Honey, I'm Home

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Honey, I'm Home

(****, M/F, Severe, paddling, sex)

After a hard day's work a husband must face the terrible duty of disciplining his beautiful wife. (Approximately 1,572 words. Originally published 1995-10.)

She was just opening the fridge, slightly bent over and showing me a wonderful view of her ass in those tight white jeans. Without a word of warning I picked her up and tossed her over my left shoulder, her butt next to my ear. I held her legs against my chest with my left arm and picked up the wooden paddle with my right.

She was squawking a little, saying something, no doubt, though I had no idea what and didn't give a damn. I smacked her rump a couple of times with the heavy paddle and she fell silent. When I reached the couch I sat down and pulled her across my lap.

Without a word I began to paddle her. I paddled her hard.

Amy has a fantastic ass, plump and round but firm. She's not thin but she's not fat. I think she's perfect, but of course she thinks she needs to lose a few pounds. Her hips are wide and her skin is velvety smooth. I could pet her all day.

She can't stand feeble little belts or quirts. "They just tickle the skin," she always says. She needs something that hurts her deep inside. For her it has to be a heavy oak board, at least a half-inch thick, and driven by a monstrous force.

She had three boyfriends before me and none of them could paddle her hard enough. I, sicko that I am, have no merciful bone in my body. When I'm going to paddle someone, there's no turning back, no changing your mind when the going gets tough. I'll take you the full distance like it or not. Usually when I'm finished with her I'm exhausted and my arm feels like it weighs a thousand pounds. Somehow I think she likes that.

Today I had her spread across my lap and I paddled her without mercy. I paddled her hard and fast, so fast she had no time to react, no time to second-guess. In seconds she was sobbing and groaning, her body trembling. I spanked her even harder and still faster, until she could scarcely breathe. I knew she expected me to stop at any moment so I didn't.

After several minutes, which must have felt like years to poor Amy, I stopped and lifted her to her feet. "Strip!" I ordered. It was the first word I had spoken since I came home from work. She didn't hesitate but quickly stripped, though she was still crying. Off came the light blue sweater that displayed her figure so well, and then her bra, exposing her round breasts. Without slowing she took of her sandals and unzipped--what a wonderful sound!--her jeans and pulled them down, taking her panties with her.

In seconds she was back across my lap, her bare buttocks ready for punishment. I knew she wanted me to hurry, so I took my time. Her bottom was a beautiful shade of red, but I could now see areas I had missed. I'd have to take care of those first. I rested my palm against her flesh and the hot skin sent shivers down my spine. She was delightful!

But enough dawdling. I picked up the paddle and began to punish her, spanking her quickly and soundly, but not as wildly as before. I took my time. I was careful to paddle every portion of her generous ass, from the thin-skinned top to the graceful curves at the base of her bottom that bounced so wonderfully under my blows. I even paddled the sides of her buttocks, turning her over slightly so I could catch each buttcheek at an angle.

When her buttocks were lobster red and almost blistered I turned my attention to her thighs. I lifted her around the waist until her knees were resting on the couch and her face was buried in a pillow. Her thighs were a vertical target right in front of me and her butt was way up in the air. It was gorgeous.

I spanked her thighs hard, coming from the side. My arm was aching enormously, but I couldn't let her know that. The paddle felt like it weighed twenty pounds and I was swinging it as hard as I could. The sound of the paddle slapping flesh was loud but Amy's crying was louder. I knew this was almost over.

But I had one more punishment planned. I stood Amy up and ordered her to bend over the back of the couch with her arms behind her back. I spread her legs wide and brushed my hand between her legs. She was damp alright, and it wasn't from crying.

With a rough push I shoved her head further over the edge of the couch until her feet left the ground and her legs stuck out behind her. Her rump was resting on the top of the couch and was well-exposed to my paddle. I made sure she was balanced and wouldn't fall over and took the heavy paddle in both hands and lifted it above my head.

Boom! The sound was like thunder, and her restrained scream was far too loud. I took her panties from the floor and shoved them in her mouth. Her bottom was quivering like Jell-o as I lifted for another blow. Again I smacked her, and then again. Each blow sounded like a gunshot and flattened her ass for a few seconds. Amy lay trembling and convulsing, her body shuddering with feeling. I gave her a total of ten of those tremendous spanks, and then called it quits. My arms were aching and I felt like I was going to collapse. I was panting like a chased puppy dog.

But Amy's bare ass, blazing hot and inviting, had my cock impossibly hard. Like lightening I stripped and stood naked behind her. She didn't even know I had stopped.

Without waiting to catch my breath I plunged into her from behind, enjoying her moan of pain or pleasure or perhaps both. I fucked her hard and with long, cruel strokes that exhausted me and must have hurt her. My hips smacked against her burning buttocks and I was certain it must have been incredibly painful.

But Amy just wiggled against me, crying and moaning. Her hands reached down between her legs to guide my cock into her, and I fucked her again. When I exploded inside her she went ridgid, her body tense with emotion. I pumped wildly into her still body, my cock going in and out of her like a piston.

I withdrew, finally, exhausted and beat. I stretched out flat on my back on the floor and lay there panting. Slowly I became aware of Amy standing above me. She knelt on my chest and then sat, her buttocks raw and hot against my skin. She wiggled slightly, and I knew she loved the feel of her punished bottom.

She slowly wiggled down to my cock which was starting to rise despite my own reservations. She was insatiable! She bent toward me and her nipples, hard as tiny rocks, scratched against my chest. She kissed me, her lips sucking mine as though I were an intoxicating drink.

She was dry-humping me, now, my cock rising to tickle the back of her buttocks, but she did not stop kissing me. Her bottom scratched against the flat of my stomach as she pumped and her hands caressed my arms and played with my nipples. I kissed her as hard as I could until I had to pull away for air, and she knelt low and licked my chest. I laid back, too tired to move.

Now Amy leapt into action, briefly taking my cock into her mouth and then releasing it. I moaned as I became eager. She teased my cock until it was rock hard but when I tried to sit up to force her to mount me she pushed me now and pinned my arms to the floor. I was too tired to resist.

She played with me, licking, pinching, teasing. She sucked my balls and then reached under me to squeeze my ass. Her thumb went into my hole and I gasped, arching my back to lift my butt off the floor. She inserted her other thumb and caressed the tip of my cock with her wet tongue. I was becoming frantic, my cock swelling to enormous length. She slapped it back and forth until I thought I'd go crazy.

Then she mounted me, suddenly releasing her thumbs and slamming me hard to the floor, my cock pointing straight up. She impaled herself upon it, thrusting it deep inside her, the hot, welted skin of her buttocks slapping against my thighs. I reached up and grasped her breasts in my hands, twisting her nipples painfully, as she became to come in wild thrusts. I pumped into her and I honestly don't know which of us was moaning louder.

Seconds later it was over and we collapsed against each other and just lay there, blissfully content. After a while I looked over at her and saw she was just watching me, a soft smile on her lips. I brushed the hair back from her eyes and kissed her lips gently.

Amy is truly the most beautiful woman in the world, and a difficult one to keep up with.

The End