Getting the Willies

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Getting the Willies

(****, MF/f, Severe, nc caning)

A naughty schoolgirl describes her school's punishment system. (Approximately 2,092 words. Originally published 2006-07.)

Along the banks of the Willy Nilly grow miles of wild Willies. This rapidly growing tree rises to upwards of fifteen meters and thrives in all weathers as long as there is plenty of water nearby.

Willy branches, known as Willy Wands, are extremely thin, yet tough and durable. A typical wand is only five to eight millimeters in diameter and about the length of your arm. It is as flexible as a leather quirt and, when fresh, is practically unbreakable. Once it dries out it snaps like a twig. Thus fresh wands must be frequently obtained.

I don't know whether it was fate or design, but several hundred years ago someone had the good fortune or foresight to decide to build a school on each side of the Willy Nilly. On the North bank was placed St. Saul's Academy for Rowdy Boys, and on the South was Lady Harriet's Academy for Unruly Girls. Unfortunately for the tender bottoms of the youthful attendees of these schools, the conveniently located and plentiful supply of Willy Wands proved to be a fortuitous find.

A lash with a Willy Wand onto bare skin produces an intense, ferocious but temporary sting. Where struck, the flesh puffs and welts, turning various shades of crimson as blood floods the afflicted area. The welt is so thin, however, that within a day, at most, the swelling has gone down and the redness fades. Within two days you'd never know the chastisement had taken place.

Thus the Willy Wand was determined to be the ideal implement of corporal correction at the Twin Academies (as St. Saul's and Lady Harriet's are known). Of course the thinness of the wands does mean they only sting properly on bare flesh, but the humiliating ritual of baring one's bottom for discipline is an effective part of the punishment.

Another side effect of the limited nature of the Willy Wand's sting is that both schools tend to use the wands liberally. After all, if a child is only going to feel the whip for a short period, then the lesson must be reinforced frequently with a generous supply of strokes.

Typical classroom punishment consists of three to nine lashes with a Willy Wand across the bared buttocks. These strokes are taken with the miscreant bent and touching toes with legs straight, or lying across a desk or ottoman or other furniture that suitably presents the buttocks for lashing. Sometimes these punishments take place after class in a private session with the instructor, but that is rare. Usually punishments are handled immediately, in front of the student's peers.

The student is not permitted to rise until given permission by the teacher. Clenching and noise-making are considered poor form. Under no circumstance may a child attempt to avoid a stroke by movement or blocking the wand with a hand. Failure to take a punishment properly results in the student being sent to Corporal Training for a real whipping.

Corporal Training courses take place every Saturday evening. Rather than duplicate the teaching effort, the Twin Academies combine for this course just as they do for games and a few other classes. As St. Saul's is the larger building, Corporal Training is held there. Lady Harriet's girls must cross the footbridge over the Willy Nilly and arrive in time for the nine o'clock lesson.

Corporal Training, just like a classroom whipping, must be applied to the bare flesh. Since students sent for Corporal Training are obviously recalcitrant in the extreme, personal modesty is a lost privilege. All students, boy or girl, must undress completely for their Corporal Training session. The boys stand on one side, the girls on the other, with the instructors in the middle. Talking, giggling, or other forms of communication or disruption are strictly forbidden.

One by one each student is brought forward to a special wooden platform where he or she must kneel. The boards are purposely hard and uncomfortable on the knees. The forehead is pressed to the lowered board in front, the buttocks presented high and bare behind.

The lash used for Corporal Training is a special bundle of three Willy Wands roped together at one end. The rope separates the three wands slightly, causing them to fan out when the bundle is swung. In this way each stroke leaves three distinct weals across the target.

The number of strokes applied during Corporal Training is always at least four, but could be as many as a dozen. The precise number is calculated based on the child's age, rank, offense, attitude, frequency of training visits, and deportment during the training.

Since this is Corporal Training, the student must participate in the discipline by politely asking for each stroke by number and thanking their chastiser for the correction. The proper format for this is "May I please have the first stroke, sir?" (The stroke is applied.) "Thank you for correcting me, sir. May I please have the second stroke, sir?" (The second stroke is applied.) And so on.

If the student has trouble enduring the training with the proper stoic attitude, the student may be retained for a repetition of the discipline after the training of the remaining students has been completed. Thus an uncooperative child could find him or herself in for quite a dose!

Corporal Training is designed to be intensely educational so that students do not wish to repeat such lessons often, but of course students rarely get what they wish and many boys and girls at the Twin Academies find themselves sleeping on their bellies come Saturday night.

For more severe misbehavior, students are subject to whippings from the Headmaster or Headmistress of their school. These are not pleasant experiences. Usually they are private affairs handled within the Head's personal punishment chamber, but in extreme situations the punishment might be carried out during a public all-school assembly.

In the case of a private punishment, the student must strip naked and wait in the punishment chamber for one hour prior to the punishment. This builds anticipation and gives the child time to reflect on their behavior.

Unlike classroom punishments or Corporal Training, Head punishments are given with the student restrained. Within the punishment room there are various trestles, wooden frames, and other pieces of furniture over which the child may be fastened. All are designed to be uncomfortable, and to expose your body in embarrassing ways, and leave you frightfully vulnerable.

The whip used is a bundle of thirteen five-millimeter thin Willy Wands. String, not rope, is used to fasten the bundle together, since with so many rods we do not want the wands too spread out. A single stroke of the whip generally leaves the entire buttocks well-covered with wire-thin red marks and welts.

Of course a Head's whipping is at the Head's discretion, but it's never less than a dozen strokes. Two to four dozen is more common, and the child needs at least a day or two in the infirmary after its application. If successfully administered by a Headmaster or Headmistress of skill, a whipping will not break the skin but merely inflict upon it the most awful, intense agony. However, even the best fail occasionally, and it's not surprising to see a few ruby droplets fall from the writhing buttocks of a whipping victim.

Public punishments are even more severe: never less than three dozen with the whip and preceded by a good lashing with a single Willy Wand (typically one or two dozen). Often those condemned to a public punishment will be confined to solitary with reduced rations for the two or three days leading to the punishment and the week after, each of those days leading off with a good lashing of six strokes to remind the penitent of their status. Some are thrashed at night as well.

Of course with all this whipping going on -- it is a rare day when the bottom of a St. Saul boy or Lady Harriet girl can go to bed unmarked -- a great deal of Willy Wands are needed to keep the supply fresh. Now it would be an unwise use of time to use school faculty or hire laborers to retrieve these implements of correction, so naturally the school encourages us, the students, to cut our own wands.

Fresh wands must always be carried by every St. Saul or Lady Harriet student. The penalty for being without is an immediate classroom whipping followed by a flogging from the Head, and two sessions of Corporal Training, so very few students make that mistake more than once.

For some, it's almost a daily trek to the fields of Willies, for Wands do not last more than a couple days dry. (They can be soaked to let them last a few extra days, but inferior wands are considered the same as not having a wand, so one has to be careful and keep a constant eye on the state of your wands.)

Not having enough wands for a bundle (assuming you're due a flogging from the Head or a Corporal Training session) is considered a lesser offense than not having any at all, but it still merits the considerable extra punishment of two strokes for each missing wand. Thus most students always try to keep a good ten or fifteen fresh wands on hand, just in case. You just never know what might earn you a quick trip to the Head.

Slogging through the marsh along the banks of the Willy Nilly isn't fun, especially in the chill of winter, but it's good exercise, and it beats the alternative of not having the wands required. Students call this getting the Willies and it generally means someone is expecting a thrashing.

Lady Harriet, being the school of smaller population, should require fewer wands than St. Saul. However, there's an informal competition between the instructors of the two schools and friendly wagers are made on which school will use the most Wands over a particular period (week, month, semester, etc.). Used Wands are carefully counted and tracked, with both schools vying for the title of "most thrashed."

I am proud to say that Lady Harriet is most frequently the winner in this contest. Though we number a mere one hundred and eighteen compared to one hundred and ninety-eight, last month we used 1,327 Willy Wands compared to 1,292 for St. Saul. I personally accounted for seventeen of those wands which were worn out on my bare backside and did me great education in the process.

In fact, as I write this essay, my bottom still tingles with the two dozen lines which you, Miss Leighton, so harshly applied. That's on top of the seven you gave me yesterday for cheek, and the nine I received this morning from Matron for oversleeping. I am frightfully nervous about your promise of a stroke for each grammatical or spelling error within this paper; I've tried my best but I suppose I shan't escape without a mistake or three. My heart will be in my throat as I watch you read this and every time your red pen marks the page my belly will sink with dread. I shall not ask for special treatment, however: that would not be Lady Harriet. I made my bed and must lie in it.

As tomorrow's Saturday, I do dread the Corporal Training session you assigned me to; I just know I shall be in for a solid six or eight and I don't know how I shall bear it. Those tri-wands are the most wicked!

Willy Wands are amazingly tough and hard, yet dangerously whippy. It is as though Willies were genetically engineered for flogging a girl's bare bottom, though I know that's not likely. It's surely just a happy coincidence that Willy Wands work so well and the Twin Academies are situated nearby.

In conclusion, the Willy Wand is the world's most educational plant. Having never heard of it before arriving at Lady Harriet's, I now have the most profound respect for it! It has taught me many memorable lessons that I shall remember for the rest of my life. I thank you for your valuable correction and I shall try to take it in the spirit with which it is given.

I've exhausted everything I know on the subject of Willies, so I shall stop here. I believe I'm just over the two thousand word requirement so I hope and pray this essay satisfied. If not, I'm sure my bottom will pay!

The End

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