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(****, M/f, Edgy, nc caning, religious fanaticism)

An innocent girl is *severely* thrashed by a religious fanatic. (Approximately 2,111 words. Originally published 2006-07.)

I studied the teen intently. She was quite pretty. She had a pleasant face, round, with a button nose and a happy smile. Her short-cropped blonde hair and bright blue eyes gave her a look of wholesome, good-girl innocence that I didn't believe for a minute. According to her file she was just sixteen, but her body could easily have passed for older. Her breasts were mature, about the size of small grapefruits, and her hips surprisingly wide. It was her face that looked so young and gave her that deceiving appearance of innocence.

Ariel squirmed. "You wanted to see me, Pastor Dan?"

"I did." I closed the folder on my desk. "You can cut the act, Ariel. I know your game."


"The con. You can stop it now. We both know you're about as naive as a porn star."

"I don't understand." Her forehead wrinkled delicately, her lips pursed prettily.

Oh, she was good, I had to admit it. If I didn't know better, I'd have almost been fooled.

"This innocent act." I waved my hand at her conservatively cut blouse and knee-length skirt. "Why I bet you've got thong underwear on under that skirt. If you're wearing underwear at all, that is."

To my astonishment, Ariel came up with a blush. Her cheeks reddened and she looked away from me with the perfect "I'm so embarrassed and shy" expression. She gave just the right little gasp and covered her mouth with one hand, the very picture of mortification.

I don't know how she did it -- obviously she's quite an actress -- but I wasn't about to be fooled by her kind. Ariel's a slut through-and-through, the epitome of lascivious behavior. She could give lessons in how to be a tramp. She'll open her mouth and spread her legs for any male within a hundred yards.

"It's not going to work, Ariel. You're here to be punished. You might as well get used to the idea because it's going to happen. Pretending to be innocent is not going to help your cause."

"But sir! What have I done?"

I'll admit, the tone of horror in her voice was a nice touch. I could almost believe she was genuinely shocked at the accusation. But that was too easy. Anyone can fake surprise.

"You know exactly why you are here, young lady. Did you expect me to ignore your behavior? In the church balcony, of all places?"

Now the girl did her Oscar performance, her eyes wide with bewilderment as she moved them from side to side in confusion. "Pastor Dan, I swear I don't know what you are talking about. If you think I've done something, please, just tell me what it is."

"You're just digging yourself in deeper, young lady," I growled. "I had some leniency in me, but you're wearing through it rapidly. It'll go much easier if you just admit the truth. Act like the slut you are and don't try to pretend to be a virtuous, Christian girl."

Ariel's mouth fell open as though she'd been slapped. She gasped. "You think... oh my heavens, you think..." She couldn't even finish the hideous thought, her voice fading out into nothing.

"I don't think, Ariel. I know. Look at yourself. You've got the breasts of a college co-ed. You think I don't know how teenage boys think? I was one myself once, a long time ago. You're just the kind to drive them wild. You tease them with your succulent body, show off those delectable curves, wag that saucy rear end, and draw them into sin. Oh, you're good at it. You're a regular Jezebel, luring boys to their doom.

"You've got the outer package down. I bet you fool their mothers. They see you as this sweet, innocent, wholesome Christian girl from down the block, angelic and darling, just the kind of girl a mother would adore for her precious son. But as soon as his mother's back is turned, you tear off that tight blouse to reveal those full breasts and you doom the boy to hell!"

I was in full sermon mode now, pacing as I lectured. "Don't try and deny it, girl. I know you! I know your kind. You're a slut, a whore, a filthy demon, and the sin of lust must be whipped out of you right now."

I'd been watching Ariel watch me preach, watching for the slightest flaw in her reactions. I saw nothing. She was damn good. Her eyes flittered back and forth as she followed me, her face a twisted mess of fright and confusion. Her mouth hung open, ajar with disbelief. She was convincing, at least to most men. But I'm not most men.

I motioned to the long yellow cane on my desk. "I'm going to thrash you now, Ariel. I'm going to thrash you long and hard. It's going to hurt. It's going to hurt something awful. But I want to you learn from the pain. I want you to change in your soul. You don't have to be this kind of girl. You don't have to be a vile, disgusting slut that uses men and throws them away. You can be that virtuous, wholesome girl you pretend to be."

Now Ariel turned on the waterworks. The eyes that had been brimming with tears suddenly overflowed, liquid flowing down those graceful cheekbones.

"Pastor Dan, please! I don't know what you think you know, but you're wrong. I'm innocent. I haven't done anything. I AM virginal, I swear! I haven't even kissed a guy!"

"You expect me to believe that?" I scoffed. "Try something at least vaguely realistic. A girl who looks like you is not a virgin, not on this planet."

"But I am! I swear it!"

The girl was going too far, now. She knew she'd lost, she knew I knew her game, yet she wasn't breaking character. She still played despite knowing she had a losing hand. It didn't make sense. It irritated me.

"That's enough. No more talking. It's time for your punishment, and I assure you I shall make it a memorable one."

"Pastor Dan, no!"

I picked up the rod, flexing it. "Strip, Ariel. You know how to do that!"

"Sir, please!"

"Now. Or I shall be forced to increase your punishment beyond the additional strokes I've already added for your arrogant refusal to tell me the truth."

Sobbing, Ariel began to remove her skirt. "This isn't fair, sir. I haven't done anything. I haven't. I swear I haven't."

"Of course you haven't," I snarled sarcastically. "No boy has ever touched those breasts. No boy has been between those legs. Uh huh. And Elvis is still alive and working in Vegas."

"Why won't you believe me!" moaned the girl, removing her blouse and folding it neatly on top of her skirt. She gave me a rueful glance, hesitated, then removed her bra with a shudder.

"Oh, embarrassed at being naked before your pastor? I should think you would be! But it's just an act. I can tell. Look at those breasts... your nipples are stiff and erect, aren't they. You're aroused. This whipping turns you on, doesn't it? You're even more disgusting than I thought, sinner!"

Ariel's white panties were full cut and opaque. No doubt she'd anticipated this and changed her normal mode of dress to fool me. Well it wouldn't help her.

"Take 'em off."

Groaning in protest, Ariel obeyed. Now she was naked before me. I ordered her to put her hands behind her head and show me her nude body. She blushed like a virgin on her honeymoon, her face turning pink as she rotated to show me the plump curves of her bare rump.

"Look at that sinful body. It's a whorehouse of lust and evil." I knelt low, before her crotch, and sniffed. "Do I detect the aroma of arousal? You're wet, aren't you! You filthy, disgusting slut! This stripping is to humiliate you and punish you and instead it turns you on. How dare you!"

I slapped Ariel's ass with my hand, hard. A pink imprint glowed on her right asscheek and she squealed in alarm.

"You are here for discipline. You are here for punishment. This is not a game to arouse and amuse you. This is serious punishment. You will suffer for your sins."

I was tired of pointless lecturing and eager to begin the whipping. I urged Ariel into position, bending her across my desk. Her plump buttocks jutted out behind her, a glorious offering I could not decline. I lashed hard across the waiting butt with my cane.

Ariel screamed. If I hadn't known better, I would have suspected the cry to be genuine, so vigorously did she yell. But I knew her. I understood her lies. I would make her pay for her lies.

My cane rose and fell. The smooth, curved cheeks of Ariel's bottom quickly reddened with thick, crimson welts that swelled across both halves. Ariel moaned, writhed, and bucked like a horse shaking a fly off its rump. She screamed and yelled and I paid absolutely no attention. All I was concerned with was making her ass suffer and I did a splendid job of that.

A dozen strokes, two. Still I thrashed. The buttocks went from pink to ruby to magenta to purple. The heavy marks were turning fuchsia, going all the way to black in places where the weals overlapped. Ariel's ass was painful just to look at, your imagination stirring at the thought of how much each stroke must have hurt. Still I caned.

As I beat her, I lectured, telling her what a naughty slut she was, how evil it was to be aroused by punishment, how much her naughty bottom deserved this pain.

"Your pretty ass was made for suffering. Look how it just soaks up the strokes of my cane. It's like it welcomes the stripes. There's so much room, too. Such a wide, round bottom, ideal for thrashing. And down here, low, where the curve of the bottom fat meets the thigh -- see how sensitive that is? That part was just made for the stroke of the cane. The cane just loves to whack naughty bum fat."

There was more of this, plenty more, for I beat her for nearly an hour. Oh sure, I paused at times, patted and squeezed her rump, told her what a naughty girl she was, asked her if she was learning anything. I told her how beautiful her ass looked soundly striped, how much more believable her innocent act was when she wore the purple weals of my cane across her butt.

I striped her thighs, too, leaving them streaked with crimson. Oh how she howled and protested and begged. It was a good performance. At one point she became so desperate that she told me I could check her virginity myself. I was tempted and almost took her up on her offer, when I saw her game and refused.

"You Jezebel!" I cried, thrashing her harder. "How dare you tempt me! I shall beat the sin out of you if it's the last thing I do!"

What followed was the most intense part of the beating. I caned her mercilessly at a lighting pace for several minutes, doling out several dozen vivid lashes during that time. Ariel just shrieked and writhed, smearing my desk with damp sweat from her breasts.

She was quite contrite when I finally put down my cane. "Have you learned your lesson, Ariel?"

"Yes sir!"

"Are you going to change your sluttish ways?"

"Oh yes sir! Definitely sir!"

"Are you going to stop luring boys into temptation and sin?"

"Absolutely sir!"

"You do know that if you are lying, if you sin again, I will know?"

"Uh, you'll know sir. Yes sir."

"I'll be able to see your sin in your eyes, whore. And if I detect sin you'll be back here in my office, bent across this desk, naked, writhing in pain as I whip the devil out of your ass!"

Ariel sobbed and I didn't catch her response, but gathered it was in agreement with me.

"Very well. Go, and sin no more.""

She left quite rapidly. It's been my experience that teenage girls normally require a long time to dress, but Ariel was ready in world record time. She gave me a final polite bow, thanked me for disciplining her, and left, wincing as she trotted away.

I shook my head sadly. I'd done my best. But I could already tell. Ariel was the worst of the worst. She'd be back.

The End