The Imp

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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The Imp

(****, M/f, Intense, non-cons paddling)

A lecherous principal and his superintendent conspire to paddle a girl. This is an exclusive story for this collection, never published before. (Approximately 2,251 words. Originally published 2004-02.)

I'd always swore I wouldn't abuse my position of power, but when I saw the gum-chewing petite blonde I couldn't help myself. She was such a cute little imp! Dusty blonde hair, beautiful toothy smile, not a care in her empty brain. She wore a burgundy pullover and tight pink pants.

Lord! Who the hell invented pink pants? Were they insane? Did they not realize what they do to grown men? They ought to be illegal, like pot or heroin.

This imp not only wore tight pink pants, but inside those pants swelled the most impertinent buttocks you can imagine. She was young and slender, but her hips were already forming, giving her a splendid hourglass figure. The buttocks were tight and round, twin soccer balls of voluptuous flesh.

I couldn't handle it. I broke.

I burst into Principal Watkins' office and slammed the door behind me, pressing my back against it as though afraid it might open on its own. I was sweating heavily.

Jack Watkins looked up in astonishment. "Superintendent! I had no idea you were stopping by today."

"Who is that girl out there?"

"What girl?"

"The pink pants girl."

Jack pushed passed me, opened the door, and briefly stuck his head out. He closed the door. "That's Suzy Eilert."


"Yeah. I guess she was sent to my office for some reason. She's not a bad girl, but she's always up to something. Pure mischief. Never anything serious."

"I want her paddled."

"What? What on earth for?" Jack stared at me in astonishment, then his expression faded. "Oh."

"Come on, Jack, please."

"Dave, we could get in serious trouble."

"You said she was a troublemaker."

"No, I didn't. I said she's in trouble sometimes. She's been sent to my office on several occasions--"

"That's perfect. This is one too many. She deserves a shock. A paddling. Come on, Jack! Did you see her? She's got an ass that would make a eunuch horny!"

"She's is rather cute, isn't she? Sweet little thing, always acts like she's befuddled about why she's in trouble." He shook his head. "No, it's too risky. She's hasn't committed a paddling offense. Besides, she's young. Really young. Fourteen or thirteen."

"Going on eighteen. Did you see those pants? They aren't designed to leave anything to the imagination. She's a wannabe slut, I can tell."

"So's every other thirteen-year-old in the school, Dave. It doesn't change anything."

"Come on, Jack. Just a few whacks." There was a pause, and then I let out the kicker. "I'll put in a good word with the board about your raise."

"Dave, don't do this to me. It's my ass on the line if..."

"If what? If we're caught? How could we be caught? It's her word against ours. Ours, Jack. There are two of us here. I'll even do the paddling if you want."

"No, that I can't allow. It's strictly in our policy that paddling must be administered by the principal or vice-principal, no one else."

"Fine. You do it. But I'll back you up."

Jack let out a deep sigh. I could tell he was remembering what Suzy looked like. "Okay, okay." He pressed the intercom. "Betty, I see Suzy's waiting for me. Send her in."

A moment later the young girl opened the door. She was adorable. Petite, sweet-looking, and as sexy as a preacher's wife in a porno.

"Good morning, Mr. Watkins."

"Why are you here, Suzy?"

"Oh, Mrs. Fiddlesticks has got something against me. She says I was chewing gum in class."

"You _are_ chewing gum."

"No, I put this in while I was waiting."

"Suzy, this is Superintendent David Noble."

"Oh! Hello, sir." She appeared surprised to see me. She grinned at me cheekily, though, smacking her gum.

"Mr. Noble is my boss."

"Uh huh."

"He's very concerned with the discipline problem here."


"For instance, this is your... third visit to my office this term."

"I told you, Mrs. Fiddle has it in for me."

"This behavior has got to stop, Suzy. Mr. Noble and I think you need to be punished."

"Oh?" She turned to face me, grinning. "You too?"

"Yes," said Jack sternly. "I am going to paddle you."

There was a long silence while this sunk in. The girl frowned, trying to absorb the information. "Paddled?"

"Yes. See that big wooden board hanging on the wall over there? I'm going to swat your behind with it four times."

"Oh but Mr. Watkins, you can't do that!"

"I can and I will."

"But... but that's..."

I stepped forward. "It's within the school charter, Suzy. The paddle is not used as often as it should be, but the right to use it is unquestioned. Your parents even signed an agreement when you were enrolled."

The girl stared at me, astonished. A bit of excess saliva from her gum dribbled from the edge of her open mouth.

"I'll take that." I held out my hand and she reluctantly spit the wad of gum in my hand. She watched me as she did it, eyeballs rolled to the top of her head, purposely including a lot of spit with the gum. I didn't mind. There was something subtly erotic about the procedure.

"Disgusting habit." I looked at my hand. The chunk of gum was made up of at least four or five pieces of pink bubble gum. I wrapped it in a tissue and dropped it in the trash, then wiped my hand dry with another tissue.

"Shall we get your paddling over with?" asked Jack calmly, as though asking the most reasonable thing in the world.

"I don't want to be paddled," replied Suzy.

"Of course you don't. Paddlings hurt. That's why they are effective."

Suzy glanced between the two of us. She was beginning to get nervous now, a trapped animal. She watched, her eyes growing larger as Jack took down the paddle.

It was a hefty piece of hardwood, four by eight plus a stout handle. Six dime-sized holes had been drilled into the face in two rows of three. All the edges had been sanded smooth and the entire paddle had been painted with several coats of varnish. It was actually a bit worn, for it had been in use for a couple decades at least.

"Step up to my desk, Suzy, and place your hands palm down, flat, on the surface."

"Mr. Watkins, please I--"

"Four swats, Suzy."

Tears brimmed in the blue swimming pool eyes of the girl. She gave us her most innocent, angelic expression, pleading for mercy. We were impassible. She was darling and even I was tempted to spare her, but she did not know the power of those pink pants. I was aching to see her bent over, her butt protruding for us.

"Suzy, if you do not obey, I shall have Mr. Noble hold you down and I will administer five swats. Do you want that?"

"No sir! Please!"

She wrung her hands futilely, but realized she was out of options. She faced the desk. Her hands went out and palmed the surface. She leaned forward, drawing her pullover up at slightly at the back, exposing a sliver of butter-colored bare back. The pink jeans tightened, gripping the sweet young buttocks firmly.

Her butt was even better than I remembered from my brief glance out in the corridor. Each cheek was a little bigger than my spread hand. She wasn't a "bubble butt," though she might be one someday. For now her ass was perfect, absolutely perfect. The cheeks were well-defined with a nice overhang and there was nothing extreme or absurd about the curved shape. She was a normal, healthy, beautiful young girl, with that contradictory quality unique to girls blossoming into women: her butt was as firm as only a young teen's can be yet possessed a pleasing degree of puppy fat.

"Lean forward a bit. Rest your hips against the desk," ordered Jack. I held my breath as the girl obeyed, the action arching her buttocks, presenting the cheeks ideally. "Keep your hands flat on the desk for the entire punishment. Four swats."

Jack lined up the paddle with the cheeks, patting them gently in warning, then drew back. BAM! He struck solidly, the paddle bouncing off the firm ass as though it was hard rubber.

Suzy squawked and sucked in her breath rapidly. Her blonde hair flew from side to side as she tried to shake off the pain. Her bottom arched as she writhed. She gave a low moan.

"Owwwwww! That really hurt!"

"Good. Three more."

"Oh shi... I mean, please Mr. Watkins, please no more! I won't chew gum in Mrs. Fiddle's class, not ever again. I promise! I swear it. I won't chew gum in school at all! Ever!"


"Ahhhhh! Ooooooh! Eeeeeeee!" Suzy did a little pain dance, her cute little tush dancing erotically for us. Surprisingly, she kept her hands obediently on the table in front of her.


"Ohhhhhhhh! No more, please Mr. Wat-Kins! You have NO idea how much that stings! Oh, my butt's on fire!"

"Lean forward. Back into the proper position. You have one more left."

"Oh no, I don't want any more, I don't--Ooouuuchhhh! That wasn't fair, I wasn't readdeeee!"

Suzy jumped away from the table, clutching her ass and dancing furiously. Her face was bright red, her eyes bloodshot and watery, and she looked extremely contrite.

"Suzy, stop that ridiculous dancing right now!" roared Jack, and Suzy quickly obeyed, sniffling and moaning. "Hands at your sides."

Reluctantly, with one last squeeze of her steaming cheeks, Suzy put her hands beside her legs. She wiggled and writhed a bit, no doubt still feeling the sting sinking into her ass.

"There. Did you enjoy that, Suzy?"

"Oh no, sir! That really hurt!"

"No permanent damage, I assure you. Merely a fiery sting that will be gone by the time you go home today."

"I sure hope so."

"Will I be seeing you in my office any time soon?"

"No sir! Never again!"

"Do you know what will happen if you are sent to me again?"

Suzy looked horrified. "You-you'll p-paddle me again?"

"How will I paddle you?"

Gulp. "Harder?"

"Yes. Six swats."

"I won't come back, I swear it!" Suddenly the impish girl was back. "If I do, you can whack me ten times!"

Jack laughed. "I just might take you up on that, young lady. You'd better be careful what you say."

"I won't be back, I won't."

During this exchange I was watching the fascinating gyrations of Suzy's little rear. Though her feet were stationery, her hips were not, twisting and shaking, her ass rolling from side to side. It was delicious. The pink rear was undoubtedly pink all the way down. It was a shame I couldn't see it, but such was reality. I had to be thankful I got to see as much as I did.

"All right, Suzy. You may go now. Thank us for your discipline."

"Thank you Mr. Watkins. Thank you Mr. Noble." She gave a quick little nod, then rushed from the room, her hands flashing to knead her steaming bottom.

"Excellently done," I said to Jack. He nodded.

"You were right about those buns. Fresh from the oven and as sweet as cherry pie."

"How did it feel applying the wood?"

"Nice and solid. Did you hear the nice 'thunck' sound with each swat? Not a splat, like a fatty ass. This was premium meat."

"See pal? No harm done. It seemed to do her attitude a bit of good as well."

"You're right, as usual."

"You really should use the paddle more. Statistically it's the most effective punishment."

"I know. But those damn lawyers. They make everything so complicated. I mean, I do everything by the book and someone still sues... it's just not worth the risk."

"You know, I don't think Suzy's even going to mention that paddling to anyone."

"Not even her parents?"

I shook my head. "There was something about the look on her face when you mentioned her parents gave permission."


"Oh no, _not_ surprise. Acknowledgement. Like she _wasn't_ surprised. I bet her parents spank."

"She did take that paddling rather calmly."

"You noticed that? I thought maybe you weren't putting your wrist into it."

"Oh no, those were real stingers. But she kept in position. She's been spanked before. Maybe not recently, but definitely before."

I nodded. "I think she gets spanked at home."


"Yeah. Like I said, that look when you mentioned her parents agreeing. It was followed by a look of nervousness and fear. Not of you, not of the paddling, but of--"

"Her parents."


"Spanked at school, spanked at home."

"Most likely." I shook my head. "Damn. If only there was a way to know which parents believed that, we'd have a thing going. No child's going to tell their parents they got spanked if it means another spanking at home."

Jack nodded. "Yeah, that makes sense."

I snapped my fingers. "That's it. That's what we'll do."


"We'll figure out which parents spank at home. Then we target their daughters and paddle them. They'd never even report it, which cuts down on any pesky lawsuit problems."

Jack shook his head doubtfully.

"Come on, it's genius."

"How do we find out which parents spank?"

"You leave that to me. Trust me. This is going to be awesome."

The End

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