Kids -- Child's Play

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Kids -- Child's Play

(****, Mmf/fm, Intense, n/c children/teen spanking, sex, etc.)

A young man remembers an eventful summer of his childhood where he becomes 'educated' in the ways of women and men. (Approximately 19,327 words. Originally published 1996-04.)


(****, Mmf/fm, Intense, n/c children/teen spanking, sex, etc.)

A young man remembers an eventful summer of his childhood where he becomes 'educated' in the ways of women and men. (Approximately 19,327 words. Originally published 1996-04.)

To a child of ten there is something magical about the summer. It represents freedom, independence from rules, adventure, and fun. It's a time of wildness, of growing up, of taking chances, of learning about life. Such was a summer of my youth.

We traveled that summer. We visited relatives and family friends. At each place I met new people, learned about life, about others, about myself. At the time those experiences were simple children games, exploratory learning. Only years later did I realize the profound impact those adventures would have upon my being....

Chapter 1: Vermont

(****, Mmf/fm, Intense, n/c children/teen spanking, sex, etc.)

A young man remembers an eventful summer of his childhood where he becomes 'educated' in the ways of women and men. (Approximately 19,327 words. Originally published 1996-04.)

One of the first places we visited was my mom's sister Ruth in Vermont. Aunt Ruth and Uncle Mitch had a daughter named Karen. Karen was twelve and rather bossy, though she was kinda cute. We became good friends right away, with her kinda mothering me and taking me under her wing. She volunteered to take care of me and show me everything and both our parents were pleased with her plan and gave her plenty of leeway.

The first couple of days weren't too eventful. We played with her pet rabbits and went on bike rides with her best friend Amy, who was eleven and lived just two houses up, went swimming in the pond down at the bottom of the hill. Pretty tame, ordinary stuff.

On the third day it rained and we had to play indoors. We were confined to the attic playroom and Karen came up with a new game for us to play. This quickly became their favorite game and soon part of every day was spent in the attic playing "House."

"Aw, I hate playing house," I'd whine, and the two girls would just giggle and I knew they had their minds made up.

"Would you rather play 'Doctor'?" Amy would ask.

"Can I be the doctor?"


"Then let's play house," I'd say with a sigh. I didn't like house but it was better than doctor. I didn't like their "cures." When they played doctor I always ended up naked, with them poking me in all sorts of private areas and sticking popsicle sticks and pencils where they didn't belong. They'd do things with tape and glue (and one time honey) that I didn't especially appreciate, and once their "cure" involved placing a wooden clothespin on a particularly sensitive part of my anatomy.

So we'd play house. I was always the naughty boy and they were the parents. Even if they hadn't come up with something naughty for me to have done I'd inevitably do something pretty soon, like spilling the invisible "tea" or disobeying them. If too long went without me misbehaving one of them would whisper in my ear, "Do something naughty!" and for some reason, though I knew the consequences, I couldn't help but immediately throw a temper tantrum or say a naughty word.

Then the eyes of both girls would go wide with shock and horror and they'd immediately grab me and scold me. Then they'd spank me.

Now these weren't the same kinds of spankings I'd get from Mom or Dad. When Mom tried to spank me I'd run wailing from the room and she'd have to catch me and drag me kicking and screaming to her lap. No, these spankings were "pretend" ones, so I had to cooperate and get over "Mommy's" or "Daddy's" lap like I was told. Then they'd scold me and tell me what a bad boy I was and rub my bottom and tell me how sore I was going to be, that I'd be sorry I had been such a naughty brat, and I'd remember to be good next time.

These scoldings always made me feel rather queer inside. I felt nervous about the spanking to come but I also felt ashamed and rather eager to get it over with. But Karen and Amy would drag this out forever, teasing me, until they finally would give me a slap or two. It didn't really hurt that much but I felt quite embarrassed and of course they made me act like a little boy and cry out and beg them to stop and promise to be a good boy. This would make them giggle.

After a while of this, perhaps a couple dozen swats in three- or four-swat sections, they would begin the real spanking.

"Come on, naughty boy. Get those pants off!"

It was embarrassing but I complied. In reality I was too ashamed to admit it that I liked it--there was something magical about undressing before the girls. They would take my pants off and play with my underpants, patting my bottom and taking turns spanking me lightly. Then I'd have to take my underpants off. They would giggle at my weewee and scold me and make me get over their laps for more spanks.

It was here that the spanking actually began to hurt. Everything before this point was just playing, but now the slaps really stung. Sometimes I got tears in my eyes. I'd put my hands behind me and try to block the blows and they would just giggle and tell me what a naughty boy I was and how I couldn't even take a little spanking without acting like a baby. Naturally this last would wound my pride and so I'd tough out a few extra-hard swats wincing and whimpering and trying not to cry. They'd pause often and rub my bottom and take turns so it wasn't anything like a real spanking which just went on and on and never stopped and hurt really bad. In fact, it was kinda fun, though it did hurt, especially when they gave me several hard spanks in a row.

Sometimes Karen would be the Mommy and Amy would be my little sister and we'd both get spanked. I liked that. Amy never got spanked as hard as I did, though, which wasn't fair, but the girls said that she was a girl and therefore didn't need to be spanked as hard. Sounded like weird logic to me. I'd have thought the opposite.

A couple of times Amy was Mommy and Karen and I were the kids. And one time, the day before I left, I got to be the Daddy and the two girls were my naughty daughters. The two girls decided I had been a good sport and it really wasn't fair for me to be the naughty boy _all_ the time.

That's the day I liked best. I pretended they had both come home late on a school night and needed sound spankings. I gave them a few swats over their skirts and scolded them and swatted them some more. They didn't really say anything much yet, but stayed in character and pretended I was their Daddy.

"Oh, please, Daddy, not so hard!"

"No, more, Daddy! We'll be good!"

But I'd be stern and shake my head and pat my lap and one by one they'd come squirming over, very reluctantly, and I'd lift up their skirts and spank them over their panties. This got more of a reaction from them. Lots of delightful squeals and wiggling.

Then I made them pull down their panties. I didn't have them take them off but just pull them down to their knees. This was awkward and really embarrassing. I gave them a few smacks over their skirts and _then_ bared their bottoms for the spankings.

Finally, when both their bottoms were a rosy pink I pulled out my trump card: a wooden ruler. This brought forth the appropriate gasps and cries of terror and coverings of bottoms. But I was determined.

"You have both been very naughty!" I scolded. "I must spank you very hard!"

This frightened them and they protested but I saw they stayed in character and tried to talk me out of it. "Just a few swats," I told Karen as I pulled her across my lap. "Don't be a baby now."

She lay across my lap, her bare bottom exposed to my ruler. I brought it down hard with a loud slap! She squealed and frantically began kicking. I saw her face and tears were in her eyes. That had really stung!

"Are you going to be a good girl?" I asked.

"Yes, Daddy! Please, no more Daddy," she begged.

"Just three more just like that," I said firmly, and I thought she wouldn't let me but she did. After each wallop she wiggled more and protested more and I saw her eyes were more wet, but she did not try to stop me. When I had finished I could actually see red ruler marks across her bottom!

Amy was next. She had watched me spank Karen and was terrified. But soon she was across my lap and waiting. Whap! She "owwwed" and "ooouched" and kicked her feet. I told her to settle down or I'd have to spank her harder, and so she quieted. Her bottom was a nice pink when I finished, a line of red warmth across her butt.

Of course afterwards they both had to try out the ruler on me, and I got it much worse than them, but they figured I was a boy and deserved more. Still, I had enjoyed spanking them a lot. It was fun watching them squirm in my lap, seeing their white bottoms turning pink, and even their tears were pretty.

Chapter 2: New York

(****, Mmf/fm, Intense, n/c children/teen spanking, sex, etc.)

A young man remembers an eventful summer of his childhood where he becomes 'educated' in the ways of women and men. (Approximately 19,327 words. Originally published 1996-04.)

Next we went to New York state where my father's uncle lived. He hadn't seen him in years. I thought this was going to be a boring visit as Uncle Jack didn't have any kids, but boy was I wrong!

Right next door to Uncle Jack's lived a beautiful young girl. She was twelve, like Karen, but not at all bossy. Now I wasn't much into girls at age ten, but Suzy treated me very nice and since there weren't any boys around to make fun of me I treated her nice too.

Her room was all prissy and neat and filled with pink girlie things and I didn't like it much, but her Dad had a really cool den in the basement. It had all sorts of hunting rifles in a case on one wall, a pool table, and even a little refrigerator just a kid's size. It was really cool and Suzy and I played down their all the time.

We played board games, mostly, and when I won I got to touch her anywhere I wanted. When Suzy won she would kiss me as her reward. I pretended I didn't like it much (she was girl, after all), but secretly I liked it. I liked her touching me. I suggested we play "doctor" like Karen had showed me but Suzy said that was kids stuff.

"Well, what do _you_ do then," I asked, hurt and sad that she hadn't liked my idea.

"I'll show you," she whispered. "If you are brave enough."

"Of course I'm brave enough."

"It's really naughty..."

"I'm very naughty," I said with a grin.

"We'll get spanked if we're caught..."

"I ain't afraid of a little spanking!"

So she showed me. It was in the bathroom. We had to wait until her parents were gone one afternoon to do it. She filled a plastic bag full of warm water and said she'd do it to me first, and then I could do her once I knew how. That sounded fair.

In the bathroom she made me take off all my clothes. She took all of hers off too, just to be fair. (She was nothing like Karen!) Once I was naked, she sat on the toilet seat and told me to get across her lap. I thought she was going to spank me and I wanted to tell her that _that_ was childish, but I didn't cause I was afraid she wouldn't do it. And I _really_ wanted to spank her!

But she didn't spank me. She showed me the plastic bag full of water and the long plastic hose. "What is it?" I asked, puzzled.

"It's called an enema," she said with a giggle. "My Mom gives them to me when I am bad."

"Must be bad, then," I said.

"It is," she said with a wicked grin. "It feels really strange. See, I put the hose down here and it fills you up. You have to keep it in you for five minutes and then you can poop it out."

I gasped when she touched my hole. I'd never heard of putting anything up there! Except... well, Mom did take my temperature down there once and I sure hated that. I guess it wouldn't be any worse than that.

Suzy plugged the hose into me and soon I felt liquid entering me. It was the strangest sensation I'd ever felt. Sort of like going to the bathroom backwards. Slowly I was filled up and soon I was squirming and I felt I really needed to go to the bathroom badly. But Suzy wouldn't let me go. "Wait until you've got the whole bag," she said.

"I can't," I whined. "I've got to go now!"

"Don't you dare! If you do that you'll make a real mess. I'll make you lick it up!"

That sounded really terrible and I tried my hardest to hold it in. Finally the five minutes was up and she had me stand, telling me to be sure I didn't release until I was on the toilet. I nodded, my insides hurting something terrible.

When I sat on the toilet I suddenly realized she was watching me. I blushed. "Please, I need to go."

"Well, then go."

"But you're watching me."


I was embarrassed. "I can't go while you're watching."

"Then don't," she said, and sat her naked butt down on the floor in front of me. I stared at her for a moment but I knew I couldn't hold it any longer. I released.

It gushed out of me, splashing into the toilet bowl. My face felt hot and I couldn't look at Suzy who was watching me closely. When I had finished she had me turn around and to my horror she took toilet paper and carefully wiped me dry. I had tears in my eyes I was so ashamed.

"My turn now!" cried out Suzy, clapping her hands together happily and bouncing up and down. In a moment she was across my lap and I was trying to insert the hose into her butthole. I wasn't very good at it and it took me some time. I had to stick my figure up there to get it open and ready for the hose, but finally I had it in. Then the warm water started to trickle in. Suzy giggled and wiggled and told me it felt wonderfully strange.

"Do you like it?" I asked.

"Not exactly," she said. "But at least my bottom's not burning after a hairbrushing the way it usually is when I get an enema."

As though she had called out to the gods her request was granted, for at that instant a shadow fell over us and there stood Suzy's Mom in the doorway, eyes bulging in astonishment at seeing her naked daughter with an enema hose sticking out of her butt laying across the lap of a naked boy.

"So you want an enema, do you!" shouted the woman, and Suzy squealed in alarm. "You'll be getting one every night for a week, young lady, but right now I'm going to warm your bottom good!" And with that I found myself unceremoniously pushed aside as Suzy's Mom took my place on the toilet and drew her daughter across her lap.

Her hand started flashing so fast it was a blur, and the slaps certainly weren't restrained at all. I began to feel sorry for Suzy immediately, though I enjoyed watching her bottom turn pink. She squirmed a lot, too, and it wasn't until several minutes of spanking had passed when I realized that Suzy had never emptied her bottom yet! She was still half-full of her enema and was trying to hold it in while getting her bottom spanked!

Twice I tried to warn Mrs. Peabody but she told me to shut up. Finally, it happened. Suzy burst into tears and released and the enema flowed all over her Mom's lap, soaking her dress with the vile liquid. The woman was incensed. She popped Suzy into the shower right then and hosed the girl off and then ordered her to fetch the hairbrush.

Suzy passed by me dripping wet, crying, and returned in just seconds with a large ebony hairbrush. The back was flat and smooth and I knew it would really hurt. Sure enough, the hard wallops of that brush brought screams to Suzy's lips and she was soon howling and struggling uncontrollably. Her skin was still wet, which I'm sure didn't help, and she yelped and hollered at every smack.

Finally it was done and Suzy slowly stood up. Her hands went to her bottom but her Mom slapped them away and told her to stand straight and keep her hands on her head.

Then Mrs. Peabody motioned for to me go across her lap. That was a shock. I guess when I had first seen her I had figured I'd be getting a spanking, but I had thought it would be from Mom or Dad. Then I got so distracted watching Suzy get spanked I forgot about my own situation. I didn't want to get spanked by this strange woman, but on the other hand, if I cooperated maybe she wouldn't tell my parents.

"Are you going to tell my parents?" I asked.

"Not if you take your spanking like a man," she said firmly. "Now get over here!"

I moved forward and quickly found myself bottom up, that hairbrush spanking me without any preamble. I howled and kicked and struggled just like I did during one of Mom's spankings, and it did just as much good: it didn't help at all. The only thing good about the spanking was watching Suzy standing nearby, shifting her weight from foot to foot and crying. I could still see her naked bottom, blood red from being paddled, and though I knew my butt was rapidly taking on the same hue, it still comforted me to know I wasn't alone. In fact, I was kind of glad we got spanked together. I never liked getting spanked (for real anyway), but it sure was easier to bear with a friend, especially a pretty female one with a naked red bottom.

After my spanking Suzy was put back across her Mom's lap and given a dozen wallops to "warm her up" and then given an enema, and I noticed that Mrs. Peabody made the enema much hotter and soapier than we had.

Suzy had to stand while I received my enema, and then we both had to wait in the corner for ten minutes while our insides longed to explode. Finally we were each given another dozen swats and then allowed to release ourselves. I had to wait while Suzy was spanked and emptied before I could go, and every moment was agony.

When it was all over I went back to Uncle Jack's and I never got to speak to Suzy again, though I did get to wave goodbye.

Chapter 3: Connecticut

(****, Mmf/fm, Intense, n/c children/teen spanking, sex, etc.)

A young man remembers an eventful summer of his childhood where he becomes 'educated' in the ways of women and men. (Approximately 19,327 words. Originally published 1996-04.)

Our next stop was in Connecticut. We were only here for a few days, staying with friends of my Mom's. I think the lady and Mom went to college together. Her husband was involved with construction and I hardly saw him as he was always working. Anyway, the lady's name was Millie, and when she and Mom got together they'd talk all night if no one stopped them. They mostly ignored me.

I figured I'd be bored here, too, because the Berg's only had a little girl named Dani. She was eight and real brat. The first time I met her she took me to her room and showed me her sissy girl toys and promptly told me I couldn't play with any of them 'cause I was a boy. I told her I didn't want to play with any of her stupid toys and she began to cry and went and told her Mommy that I'd yelled at her and my Mom came and swatted my bottom a dozen times or so to remind me to "be nice." No one believed I hadn't done anything. I saw right away that I was going to have to watch my step around this girl.

That evening I let Dani boss me around. We played the games she wanted and she had to win or she'd go and tell that I'd hit her. I played along with her game but I was getting really tired of it. The next morning I went outside to play in the yard by myself, but she soon found me.

"How'd you like your spanking yesterday?"

"What spanking?"

"The one your Mom gave you."

"That wasn't a spanking," I said looking superior. "A real spanking is much hard and longer and always given on the bare bottom."

She gasped at this and I suddenly realized that little Dani wasn't very familiar with spankings. "We did you last get spanked?" I asked.

"I never get spanked. I'm too good."

"Too good at not getting caught. I've never seen a girl that needed to be spanked more than you. I ought to do it myself!"

She looked frightened at this and threatened to tell my Mom on me. "I'll tell her you spanked me and she'll _really_ spank you!" she cried.

I leapt to my feet and grabbed the little runt and dragged her with me. She yelled and tried to bite me but I put my hand over her mouth. She was very small and I controlled her easily. I took her away from the house into a little grove of trees where I knew our parents couldn't hear. There was a small clearing inside the woods and I sat down on an old log.

"Since I'm going to get spanked for spanking you anyway, I might as well really do it," I said. Dani screamed at me but I just laughed and turned her across my lap.

The first swat made her go completely silent. I gave her another, and then another. After the third one I asked her how she liked it. "It feels strange," she said.

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know. It doesn't really hurt but I feel weird inside."

"It's doesn't hurt 'cuz you got clothes on," I said, and proceeded to lift up her dress and pull down her little panties. She squealed and put her hands back to stop me but I grabbed her hands and held her fast and with my right hand gave her naked bottom a good slap.

"Oooh," she said. "That hurts!"

"Of course it does," I said gallantly, and proceeded to give her several more vivid demonstrations.

"Ouch! Oh, please stop it! It hurts!" She cried out, but I didn't stop at all. I gave her bottom a good ripening, turning the skin a nice pink. She was crying when I stopped and I asked her if she'd had enough.

"Yes. No more, please!"

"Are you going to be a good girl?"


"You are going to mind me?"


"You aren't going to tattle, are you?"

"Yes! Ouch! I mean, no!" This last was said through tears as I gave her another half-dozen swats.

"You aren't going to tattle, are you?"

"No, I won't! I won't!"

"You won't what?"

"I won't tattle on you ever again!"

"And what will happen to you if you do tattle?"

There was a short pause and then she spoke up in a little voice, "I'll get another spanking?"

"Darn right!" I slapped her bottom once more for good measure and let her up. She pulled her panties up and rearranged her dress. She was very quiet. I'd expected her to go rushing off to tell my Mom but she didn't. Instead she looked at me very shyly.

"Do you want to see my treehouse?"

"_You_ have a treehouse?"

"Yeah. Daddy made it for me."

I followed her to a tree right close by. I saw now that the clearing had been made just to clear a path to this tree and that it was the largest tree in the area. About halfway up was a large wooden house. It look really cool, like a miniature house. Very professional.

There was a rope ladder on one side and in a minute we were both inside the house. There was room for half a dozen kids inside that thing and it was even decorated, with a piece of carpet and curtains in the windows. I could almost stand upright inside it was so tall, and I watched as Dani went to a cupboard built into one wall and took out plates and cups. She also brought back a candy bar and a soda. The soda wasn't cold but it was fun, drinking and eating up in the house, like we were adults. We playacted and pretended to talk adultspeak and giggled and it was actually fun.

Later, we heard Dani's mom calling us. "We'd better go home," she said.

"Yeah, you don't want to get another spanking."

Her face got a weird look when I said that--she appeared about to correct me--but then she shook her head and we left the house. I didn't think any more about it until after lunch, when we were back in the treehouse playing Yahtzee.

"Does your Mommy spank you a lot?" she asked suddenly.

I was embarrassed. "Naw, not really. A couple times a week I suppose."

"That much?" Her eyes got real wide.

"Well, I don't know. It's not like I keep count or anything." I was a little annoyed. Why did we have to talk about this unpleasant subject anyway? It was fine talking about _her_ spankings, but mine were rather personal.

"Does she always use her hand?"

"No, sometimes a paddle or belt."

"A belt!"


"That must hurt."

"It does. Now I don't want to talk about it. Let's play the game, okay."

Dani looked at me with a impudent smile. She began to sing, taunting me. "Jamie's a baby, Jamie's a baby, doesn't want to talk about his little spanky, Jamie's a baby--"

"Shut up!"

"Jamie's a baby--"

I moved without thinking. In a second she was across my lap. It was almost too easy. Then I lifted her dress and gasped. "Where are your panties!"

"I took them off."


"Well, since I figured I'd be getting another spanking, I thought I'd make it easier for you. Besides, they itched anyway."

I saw her bottom was white and no trace of the morning's spanking remained. I determined to make this one more permanent. Wham! Slap! Smack! I spanked her hard but though she wiggled and cried out she didn't actually cry. "Doesn't that hurt?" I asked after a very hard spank.

"Yes, it does."

"Then why don't you cry?"

"I don't know. It's not that kind of hurt, I guess. I like it warm down there, do it some more." This last was said as she took my hand and pushed it toward her bottom.

"My hand hurts," I complained. "I wish I had my Mom's paddle."

Dani thought for a second. "How about a ruler?" She got up from my lap and ran to the cupboard and came back with a wooden ruler. "I keep some paper and drawing stuff up here," she explained.

The ruler proved to do the trick. It hurt very much and I didn't have to swing it very hard to bring tears to her eyes. "That's too much, not so hard," she would say, and I would cooperate, giving her a light smack which seemed to please her better. When I had finished her bottom was a deep red, glowing and hot. She seemed to relish the fact, going and plopping her naked butt on a wooden chair and sighing deeply.

"Doesn't that hurt?"

"Yes, it does."

"So why are you doing it?"

"It feels good, too."

I shrugged. She didn't make much sense, but then she was just a kid, and a girl to boot. We played quietly the rest of the day and night, and the next morning we had to leave. Dani tugged at my sleeve and we ran to the treehouse where she made me spank her one last time with the ruler, very hard. I didn't even protest, though I thought she was rather queer. Besides, I had grown to like her, once she stopped being such a brat.

Chapter 4: Delaware

(****, Mmf/fm, Intense, n/c children/teen spanking, sex, etc.)

A young man remembers an eventful summer of his childhood where he becomes 'educated' in the ways of women and men. (Approximately 19,327 words. Originally published 1996-04.)

Our next stop was Delaware, at some more friends of my Mom's. Here I met Jena and Jackie, seven and eight, chronologically, but six and five, emotionally. Both were whiners, the worst kind of kid in the world. I hated them almost immediately, but they both looked up to me like I was some sort of god.

Jena was the smarter/sweeter of the two, but Jackie was the biggest baby I'd ever met. The littlest thing would happen and she'd be running for her mama, leaving a trail of tears behind her. Jena I could talk to, and I tried to reason with, and it worked up to a point.

When Jackie saw me tear an earthworm in half she started crying and ran inside. Jena looked like she was about to cry and so I showed her how both parts of the worm were wiggling. "See, now there are two worms." This seemed to make her even more upset, and though I didn't usually do that kind of thing, I gave her a hug. This pleased her and for the next two days she wouldn't leave my side. Even at night, after everyone was asleep, she'd come and crawl into bed with me, putting her head on my chest and smiling at me with that innocent happy smile and I wouldn't have the heart to tell her to go away.

It seemed I'd become a father at age ten.

Well, I decided, if I had to be a father than I'd be a good one. The first thing I determined was that crybabies were not permitted. I stated this very plainly to the two girls and told them if I caught them crying I would run away and leave them alone.

Exactly. They both began to cry.

I almost gave up right then, but decided to try harder. I walked over behind Jackie and slapped her bottom hard. Then I did the same to Jena. Both girls just stared at me, ready to burst into tears.

"If you cry I will give you _two_ smacks!" I said sternly. Immediately Jackie began to cry. I told her to stop being a baby and spanked her twice, hard. The shock seemed to stun her, and she stopped crying. That set Jena off, and so I gave her two, too.

"Are we done?" At that Jackie began to cry again, so I pushed her across my lap and gave her four loud and hard spanks. When I set her back upright she was staring at me open-mouthed and astonished. "Do you want more?" She shook her head slowly, and I saw she wasn't crying at all.

I looked at Jena. Her eyes were as wide as silver dollars but she wasn't crying either. "Good. Then let's go to the park!"

It was a long ways to the park--normally Jena and Jackie's parents didn't let them go without an adult. Halfway there Jackie started sniffling and complaining that she was tired, her legs hurt, and she needed to pee. I sat right down on the curb and gave her five hard spanks. When I finished she didn't say a word but followed me on to the park.

I could tell both girls had never been spanked before. Their Mom is a real wus--I'd never seen such babying. It was no wonder the two girls were such wimps. Their Mom practically croaks if she hears one of the girls sniffle.

The park was great. I played with the girls and we had a good time, though several times I had to warn them about crying and being a baby. I once had to take Jackie into the woods for a quick spanking, but she was better after that. Both girls seemed much happier and freer, laughing and giggling and not afraid to take chances. I think their Mom had scared them into thinking that anything risky was dangerous and shouldn't even be attempted. The girls wouldn't even ride down the slide when we first got there!

"Mommy says it's too dangerous. She says we could fall off," said Jackie looking at it doubtfully, as we watch kid after kid slide down without mishap.

"As dangerous as another _spanking_?" I hissed into her ear, and she perked right up and went and got in line!

I was actually sad when we had to leave Delaware. I'd gotten to like the two girls. They were pests, to be sure, but they idolized me and that was a new experience. Anything I said to them they believed. It was kinda scary having that much power. But I learned to control it, because I saw how vulnerable and fragile they really were.

I couldn't count the number of spankings I gave them--it was a lot, though all were very mild--but I think it did them a lot of good. They were much happier, more confident girls when I left, and very sad to see me go. Jena wanted very badly to go with me, and confidentially told me I could pack her in my suitcase and "spank me anytime you want."

I gave her a kiss and told her that she was a very special girl, but that she'd didn't have to worry so much about being a good girl. "Be adventurous, take some risks," I told her. "Do what your heart tells you."

Unfortunately the girl took me literally, and we were almost out of the state when Mom opened the truck for something in her bag while we were at a gas station and little Jena popped out, ready to pee in her panties. Dad was furious, and said something to Mom about "tanning the naughty girl's hide" but Mom told him to be quiet. She took Jena to the restroom and called her parents and then lectured me, as though I had something to do with it.

Then Jena did something that astonished me. Either she was real ignorant about spankings or she was really brave, but she went up to my father and told him she had realized what she did was wrong and she deserved a spanking! Dad, for the first time since I'd known him, turned down the chance to spank some butt and told her that her parents would discipline her. This did not please her at all, but there wasn't much she could do.

We met the Eason's halfway (so neither of us would have to make the whole drive) and returned their daughter, and I could see right away that Mrs. Eason was more concerned that her baby was all right than upset by her behavior. I know my parents love me, but if I'd done something like that, I wouldn't be sitting properly for a month!

Chapter 5: North Carolina

(****, Mmf/fm, Intense, n/c children/teen spanking, sex, etc.)

A young man remembers an eventful summer of his childhood where he becomes 'educated' in the ways of women and men. (Approximately 19,327 words. Originally published 1996-04.)

We spent a week in North Carolina at my cousin Deborah's house. She was older, thirteen, and turned out to be the exact opposite of Jena and Jackie. In the eight days we were there she got spanked no less than four times!

Deb's mother, my Aunt Debbie, I hadn't known very well before she'd died in a car accident about five years earlier. Uncle Ralph had taken good care of Deb, though, raising her the right way and she was a good kid, if not a little forgetful and mischievous.

She got her first spanking just fifteen minutes after we arrived. It was after midnight when we drove up, but Uncle Ralph and Deb greeted us warmly. Everyone was tired and we decided to talk in the morning. When Uncle Ralph showed my parents the spare room, however, he was furious.

"Deb! Didn't I ask you to prepare the guest room?"

"Oops," she said, not looking very apologetic. "I guess I forgot."

"Go to my room and wait for me there." With a sneaky grin at me she was off, skipping down the hallway. I was puzzled. My uncle's tone had brooded trouble, but she was acting like she was in for a birthday present.

After Uncle Ralph had put on new sheets and prepared the guest room and a bed for me on the couch in the den, we all went to sleep. I was fading away and the house was very quiet when I heard a muffled "whap!" and my heart froze. It was a horrid noise to a kid, the unmistakable sound of wood meeting bottom at high velocity. Again and again I heard the sound. Ouch. Deb was getting it good!

The next morning I was rather shy with Deb, fearing she would be embarrassed by her discipline, but it didn't seem to bother her at all.

"Whatcha doing in here?" she asked, seeing me alone in the family room.


"Wanna go outside?"

I shrugged and we went into the backyard. There was a swingset there and she ran and climbed on one of the swings, standing on the seat.

"I have to swing like this 'cause I'm too sore to sit down!" she laughed gaily, giggling at my astonished look. "Daddy wasn't very gentle last night." She rubbed her backside with one hand as she spoke and I felt my mouth go dry. I didn't know what to say.

"What's wrong?" she finally asked.

"Nothing." I took the swing next to her and sat in it. I took a deep breath. "Your Daddy spank you often?"

There was no hesitation. "Only when I need it, which is quite often." She laughed again. I decided I liked her laugh and I smiled too.

"Why are you so naughty?"

"Why not?"

"Well, you wouldn't get spanked so much, I'd think."

"What's wrong with getting spanked?"

I wasn't sure what to say to that! "D-doesn't it hurt?"

"Of course!"

"You don't mind?"

She shrugged. "Not really. It does me good. If I didn't have Daddy to spank me who knows what kind of trouble I'd get in." There was a pause. "You want to know a secret?"


"You can't tell anyone."

"I won't."

"And you have to do me a favor in return."

"What kind of favor?"

"You'll see."

With the innocence of a child I agreed. "Okay."

She climbed down from the swing and sat beside me. I noticed she sat on her thighs, keeping her butt well out from the leather seat of the swing. She glanced toward the house as though worried someone could overhear us.

"I didn't make those beds on purpose!"

I stared at her speechless. "You mean, you wanted to get in trouble?"

"Yes. I was curious if Daddy would spank me even when we had guests here. I half didn't think he would, but he did. And he didn't let up at all!" This last was said as she rubbed her butt again.

"My parents never care if there are guests."


"Yeah. They say if you can misbehave in front of guests you can just as well be disciplined in front of them too!"

"I guess my Dad believes the same thing." Deb rubbed her bottom again. It seemed she was almost exaggerating the gesture, making it very obvious what she was doing.

"Are you that sore?"

She eyes gleamed at me. "Come on!" She led me upstairs, to her room, where she closed the door and locked it. She went to her dresser and took a vial of creamy liquid out of the top drawer. "You owe me that favor," she said.

"What is it?"

"I want you to put this lotion on me. Gently, now. It still hurts."

To my surprise she promptly unbuttoned her jeans and let them drop around her ankles. She stepped out of them, wearing only a pair of pale pink panties that hugged her rump tightly. She wiggled delightfully onto the bed on her stomach after handing me the lotion. I stared at her half-naked figure, more womanly than I had ever seen before, and wondered what to do.

"Come on," she hissed. "Take down my panties and cream my bottom. It's really sore!"

I moved, though I didn't know what made me to do it. I carefully slipped my fingers into the band of her panties and slid them down, revealing twin orbs of reddened flesh that quivered and jiggled as I brushed against them.

"Oooh, that's cold," she said as the first of the cool lotion dripped onto her warm flesh. I began to rub it in, smoothing it all around, carefully working the ointment into her skin. I wasn't at all sure what I was doing but I had watched my Mom put on cold cream, rubbing it in until it vanished, and I figured this was similar.

"Ohhhh, that feel so _goooood_," moaned Deb periodically as I massaged her skin. "Keep going. More! More!"

So I continued, using up nearly half the bottle of lotion. When I finished Deb was sighing deeply and breathing heavily. She was acting strange, wiggling against the bed and squeezing and unsqueezing her legs together. There was a mystery there, between those thighs, but I was too embarrassed to look at it properly. I asked her if anything was the matter but she did not answer.

Finally she gasped loudly and then gave a deep sigh. "Thanks. Normally my best friend Maria does this for me," she whispered confidentially. "But her family is on vacation in Mexico."


"We do each other after we've been spanked. Her dad uses a leather strap. It leaves thick welts all across her butt. It looks like it really hurts. The marks last for about a week, so Maria tries not to get whipped more often than that."

"You mean you plan to get spanked!"

She giggled and shook her head. "Not exactly. We just like to be naughty sometimes, and that usually means a spanking. We comfort each other afterward, and it's really incredible. There's something really special about having someone cream your bottom after a spanking. You should try it."


"Sure. Do something naughty. I'll cream you. Trust me, you'll like it."

"Ah, I don't think so. Spankings hurt!"

"Are you chicken?"

"No! It's just... why go out of your way to get a spanking? I get enough of them for real things!"

She giggled again. "You really are a child, aren't you!" I stared at her with a furious anger, but I quickly realized she hadn't meant it to be an insult, only a comment. I looked away and didn't speak.

Nothing more was said of spanking, until the next evening when I heard that familiar walloping sound coming from upstairs. I asked Mom what was going on but she told me to mind my own business and get ready for bed. It wasn't that late, but I figured Deb would be going to bed soon so there wasn't much point staying up without company. I was almost asleep when I heard a whisper in the darkness.

"Psst! Jamie!"


"It's me--Deb. Do you mind?"

"No, come on in."

I heard more than saw a figure come toward me out of the darkness. The small nightlight in the far corner made her into a silhouette as she knelt next to the couch.

"You got it again, eh?"

I dimly saw her nod. "Yeah. Daddy caught me sneaking change from his wallet again. He really hurt me this time." Her voice held a mixture of self-pity and admiration. "Do you think you--" She broke off.

"You want me to put lotion on?"

"Would you?"

"Sure, if that's what you want."

She spread herself out on the floor next to the couch and I saw she was wearing a thin nightgown that barely covered her rump. I lifted it up and saw she wasn't wearing panties. I couldn't see how red her bottom was in the poor light, but it certainly felt hot to the touch.

She had brought the lotion with her and I carefully applied it, rubbing it in deeply and wondering how it felt. She made lots of little noises, wincing and moaning at my touch, but always urging me not to stop. When I finally was finished she quivered and gave a deep, shuddering sigh and I saw her body go limp. She didn't speak for a minute or so, but then she thanked me.

"Oh, that feels so good. You really should try it. You don't know what you are missing. It's almost worth the spanking to feel this wonderful afterward."

"Did you plan to get caught?" I asked.

"Caught? Oh, you mean the wallet. No, I didn't. I thought Dad was downstairs with your parents but I guess he came up to use the restroom or something. I turned around and he was standing there, watching me steal from him. It was horrible. I felt really bad. I was almost glad he spanked me, though it really hurt."

I felt something special go between us at that moment. We didn't speak but we shared something. I felt myself growing brave. "You really want me to get a spanking?"

She looked up at me then, her eyes glowing in the darkness. I could tell she was excited. "Oh, do! It's so worth it, you'll see. There's nothing like it!"

I thought about it for a minute. "I'll do it if you do it with me."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, let's get spanked together."

"Oh! That's a wonderful idea!"

I was a little nervous by how eagerly she leapt at the idea. I had expected some resistance, but she quickly figured out what we could do. She outlined her plan.

We decided to wait a day to let Deb's bottom heal a bit. Then we volunteered to wash Uncle Ralph's car. He was delighted, of course, and agreed. We took out the hoses and washcloths and soap and proceeded to wash the car. We were both dressed in old shorts and tank tops, since the weather was warm, and it didn't take long for us to begin squirting each other with the water. Soon we forgot about washing the car and began chasing each other and squabbling.

During the play we made sure we trampled Uncle Ralph's prize tulips. He didn't notice until later, when we called him out to inspect the car. He was speechless. Of course we were both ashamed and stared at our feet. We could see he wasn't sure what to do. We'd done wrong, obviously, but it was in the course of doing him a favor.

"Please don't spank us," cried out Deb, in a not-so-subtle hint.

"They're just dumb flowers," I added defensively.

"I'll have you know these came straight from the Netherlands!" Uncle Ralph roared at me. "I spent countless hours cultivating these 'dumb' flowers, young man. I have half-a-mind--" He paused, uncertain.

I giggled and poked Deb. "He only has half-a-mind, Deb!" I hissed. It wasn't a very quiet whisper.

Immediately our fates were sealed. We were marched upstairs to his room where we waited breathlessly. Uncle Ralph was downstairs talking with my parents. I had little hope they'd prevent him from spanking me. My bottom was already tingling in fear.

Finally up came Uncle Ralph, gruff and grim. He went at once to the dresser and took out a large wooden paddle from the top drawer. "Who's first?" was all he said. He sat on the bed and stared at us.

I knew I should move but I was frozen. Deb took a step forward. "I'll go first, Daddy," she said quietly. She bravely laid herself across his broad lap. Her hands dangled toward the floor, her butt up in the air. Immediately the paddle began to descend, smacking her bottom heavily again and again. Deb didn't cry but remained in position calmly, though I saw from her grim expression she was working not to struggle. After about twenty smacks her father paused. I hoped he was done but I was way off.

"Stand up," he ordered, and she obeyed. When she was upright she immediately pulled down her shorts and panties without a word from her father. Her naked bottom exposed, she went back over the lap and the paddle really began to do its work. She was soon gasping and struggling to hold still. Her bottom grew more red with each smack and soon she was weeping, big tears dripping down her face as she howled. This was certainly not a play spanking!

Suddenly it was my turn. Deb was told to go to the corner and leave her bottom untouched and uncovered. I found myself across the lap of my uncle, waiting for that first smack, my eyes glued to the round cherry-colored bottom of my cousin.

WHAP! The first wallop took my breath away, and then there was another, and another, faster than I could count. My mind seemed to be stunned and I lay there astonished that this was happening to me. Tears stung my eyes and I felt my will leaving me. I was going to bawl and I knew it.

Suddenly I was ordered to my feet. "Drop your drawers, boy," said my uncle sternly. I couldn't move. He reached out and I felt cool air across my privates, my bottom feeling naked and vulnerable.

Then I was bent back over and the spanking began again, this time with me howling from the start. I couldn't help it. That paddle really stung! I don't remember much of the next few minutes. I just remember praying that it would stop, vowing to never do anything bad again, just stop the pain, stop the horrid smacking.

It was over. I lay sobbing across my uncle's lap. He made me go to the corner and stand and told me not to touch my bottom. He left the room. I heard Deb hissing at me. I glanced at her resentfully. This had hurt a lot more than I had bargained for.

"You okay?"

"S-sure," I said, trying to act brave. "T-that was good but I've had better."

"Yeah, well Dad went easy on you."

"He did not!"

"Sure he did. He only gave you half what I got, and today's spanking was nothing compared to my last one."

I shrugged. I felt really depressed. "This was a really stupid idea, Deb. It was fun splashing and squashing the flowers, but this--this just hurts."

She nodded. "I know. But wait. As soon as Dad let's us go we'll go to my room and cream each other. It'll be worth it."

I doubted it, but she was right. Lying half-naked on her bed, I felt strange sensations coursing through my body, especially my private area. She smoothed that ice-cold cream across my sore butt and it felt like heaven. Such incredible relief! I half-wished my bottom was even hotter so the cooling would be even greater.

As I lay there, half-conscious, her hands caressing my body, I felt her touch me between my legs. She spread my legs wider and her hand touched my little sacks and I didn't know what to think. I was embarrassed but she didn't giggle or anything, but seemed fascinated by my body. She made me roll over, something I wasn't excited to do, and touched me in the front. It felt strange. I feared it but couldn't tell her to stop because I thought maybe the feeling was good. I wasn't exactly sure.

After a while she told me it was her turn, and I creamed her bottom again. Her skin was all pebbly with little welts and when I pinched these it seemed to make her go wild. She started crying at one point.

"Oooooh, that hurts so good!" she hissed.

This time I knew exactly what she meant. I continued the massage and then spread her legs, curious about her body. She was smooth underneath. I could see her little poop-hole at the base of her crack and beyond that, toward the front, was a longish slit. It looked strange and I didn't want to touch it. There were a few tufts of hair around it. I touched these, brushing them with my fingers, and that seemed to make her go crazy again, writhing and wiggling. Then she gasped and sighed like she'd done before, but this time she _sat_ up on the bed and kissed me right on the lips! I was so surprised I didn't even fight back, and though afterwards I was embarrassed and shy, I really kind of liked it, though I didn't tell her that.

Late that night Deb came to the den and we put more cream on each other. Our bottoms really didn't need it, but we did it because it felt so good. I think we just liked touching each other, because we did a lot more of that than creaming. Deb really seemed amused by touching me. I didn't really mind, but it embarrassed me. I couldn't watch her while she did it, but looked away and tried to think of something else.

She tried to get me to join her in another spanking before we left, but I refused. I was still rather sore and didn't relish another from her Dad. She didn't seem to get enough, however, and the night before we left she smarted off to him during dinner and sure enough, was sent to his room.

Later she came to the den and I put cream on her bottom, and she told me how sad she was I was leaving. Her friend Maria wouldn't be back for another month and Deb didn't know what she was going to do in the meantime.

"I wish I could have met her," I said.

"Yeah, you'd like her. She's really cool."

The next morning we left for Florida, and I didn't see Deb again for two years. By then she seemed to have forgotten our experience because when I tried to mention it she got a strange look on her face and told me not to spread made-up stories about her.

Chapter 6: Florida

(****, Mmf/fm, Intense, n/c children/teen spanking, sex, etc.)

A young man remembers an eventful summer of his childhood where he becomes 'educated' in the ways of women and men. (Approximately 19,327 words. Originally published 1996-04.)

In Florida we stayed with friends of my parents. I didn't know them very well and I had never met the kids. They were older, sixteen and seventeen, and didn't seem very enthusiastic about having me around. Rob was the oldest and his sister was Connie. Though I still thought most girls were sissies, my experiences so far that summer had made me more interested in them than in the past. Thus I fell in love with Connie the moment I first saw her.

A tall blonde, she was wearing a tiny bikini bathing suit and lounging out by the pool. She didn't say much to me and was rather haughty, but I didn't care. All I saw was that she had huge breasts and her top didn't really cover much at all. I was surprised her parents allowed her to dress like that but they seemed easy-going and didn't say anything. I also thought it weird that she didn't seem to have any interest in swimming, but liked to lie around half-naked by the pool all day.

Nothing much happened the first couple days we were there. I played with Rob and Connie as much as they would let me, and watched TV when they wouldn't. We swam a lot, played Monopoly until we were sick of it, and watched TV. Both of the older kids kept complaining that I was "holding them back" and they couldn't "have any real fun." I didn't know what they meant by that but later in the week my parents told me all the adults were going out for the day and wouldn't be back until evening. Connie's dad made her promise she and Rob would entertain me.

As soon as the adults were gone, however, Rob called up Gail and George, the twins from next door. I'd met them a few times. They were sixteen and Rob and George were best buds. Gail was pretty and dark-haired but rather quiet. She and Connie liked to sit and talk and giggle and didn't like me around.

We partied all morning. Rob put on loud music and we raided the kitchen for chips and junk food. I heard Rob and George arguing in the house and went in and saw they were trying to open a tall wooden cabinet in one corner of the room. Rob's dad kept all his liquor in that cabinet and it was locked. They finally got it open, however, and Rob and George made a special batch of "Kool Aid".

At first they weren't going to let me have any but finally they did. It tasted awful and I almost threw up but they all laughed at me so I drank the whole glass to show them I was cool. After that I felt rather funny and had to sit down. Later, I felt really dizzy and everything seemed to make me laugh though I didn't know why.

Connie and Gail giggled more than ever and the guys started hassling them and soon they were all arguing loudly. I just stood by laughing. I stood behind Connie as she shouted and shoved at her brother. It seemed they wanted to go somewhere but couldn't agree where. I think my name was mentioned a few times as a reason they couldn't go anywhere.

I really wasn't paying much attention. All I saw was Connie's smooth back and glorious rump with the petite bikini half-covering it. I saw the straps of her little pink-colored top going around her chest and tied loosely at the back, her huge breasts bouncing and wobbling in front as they strained against the fabric like they were trying desperately to escape.

Without thinking I reached out and took the dangling bra string in my hand. Before I knew what had happened Connie's top was swinging from my fingers, her naked breasts swaying in the breeze. I stepped back, stunned at what I'd done. Connie didn't even realize it for a second, slowly glancing down at where Rob and George's eyes were gazing.

With a shriek she clutched her hands over herself, the guys laughing uproariously, and she turned on me. I scampered away in real fear for my life, my hand still gripping her bathing suit top. I didn't think--I just ran. I darted around the pool and she ran after me, but she was far too slow. It was awkward for her to run with her hands covering her chest and the guys laughed at how silly she looked. She cried out to Gail for help and so Gail approached me from the other direction, and I was cornered.

Now I'm generally a good kid. I don't like to get in trouble and I'm pretty nice to people. Connie hadn't been mean to me, not really, just a little aloof, but for some reason, perhaps because I liked her, I felt resentful. So when she and Gail ganged up on me, I didn't even hesitate but tossed her bikini top across the fence into Mr. Nebitz's backyard. He was a mean old man with an even meaner Doberman who daily complained that we made too much noise and refused to give our ball back if it bounced into his yard. I could hear Rocko, the dog, tearing at the bikini top even before it hit the grass.

Everyone froze in horror. What had been a silly game was now serious, and I realized I'd overstepped the line. Connie was crying and Gail looked mad enough to brain me. Even George and Rob had stopped laughing.

"You brat!" yelled Connie. "That was my favorite suit!"

"We'll never get it back. Rocko's already eaten it," said Gail, peering through the fence slats.

"I-I'm sorry," I muttered, looking at the ground. "I wasn't thinking."

"That wasn't very nice," said Rob, coming up behind his sister. "A joke's a joke but that's destruction of property."

"I said I was sorry!"

"Not good enough," Gail said, grabbing my right arm. Before I could move Connie had grabbed my left and suddenly my swimming trucks were pulled down and I was lifted off my feet and they were taken away.

"Hey! Not fair!" I cried, but everyone just laughed. I was released and I lunged at Connie but she held my shorts high in the air, not even caring that her breasts dangled freely in front of my eyes. With a smirk she threw them over the wall and I watched as Rocko leapt at them, his white teeth gleaming as he ripped them the shreds.

Everyone laughed, then, and I felt forlorn and miserable. I was naked and exposed. I tried to put my hands down to cover myself when Rob suddenly grabbed me and with a push, threw me into the pool.

I came up sputtering, but I felt safer in the water. At least I wasn't as visible. Rob and George laughed. I began to dog-paddle.

George was looking at Connie, who stood giggling, her arms at her side. He glanced over to his sister. "You know, it really isn't fair for Connie to go topless and you don't," he said boldly.

Rob grinned. "Yeah."

Gail went red and she shook her head. "Don't even think of it!" she cried out. She faced the two boys defiantly. I saw Connie sneak up behind her and bingo, her top was off and her pretty breasts, though not as large as Connie's, were exposed. Connie dashed off, giggling, waving the brassiere in the air.

I swam in circles and watched the four of them chase each other, giggling and laughing, breasts and nakedness everywhere. This went on for several minutes, and then somehow, I kinda missed the exact scenario, Rob ended up naked, and then George, and then the two girls shrugged and took off their bottoms, too.

Everyone was naked now. I stared in awe at the women--they were no longer girls in my mind--they had bushels of curly hair massed between their slim thighs, and the guys had _huge_ dicks dangling between their legs. It made me feel small and inadequate.

Hot from running, one by one everyone jumped into the pool and soon we were all engaged in silly water games. Mainly this consisted of sneaking up on someone underwater and pinching their naked bottom or breast. Done right, you got away before the inevitable retaliation. Done wrong, as I painfully discovered, one ended up with a well-pinched bottom.

How long this lasted, I don't know. I was enjoying myself immensely, finding a pinched bottom well worth the prize of squeezing one of Connie's breasts or tweaking her rump. I found my small size gave me somewhat of an advantage, as I was often able to sneak away without getting caught.

Suddenly in the midst of all this excitement everything went still. Connie didn't even chase me after I pinched her butt really good and I came up for air puzzled. Standing at the side of the pool was a glaring Mr. and Mrs. Denn, and behind them my parents, all four of them wearing expressions of shock and disbelief.

It was with dismal hearts we all traipsed out of the pool and made our waterlogged way to the garage where Mr. Denn told us to wait. "Don't even think of covering up!" he snapped angrily.

None of us said a word but stood around awkwardly, dripping wet and naked. Connie looked like she was about to cry. In a few minutes he came into the garage, his face grim. "George and Gail, I just spoke with your parents and they have given me the authority to punish you the same way I do Rob and Connie. Same goes for you, Jamie," he said to me.

We watched wordlessly as the big man went to the wall and took down a long strip of leather from a peg there. I could see from Connie and Rob's face that they knew what was about to happen, but George and Gail looked positively ashen.

"All right," said Mr. Dunn. "Rob, you go first. You're all gonna get two lickings, one for skinny-dipping and another for breaking into the liquor cabinet. Jamie, since you're younger, you'll just get one."

Rob bravely stepped forward and went to the long metal workbench and stretched himself out on it. His naked ass was completely exposed and I had no doubt that in a moment it would no longer be lily-white.

The strap came down hard with a loud wallop and everyone in the room winced. Rob didn't make a sound. The strap pulled back and there was a thick red mark across Rob's ass. Again and again that strap came down and Rob didn't say a word. Finally, when I'd counted eight strokes, he moaned and I saw his forehead was dripping sweat and his hands were white he gripped the bench so hard. At stroke nine he moaned louder and at stroke ten he cried out. His dad put down the strap. "Connie, you're next."

Connie was already crying, but she obeyed. She laid her lovely body across the bench and immediately the strap gave her a thick welt across her smooth, pale bottom. She cried out in pain and wiggled her ass. Again and again the strap came down. She was sobbing but the sixth one, but by ten she had quieted down and only wept silently.

When she stood up George came forward without being told and took her place. He made a little more fuss than Rob but not much. Then Gail went forward. She was trembling and crying a bit, and I saw she was absolutely petrified. She could scarcely move. Mr. Dunn threatened her a bit and she finally lay down and he laid into her with a vigor that terrified me. She howled and cried and begged him for mercy, but that strap didn't slow down one bit, but thrashed her soundly.

I was so entranced by watching Gail's pretty bottom dance as it was covered with red marks that I failed to realize it was my turn. Mr. Dunn dragged me forward and threw me across the bench. I gripped for dear life and prayed he'd go easier on me, but he didn't. Every stroke of that belt seemed to cut me in half and I was bawling from the second one. (The first one left me too shocked and out of breath to cry.) It was over quickly, but agony while it lasted. I stood up afterward, my legs wobbling, my ass tingling with dozens of tiny stings and throbs and aches, the skin burning with a hot fire that felt like acid eating away my flesh.

I watched as Rob was bent back over for another dose, his ass already a mass of weals, and this time he wept throughout the whipping. Connie was next, sobbing like her puppy had died, her beautiful rump red and swollen. When he was done it looked like a horde of angry bees had settled on her ass and stung her a million times.

George and Gail took their turns, each fresh stroke of the leather across their already sore hind-ends causing them to weep with terror and pain and beg Mr. Dunn for mercy.

When it was over, all five of us stood, naked and damp with sweat, our asses boiling, tears staining our cheeks, our throats aching and parched from weeping, our heads meekly bowed with shame.

Mr. Dunn left without a word and it was a long time before any of us spoke, and then it was just George saying he and Gail ought to get home. The two left then, and we just stood there. I finally got up my courage and went over to Connie.

"I'm real sorry I took your top, Connie. Honest, I am!"

She looked up at me and I saw with relief she wasn't mad at me. She smiled shyly and smoothed my hair with her hand. "It's okay," she said. "We were just goofin' off. I guess we got what we deserved."

We played Monopoly that night and for some reason it wasn't boring at all.

Chapter 7: Tennessee

(****, Mmf/fm, Intense, n/c children/teen spanking, sex, etc.)

A young man remembers an eventful summer of his childhood where he becomes 'educated' in the ways of women and men. (Approximately 19,327 words. Originally published 1996-04.)

I never did figure out just how I'm related to Wil and Beth Larson. They lived in Tennessee. Mom said we were second cousins, maybe once or twice removed. Or maybe Wil was _her_ cousin. Like I said, I never did get the story straight. Not that it mattered much to me. I was just a kid. We stayed at their house and I played with their kids and that's all that really mattered.

I shouldn't really call them kids. There were three of them, but the older two, Rod and Diana, were in college. Rod was twenty had been going to college for a year or so and Diana had just turned 18 and was going to college in the fall. The younger boy was Andrew and he and I become instant best friends. He was twelve but didn't act like it. I quickly took on the leadership role in our relationship.

Though I'd never much thought about girls before that summer, the second I saw Diana I was in love. She came riding up to our car on this beautiful horse, all brown with a white star on its forehead. Diana trotted up beside us and hollered a friendly greeting. I couldn't take my eyes off her. Long curls of dark hair whipped about her face in the wind, her black eyes alert with a fire I wanted to tame. She was wearing a white blouse covered by a Levi jacket and the smoothest tan riding pants I'd ever seen. Sitting on the horse her legs seemed to go on forever. I couldn't take my eyes off her.

She clicked at Strider (her horse) to stop and slipped off his back as easily as a cat off a couch. She stood before us, tall, dark, her chest heaving a bit. "Howdy, folks! Welcome to the Larsons!" she said gaily, waving a hand behind her at the farm.

She smiled at me once, briefly, but mostly she talked to my dad. I silently followed the bunch as they walked toward the main house, Strider ambling along beside me. I positioned myself behind Diana and tried make myself invisible. Just in front of me wobbled the world's roundest, most perfect ass. I'd never seen anything so fascinating.

It was large, for one. At least twice as large as Debbie's or Gail's or Connie's. You'd have thought such a large butt would have seemed awkward, but not on Diana. It suited her perfectly, blending in with her wide hips and long legs. This, I realized, was a _woman's_ ass, not the ass of a child.

As we headed for the house I couldn't stop staring at Diana's butt. I admired the way the cheeks wobbled as she walked, the smooth globes shifting up and down in a hypnotic rhythm that took away all my self-control. I caught myself reaching out to touch it at one point, my hand moving on its own.

I felt a queer sensation inside my body as I watched her walking. I felt all hot and sweaty, like I was sick or something. Even stranger, from the first second I saw her bottom, I couldn't get out of my mind the image of a large wooden paddle smacking into that soft rump. I wondered what it would look like, seeing the flesh bounce like that. I wondered how Diana would react. Would her perky smile fade? Would sweet tears drip from those mysterious black eyes? I longed to find out and I didn't understand why. I had no desire to hurt her--I liked her. And yet all I could think about was seeing that lovely bottom of hers get the spanking of lifetime.

"You like sheep?"

I turned and saw a small boy, barely my height, holding a little lamb. "This must be Andrew, my 'cousin'," I thought. I smiled at him. "I don't know. I've never met a sheep."

There were lots of animals on the farm. Andrew showed them all to me, and I got to pet them (except for the bull--we weren't allowed near him). I had a great time with Andrew. He was a quiet, rather shy boy who got along better with animals than people, but he was kind and I liked him. Like I said before, he was older than me, but I was the boss. He looked up to me, too, which was neat.

By the end of our second full day at the Larsons I was feeling disappointed. I hadn't seen Diana at all. Just a brief glimpse at breakfast and maybe at dinner. She spent the day riding with her father or brother. They were doing some kind of inspection tour of all the fencing around their property. There was a great deal of work to be done and she and Rod were kept very busy. In the evenings a young man from a neighboring farm came and picked her up in an old pickup and they would leave, me feeling very sad and frustrated.

On the third day I resolved to get some gossip from Andrew. We were down by the pond, skipping stones and impatiently waiting until it was noon and we eat the sandwiches Aunt Beth had made.

"Say, your dad seems like a pretty tough guy," began. "Is he pretty strict with you?"

Andrew laughed. "Yeah, I'll say. If we disobey it's a trip to the woodshed, no questions asked."

"The woodshed?"

"Yeah. It's over behind the barn. Dad makes you bend over a wooden post and drop your drawers and then he tans the life out of ya."

"On the bare?" I held my breath, scarcely daring to believe my good fortune.


"Even your sister?"

"Sure, though I'd imagine she'd be a bit too old for that now." He giggled as though imagining his sister baring her bottom. "Although, even Rod got a licking or two last summer and he was 18 then. Dad always says, 'Live in my house, obey my rules.' So I guess it could still happen."

That thought got my imagination going. I pumped Andrew for more details on exactly the kind of behavior that merited a "trip to the woodshed."

"Oh, just about anything. Carelessness, disobedience, smarting off, lying, cheating, stealing, that sort of stuff."

"Not much chance that Diana would be doing any of that."

"No," he agreed. "Say, why you want to know anyway?"

"Promise not to tell?"

"I promise."

"Swear it in blood!"

He winced but agreed, taking out his pocketknife and pricking his thumb and mine. We pressed them together and swore.

I looked around as though spies were everywhere. "How would you like to see your big sister get her bare butt spanked?"

He stared at me in shock. "Why should I want to see that?"

"Think about it. She'd be _naked_."

"Oh." He appeared to think about that for a while. "Why couldn't we just peek at her in the shower? She always takes one in the evening after riding all day."

"That's no fun," I scoffed, though the idea did sound interesting. "Besides, we'd probably get caught. But no one would think of us hiding in the woodshed."

"Oh. But how'd we know she's going to get a spanking? She hasn't gotten one in years, as far as I know."

"We'll have to come up with a way," I said, the devil glinting in my eyes.

We went to work that evening. I heard Uncle Wil tell Diana to be sure to shut the gate to the pasture before she came in and Andrew and I watched her do it. But as soon as she was out of sight we slipped over and unlatched it, leaving it ajar.

The barking of dogs interrupted dinner that evening, and Rod went out to investigate. "Didn't you shut the gate, Sis?" he asked when he came back. "Sure did," she answered. "Well it was wide open. Three cows were on the verge of making their way out if the dogs hadn't stopped them."

Uncle Wil glared at Diana. "It you didn't do it, just say so. There's no need to lie to us."

"But I didn't lie. I shut it."

"Well obviously not all the way." Uncle Wil frowned. "You know, maybe you ought to stay home tonight. You've been mighty distracted of late. I think you're seeing too much of that Jeb fellow."

Diana looked shocked. "Aw, come on, Dad. He's taking me to the drive-in tonight."

"Call him up and cancel then. Spend some time with our relatives. You've barely spoken to poor Jamie here." Diana glanced at me and I gave her a friendly, innocent smile. She smiled back rather glumly, and it was as though the thought "babysitter" appeared on her forehead. She just thought of me as some kid! I felt pleased that I'd caused her to break her date.

After supper Andrew and I were playing in his room when Diana walked in. She was dressed in a pair of new blue jeans and her hair was all fixed up. She glanced around the room as though it was a foreign planet.

She smiled at me rather condescendingly. "Look guys, I know Dad said I'm not supposed to go out, but Jeb and I had plans, you know. I could be in big trouble if Dad finds out I'm gone, so keep it to yourselves. If Dad asks, tell him I've been with you guys, 'kay?"

Then she was gone, not even waiting for our agreement. I glanced at Andrew with raised eyebrows and he shrugged. I waited a half-hour and then went and bugged Uncle Wil. "Uncle Wil," I said in my best innocent-little-kid voice. "Where's cousin Diana? We're waiting on her to play Monopoly."

He put down the paper he was reading and looked puzzled. "She should be around. Did you ask her mother?" I shook my head and went into the kitchen.

"Anyone seen Diana?" No one had, of course, and soon it became clear that the girl was not on the farm. Andrew and I pretended to be really disappointed.

"She was going to play Monopoly," I whined sadly. "She was going to be the car. Monopoly's no fun with just two."

"That rat!" exclaimed Uncle Wil furiously. "She went off with that Jeb after I told her to stay home!"

"Now honey," murmured Aunt Beth soothingly, putting her arms around her husband. "No need to get worked up about it."

"But what kind of example is she setting? She supposed to be a college girl! I have half-a-mind to--" He broke off, but from the stunned silence in the room it was obvious what his unfinished thought was.

No one said much after that. Later we all went to bed, but I noticed Uncle Wil waited in the living room. He was reading a book and didn't seem to notice it was upside down.

"You think?" I asked Andrew and he nodded.

"Sure looks like it. I've never seen Dad so mad. He might not but if she smarts off to him at all she's in for it."

"Then let's go."

We slipped out the window of Andrew's room and climbed down the trellis to the ground. From there it was a short walk to the barn and the connected woodshed.

The woodshed was a small shack, perhaps ten by twelve, built against one corner of the barn. It was more full of junk than wood, but Andrew and I had already found ourselves hiding places earlier in the day. We buried ourselves in the back behind piles of wood and boards. There were plenty of peepholes, however, and we could see the entire open area near the front of the shed, especially the area near the wooden bar Andrew said his father made them bend over during a whipping.

It was about ten thirty when everyone had gone to bed and we'd snuck out at eleven. It wasn't too long, perhaps a half hour, when we heard a noise. Someone was coming!

I poked Andrew and he woke up with a start. "Someone's coming!" I hissed and he nodded, looking terrified. We could hear her protests long before we saw her.

"Dad, please! This is crazy! You can't be serious. I'm an adult. I'm eighteen. I can vote. I'll be in college in a couple months! For God's sake, please!"

There was no answer, just her voice drawing closer. Then the shed door opened and in thrust Diana, her hair disheveled but looking fine in those fancy new blue jeans. Uncle Wil calmly turned on the single electric bulb, its light blinding us for a second. Uncle Wil was a steady as rock. He simply pointed at the post and crossed over to the far wall and lifted a long leather strap off a hook.

Diana went berserk. She fell to her knees at his feet. "Oh, Daddy, daddy, daddy, please. Not the strap. I promise I'll be good. I'll do extra chores all summer. I'll stop seeing Jeb. I'll never see him again. Please, not the strap, Daddy. That's for children. Please, Daddy!"

As I watched Diana beg, her pretty face filled with terror, guilt panged in my chest. Suddenly Diana didn't seem so tall and imposing, such an adult any more. She didn't seem much older than me, really. She was just a frightened little girl.

"You _lied_ to me," growled Uncle Wil. "I wasn't going to do this but you *lied* to me! As if I didn't know where you were. You aren't an adult but a child, and you shall receive a child's punishment. Now get those pants off and bend over the post!"

The last was a roar and Diana seemed to collapse. Weeping, she staggered to her feet and began to undress. She struggled with the clasp of her jeans for far too long but finally they came down, the luscious creamy white of her panties all that was left to protect her tender flesh.

"Keep going."

"Please, Daddy!"

"Now, girl, or I'll give you extra. You're already on the edge. Now act your age and take this like an adult!"

With a sob the panties came down, her clothes gathered at her ankles. She wobbled over to the post and bent forward across it, her ass thrust behind her, bare and vulnerable. She was trembling.

My view wasn't as good as I'd hoped--I could only see her from the side--but her pale naked flesh looked fantastic. I couldn't breathe as Uncle Wil lifted the strap to the ceiling and brought it down with a wallop.

Diana screeched and struggled. Her whole body was shaking. I saw a thick red mark plastered across her ass cheeks. Again the strap landed and then again. Diana yelped and quivered but she did not say anything. I was impressed. The blows were incredibly hard. I saw Andrew next to me was barely breathing, his face pale as a ghost. He looked like he was going to be sick. I prayed he wouldn't give us away.

The whipping was long and thorough. Uncle Wil didn't spare her legs but thrashed the back of her thighs soundly. By the end Diana had stopped struggling and only lay there, across the post, sobbing. The fresh blows did not seem to bother her. Perhaps she was numb.

When Uncle Wil finished he simply put the strap on the hook and left. "I hope that learns ya," he said sternly, without emotion. Diana didn't move but just sobbed uncontrollably.

She didn't move for a long time, her crying growing softer after a while. Andrew and I were growing cramped but we couldn't move. Except for Diana's sniffles, the shed was deadly silent.

Then we heard the sneeze.

Andrew and I stared at each other in accusation, our faces turning to horror when we realized it was neither of us. Diana's head went up and she looked almost grateful. Then the shed door opened and a gawky-looking imitation-cowboy entered, complete with boots two sizes too large and a piece of straw sticking out his mouth.

"Jeb!" Diana cried, throwing her arms around him, forgetting her pants were around her ankles. He hugged her tightly, licking away the tears on her face.

"I watched it all through the peep-hole," he said. "That was fantastic!"

"Oh, God, Jeb!" she gasped. "I need you so bad. I need you inside me!"

He glanced around. "This ain't exactly the Hyatt."

"I don't care. Take me standing up. I just need to feel you. I'm hurting so bad, I need something good inside me."

There was a great deal of fumbling then, and we couldn't see what was happening because Diana had her blistered ass to us and she and Jeb were focused on something between them. I saw that his pants were also down, and she was busy touching him down there. He moaned and leaned his head back as though in pain. She knelt and kissed him down there and then stood and they hugged and kissed and began to fondle each other.

Andrew and I couldn't even blink, afraid we'd miss something. This was better than the time we accidently got that X-rated cable channel for a few minutes!

As we watched the couple they began to grapple with each other and do this weird dance. Both were moaning and groaning something terrible and I thought surely everyone at the house could hear it. Jeb apparently seemed to realize this too because he suddenly hit the light switch and the room went black.

We could still hear them, of course, grunting and huffing like animals, but ours were blind in the new darkness. Finally, just as our eyes were growing used to the dimness Diana cried out loudly as though in pain and after a few seconds the couple broke apart. I could see them lying half-naked in the dirt.

"God that was good!" exclaimed the guy.

"Oh, my ass is killing me," groaned Diana. "I just realized I'm sitting on it and it's on fire." She rolled over onto her stomach then and lay there as though dead. I vaguely could see Jeb's hand reach out and massage her bottom. I wished desperately it was my hand rubbing that bottom, feeling the marks of the whipping.

"God you're hot!" he said suddenly.

"Tell me about it."

"Your father really tore into you."

"Yeah, he's pretty strict."

There was a pause. "Thanks for letting me watch."

Diana giggled. "Thank you. I knew I couldn't take that belt without some release afterward. I thought maybe I could bluff my way through but he wasn't having anything of it. I'm glad you were there as a backup."

"Anytime, baby," said Jeb. He stood and pulled up his pants, tossing something onto the ground as though it was dirty.

"Going so soon?"

"Yeah. I've got to be up at dawn."

"Me too."

I watched Diana get to her feet and carefully pull her panties and jeans back on. In the darkness I could imagine her ass glowing red.

When they were gone Andrew and I finally were able to move. We burst out of the shed and stood gasping for air. The night air was fresh and cold and we laid down in the grass and talked about what we'd seen. I didn't understand a lot of it and I don't think Andrew did either, though he claimed to have seen animals doing it just like his sister.

"You're kidding!"

"It's true. Happens all the time on a farm."

"Can we watch it tomorrow?"

"Well, it's not like a TV show. You can't just tune in at four o'clock. It has to be at the right time. Animals have cycles, you know. They don't just do it whenever they feel like it like humans."

"Oh." I really didn't know much about the subject but I wasn't going to admit it.

"Your sister is really naughty," I said finally.

"Yeah." He grinned at me. "That was a really good idea, watching her like that. I had no idea it would be so, so--"

"So exciting?"

"Yeah. I think I'll try to get her in trouble again."

"Hey, don't you think she's had enough for one night?"

Andrew laughed. "Not tonight, you idiot! I mean later, perhaps next week. Perhaps just before she goes off to school. Yeah, that'd be cool. She'd be fidgeting the whole way there!"

"How are you going to do it?"

Andrew grinned and showed me something in his hand. It looked like a wadded up piece of paper or plastic. "What is it?" I asked.

He looked at me like I was a moron. "It's a rubber, dingbat! Jeb dropped it back in the shed."

"Oh. I couldn't see it in the dark."

"Yeah, well, when I show this to Sis she's putty in my hands. Dad will have her hide if he finds out she's been sleeping with Jeb. He thinks she still a virgin, of course."

"Of course."

The lust in Andrew's eyes made me nervous and I went to sleep that night feeling guilty. I'd created a monster. I began to feel sorry for poor Diana, who's only real crime was having the ass of a goddess. Who knew what her brother would have in store for her the rest of the summer?

Chapter 8: Missouri

(****, Mmf/fm, Intense, n/c children/teen spanking, sex, etc.)

A young man remembers an eventful summer of his childhood where he becomes 'educated' in the ways of women and men. (Approximately 19,327 words. Originally published 1996-04.)

We took a leisurely drive to our next destination, Bracketville, Missouri, a little town in the middle of nowhere. My Mom had a wacky cousin she hadn't seen in twenty years or something that lived out there and we stayed for a few days. Our whole visit was uncomfortable. The adults didn't really know each other and the boys thought I was a wimp.

There were three of them: Josh, David, and Terry, and they were all older than me and mean as snakes. From the second we were outside the view of grown-ups they let me know who was boss, David shoving me to the ground and stepping on my back while Josh bent down near my face and told me I'd better mind them or there'd be trouble. I didn't say a word.

It actually wasn't that bad; as long as I didn't fight back they pretty much just liked pushing me around, punching my arm too hard, or slapping me on the back like we were buddies (except that the slap near knocked me over). We were only gonna be there for a few days so I thought I could bear it.

What bummed me out was that my eleventh birthday was on Thursday, which meant I had to celebrate it with these country louts, and I wasn't very excited about that. I wished I was back at home with my friends.

The boys did have fun, though. They took me fishing and we even camped out Wednesday night and stayed up half the night telling ghost stories and eating smores roasted over an open fire. It was really cool.

Our campsite was only about a half-mile from the house but it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere (which it was, really). Josh's parents didn't know it but Josh's girlfriend camped with us. They shared a tent and made strange noises at night. None of us others said a word. David just glared at me and punched me every now and then.

Josh's girlfriend was a tall scraggly girl named Vicky. She was pretty, I guess, but she looked like she'd just gotten out of a tornado--her hair was a matted mess and her clothes were torn and patched and just sort of hung on her like she was a lamp-post or something. She was as fierce as a wildcat and whupped David's butt twice on Wednesday when he said something rude to her, and Josh and Terry just stood by and laughed.

Vicky made me uncomfortable. She was always watching me, her dark eyes glowing like a cat's, and when she caught me alone she'd whisper strange things to me. Wednesday afternoon when we'd first arrived at our campsite I went off into the woods to take a leak. As I was relieving myself I heard someone behind me, but of course I could stop myself in midstream.

Suddenly she was there, behind me, her hands on my shoulders, her mouth near my left ear, whispering. It took me a moment to even hear I was so startled. I pissed wildly, wishing I was done, but I'd drunk a half-gallon of water that day and hadn't gone yet and I was still half-full. I stood there pissing, desperately praying she'd go away, but she stood there, her tongue nearly in my ear, whispering.

Her words were weird. Asking me if I liked pissing and if I'd ever pissed inside a woman and if I wanted to piss on her. She mentioned something about "licking me dry" but I was sure I'd heard wrong. When I finished and tried to put my dick back in my pants, however, Vicky reached around me and did it for me. It sent really strange feelings coursing through my body, especially my dick. It felt like her hands were full of electricity and every touch sent lightening up my penis. I didn't know what to do or think. As quickly as I could I ran off. I could hardly bear to look at Vicky the rest of the evening. I know I blushed every time our eyes met.

The next morning was even worse.

I awoke at dawn to find Josh standing over me. "Git up Birthday-boy!" he growled, kicking me in the ribs. I rolled over and tried to wake up. It was then I realized I was naked. My PJs were gone! I looked around frantically and tried to climb back into my sleeping bag but David was dragging it away. I was outside, naked, and surrounded by tough boys.

And a girl. At the thought the blood ran to my face and my chest filled with dread.

Sure enough, Vicky stood behind me, arms folded in front of her chest, a smirk on her face.

"W-what's goin on?" I moaned. "Give me back my clothes!"

"Not yet, Birthday-boy," said Josh. "Ya gotta get yer birthday lickin first."

I stared at him in amazement and then with terror as I saw Terry holding up four long hickory switches. They were fresh and supple, the branches neatly cut off to make a relatively smooth rod. He swished one through the air and I nearly panicked.

"I hear yer eleven today," continued Josh. "That's almost a man. We're each gonna give ya eleven strokes then, one fer each year."

"And a pinch to grow on!" laughed David, his face a grotesque leer.

I shuddered and wondered how I could escape this. It certainly didn't look like this was going to be an ordinary birthday spanking--it looked like it was going to _hurt_!

It did. Josh ordered me to a nearby tree and made me jump up and grab a low-lying branch. I hung from there, my toes a couple inches from the ground. I was totally naked, the chilly morning breeze swirling around my privates, and totally terrified. I was even more afraid of disobeying the boys though. I hope if I cooperated they'd be nicer.

Terry went first. The switch left an itching line of fire right across the center of my naked butt. I yelped and hollered and I'm sure I wiggled and danced. But everyone just laughed gaily like this was a silly birthday game like pin the tale on the donkey or something and Terry just kept whipping me.

I can't explain how much it hurt. It wasn't anything like a punishment from a parent, where you know you did something wrong and though you don't like it, you deserve it. And it wasn't anything like the play spankings I'd had with Amy and Karen. This was pure torture, designed for nothing other than so the others could watch me squirm and giggle at my agony.

Hot tears dripped down my face and it took all my strength not to scream and go nuts. I tried very hard to be brave and simply take the licking like a man, and I mostly succeeded. I let go of the branch a few times during the lickings and Josh said that earned an extra stroke. By that time it didn't make much difference. I just wanted the whole thing over.

David was my second flogger, and he whipped me really hard and without any mercy or letup at all. Fast and fierce came his blows. I could scarcely breath I was crying so much. When he stopped my whole body was wet with sweat and my ass felt like a million tiny ants were crawling all over it, biting and tormenting me. Knots and little protrusions from the hickory switches had left lumpy bruises and scratches on my bottom and each pulsed with tender feeling.

But then I heard Josh tell Vicky it was her turn. My heart nearly stopped. I'd forgotten all about her! That was too much, to humiliating to dangle there and let her whip me. But I'd already received two extra for letting go of branch and now I held on for dear life.

She came up behind me, whispering in my ear. I don't even remember what she said but it made me cry. I felt the same strange feelings in my body as before, when I'd been pissing, and I didn't understand. The reminder made me feel the urge to piss, too, and I struggled to hold that back.

Vicky's hand caressed my naked bottom, her fingers gently rubbing the swollen welts and sores. "It feels nice and hot!" she hissed in my ear and I shuddered.

Then she began to whip me. She didn't whip like the others. She dragged it out, each long, painful stroke making me gasp. Each was precisely placed, calculated, designed to give me maximum pain. Then, as I quivered with agony, she walked around me, poking me with the stick, tickling my underarms, touching my dick. I sweated and wept and felt utterly miserable. I was completely helpless, bereft. She had total control over me. I could do nothing. If she'd wanted to whip me a thousand times instead of eleven I wouldn't have uttered a word in protest. (For all I know maybe she did whip me a thousand times.) I was consumed and conquered and that bewildered me. I couldn't understand anything.

The only thing I remember about Josh's whipping was that it was the most physically painful. He whipped the hardest, actually breaking his switch at one point and having to fetch a fresh one. I scarcely noticed. His punishment was nothing like the mental and psychological torment inflicted upon me by that dreadful country girl. She had broken me and nothing Josh could do would surpass that.

After the whipping we went to the pond for a swim, everyone skinny-dipping as though it was the most normal thing in the world. The cold water felt wonderful against my scrapes and cuts and I enjoyed watching Vicky diving and swimming naked, her body so slender she physically wasn't much different from the boys. But I knew that she was different inside.

As we dressed to return home for a much anticipated breakfast, Vicky came up behind me, one hand grasping my sore bottom and the other going right to my dick. I froze. I both liked and didn't like her hands on me. It felt good but made me feel guilty and my strange feelings frightened me.

"You liked it, didn't you?" she whispered in my ear, her breath ticking me. "You liked me whipping your naked ass? You wanted me to whip you more, whip you all day long, didn't you? You deserved it you know. You deserve whipping. If you were mine I'd take you out into the woods every day and whip your ass until it bleeds. Wouldn't you like that? You would, wouldn't you?"

Her hands massaged my body, stroking my dick and squeezing my sore bottom so that tears came to my eyes. My mouth went dry, my mind numb. I couldn't move.

Then she was gone. I stood alone, pants around my ankles, naked. I heard mocking laughter but I couldn't move, couldn't breathe. I wondered at her words. What had she meant? Had I truly understood her? She couldn't have said what I thought she did! Could she?

Chapter 9: Colorado

(****, Mmf/fm, Intense, n/c children/teen spanking, sex, etc.)

A young man remembers an eventful summer of his childhood where he becomes 'educated' in the ways of women and men. (Approximately 19,327 words. Originally published 1996-04.)

We went to Colorado next. My father introduced me to his old college roommate, Dan, whom he hadn't seen since he'd been best man at his wedding (about sixteen years earlier). Dan and his wife Sarah had two kids, Ross and Helen. Ross was sixteen, Helen fifteen. We got along pretty good, though I could tell they weren't very excited about "babysitting" a little kid.

I hated being a burden so I tried to leave them alone as much as possible, finding things to do by myself. I read some interesting books they had and wandered about their property (it had been a ranch at one time). It wasn't too bad. In the evenings we played games and stuff and once during the day the two of them took me to town for ice cream, which was pretty cool. But we were only there about ten minutes when some of Helen's friends came in and she left.

I was sad because I had just seen a new side to Helen--dangerous and alive, laughing and acting crazy. When I'd seen her at home she was always quiet and proper. I soon found out why.

The next day was quite boring as neither Ross or Helen were around. I ended up in Dan's "library"--it really was an office but it was filled with books of all sorts. I found a psychology book on relationships that promised to "improve your sex life" and the book actually had pictures! I curled up in the corner to browse through it, hiding behind the door and the stuffed chair so that if anyone came in I wouldn't be seen. It certainly wouldn't have improved my sex life to have been caught with that book!

Suddenly I heard shouting. Dan and Ross stormed into the room. I froze, afraid to move. Dan was furious. I peeked around the chair and saw Ross looked sullen and ashamed. His Dad was yelling and swearing at him. Gradually I got the picture: apparently Ross had been caught coming home early that morning and his breath smelled of alcohol.

I knew I should get out of there, but I was too frightened to move. Next thing I knew Ross had dropped his jeans and was leaning over his father's desk, his butt bare. I watched Dan go to the far wall and take down the paddle.

I should have mentioned this paddle before: it was on display in the center of the main bookcase and it was huge. About two feet long and almost a foot wide it easily took two hands to lift. I couldn't imagine getting whacked with it. It looked more like an oar for a boat than a paddle. When Dan had showed me his office and told me I could borrow his books he had mentioned the paddle as something from his fraternity days.

Now I watched as Dan paddled his son. I thought Ross was a pretty tough kid--he seemed so adult and manly to me--but he bawled like a baby during that paddling. His Dad gave him a full twenty-five wallops with that thing and his ass was blister-popping red when it was over. I sat behind the chair and just shivered.

Miraculously I wasn't caught. Ross and his father left and I escaped unscathed. I stayed away from the library for a while after that, but the next day I wandered back in. Ross and Helen weren't around, and all the adults had gone shopping. I'd been invited but hadn't wanted to go. It was a lazy Tuesday afternoon and I was bored.

I stood in the library and looked at that paddle. It was huge. I reached up and touched it. It was as smooth as a baby's butt. I wondered how many butts had come in contact with it. The second that thought entered my mind I thought of Helen. I pictured her bent over like her brother had been, her bottom bared and the paddle slamming into her. Just the concept made me dizzy.

I carefully took down the paddle. It was fabulously heavy. It was about a half inch thick. The board felt incredibly solid. I imagined it slamming into me and I shivered. Oh, the agony! I thought of Ross weeping and I trembled.

"Wondering how that's used?" said a voice. I almost dropped the paddle on my foot. Instead it bounced across the floor.

"Careful!" shouted Helen, rushing forward and picking up the paddle. "This is an heirloom, you know. Dad would be pissed if he saw you touching it."

I couldn't do anything but blush.

Helen looked at me and smiled. "You heard Ross getting spanked yesterday, didn't you?" I looked away. "I thought so," she continued. "I could see it in your eyes."

Though I wanted to die rather than ask the question I couldn't help myself. "Does--" I broke off, embarrassed.

I didn't even need to finish the question.

"Of course," Helen said with a shrug. Her bright blue eyes gleamed at me. "In fact, I get spanked much more often than Ross. He's the goody-two-shoes of the family."

My mouth was dry. I couldn't move. Helen drifted around me, tapping the paddle against her left hand. "Have you been paddled before, Jamie?"

I nodded.

"With what?"

"Uh, I got it with a ping pong paddle once. And Mom's hairbrush is really big, almost like a paddle."

She laughed scornfully and shook her head. "I don't think so. I don't think you've gotten it with a _real_ paddle. This is a _man's_ paddle."

Suddenly she put the paddle on the desk and her hands were at my waist, unbuckling my pants. "W-what are you doing?" I moaned, but I didn't try to stop her. I watched my pants drop to my ankles. Her right hand squeezed my bottom and her left went to my crotch. She began to feel me. She pressed close against me, her breasts touching my shoulder. Her eyes were closed, her head back. I didn't move.

"Please," I whispered. "Somebody's going to come in."

"No one is home," she whispered. "No one will be home for hours. We have time for a little game."

That strange feeling Vicky had brought out in me was coursing through me again, my dick feeling weird. It was swelling, growing at her touch, and it felt hot. Her other hand was sliding into the crack of my ass, going up and down, teasing me.

Then I felt a coolness blow against me. It felt good until I realized it was the open air--Helen had taken down my shorts! I stood naked before her as she grinned at me.

"What a nice little boy you are Jamie," she said. "You are a good little boy, aren't you?"

I shrugged. "I dunno."

"Oh? Do you need a little spanking for your naughtiness?"

I couldn't answer. I don't know why. A part of me tried to panic and tell myself I was going to regret not running away, but another part of me said it wouldn't make any difference: the second Helen had seen me staring at that paddle my fate had been sealed.

She took it now, stepping behind me. "Ten strokes," she said. She made me bend over and put my hands on my knees. "Keep your legs straight," she ordered. Then she pulled way back and slammed that paddle into me.

The sound hit me first. It felt like the room had exploded. The noise terrified me. Then the pain hit and I wanted to scream. It felt like my entire ass was on fire, the flames curling about and licking different parts of my butt. I screeched and bit my tongue to keep quiet. Tears stung my eyes.

"Very good," whispered Helen, putting the paddle down. She approached me and put her hands on my stinging rump. She rubbed for a bit and then her hands traveled around my hips to my front. She massaged my dick and I moaned in confusion. It felt so good but it hurt so bad.

It didn't last long. She suddenly let go and took up the paddle and gave me a stroke I would swear was twice as hard as the first. Then she massaged me again. It was exquisite torment. White hot blinding pain immediately followed by unbelievable pleasure so intense you think you'll burst.

Again and again this went on, stroke after stroke. I quickly lost count of the number. All I knew was that while she spanked me I ached to feel her hands against me and while she touched me I wished to feel the heaviness of the paddle slamming into me, rocking my entire body. I was never content, always on edge, always desiring, never satisfied. I cried miserably.

Finally it was over. Helen put down the paddle with a little "Whoops." She smiled shyly at me. "I've been a naughty girl. I gave you twelve instead of ten. I think that was very naughty of me, don't you?"

I agreed. Before I knew what was happening she'd given me the paddle and was taking off her jeans. Though I suppose I could have if I'd wanted, I didn't bother getting dressed. My ass glowed red behind me and I felt much more at ease naked.

Helen was gorgeous. Her body was young and slender and bulging in all the right places. Her breasts were modest but full, and her ass quivered prettily on wide, curvy hips. I couldn't stop staring.

"Come on, hurry up and spank me!" she scolded, and I moved.

The paddle was made of lead. I was sure of it. I could hardly lift it. I took it up and after a few practice swings managed to get off a halfway decent smack. I stared at her suddenly pink bottom as it trembled in the aftermath of the blow.

"You can do better than that!" growled Helen. I gave her another one, hard as I could, swinging the paddle like a baseball bat. That one made her yelp and then she moaned a bit, squeezing her legs together and wiggling. "_Better_!" she hissed between her clenched teeth and I felt good.

I gave her one more before I put the paddle down and felt her ass. Her bottom felt wonderful. It was soft and yet firm, smooth and yet with texture. It was warm. I pressed my cheek against hers and in doing so smelled a strong odor, pungent and yet not unpleasant. I began to rub her skin, caressing her buttocks and thighs. Helen spread her legs a bit, inviting me between but I was frightened.

I picked up the paddle again. She groaned and wiggled her ass. "Please hurry," she said. I wasn't sure what she meant but I supposed she meant the spanking. So I did. I gave her three more hard blows. She was crying when I put the paddle down again.

I wiped her tears away and she smiled at me. "Please," she whispered. "Between my legs!" I stared at her there, the light-colored muff of hair shielding her most secret place, and then slipped my hand down. She moaned and leaned back as I explored her. She was very wet down there. I jerked my hand away in surprise.

"Did you pee?" I asked, astonished.

She shook her head. "No. It means I'm ready. I need to be touched down there. Please. It's not pee. It's my juices--women juices. Smell it."

I put my hand to my face and smelled that same odor I had earlier. It certainly wasn't pee. I put my hand back between her legs and tickled her. I used my right hand and with my left I reached behind her and gently rubbed her bottom. This seemed to make her go crazy and she trembled and wiggled frantically.

I wasn't sure what to do but I just went all about, like one does petting a cat or dog, never petting the same spot too much. This seemed to please her. Occasionally I would stop and paddle her a few more times. She always seemed disappointed when I took my hand away but she never complained or tried to stop me from spanking her. By the end I'd gotten pretty proficient with the paddle. Every stroke brought tears to her eyes and I knew she felt it.

Suddenly she went nuts while I was spanking her. She arched her back, thrusting out her bottom, and quivered violently, moaning, and then grunted wildly, urgently, like a cavewoman. I paused for a moment but then resumed, paddling her harder and faster as her reaction seemed to become more and more intense. Then she burst out sobbing and collapsed on the floor sighing deeply, panting as though she'd just run a mile.

I didn't say a word but it seemed like our game was over so I put the paddle back on the wall and knelt down and watch Helen. She smiled at me and then got up on her knees and kissed my forehead. "You're so cute," she whispered. "You know how to keep a secret, right?"

I nodded and she grinned. Then she left. I didn't see her again until dinner, and neither of us mentioned that afternoon. We left the next day.


(****, Mmf/fm, Intense, n/c children/teen spanking, sex, etc.)

A young man remembers an eventful summer of his childhood where he becomes 'educated' in the ways of women and men. (Approximately 19,327 words. Originally published 1996-04.)

My adventures that summer weren't completely over--we finished our vacation at Disneyland in California--but I didn't have any more experiences like these. These adventures changed my life--I was never the same afterword, and I'm still dealing with the aftereffects today.

The End

* * *
That's all he wrote! I hoped you enjoyed this series; please let me know what you think.

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