In For It

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In For It

(***, M/fff, Intense, Schoolgirl switching)

A group of teens are punished by the principal. (Approximately 997 words. Originally published 1999-10.)

"Oh, fuck!" growled Teri, swallowing her gum. "Here comes Mister More-ON."

"Shit!" Cynthia turned pale, quickly dropping her cigarette to the ground and grinding it under her heel.

"That bastard's got it in for me," muttered Ariel. She tried to remain calm. She flipped open her geography book and pretended to be studying intently. She glanced up out of the corner of her eye. The man appeared to be heading straight for them.

In three minutes, he arrived.

"Good afternoon, Principal Moran," said Teri in her sweetest voice.

"Girls," nodded the man grimly. He looked around, noting the suitably remote location on the very edge of campus, the excellent view of the football practice field in the distance, and the ground littered with cigarette butts. "May I ask what you are doing out here?"

"Is it a crime to be here?" asked Cynthia without thinking. At the slow glare from the balding man she trembled, stammering, "Uh, nothing, nothing at all. We're just waiting for Teri's Mom to pick us up, that's all."

Principal Moran stared at Cynthia for a full minute. His eyes didn't blink and he didn't seem to breath. She nearly broke into tears. He turned to Teri, who immediately looked away. So he focused on Ariel, sitting cross-legged on the grass. She stared at the geography book with all her might.

"Please stand up, Ariel."


The man merely arched his eyebrows, which was enough to give the petite blonde watery knees. She scrambled to her feet and stood shakily.

"Just as I thought. What is minimum skirt length at Roosevelt High?"

Ariel gulped. "Four... four inches above the knee, sir."

"And how long is your skirt?"

"It's within four inches, sir, honest!"

The man calmly took a six inch ruler from the inside pocket of his vest and knelt behind the nervous girl. He carefully positioned the ruler from the crease behind her left knee up to the hem of her skirt.

"Four and three eighths."

Ariel let out a little moan.

"Now, we can settle this here, quickly, or we can return to my office for an official punishment session."

All three girls gulped at those words, and Ariel went a little dizzy. "Sir, we're outside," she breathed. "Anyone can see."

"So you'd prefer a full session? Very well, come with me."

"Oh, no, sir! I'll take your punishment now, please."

The principal hesitated for the longest minute, then nodded briefly. He removed a small folding knife from his pocket and handed it to the girl. "The grove of trees over there. Cut yourself a nice long switch. And remember, if it's not a good one, I'll have to find one, and I'll cut _two_."

"Yes, sir," murmured Ariel weakly. She knew it was useless to argue. She headed for the trees walking with the slow gait of a funeral procession. Still, she was there much too fast, and in just moments, it seemed, was back with the long green stem.

"Touch your toes."

Swallowing hard, Ariel obeyed. She didn't move as the principal carefully lifted her short skirt and flipped it over her back. Her underpants were small and pale and barely contained Ariel's blossoming body. "Oh!" she gasped when his hands grasped the waistband and slowly, inch by inch, drew her panties inside out and down to her knees. Her bottom was petite, but round and plump, the skin smooth and flawless.

Principal Moran stood to Ariel's left and drew back the switch. There was a soft hiss followed by a barely audible "chhhk." Ariel sucked in her breath sharply. Across the middle of her bottom was a crimson blotch that was slowly fading into a pink stripe.

Ariel didn't move as the switch landed again and again. Soon her bottom was crisscrossed with stripes, but Principal Moran showed no signs of slowing down. In fact, he sped up, whipping harder and quicker, drawing near-constant moans and tiny cries from the poor student.

At one point he paused, and Ariel thought it was over, but he was only studying her bottom. Apparently he decided she hadn't been thrashed enough for he began again, only stopping for real after another dozen strokes.

"Very well, Ariel, you may rise."

Slowly the girl rose, wiping tears from her eyes and shuddering.

Principal Moran turned to Cynthia. "Your turn."

"What? What'd I do?"

"Nothing," shrugged the principal, "but since you two seemed to enjoy Ariel's whipping so much I thought you'd enjoy one of your own."

"Oh, no, sir!" cried Cynthia and Teri together, but it was like arguing with the wind. Slowly Cynthia got in position and waited patiently while her skirt was raised and her panties lowered.

Cynthia was a short, rather squat girl, with a fuller figure than Ariel, and thus her whipping was a bit longer, for the same number of strokes that left Ariel's bottom looking like she'd spent the afternoon sitting bare bottomed on a wicker chair left Cynthia looking like she'd sat on some chicken-wire fencing. Principal Moran switched until the stick broke, and then he sent Cynthia off to fetch a new one.

After a dozen more strokes Cynthia's punishment was finished and it was Teri's turn. She was a big girl, a year older than the others, with nearly the figure of an adult woman. Her thrashing lasted a full ten minutes, not counting the time to cut yet another fresh switch. Worse, she was wearing pants, and Principal Moran made her hop to the woods with her jeans around her ankles and her freshly striped bottom on display.

"That's good enough for today," said the principal when Teri's buttocks were scarlet and swollen. "I want all three of you in my office tomorrow morning at 7:30 for a quickie before-school punishment session."

The girls groaned, but didn't dare protest. It wasn't until the principal was well out of ear- and eye-shot that they called him Mr. Moron again.

The End