?"

"Oh, uh, yeah. It's Bobby. But you know that!" He appeared genuinely puzzled.

Melinda marched over in front of the huge athlete. She spat full in his face, the globule of spit slowly drifting down from his left eye. Bobby froze and didn't move.

"How many times must you be taught to obey my instructions without question? Don't try to think, just obey!"

Bobby looked crushed and his cheeks went pink. "I'm sorry, Ma'am," he said meekly.

"Not sorry enough. Carlos -- get me a paddle."

In seconds the vice president handed over a large wooden board with a six-inch handle. One side of the board was smooth and highly polished, the other engraved with the Fi Cappa Delta letters and insignia. Melinda handled the board like a professional, easily swinging the heavy paddle.

"Kiss the floor, pledge!" she snapped. Bobby obeyed with dull sigh, leaning forward until his lips pressed against the carpet and his ass was up in the air.

There was a dull WHACK as the paddle thudded against his butt. He didn't move. Again and again the paddle came down. Bobby wiggled a bit, but didn't move or resist. After ten hard wallops, Melinda stopped. "Stay like that until I release you," she ordered.

"Yesh M'mmm," muttered Bobby, frozen with his lips still in the carpet.

"Okay, next pledge!"

Boldly, a nervous young man came forward. He was small and thin, rather bookish, his eyes hidden behind thick glasses. "I'm Thomas," he said rather defiantly, as though daring anyone to contradict him. His voice softened. "I'd like nothing better than to be a member of Fi Cappa Delta." He knelt, saying, "I submit myself to the judgement of the members."

There was a moment of silence, then a petite girl nervously stepped forward. She was a tiny thing, quite pretty, but dressed conservatively with a long skirt and heavy blouse. "Carrie, Ma'am. I ask to join this Fratority and submit myself to the judgement of the members." She knelt quietly and looked at the floor, her cheeks flaming slightly. Her eyes flickered to Bobby and her blush increased.

"Hey, don't leave me out," cried Donna. She was a pretty blond. Her decent figure was enhanced by her indecent outfit of a low-cut shirt and a nearly-nothing black mini. "I'm Donna." She winked broadly at Carlos and popped her gum noisily. "I ask to join this... this Fratority thing, and I, uh, submit to the members." She knelt with a big, flashy grin, showing lots of teeth.

Melinda was not amused. She approached the girl and held out her hand just below the girl's mouth. Donna looked up questioningly, and then spat out her gum in the president's hand. Melinda stared at the gum and moment, then calmly turned her hand over and pressed it against Donna's blond head.

Donna shrieked in horror. "Hey, what the fuck do you think you're doing!"

Melinda rubbed the gum in viciously, then wiped her hand on the back of Donna's shirt. "You need to learn some respect," she murmured.

The blond girl was furious, spitting out vile phrases and vainly attempting to separate her hair from the gum. "You fucking bitch!" she screamed. "How dare you --"

There was a loud slap and Donna froze, her left cheek bright pink. Melinda stood in front of her, eyes blazing. "Shut up, you fucking cow, or I'll make use of that paddle!"

Donna fell silent then, her eyes darted at Bobby's ass, still thrust up in the air as though waiting for more punishment. "You ruined my hair," she whined softly. She stared at the carpet in misery.

Melinda shrugged. "Next!"

A slinky, sexy girl took a step forward. She was small, but built like a dream. She knew it, too. She smirked at the guys in the audience and stood with a hand on one cocked hip. "I'm Danielle," she soothed. "And I'd _love_ to join this fucking Fratority." There were ripples of laughter from the members, which quickly died off at a glare from Melinda. Danielle flicked her reddish-brown hair and bowed to Melinda. "I submit myself to the judgement of the members."

The president seemed mollified by the submissive attitude of the pretty girl, and she smiled.

"Good. Eight pledges, ready to join. As you are aware, there is only room for six new members to replace the seniors who graduated last year. Fi Cappa Delta has a strict membership of six from each class, three males and three females. That means two of you, one male and one female, will not be accepted."

She cast a stern eye across the kneeling group of college freshmen. The faces of all the pledges grew serious at her words, for they knew that whatever they endured, there was always the chance it was for nothing.

"Tonight begins a weekend of initiation like none of you have imagined. It will be difficult, humiliating, and painful. But if your attitude's right, you obey and try your hardest, we will see how badly you want to join this Fratority and we'll grant you full membership, with all the privileges and responsibilities that entails."

Melinda turned to Carlos. "Is everything ready?" The young man nodded. "Good. Then we shall begin. Pledges, we are going on a trip. We won't be back on campus until Sunday night, so I hope you've cleared everything with your dorms and families and shit. Cause there ain't gonna be no way to contact anyone where we're going!"

Chapter Two: The Trip

Annabel approached Melinda with an armful of white shirts neatly folded.

"Ah, here we go." The president of Fratority turned to the nervous pledges. "Rise, pledges, and disrobe." She glared at the hesitant freshmen. "Hurry up, last one naked gets five whacks with the paddle!"

Immediately there was scurrying of effect to strip. Danielle was the quickest. She wore no panties and bra under her tiny outfit and in seconds she was completely nude before the group. She made no attempt to cover herself, but boldly showed everything.

James and Bobby quickly followed, giggling and ogling Danielle and covering their crotches with their hands.

"Stand at attention, boys," shouted Melinda. "Hands on heads! That goes for you, too, Danielle."

The redhead shrugged and calmly put her hands on her head. The two boys obeyed, blushing as their erect cocks were put on display.

Meanwhile, the other pledges were busy stripping. Lisa was naked, showing off her gorgeous tits and furry bush. Thomas was blushing but he'd managed to get undressed. He tried not to look at Bobby's big cock and compare it to his own. Next to him, Donna stood freshly naked, playing woefully with the gum in her hair. The race now was between Eric and Carrie. Carrie was out of her clothes and had removed her bra but was hesitating at her panties until she saw Eric struggling to unlace his shoes. His pristine suit and tie lay folded neatly beside him. In seconds it was over, with a nude Carrie trembling before everyone and Eric still working on his left shoe.

"I guess you're last," said Melinda with a wicked grin. Eric shrugged. At the president's order, he stepped out before everyone and bent over and grabbed his ankles. His bare ass was round and rather cute, but incredibly pale. Melinda took care of that. After five hard wallops with the big board, Eric's ass was as red as a cardinal, and he was leaping about and trying not to scream.

"T-thank you, Madame President," he blurted out finally.

"You're welcome," said Melinda with a wink, her hand sliding down to give Eric's butt a sharp squeeze as he returned to his place in the line up. He stood blushing as she snatched up a T-shirt from the pile and handed it to him. "One per pledge," she said, tossing out T-shirts.

The pledges darted forward, grabbing at the shirts eagerly, and quickly put them on. They were various sizes, some oversize, some petite. Depending on the size of the pledge, the shirts either covered up the privates or didn't quite. Bobby had the misfortune of being too large for any of the shirts -- his big pink ass peeked out below the tail of his shirt, and nothing he did could hide the prominent organ in front.

The excitement and relief of dressing had released most the formal atmosphere of the Fratority, and the pledges were giggling and blushing as they mocked each other. Even the full members were amused.

"Alright, pair up!" shouted Melinda, attempting to regain order. "Make boy-girl couples and pair up!"

Awkwardly, the pledges fell into four groups. Lisa and Eric were together, as were Bobby and Donna. James eagerly fell in with Danielle, and a reluctant Carrie was paired with a bashful Thomas.

"Face each other and embrace one another," said Melinda. As the couples giggled and obeyed, members of the Fratority surrounded them. Several carried wide leather thongs and others strips of dark cloth. Quickly and efficiently, each couple was bound together. Wrists were tied together behind the back of the other person, and the four ankles were tightly wrapped. The cloth strips served as blindfolds.

Tension was mounting as the pledges had no idea what was going to happen to them. Danielle and James, giggling at their close contact, over balanced and went crashing to the ground, unable to move to catch themselves. The members just laughed at their writhing.

"Serves you right," muttered Jon, giving James a hard toe poke in the back. "Stand still and that won't happen."

"Now before we go out into the cold," commented Melinda, "I think these pledges need a little warming up." She pinched Lisa's plump buttocks where they peeked out from beneath her shirt.

There were grins from the various members as paddles were produced and passed around. Four guys lined up behind the four female pledges, and four female members behind the four male pledges.

"Ten swats each!" called out Melinda, and the mass paddling began. The room was awash with thuds and smacks and howls and ouches. Then it was done, eight pairs of pink buttocks steaming silently.

The pledges were carefully lifted and carried outside. It was chilly, an evening breeze blowing, and the pledges voiced fear and protest at the indignity of being tied up half-naked and carried into public view. But they weren't in view for long.

In the parking lot, the trunks of several vehicles were opened and a pair of pledges placed inside each. James protested loudly that it was too cold. There was a single blanket on the floor of the trunk, but it didn't help much, considering the shortness of the T-shirts. Jon closed the trunk door on James and Danielle without even a pause.

"Isn't this fun?" whispered Danielle with a coarse laugh. Her breasts were pressed tightly against James' chest and he grunted, moving his face to hers to kiss her. She let him for a few seconds, then broke away, giggling. "What are they going to do with us?"

"I don't know. But if we're to be stuck in this trunk all night, I'm going to sue somebody. This is inhuman. My wrists --" He paused as the car began to vibrate. "Wait. We're going somewhere."

* * * * *

The troop of five cars headed toward the freeway, going at modest speed. Carlos drove one car, Melinda next to him. She laughed and threw a pillow at Annabel, in the back seat. "Wake up, sleepy head. It's not time for a nap!"

Annabel groaned. "Come on, I was up at six this morning to study for that Chemistry quiz. Besides, we've got hours to go."

Carlos smiled. "I hope no one has to go! We'll stop for a pee break near Dante, but otherwise, it's non-stop all the way."

"I can't wait," murmured Melinda. "Fall initiation is always my favorite. Remember yours?"

"Remember it? You paddled my ass into raw hamburger, you sexy bitch!"

"Yeah, but I made up for it, didn't I?" giggled the senior, her hand sliding up the driver's thigh.

"Woah, dear! Enough of that! I'm driving, remember?"

Melinda sighed and took her hand away. "I can remember being bound up in that trunk like it was yesterday. I thought surely I wouldn't live out the weekend. I was almost right, too."

"Yeah, wasn't it Gregg who was your taskmaster? He always had a thing for your ass, even when he graduated."

"He taught me how to handle pledges, all right."

"So you blame your bitchiness on him?"

Melinda laughed. "Oh, no! I take full credit for being a bitch. He just taught me how to control the natural talent."

"With lots of lessons over his knee, I bet."

"That," murmured Melinda with a gentle blush, "and other positions."

"Oh! You and he--"

"Oh come on, it's not like it was a secret. Isn't that half the point of the Fratority, after all? Combining the best of the Fraternity and Sorority so there's always a guy for every girl."

"Of course," answered Carlos. "I just thought you hated Gregg. You always talked about what a mean bastard he was."

"I do hate him. I love him, too. It's one of those hate-love things," she teased, showing her beautiful white teeth as she smiled.

"You're a naughty bitch," growled Carlos. "You make me want to pull the car over and take you over my knee!"

"You wouldn't dare!"

"Try me."

Melinda fell silent at that, occasionally glancing at the dark-haired young man with a questioning expression.

It was an hour later when they pulled over for a rest stop. Behind them, the other vehicles followed suit. Carlos popped the trunk lid got out of the car.

It was a beautiful evening, quiet and peaceful. The tiny highway was deserted and lonely, an empty stretch several miles long, surrounded by heavy forests. This was Washington at its best.

* * * * *

"You fuckers are too late!" roared Bobby when the trunk above his head was swung opened. "The bitch peed all over me!"

"It wasn't my fault!" shouted Donna. "I couldn't help it!"

Rudy, Aaron, and Morgan, the three members in charge of freeing the couple, burst out laughing at the sight. The trunk reeked of urine and the pledges' white shirts were stained yellow in several places. It was obvious that Bobby was not happy with his pairing. The two were shouting at each during the whole time the three members hauled them out. Once unbound, they quickly parted.

"Where's the bathroom?" cried Donna. "I still have to go!" She clutched her crotch openly, frantically hoping from one foot to the other.

"This is it," grinned Rudy.

"The great outdoors," laughed Aaron.

"What? You mean I have to... to..."

"Use a tree?"

Donna stared at the men in horror. "You've got to be kidding."

"Fraid not, darling," said Rudy. "Don't worry, though -- we'll be right with you to help out."

The blond girl's horror doubled as her cheeks went scarlet. "You can't do that. Leave me alone. I'll go over there, behind that tree."

"Sorry," said Morgan, the oldest of the three men. "We're not allowed to let you out of our sight."

"What about Bobby?"

"Courtney and Allison have him under close observation, I can assure you."

Donna glared at the three guys following her. "This is sick and disgusting. I really have to go bad."

"So go. No one's stopping you."

"Arrggh!" howled Donna. She kicked a pine cone. "So, you wanna watch me pee, eh? Well, fine! I hope you get more than you bargained for!"

She turned her back on the men and squatted, her ass thrusting out beneath the hem of her short shirt. As the men watched, craning their necks to see, a stream of urine sprayed from between her legs onto the ground. Her face was crimson as the men giggled and made smart remarks to encourage her efforts.

Ignoring them, she concentrated, and soon it wasn't just urine but feces decorating the ground.

"Shit, what's that smell!" mocked Aaron.

"Smells like a dirty diaper!" added Rudy.

"Would you shut the fuck up and get me some toilet paper!" snapped Donna, her outrage making her face turn purple. She stood up, holding the tale of her shirt up so it wouldn't get dirty, despite the fact it meant the guys had a clear view of her bare ass.

"Sorry, no toilet paper here."


"Guess you'll have to use a leaf. Just make sure you know _which_ kind of leaf to use. I had a sister who tried it with poison oak once..."

"Come on, guys, she's had enough," said Morgan, stepping forward with a large paper towel. Indeed, the blond looked like she was about to cry. Her eyes were bloodshot, her hair a sticky mess, her shirt stained. She looked like she'd spent the trip up inside a whirling dryer.

"Aw, the poor baby," whined Rudy. "Not having a good day, is she?"

"Fuck you," said Donna. "Eat asswipe!" She shoved the shit-covered paper towel in his face. Rudy went down with a howl, falling backwards in an attempt to avoid the girl's gift.

"That fucking bitch!" he screamed, leaping up and ready to tear her limb from limb. Morgan placed a hand on his shoulder, halting his charge.

"Let her go," he said sternly.

"But she--"

"You deserved it. We're supposed to annoy and embarrass, not cause mental breakdowns. You went too far."

"I did not! That girl's a psycho! She shouldn't be allowed near the Fratority!"

Morgan shrugged. "When it's time to vote, you can do what you like. For now, wipe off your face. And get away from me -- you stink!"

Back at the side of the road, pledges and members were gathering near the cars. People were chatting quietly, stretching their cramped muscles, and drinking water from a cooler.

"You pledges ready to continue the drive?" asked Melinda, finally, after everyone had relieved and refreshed themselves.

"Not in the trunks again!" moaned Danielle.

"Of course."

"How much longer do we have to go?" asked Lisa

"Oh, it's not too far. Maybe another hour and a half."

"Of course the last half hour is really bumpy!" said Carlos, laughing at the horrified expressions of the pledges.

"I don't care what you say, I'm not pair up with _him_ again," Donna said sullenly, pointing at Bobby.

"That goes double for me!" roared the big jock. "Prissy bitch."


"Why you little--"

Whatever oration Bobby had been prepared to give was cut off by two of the seniors, Morgan and Ash. They grabbed him before he could move, wrestling him to the ground.

Melinda approached Donna. "You will pair with whoever we say you will," she said slowly, enunciating her words carefully. "Unless you'd rather walk home and forget being a part of the Fratority."

Donna sulked, but didn't say anything. Bobby glared but didn't protest.

"Good," continued Melinda. "Fi Cappa Delta people stick together and help each other, even if they hate each other. Everyone pair up with your original partner and we'll tie you up for the rest of the trip."

As soon as the couples were bound together again, Melinda announced it was time for another "warming." Eagerly, eight Fratority members -- a different eight this time -- lined up with the pledges and delivered ten stinging blows to the bottom's exposed to them. In the quiet night of the deserted highway the paddlings seemed mild, but the pledges yelped and fussed as though being branded.

Soon they were back in the trunks with plenty of time to nurse their sore backsides, and the caravan continued its journey.

Chapter Three: Camp

The troop arrived at the camping area near ten o'clock. In ten minutes the cars were unloaded and the pledges had been untied. Blindfolds remained in place, however, and once each pledge had put on a heavy backpack and hiking boots, they were roped together for the long walk to the campsite.

It was a difficult trek. The night was cool, and Lisa's shirt was thin and far too short. Her long bare legs were goosepimpled in minutes. Her pack was heavy, and not being able to see the rocky path meant she had to completely trust the pledge in front of her. It was a slow, stumbling hike that took over forty minutes. She was exhausted and relieved when told they'd arrived at the campsite.

That was just the beginning, however. She barely had time to look around and see the lonely wooden area were they were to spend the weekend. There was a camp to create! There were packs to unpack, tents to erect, water to fetch, wood to cut, fires to build, supper to cook, and dishes to wash. The full members guided and ordered, but it was the pledges who were required to do most of the grunt work. Lisa had never been so grateful to get into bed as she was late that night. In the little tent with Danielle, Carrie, and Donna, she was warm inside her sleeping bag and fell asleep in minutes, despite the warning of dire pledge tests to come in the morning.

She'd barely shut her eyes when she was blinded by the bright beam of a flashlight. At first she couldn't even remember where she was -- then it all came back in a flash: the horrible car ride in the trunk, the paddlings, the long blindfolded walk.

"Up and at 'em!" roared Melinda, and Lisa found herself and the other girls being yanked out of sleeping bags and driven toward the fire. The full members all held large wooden paddles and made good use of them: Lisa got several "encouraging" smacks which quickly woke her up.

"It's exercise time!" shouted Melinda.

"But's it's not even daylight," whined Donna, still half-asleep.

"We can't have slept more than an hour," protested James.

Members stepped forward and both pledges earned themselves several hearty wallops.

'Okay, okay!" shouted James. "We'll exercise!"

"Jumping jacks," said Melinda, demonstrating. Slowly the pledges began to leap and touch their hands together above their heads. Once warmed up, she moved to stretches, push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and high stepping. She was fit and athletic and before long the pledges were gasping and struggling to keep up with her. She kept a fierce eye out for stragglers. "Danielle, you're slacking off!"

Before Danielle could stop it, several members were grabbing and bending her over for hard smacks from wooden paddles. It made a wonderful motivater.

Lisa couldn't believe what was happening. Here she was, half naked, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night, doing jumping jacks and other silly exercises! Still, the stinging swats of the paddles reminded her to do her best. Already her ass felt unduly sore and she had the dark suspicion this was just the beginning.

During the push-ups phase of the exercise, neither Lisa or Carrie could complete the required twenty, and thus both earned themselves ten paddle swats. At least Thomas and Eric joined them.

After the exercising, Melinda told the pledges to put their hiking boots on. Then she gave each pledge a given a pocketknife. "Now go into the woods and cut yourself a long switch. And it better be a good one, or I'll reject it when you bring it back!" She glanced at her watch. "You have two minutes. Last one gets ten swats!"

Frantically, Lisa raced off into the dark woods, searching for a nice tree branch. She thought found one but it proved too thick for her knife, which meant it was probably too thick anyway. The next one broke in her hand when she tried to swing it. She finally found a decent one and stripped off the twigs as she returned to the camp.

As she arrived, she saw Melinda shaking her head and throwing Donna's switch into the fire, indicating she'd have to find another. Trembling, Lisa presented hers and was relieved when Melinda nodded and indicated she was to get in line. Lisa saw James and Bobby were already there, as one Danielle. Each held long green sticks which they swished through the air menacingly.

Carrie arrived finally, then Thomas and Eric. Last of all was poor Donna, with a decent switch this time. She was promptly bent over in front of the fire and paddled hard for everyone's amusement.

"Okay, who's the youngest?"

After a brief comparison of birthdays, it was Carrie who stepped forward.

"Good," nodded Melinda. "Then you go to the head of the pack." She positioned the petite girl and quickly rearranged the others, putting James behind Carrie, Lisa behind James, Bobby next, then Donna, Thomas, Danielle, and Eric at the back.

"You're going on a run," announced Melinda. "Members are going to light the path with flashlights." At her signal, the rest of the troop began to file into the woods leaving just Melinda and the pledges. Lights began to illuminate a trail through the dark forest.

"While you run, you are to switch the bottom of the person in front of you to encourage them to go faster. I want real licks, gang. When we get to the end, if there's anyone without a bunch of red lines on his or her ass, you'll be getting double from me! Is that clear?"

The pledges nodded glumly, each suddenly taking a new interest in the person before or behind them.

At a signal from Melinda, off went the runners. To Lisa, running near the front, the whole thing was a bizarre, surreal nightmare. There was plenty of moonlight, except in the woods, where it was dark and spooky. Every twenty or thirty feet was the glow of bright light from a member's flashlight, revealing the path and the direction to head. Running with heavy boots and barely nothing up top was also strange.

Then there was the switching. Lisa was concentrating on running and following the path that she forgot about the switching until a thin line of fire scorched her behind. She yelled in surprise, then struck out with her own, giving James' ass a good whack. From that moment on, she switched as much as she ran. Behind her, Bobby was doing a mighty good job of ensuring her ass was covered with plenty of red lines, so she passed on as many as she could forward. She could hear the swishes and snicks of the switches, the pants and grunts and yelps of the other pledges, and the cheers and mocking laughter of the members they jogged along side.

Among the other pledges, Donna was taking out her revenge on Bobby, by whipping him viciously (hence his enthusiasm at whipping Lisa, not that he needed much encouragement to smack those luscious thighs and buns). Thomas, delighted at the chance to see Donna's perky ass, did his best to make sure she got marked. Behind him, Danielle spent more time yelping and grasping her own wounded ass than she did switching, for Eric was merciless, exulting in the delicious sight before him. Eric was especially surprised to realize that since there was no one behind him, he was switch-free!

After a half-mile run, which, despite the motivational switches, took five or six minutes through the winding forest path, the troop came to a stop. They stood panting and rubbing their bottoms and thighs as they stared at the river before them. It was about twenty-five feet across, shallow, but moving at a good pace. Melinda was there, obviously having taken a shorter route.

"Welcome, pledges. Let's see how the switching went. Everyone line up and bend over and show us your butts!"

Groaning, the pledges obeyed. They each lifted their shirts up to expose their bottoms (some had to lift less than others). Melinda nodded at Carrie, whose bottom bore a nice network of red. James and Lisa passed with flying colors, as did Bobby. Melinda hesitated with Donna, but taking Thomas' switch she gave the blond three sharp cuts that had the younger girl howling.

"That will do," Melinda said with a grin. She inspected Thomas next, and was surprised to find few marks. "Danielle, why did you neglect your pledge buddy?"

"I didn't!" protested Danielle. "It's just, well, I was kinda preoccupied with my own ass."

"Your failure is going to cost Thomas," frowned Melinda. She still held Thomas' switch so she made good use of it, bringing it down a dozen times across his bared haunches. Thomas yelped and protested, but remained in position.

Next, Melinda examined Danielle and saw that her bottom was well-scorched with dozens of vivid lines. "Ah, I see your problem," smiled the president. "Eric, you were most encouraging. Let's see if Carrie can be as diligent. Carrie, come over here."

The petite girl, looking around nervously, came over to Melinda. The woman nodded. "Take your switch and give Eric, here, two dozen really hard ones. That will make up for you being at the front and him being at the back."

Slowly a smile appeared on Carrie's gentle face. Her eyes burned brightly as she approached a suddenly nervous Eric. "Hey, wait a second!" cried Eric, but he was given no quarter. The first few strikes were weak and ineffectual, but as she gained confidence, she began to switch him viciously, really lashing his ass and upper thighs something awful. Melinda and the other members laughed at the amusement.

When it was over, Melinda gathered all the switches and tossed them into the river, where they gracefully washed out of sight. "There's one final test for tonight. Now that your bodies and butts are all nice and warm, it's time to cool them off. We're about to have a little swimming contest, all the way to the other side of the river and back again. At the other side you must get completely out of the water before turning around and getting back in again. Last one back gets a really nice paddling."

The pledges all groaned in horror as they looked at the river. It looked freezing cold.

"There's only one other thing: you should take off your shirt before you get in that water. Now you don't have to, but if you don't, it's going to be wet and cold and stuck to your skin the whole way back to camp. So keep that in mind."

Donna held up her hand.


"What if we don't know how to swim?" she asked forlornly.

"Well, now that's not my problem, is it," answered the Fratority president. "But you don't really need to know anything -- the water's only three feet deep. You can walk across."

Donna looked terrified. "I can't go in there."

Melinda shrugged. "Fine. We'll just give you a paddling for not swimming, plus another one for coming in last."

Donna shuddered, reaching back to massage her sore butt. "No more paddling, please!"

"Then, on your marks, everybody go!"

There was a moment where no body moved, then Bobby, holding his shirt up by his neck, darted into the water. "Ahhhh!" he screamed. "It's fucking f-f-freezing!" Still, he kept going, walking across the river. James quickly followed, mimicking the jock after seeing that the water only came up to Bobby's waist.

Lisa reluctantly slipped off her shirt. As part of a losing bet she'd been in a wet T-shirt contest once and had no desire to do that again. Completely naked, she walked to the water's edge and carefully stepped in. It _was_ freezing, and after a few hesitant steps she threw herself into the river with a splash, always the best way to get used to cold water. It took her breath away for a moment, but then she realized how good the water felt against the hot stripes on her ass. She began to swim with powerful overarm strokes.

Carrie and Donna followed, neither removing their shirts. Thomas and Eric took off theirs and plunged in with plenty of cursing and screaming, especially from Eric, whose ass was so freshly whipped. Danielle, watching from the sidelines, gave a shy glance over her shoulder at the group of members watching, then slipped off her shirt and walked proudly naked to the water. Her pretty, plump little ass swayed back and forth as she sashayed her way to the river, the score of red weals only adding to the cuteness of her bottom. Once in the water, she stretched out and began to swim. She passed Donna who was balking where the water reached her crotch.

Meanwhile, Bobby, James, and Lisa climbed out onto the rocky bank on the other side, their hiking boots leaden with water and making squishing sounds as they walked. They didn't spend much time but quickly took deep breaths and plunged back into the water, which seemed much colder the second time.

Thomas, proving to be a good swimmer, was next out, quickly followed by Danielle and Carrie. All three went back in together, just as Eric slogged his way out. Diving back in, he swam past a shivering Donna, who stood in the middle of the river, afraid to go farther. She could see she'd already lost the race and that further disheartened her.

"Better complete the course, Donna Dear," called out the ever-cheerful Melinda. "If you don't, it's _two_ paddlings!"

Gritting her teeth, the blond began to walk again. She was crying, mumbling to herself. She made it to the other side and climbed out.

The other pledges were all back and stood shivering, watching. The ones intelligent enough to strip completely were enjoying warm, dry T-shirts, but Carrie, who'd kept hers on, was the picture of misery, her icy wet shirt clinging to her tiny body and showing off her slender curves in a far more obscene fashion than if she'd just stripped naked.

With a deep breath, Donna plunged back into the water and sloughed across. She was confident she could make it this time, but it was still slow work, fighting the current and making sure you didn't lose your footing. Her shirt clung to her body and outlined her large breasts in a stunning manner, drawing appreciative whoops from the male Fratority members. Donna blushed and ignored them, and concentrated on just getting through the race. There were cheers of congratulations from the other pledges when she made it and stood panting and dripping on the shore, and even Donna managed to smile.

"I didn't think I could do it but I did!" she gasped.

"Maybe this had something to do with it?" asked Melinda, holding up a large pledge paddle.

"Hell yeah!" spat Donna. "My ass is blistered enough without earning TWO paddlings!"

"Well, you earned one, so let's get it over with."

Donna obediently bent over, and she didn't even protest when Melinda lifted her wet shirt up to expose her entire bare ass, or when she rotated the girl so her ass faced the assembled members. A dozen flashlights lit up the girl's ass like so many spotlights. Not waiting for anything, Melinda began to paddle the girl. She paddled quickly and efficiently, but they were extremely hard wallops that nearly knocked the poor blond over. She was in tears in seconds, howling and kicking her legs in frustration at the pain. Then it was over, ten blistering swats administered, and Donna stood there crying softly and nursing her sore buttocks.

Everyone was exhausted by this time, and even the members were tired. The whole group formed a loose line and headed back for camp. They took the shorter path, and the walk only took several minutes. Still, it was with tremendous joy that the pledges saw the blazing fire and ran to warm themselves. They stood front first, since their behinds were already plenty warm.

Then it was time for bed, this time for real, and the entire camp was asleep in seconds.

Chapter Four: Morning Tests

Melinda woke up several minutes before the alarm on her watch was scheduled to beep. She quietly rose and left her tent. It was barely dawn, with only the faintest light showing in the east. The pale night sky still twinkled with stars.

The Fratority leader stretched and yawned. She loved mornings. Growing up in a family of four brothers and two sisters, she'd learned early on the privacy getting up early afforded.

She rebuilt the fire, then headed for the river for a morning bath. At the water edge she slipped off her sweater and jogging pants and dove into the river. It was freezing, but the revived her. She didn't stay long, just long enough to rise off and fondle her body for a few minutes, enjoying the lusty thoughts that traveled through her brain at being naked and alone in the middle of the gloomy forest.

Dressed and back at camp, she warmed herself by the fire for a while, then woke up Carlos and several other key leaders. Within ten minutes most of the Fratority members were up, dressed, and after a few minutes alone in the woods, ready for the day.

Melinda whispered to Carlos: "Everyone in position?"

He nodded, and she began blowing a shrill whistle. Tammy and Nicole sounded airhorns, and combined with the shouts of the Fratority members, the sound was deafening. Like a SWAT team midnight raid, paddle-wielding men and women converged on the tents of the unsuspecting pledges.

"Up and at'em!" screamed Melinda and several others. "Get those butts outside!"

There were cries of horror, pain, and dismay as the startled pledges tumbled out of their tents, clutching their burning bottoms and running from the swinging wooden boards.

"Leave your shirts inside!" ordered Melinda, and her colleagues enforced the command with stinging swats to exposed bottoms.

Soon the chaos was over and eight bewildered and cranky pledges stood shivering in the clearing. They were all naked, vainly attempting to cover themselves with their arms and hands. At a command from Melinda, the pledges reluctantly moved their hands to their heads, leaving their bodies vulnerably exposed.

"Good morning, pledges," said Melinda pleasantly, pacing in front of the group. She studied them. They looked an odd combination of half-asleep, terrified, and desperate. No one's hair was combed or brushed, and all of them looked rather haggard and tired.

"Stand up straight!" roared the president sternly. "You look despicable! What a mess! Since you all seem so tired, we shall begin with a wake-up procedure."

Immediately, members stepped forward with their paddles and began. The pledges yelped and moaned, but none except Donna tried to escape. Each was given ten hard wallops, except Donna, who was held down and spanked double.

After the wake-up, pledges were given the chance to relieve themselves. This, like everything else, proved humiliating. Each pledge was required to pick a Fratority member to accompany them in the woods and "assist" them in the task. The trick was the selected member had to be someone of the opposite sex.

"This procedure will be the one followed for the entire weekend," said Melinda. "If you ever need to relieve yourself, you may not do it alone. You MUST find a Fratority member to assist you."

After a moment of awkward and embarrassed silence, pledges paired off with Fratority members and disappeared into the woods, only to reappear red-faced and flustered a few minutes later.

"Your duty this morning is to prepare breakfast for everyone!" announced Melinda. "If you burn the pancakes or for any other reason breakfast isn't wonderful, your butts will pay!"

What followed was a comedy along the lines of Abbott and Castello, except in color. Naked pledges ran everywhere, frantically searching for supplies like milk and eggs and Bisquick, while others struggled over the open fires, attempting to grill eggs and bacon and pancakes. It was discovered that there was no spatula, so the pancakes had to be flipped manually, which resulted in hilarious mistakes and numerous sore bottoms.

The pledges were only allowed to eat after the Fratority members had their fill. They had to wolf down their food as there was immediate pressure to clean up the breakfast dishes, a chore made exciting by the lack of running water and the constant threat of paddle-wielding Fratority members lurking everywhere.

After clean-up was a morning run, this time without the switches, followed by bathing in the river. Then it was a sprint back to camp, with poor Carrie the last to arrive, and dutifully bending over for her smacks.

"Now we go on a hike!" announced Melinda. Empty backpacks were distributed, and then the pledges were ordered to fill them with rocks. Lots of rocks. The girls' packs were filled half-full, while the guys had to fill theirs all the way. This made hiking an arduous affair, clad only in boots, shirt, and heavy pack, but the Fratority members were there to provide plenty of incentive, big wooden paddles at the ready.

"Can't we stop for a rest?" moaned Donna at one point.

"Sure," laughed Melinda. "Any time if one of you wants a rest, just say the word."

"Well, then I say let's stop for a breather!"

Melinda quickly called everyone to a halt. As everyone groaned and sank to the ground in relief, the president approached Donna. In her hand was a big paddle.

"Get in position, Donna."

"What? What did I do?"

"You wanted a rest."

"What's wrong with that? We're exhausted!"

Melinda laughed. "There's nothing wrong with a rest, but you've got to pay the price. It's one swat per minute of rest."

Donna couldn't believe it. "That's not fair! You didn't tell me that."

"Live and learn," grinned Melinda.

"Well why me? Everyone else is tired, too."

"You're the one who called the halt."

"Shit!" exclaimed Donna. "If I'd known that I'd have kept hiking!" But she got in position as ordered and took five swats: a five minute break for everyone.

It was nearly an hour of hiking before someone gave in. Little Danielle brought the gang to a grateful halt. "I don't care about the paddling," she panted. "Just give me ten swats and let me not move for ten minutes!"

After that, a chivalrous James and Bobby each took five when they saw the girls becoming tired, and then Eric did the same. James was going to take another when Lisa beat him to it. Thomas decided he'd be the brave one and asked for five just before noon, and but a few minutes later, they arrived at their destination.

"Shit, if I'd known we were this close, I could have saved my ass!" he moaned, and everyone laughed.

Their destination proved worth the hike: a secluded pool with a small waterfall, and a grassy knoll which made a perfect picnic spot. The Fratority members quickly went for a much needed swim, while the pledges were put to work preparing lunch.

Lunch was sandwiches, chips, fruit, and cookies. The fixings had been carried in packs by several of the more athletic Fratority members; the pledges took orders and made custom sandwiches for everyone. Donna forgot and put mustard on one of Jon's sandwiches, which earned her five smacks with the paddle, but she wasn't the only one: James, Thomas, and Danielle all earned spankings for one reason or another.

After lunch the pledges were allowed to go skinny-dipping, the cool water wonderful after the sweaty hike. The afternoon was spent swimming and relaxing in the shade, until Melinda announced it was time for the hike home.

This time there were some changes. The rock-filled backs were emptied and given to Fratority members to carry, along with the shirts of all the pledges.

"Guys, line up here," ordered Melinda, and James, Bobby, Thomas, and Eric quickly obeyed. "Girls, climb on their backs!" laughed Melinda. "The boys are giving you a piggyback ride home!"

The girls grinned at this, for they weren't looking forward to the long hike back to camp, even though it was cooler and the going would be mostly downhill.

But then there were awkward decisions to make: the girls, like the boys, were naked except for boots. Rubbing naked bodies together for a three-hour hike meant you'd better choose your partner well!

Lisa quickly chose James, while Donna jumped on Bobby and Danielle selected Eric. That left the shy Carrie and Thomas together. The girls all clambered aboard their men and the hike back began.

For the guys, it started out quite pleasant, having a naked girl clinging to your back, her breasts pressed against your skin, her crotch rubbing your ass. But it didn't take long for the girls to begin to weigh something, and soon they were abominably heavy. Then they got sweaty under the warm sun, which made holding them difficult. Donna slipped off Bobby at one point, and both were given five swats with the paddle.

Rest stops were handled just as before, except this time it was the guys who constantly needed to stop. Donna called a stop once, because she needed to pee so badly, but it was mostly Thomas and Eric.

At each stop, Melinda had the girls rotate to a different ride, thus all the guys got to experience different girls, and the vice versa. It worked well except when a large girl like Lisa ended up on a small guy like Thomas, but that just meant he was likely to be the one to call the next stop.

Fortunately, the trip back was much easier, being mostly downhill and in the cooler evening temperature. Melinda also took them a slightly shorter route, announcing that if they didn't take too many rest breaks, they'd be back at camp in just over two hours instead of three.

At what she judged was the three-quarter point, Melinda called the troop to a halt.

"Yeah! Melinda gets a spanking!" laughed Donna, only to find her humor met by a stern stare and the waving of a big wooden paddle. "Fuck!" she groaned, sliding off her man and accepting her five swats with barely a grunt.

"Now the guys get to ride," said Melinda, when she'd finished spanking Donna.

This was much easier said than done, for Bobby was nearly two hundred pounds, and James weighed 160. Lisa and Donna were the only girls who could even manage them, and that wasn't for more than five or ten minutes at a time. Both took frequent breaks, swapping men and sweating out the next mile or so. Little Carrie struggled with even Thomas on her back, but she tried valiantly, and took her smacks with dignity when she needed a rest. Danielle wasn't too much better than Carrie, but fortunately for her, one of the other girls usually gave out before her. When they were almost to the camp she realized she hadn't called a break even once, so she bravely did so, giving everyone a much needed ten minutes of rest with which to regroup for the final mile.

Thankfully, the exhausted pledges were allowed a nap while the Fratority members prepared dinner. The meal was grilled steaks and corn-on-the-cob, and everyone ate like starved demons.

Chapter Five: Evening Entertainment

After the meal, Melinda announced that it was time for entertainment. When she said this, she looked directly at the miserably pledges, who all shook with fear.

"As long as it's not more paddling," moaned Donna, and for her remark was given three swats by vice-president Carlos.

"Of course it's more paddling!" laughed Melinda. "What do you think we brought you camping for? We can't exactly paddle you in private on campus, you know."

The pledges groaned, resigned to their fate. Melinda laughed again. "Well, I tell you what: those of you who _don't_ want to be paddled, I need four volunteers."

"You mean if we volunteer we won't be paddled any more?" asked Donna with excitement.

"Not tonight, anyway. Tomorrow's always another story."

"I'm in!" exclaimed Donna.

"Are you sure? You don't know what you'll be asked to do..."

"I don't care. Anything's better than more paddling!"

"I'm in, too," said Eric.

"And me!" said Carrie.

"And me!" cried Thomas and Lisa at the same time.

"Whoa, I only need four!" exclaimed Melinda. "They will be Donna, Eric, Carrie, and for the sake of gender equality, Thomas. Sorry, Lisa."

Lisa looked a bit sad, but shrugged.

"Now here's what we are going to do," began Melinda. "Those of you who _didn't_ volunteer are going to tell us ghost stories, and they'd better be good, for we're going to judge and your bottoms will pay if we're not entertained. The volunteers are going to be in charge of roasting marshmallows and making smores for everyone."

Donna and Eric looked at each other with relief, for that sounded like a much better option than story-telling. But, as always, Melinda had a twist.

The volunteers were sent to fetch long, straight sticks for roasting marshmallows while the other pledges began racking their brains for decent ghost stories. When the volunteers were back with the sticks, Melinda made her announcement.

"You're going to have to work as teams, taking turns roasting marshmallows and building smores. I suggest guy-girl teams, but that's up to you. Since I promised no paddlings tonight, what we'll do is keep a log of your errors and you'll be spanked at breakfast. Burned marshmallows count as one swat, so be careful.

"Now, as to roasting the marshmallows, here's what you need to do. Eric, get over here, I need to demonstrate. Get on your hands and knees, please. Oh, and all of you, story-tellers too -- please undress completely. No boots, even."

Melinda paused as the pledges all began stripping off their shirts and removing their hiking boots. When Eric was naked he crawled before Melinda and waited.

"Turn your butt to the fire," ordered Melinda, and Eric complied, wincing at the heat against his paddled ass. Melinda took a long stick and forked several marshmallows onto the narrow end. Then she took the wider end and approached Eric from behind.

Grabbing his right asscheek she pulled it away from his left, revealing the small brown hole of his anus. Before any of the stunned pledges knew what she had in mind, she was calmly forcing the stick into Eric's ass. It wasn't a very thick stick, but she pushed it in a good several inches until it supported the weight of the whole thing.

"Now back toward the fire and roast those marshmallows!" cried Melinda, rising and pointing. Eric cringed, blushing furiously, but he complied, inching backward until, over his shoulder or between his legs, he could see the marshmallows being flamed. He looked ridiculous, on his hands and knees with a marshmallow stick protruding from his ass.

"Now Eric can't rotate the stick," said Melinda, "so he needs assistance. Carrie, come over and help him. Rotate the stick as needed so as not to burn the marshmallows. But don't you dare take the stick out of him, or try to hold it for him."

Poor Carrie was blushing almost as much as Eric as she knelt beside him and grasped the stick and tried to turn it. It was more difficult than she expected, and the feelings that Eric experienced while she did this caused him to make several seemingly inhuman sounds.

"Very good!" exclaimed Melinda. "Now remember, if you drop a marshmallow into the fire, burn one, or are just too slow at making smores, you'll _both_ earn demerits. It's one swat per demerit, so I suggest you concentrate. Most important: if you forget which end of the stick is which and roast marshmallows with the wrong end, you're eating them!"

This drew uneasy laughs from the crowd. Melinda grinned and waited until everyone was quiet. "After every five sets of marshmallows, switch positions. Are we understood? Donna, you and Thomas better get started. Whichever team makes the least smores gets ten demerits!"

Donna stared with dread at the two huge Costco-sized bags of marshmallows: it looked like she was in for a long night.

While the volunteers set about their cooking task, the story-tellers were prepped on the rules of their task. Stories were to be at least ten minutes long, with one paddle swat earned for each 30 seconds under. The audience would judge the quality of a story by boos and applause. If the audience had heard a story before, or were bored, they could call a halt to the telling and the story-teller would be spanked the remaining time of the story. So if your story was cut off at five minutes, you'd receive ten smacks with the paddle. If you could keep the audience entertained for the full ten minutes, however, you'd escape spank-free.

"Each of you is going to tell three stories," said Melinda. "You'll take turns. If you're not ready when it's your turn, we'll just spank you instead."

Lisa, doing the math, realized a "no story" meant twenty swats with the paddle. If she had no stories at all that would mean a total of sixty swats! She frantically began to try to remember any scary stories she would come up with. James, Bobby, and Danielle were all concentrating, too.

"You go first, James," ordered Melinda. "Then Lisa, Bobby, and Danielle. Start now!"

Licking his lips nervously, James walked up to the backless camping chair Melinda had set out. He sat down and Melinda started her stopwatch.

"There, uh, was once this young couple. They were in high school and they were in love. So one night they got in the boy's car and drove out by the lake for a makeout session."

"Heard it!" came a cry from the audience.

"Booo!" shouted another.

"No!" cried James frantically. "This one's different, you'll see. Just hold on!"

He continued, or tried to continue, but each cliche in his story brought forth boos and protests and finally, after three dismal minutes of failure, he was done, literally booed off the stage.

"Fourteen swats!" laughed Melinda. "Who wants them?"

A Fratority member named Nicole took advantage of the opportunity, delivering a series of blistering spanks to poor James, that frankly, was far more entertaining than his poor story.

Lisa was dry-mouthed and trembling as she approached the chair. It felt weird, being naked in the dark woods, with dozens of eyes watching her. She sat with her legs crossed and began.

"I have an Uncle that used to live in Wisconsin. When he was a boy there were stories of a creature that lived in the forest, but of course no one took them seriously. Then one day..."

Lisa could feel the sweat dripping down her body as she told the story. It was much too short, she knew that, but it was the only one she could think of. She stretched it, inventing superfluous details, but when she did that too much the audience cried "Boring!" and she had to get back to the main plot elements. Finally it was over and the audience clapped politely; it wasn't a bad story. (She just wished she had more.)

Lisa glanced at Melinda with dread.

"We'll round it up to six minutes even," said the Fratority president. "That's eight swats!"

Lisa knelt on the chair with her ass toward the fire and waited while they "auctioned" off her spanking. It appeared that smores were the monetary unit, and she was sold to Rudy for four of them. He spanked her very hard, drawing forth tears, but it was over quickly.

It was Bobby's turn, and he was worse than James. It was obvious from the first sentence out of his mouth he had no imagination and no story-telling ability. He took his eighteen swats with more dignity than he told his lame story.

But Danielle surprised everyone. Her walk up to the chair was slow and sexy, creating a stunned silence from the crowd. She spoke softly, making everyone lean forward to hear her words. Her tale was elegant, charming, and simple, and the ten minutes were gone in two, leaving the audience amazed.

She smiled and calmly rose and left her chair, her beautiful round bottom taunting everyone as it wagged good-bye, for she'd managed to escape without even a swat!

Meanwhile, the four volunteer smore-makers were working up a sweat. At any moment there were two naked pledges on their hands and knees, backs arched to thrust their bottoms as high into the air as possible to keep the marshmallow sticks above the flames. The kneeling pledges wiggled their bottoms constantly, as this helped prevent marshmallow burning, while the two standing pledges ran back and forth between rotating a butt-stick and the small table where they assembled the graham cracker, hot marshmallow, and chocolate treats for the impatient Fratority members.

Secretary Annabel was dutifully recording scorched marshmallows and other flaws, and keeping track of whose turn it was to roast and whose turn it was to prepare.

Of course there was no way they could keep up with demand, even roasting several marshmallows at a time. Donna started feeling like Lucille Ball in the candy factory episode of "I Love Lucy."

James did much better with his second story, seeming to find inspiration in the other tales, and he lasted six minutes. Lisa's was a sputtering, stuttering disaster: her mind was blank and the flickering scene before her, with nudity and humiliation, completely threw her: she couldn't come up with anything, and had to take the full twenty swats.

Bobby was just as bad in his second round, and Danielle was just as good as the first, though her tale was more humorous than scary. That didn't seem to bother the crowd, however, who cheered for a full minute when she finished.

James' final attempt was his best yet: he was calm, and while his story was predictable, he told it decently enough. It only lasted five minutes, though, so we was in for ten swats.

Lisa was determined to succeed with her final story. She remembered a book she'd read when she was a child. She couldn't remember the name of it, but the story was a good one -- she only hoped no one else had heard it. She spoke slowly and with great detail, following Danielle's example, and was surprised by how into it the crowd became. There was a hushed silence following the twist ending. Lisa looked at Melinda nervously, then sighed with relief when informed she'd go over the ten minute limit.

Bobby was next. It was a mystery why he even bothered. The crowd felt a bit sorry for him, though, since he tried so desperately, and let him talk for a full three minutes, by far his best effort. His ass was basically purple when Natasha and Stacy (who'd split the auction win) were finished with him.

Everyone clapped when Danielle approached, but this time she was nervous. Apparently out of good stories, she spoke well but the plot failed her. After five minutes the crowd was restless. Six and the boos started. She only lasted the full seven because Melinda rounded her total upwards.

When she turned her full ass to the crowd the bidding went wild for the only opportunity of the night to spank her luscious rear, and eventually went to Morgan, who spent nearly a night's smores on her spanking.

After the stories, the smore-workers were required to continue their task until no one wanted any more smores. This included the story-tellers, who were now allowed to indulge.

"You volunteers can make some for yourself after everyone else is done," said Melinda, drawing the underbreath comment from Donna that she'd be delighted to never see another smore in her entire life (which earned her five demerits, though she didn't know it).

"The rest of you may bathe and relieve yourselves if needed, then you are to report to my tent for one final job," finished Melinda.

Twenty minutes later Lisa, James, Bobby, and Danielle were gathered around Melinda, who was dressed in an extra-large T-shirt for sleeping. "We need some candleholders," she announced. She held up four tall white candles. "Danielle, you were darling in the story-telling, and I think Carlos is in love with you, so I pick you for this tent. The rest of you go where you're wanted."

"What do I do?" asked Danielle as the others left and she was guided into Melinda's tent. Carlos was seated inside, watching her eagerly. Courtney, the Fratority treasurer, was already curled up in her sleeping bag. Annabel's bag was empty as she was still finishing her job of tracking the smore-makers.

Melinda patted the floor by the opening. "Lie down here. On your belly. That's good. God, you've got an incredible ass, Danielle."

Danielle blushed, not sure what to say.

"Here, let's put some pillows under you to prop you up. Danielle didn't protest as the pillows raised her ass higher than her head. She still hadn't figured out what was going on.

Then Melinda handed the candle to Carlos. "Why don't you do the honors?"

The vice president grinned and approached the pledge. Without asking her permission, he slipped his hands between her legs. He moved up to her crotch, then up her crack. He paused at her anus, and suddenly Danielle had the dreadful feeling she knew what was to come.

"Oh my God, no!" she cried, but it was too late. The base of the candle was already being worked inside her. It went in easily at first, then became difficult. Danielle didn't know that the candle base had been whittled to a narrow point, to allow a graceful entrance.

Once the candle was in place, Melinda produced a lighter and lit the wick. "You're going to be our reading light," she winked at the startled pledge. "Just for the next half-hour or so, until we get sleepy. Making noise will keep us awake."

The group opened books and settled down, though Courtney went to sleep right away and Carlos didn't seem to be doing much reading, merely watching Danielle with fox-in-the-chickencoop eyes.

Danielle didn't know what to make of Melinda's comment about silence, until, a few moments later, something painful touched her bottom. "Oh!" she gasped, wiggling a bit, which was immediately followed by a half dozen sharp pains all over her bottom. "Ahh! Ooooh!" she cried, wiggling more, which created more pain and made the light flicker.

Melinda laughed. "I'd advise you to keep still, young lady."

Danielle froze, petrified, then tried to arch her back to see what caused the pain. Then it came again, a warm flood right at the swollen opening of her asshole which was plugged by the candle. A sudden realization hit the pledge: it was hot wax. The candle was melting, and naturally the tip was full of liquid wax. When she wiggled it splashed down onto her bottom. If she kept still, it pooled around her asshole, slowly cooling, like lava around the base of a volcano. Every few minutes drips would trickle down the candle and expand the island of wax, until several drops made their way between Danielle's legs and began coating her pussy.

"Oh my God, Melinda," she swore quietly. "This is wicked!"

"Stop making the light flicker," murmured the president, and Carlos laughed.

Chapter Six: Fishing

The morning produced four pledges with wax-covered bottoms. James was the worst, for he'd managed to get himself into a tent with a gaggle of giggling girls who stayed up half the night, burning three whole candles in his ass.

Melinda quickly forbade anyone to remove the wax manually, announcing it needed to be "paddled out." This proved harder than expected, for the wax tended to break into small bits which stuck to the ass and pubic hairs. The big chunks came off with just a few blows, but it took dozens to remove all the hidden pieces.

Breakfast was french toast, but while everyone sat and ate, the four "volunteers" of the previous night were read their demerit lists. Carrie and Eric were on the low end, with thirty-four, while Donna and Thomas topped the charts with 73.

"No fucking way!" cried the tall blond girl. "I'm not taking any more paddling!"

"That's too many," whined Thomas. "It's not fair."

"Look, you don't have to take them all at once. Say 30 now and we'll split up the rest during the day."

"Forget it," muttered Donna. "My ass is already too sore. I quit."

"Did you do all this for nothing?" asked Melinda. "Don't you want to be a member?"

"Not now," muttered Donna, but it was obvious she was lying.

"Perhaps we can convince some of your fellow pledges to take some of your swats for you. After all, we're all in this together."

"I'll take ten of Donna's," said Danielle. "I had it a bit easy yesterday."

"Me too," said Carrie. "Add six to make mine an even forty."

James, who's ass had just been mightily paddled, shrugged and said, "What the hell. Put me down for ten more, take some of the total off of poor Thomas here."

"Hold on," yelled Donna. "No one is taking anyone else's swats. That's not fair. I earned them, I'll take them!"

"Are you sure?" asked Melinda.

"Yeah. Now just get it the hell over with before I change my mind!"

They did the paddlings in groups of ten swats, a different Fratority member for each set. All four pledges were paddled at the same time, though during the fourth set Carrie and Eric only received four swats, while Donna and Thomas took a full ten.

"Fuck that hurts," moaned Donna. "I'll never be able to sit down again!"

"That's good enough," said Melinda. "You two have thirty-three more coming at some point during the day. We can split them into two groups of about fifteen each, if you want."

After the morning run (in which Donna took first place) and baths in the river, Melinda announced that today the agenda was fishing.

"We didn't bring any food for lunch, so if we don't catch anything, we don't eat. Naturally members eat before pledges."

Fishing is serious business, especially if your meal plans depend on it, so the pledges weren't subjected to humiliating tasks and rules. The fishing was pretty standard, though there were some interesting variations. Bait, for instance, was sold at a worm per paddle swat. The same was true for poles and fishing line and hooks. Lost hooks and bait therefore cost something, which meant you didn't want to waste them.

Melinda also prepared a special reward for the male and the female who caught the least fish. She had the end of an old fiberglass fishing rod from which she'd removed the loops. With this she promised swats to the losers: the difference between the most number of fish caught by a single person and however many the loser caught.

Donna, who'd decided to not bother fishing once she found out the kind of money bait cost, was immediately back in the game. She even discovered the trick of reusing a worm more than once by taking it from the hooked fish's mouth. (It didn't always work, as sometimes the fish had eaten the worm, but every paddle swat saved was a paddle swat saved.)

Carrie, it was soon discovered, was an expert fisher. She'd been fishing since she was a little girl. By noon she'd set the women's record with fourteen catches. Danielle and Donna were far behind at six each, but not doing badly. Lisa, however, hated fishing and hadn't managed any.

The men didn't fair as good as the girls. James caught the most at ten, while Thomas and Eric at four and seven respectively. Bobby was worse than Lisa, complaining constantly that fishing wasn't "a real man's sport" and putting hooks through his fingers and swearing.

Several of the Fratority members fished, though their totals didn't count toward the pledges' contest, and by noon a respectable feast was ready for cleaning. The fish were small, but there were several for nearly everyone, along with more corn on the cob and some potato salad.

So it was that Lisa and Bobby were caned with the fiberglass pole while dinner roasted. This entertainment was stretched out as long as possible. The two unfortunates were bound to trees with their hands over their heads and their legs spread wide. Fratority members took turns delivering the strokes. At each stroke the victim was asked, "Ass or thigh?" and switched across the indicated body part. This usually meant that the strokes alternated, though once Bobby tried to take two in a row across his thighs and rapidly changed his mind.

After the stroke members would crowd around and study the afflicted flesh close up, remarking on the impressive or unimpressive weal that developed.

Just forty-eight hours earlier Lisa would have been horrified at her situation, but now she was beyond caring. Being naked was almost normal, and having a horde of guys two inches away from her cunt was actually rather exciting.

It was during this torment that Lisa realized how much she'd changed over the weekend. She'd never be the same again, regardless of whether or not she made the Fratority. She realized that returning to classes tomorrow would seem unbearably boring and tame. Now she desperately wanted to be a Fratority member and that gave her the strength to withstand the fishpole caning.

After the fishing trip, the weekend was basically over. There was the camp clean up, the hike back to the vehicles, and the long drive home, but whatever tests the weekend had brought had been taken. Melinda and Fratority members treated the pledges as brothers and sisters, now, smiling and laughing. No one was forced to ride in the trunks on the way home. But despite the good humor, everyone knew there was decision coming, one that two people in particular, weren't going to be happy with.

Somehow they knew. Perhaps it was Melinda, passing in and out among the pledges, or maybe someone else gave them the news. The others didn't even realize until they regrouped on the campus parking lot, exhausted and sore yet exhilarated, that Donna and Bobby were missing.

"What happened to--" began Lisa, only to be silenced by Melinda.

"Sshhhh," said the Fratority president. "Everyone who's supposed to be here is here. There isn't anyone else, and there wasn't anyone else. As far as you are concerned, this weekend was one shared solely by those here. Is that clear?"

Her eyes roamed across the faces of the pledges, and somber heads nodded.

"Welcome to Fi Cappa Delta, ladies and gentlemen. You are now full members with all the rights and responsibilities associated.""

And that was that.

The End