The Lecture Series: Punishment Spankings

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The Lecture Series: Punishment Spankings

(****, M/FF, Edgy, Cons, severe discipline)

A professor of spankology demonstrates proper technique. (Approximately 5,793 words. Originally published 1998-07.)

Candy snuggled next to Brad and leaned her head on his shoulder, breathing deeply the faint odor of his sweat. He smelled like a man. Like her man. He grinned at her and wrapped his hand around hers, pulling it discretely into his lap. She could feel the bulge of his penis through his Wranglers. It made her feel deliciously naughty. Oh, how she loved her man! Not just any man would give up two weeks of his summer vacation to attend all-day lectures on a topic he thought he was an expert on. It made Candy feel warm and loved. The texture of Brad's organ beneath her hand made her want to hop on his lap right now and go for a pogo ride.

But she must control herself. The lecture was about to start. Today's session was proving extremely popular. Nearly two hundred couples packed the hall. No one wanted to miss Dr. Derrier's talk on punishment spankings. There, the door was closing. It was beginning.

The lights in the chamber dimmed and the stage lights came on. With cries of "shhhhh" and "be quiet" the crowd began to settle down. Soon the room was eerily silent.

Suddenly there was Professor Derrier, walking to the podium in the center of the stage. The tall, dignified man in the stiff black suit bowed to the crowd and was greeted by a roar of applause. Beaming, he waved the audience to silence.

"Thank you very much, Ladies and Gentlemen," he said in his soft, slightly high-pitched voice. "I am happy that so many of you could join us today. I promise you it will be worth your while as today we approach a delicate subject: punishment spankings.

"Those of you who have been attending my daily lectures know that our primary focus to date has been on erotic spanking, spankings that hurt, no doubt, but arouse as much as they sting. Punishment spankings are very different. Punishment spankings are exactly as they imply: punishment. They need to be severe, thorough, and handled without hesitation. Punishment spankings are an excellent motivation tool. I know many couples that have enhanced their lives dramatically through the use of punishment spankings.

"For example, there's a couple in Boston I counseled in 1979. They were on the verge of divorce. He was an attorney who worked long hours. His wife's bad habits infuriated him. She thought all he cared about was work. My recommendation to them was the regular use of corporal discipline. Not erotic CP, but punishment. It worked. The wife learned that if she didn't keep the house clean or didn't have supper ready on schedule, she'd have sore rump in bed that night. The lawyer learned that if he didn't make his relationship a priority and keep appointments with his wife _he'd_ end up across her lap weeping like a child.

"Today that couple has a wonderful life. Their checkbook's balanced every month, the grass is mowed every other Saturday, and their house is always spotless. Best of all, the two are very happy. Without the distractions of work and annoying habits they can concentrate on pleasing each other.

"You see, we all make mistakes. We all have characteristics and habits that even we wish we didn't have. How many here today would call themselves procrastinators?"

With a sly glance at Brad, Candy raised her hand. She wasn't alone -- though initially hesitant, soon almost two-thirds of the people in the hall had their hands raised. Dr. Derrier laughed.

"There, you see? Now if you received a punishment spanking each time you procrastinated, wouldn't that cure you of that habit quickly?"

Murmurs went up and down throughout the audience and Candy felt herself blushing fiercely. How many times in a month did Brad yell at her for forgetting to pay a bill, like the car insurance or water bill? If she got spanked every time... groan. Candy wouldn't be doing much sitting on her tush, that was certain!

"Keep in mind that punishment spankings go both ways -- lover to lover. Erotic spankings are different. Some people just aren't turned on by receiving a spanking, even a light one. But punishment spankings aren't about being turned on. They are about changing behavior.

"Punishment spankings should not be cruel. By their nature they must be sound, but they must be fair. Remember, there are no safe-words in punishment spanking. You must trust your lover implicitly, and you must obey. Punishment spankings are about love. Only someone who loves you very much is either entitled or willing to give you the severe discipline you need. Only someone you love is willing to let you punish them without limits.

"Before beginning a punishment spanking relationship, it is vital you distinguish punishments from erotic spankings. I repeat this, because it is so important. Punishment spankings are not erotic ones. Erotic spankings are not to be used for punishment. This is absolutely _vital_!

"I stress this because far too many couples confuse punishment spankings with erotic ones, and the results are disastrous. For example, if the submissive finds pleasure in the punishment he or she will misbehave regularly in the hope of a punishment session. This is the opposite behavior of what a punishment spanking is supposed to accomplish.

"Even worse, subverting the purpose of punishment can erode your relationship. Submissives _need_ discipline. They crave it. It's a part of their nature. If their lover turns their discipline into a love game, they will gradually lose respect for their lover. I've counseled hundreds of submissives who have told me their main complaint with their lover is that he or she doesn't spank them hard enough! This may seem strange, but understand that the couple has confused _discipline_ with _sex_. The submissive craves discipline and the dominant partner is providing sex. The key to a balanced relationship is to separate the two functions clearly.

"One way of doing this is to physically define spaces. For example, sex games take place in the bedroom. Discipline sessions always occur in the basement or garage. The specifics aren't significant as long as the delineations are clear.

"Some couples are so concerned about keeping discipline and sex plays separate that they actually involve a third party for their punishment sessions. This can be effective, though it is not for everyone. Some people are uncomfortable involving someone else in something so intimate. If that's the case, don't force it. But it is an option for some people.

"The disciplinarian you choose might be a close friend or relative, such as a brother or uncle, or a professional. There are businesses that provide such services. Often couples will schedule regular sessions, such as every Saturday afternoon, or perhaps just once a month. Then they both are punished according their behavior during the preceding time. A log book is kept by the couple and all misbehavior is recorded for the next punishment session.

"Some individuals hate this system because they must wait for their punishment. For some, that's an invitation to misbehave -- they are the kind that need their punishment to swiftly follow the crime. Another disadvantage of the third-party system is that the subsequent punishment session can be too severe: one can easily imagine a naughty spouse earning a dozen canings and be expected to pay for them all at once. But for only occasional misbehavior, the third-party system can work.

"Another method of separating play and discipline is the removal of sex. Couples simply refuse to have sex for set period after a discipline session. While this can be difficult, especially in the heat of the moment, it does provide the necessary distinction between sex play and punishment. It doesn't require much -- a hour in the corner, pondering the crime, can be sufficient for some couples.

"If you do have sex after punishment, make sure the sex isn't perceived as a reward. Don't make it something like, 'Take this spanking well and we'll make love later...' Keep the sex separate. Most likely, even if the punishment is extremely severe, your partner will be aroused. Don't encourage this. Punishment is not play. Always keep that in mind.

"It is also important that after a punishment session you don't engage in play spanking. That is a definite 'no-no.' Your partner must not confuse play and punishment. With my partner, I refuse to engage in play spanking on the same day as any punishment spanking. For Leann and I, that is part of the punishment. We both know that if a punishment spanking has been earned there won't be any games that night.

"Which brings up another point: advance notice. It is extremely important that you establish rules well in advance of any misbehavior. Punishments only work if the consequences of behavior is known in advance. Write these rules down and discuss the consequences. You must both agree to the terms for this to work.

"If I'm on a strict diet and I know that I'm going to get six strokes of the cane for every pound of weight I gain in week, then it is, in a sense, my choice whether or not I receive that punishment. Sure, I might be begging for mercy when Saturday comes around and I'm regretting that chocolate cheesecake I ate, but in my heart I know the punishment is just. In fact, if Leann suddenly told me she would give a reprieve, I'd be disappointed. And I'm not a bottom!"

A ripple of laughter went through the crowd at this remark and Brad squeezed Candy's hand. She squeezed back, blushing again. The professor amazed her. Though she was just one face among many, Dr. Derrier seemed to be talking about her up on the stage. He knew exactly how she felt. Candy remembered the time when she and Brad were dating and he'd promised her a strapping. Halfway through he had stopped, feeling mercy for her poor ass. Why she'd been so crushed she hadn't spoken to him for a week after that. It had almost torn them apart. And Candy hadn't been able to explain why -- she had just felt that she couldn't trust Brad after that. Fortunately for them both he had been so angry about her refusal to talk to him that finally he'd taken her across his lap and hairbrushed her for a solid half hour. After that they understood each other better. Candy didn't want mercy, even if she asked for it.

But Dr. Derrier was still lecturing, and Candy had missed part of it. She felt a guilty feeling at that. She hoped she hadn't missed anything important or when Brad quizzed her tonight she'd be really sorry. She began to concentrate on the lecture again.

"... so it is imperative you don't hold back. For you sensitive types this can be extremely difficult, but you must punish your lover as hard as you can. If you have promised twenty-four strokes of the cane, don't hesitate. Deliver them. If you told your lover that there'd be extra strokes for poor cooperation, deliver them. Keep your word. This is vital. Without this there is no trust between the two of you.

"This is part of the reason many couple establish specific consequences as a part of their rules. They don't just write down that failure to take out the trash earns a spanking, they write down that it earns ten spanks with the wooden paddle. The advantage of this system is that the punisher has no choice in the number of strokes -- it is preset and must be delivered. If the severity of the punishment is left to a soft punisher, he or she may not spank hard enough (or spank too hard), leading to a breakdown of the entire system. To work, a punishment must be fair. Unfair punishments -- either too hard or too soft -- lead to resentment and corrupt the heart."

Candy nodded in agreement. This man was a genius. He knew that to actually punish a person you had to go a bit deeper than they were expecting, push them a bit farther than they were willing to go. You couldn't do that with safe-words and play spankings.

"But how severe should punishment spankings be?" asked the professor. He smiled at the audience. "That is the biggest and most difficult question. There are several answers. The most obvious one is that a punishment spanking should be severe enough for the person receiving it, and since everyone is different, that amount varies. What might seem like a mild spanking to me might be horrific ordeal to you. It all depends upon the experience of the people involved.

"First, use your play spanking experience as a guide. If a 'severe' play spanking is a mild paddling with a ping pong paddle, then obviously you don't need to use a cane for punishment. On the other hand, if you cane as part of your play, a punishment spanking must not only be more severe, but you must change the atmosphere surrounding the event. For example, I know some couples that cane each other nude for fun but during punishment sessions they are both required to keep their clothing on. With a serious instrument like a cane nudity isn't required for severity.

"Since you know your partner's limits, choose punishments that will match those. If a hand-spanking of 25 spanks brings tears to your partner's eyes a hairbrushing could be serious pain. Say ten strokes for mild offenses, 25 for moderate ones, and 50 for real disobedience.

"Another technique is to select a particular instrument and use it strictly for punishment. For many couples this is the cane -- they might paddle and spank for fun, but for serious punishment only the cane is used. The nice thing about this method is that you could pick _any_ instrument. I do mean any. It's all in the technique, as we shall see shortly. I know grown men who can take two dozen of the best with a three-foot rattan without a whimper who begin to bawl when confronted with a stout hairbrush. The nature of punishment is such that it goes beyond anything normally endured as part of sex play.

"Now, as indicated in your programs, we shall have a demonstration of what I am talking about. Leann, if you could bring me... thank you." Dr. Derrier calmly received two paddles from the tall redhead who emerged from behind the stage. The first paddle was a huge fraternity paddle, the second a tiny frail thing about the size of a hand. The professor held the two up, one in each hand.

"Which of these would you say is most severe?" he asked the audience. There was silence for a moment, and then people realized he really wanted an answer. A young man near the front raised his hand. Dr. Derrier nodded to him.

"The frat paddle, man. Those things bust ass!"

"No doubt you speak from experience, young man," smiled the professor. "But you are wrong. In fact, this light paddle is a far more serious instrument of punishment, as we shall soon see. Leann, the volunteers -- "

Dr. Derrier turned slightly and watched as his wife guided two young women onto the stage. There were murmurs as the audience began shuffle in anticipation. The girls were identical twins!

"Class, meet the Randy Twins!" said the professor. "This is Kiki and Fifi. I'm sorry, but I cannot tell you which is which."

Candy laughed with the others. She was getting excited. The twin girls were gorgeous. They looked like they were in their late twenties or early thirties. They were slim, with long dark hair and sparkling black eyes. Their faces were tense and thus looked rather harsh, but Candy saw that if they'd relax they'd look even younger. Each wore only a tiny pair of red shorts and a half-t-shirt that left their bellies exposed. Candy couldn't wait to see them whacked -- their wide hips promised a rear view not to be missed. She could feel Brad next to her getting aroused and she gripped his hand tighter.

Dr. Derrier placed both paddles on the podium and nodded to the girls. "Ladies, you are about to be seriously punished. It is understood that you are volunteers in this process. Would you please tell everyone why you are being punished?"

Both girls blushed but the twin on the left moved forward to the microphone. "Hi, everyone," she said hesitantly. "I'm Kiki."

"Hi, Kiki!" roared the crowd.

Kiki smiled shyly. "We've never done this before, so we're a little nervous. But Dr. Derrier's right -- we do deserve to be soundly punished. Fifi and I were seriously naughty." She paused and glanced back at her sister who was nodding vigorously.

"Fifi and I are both married, you see. Our husbands are wonderful men, very kind and loving, though very different from each other physically. All four of us are very close. Anyway, a couple months ago Fifi and I had this idea -- I don't who started it, but we both thought it'd be fun to try and it wouldn't hurt anyone..." Kiki paused and looked down at her bare feet, her cheeks reddening.

"We swapped," she blurted out suddenly. "Yeah, for one night I became Fifi and she became Kiki. We didn't tell our husbands. Part of us figured they'd notice, part of us hoped they wouldn't. We wanted to see how the other one lived. Anyhow, it worked. They didn't suspect anything. The next day Fifi and I went back to our own lives and it was as though nothing had happened.

"But something had happened. Fifi and I haven't had a decent night's sleep since. We both felt terrible. We wanted to confess but we didn't want to hurt our husbands. We're sure they wouldn't understand -- it was something in _us_ that wanted to do it, not something or lack of something in them. Anyway, I told Fifi what we really needed was some severe punishment and she agreed, but we didn't know where we'd get that since we couldn't tell our husbands.

"Then we heard about Dr. Derrier's seminar and that he needed volunteers. So here we are, ready to accept our medicine."

Kiki stopped speaking rather abruptly, as though she'd ran out of fuel. She looked at Dr. Derrier nervously, then at her sister, and finally stepped back and stood next to Fifi, waiting. Dr. Derrier nodded and went to the podium.

"All right everyone. We have before us two unfaithful wives. How severely should they be punished?"

There were cries and shouts of "A thousand whacks!" and "Blister them!" Dr. Derrier calmed everyone down. "Okay, here's what we're going to do. One of these young ladies is going to get it with the big paddle." He held up the heavy frat paddle. "The other with the small one. I want to know how many whacks with the big one. Let's start at twenty. Should we go higher?"

Overwhelmingly the audience screamed "Higher!" The professor smiled. "All right. Thirty then."


Kiki and Fifi exchanged nervous looks. The professor nodded. "These two are very experience at sex play, but I doubt they've received a punishment spanking before. What's the worst spanking you've ever gotten."

The girls looked at each. "A caning. Two dozen each," whispered Kiki, glancing at her sister.

"That was for fun?" asked the professor.

Fifi shrugged. "We didn't think so at the time. We'd blown a big real estate deal of my husband's by getting some scheduling information screwed up. He said we needed punishment. But it turned into this incredible sex night -- " Fifi broke off, blushing in embarrassment. Kiki was blushing too.

Dr. Derrier licked his lips. "All right. So this one's got to be much more serious than two dozen with the cane. Shall we say forty with this big puppy?" He waved the paddle in the air.



"Higher." The audience wasn't as loud as before. Many were looking at each other with doubts on their faces. That paddle looked extremely dangerous. Fifty was pretty serious and those girls didn't look that tough.


"Lower! Higher!" The audience was beginning to divide. Professor Derrier decided that was enough.

"I think that's fair. Sixty it shall be. Which means the other one will get the flimsy paddle. Now who gets which?"

The twins looked at each other and shrugged. Neither looked very excited about what was coming up.

"Let's flip a coin. Leann?" The redhead was already there, holding a half dollar. At a nod from her husband she flipped it high in the air. "Call it!"

"Heads!" yelled Kiki. They watched as the coin descended and Leann deftly snatched it out of the air. She palmed it to the back of her wrist and showed it to her husband.

"Tails!" said the professor. "I guess that means Fifi gets the frat paddle."

Assistants from backstage were busy wheeling a large sofa onto the stage. Dr. Derrier picked up the frat paddle with both hands and did a test swing or two. Leann was leading Fifi over to the couch. Next the assistants pushed on three giant mirrors and positioned them behind the couch. The audience was grinning. Now they could see not only Fifi's prominent bottom get whacked but they could watch her facial reactions.

Candy fidgeted, earning a reproving glance from Brad. But she was so excited! The six large televisions positioned around the room were turned on and showed close-ups of Fifi nervously waiting by the sofa. Dr. Derrier was busy removing his suit jacket.

Finally, everything was ready. The sofa and mirrors were in place, the cameras working, and the stage cleared except for the professor and his naughty charges. Kiki waited her turn off to the side.

Dr. Derrier went to the microphone. "All right, girls. This is it. Punishment time. No backing out, no safe-words. The rules are simple. Obey me. Failure to obey will result in strokes of the cane to be administered after your spankings are over. Any questions?"

The two girls shook their heads.

"Good. All right, get those clothes off. This is supposed to be a punishment. I think a little humility is due."

Kiki and Fifi didn't look too surprised. Apparently they expected this. But Kiki wasn't moving while Fifi had slipped over her top, exposing large naked breasts.

Dr. Derrier glared at Kiki. "What are you waiting for? Get undressed!"

The girl flushed. "But I thought it was her turn -- "

The professor shook his head. "Since she will remain naked and on display after her paddling, it is only fair that you should be naked during hers. Now strip!"

With rapid movements Kiki tore off her top and pulled her shorts and undies off. Fifi was doing the same. There were a few whistles and rude remarks in the audience but those quickly were silenced by loving partners. Everyone was in awe of the two beautiful ladies. Both had large round breasts, narrow waists, and wide hips. A neatly trimmed dark triangle of hair was visible between their legs. Both stood at attention, hands behind their heads, naked bodies on display.

The professor seemed pleased. He nodded and marched over to Fifi. "All right, young lady. Sixty whacks. Over the end of the sofa."

Trembling, Fifi turned and bent over the arm of the sofa. The positioning was perfect. Her naked haunches faced the audience, looming huge on the television monitors. Her ass was amazing: large, round, smooth, perfect. There was no excess fat, only sleek curves. It was an ass made for paddling, Candy thought to herself. Every member of the audience was having the same thought. The best part was that there were two identical asses to paddle!

Dr. Derrier did not waste time. "Fifi Randy, for the crime of adultery, you have been sentenced to receive sixty strokes from this paddle. You will remain in this position for the duration of your punishment. You may weep or cry out, but you will not speak. Our audience shall keep the count. If you attempt to get up or stop this punishment, I will cane you when we are finished. I may pause periodically during the punishment to rest my arms or to torment you, but you will not move. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir." The girl's voice was barely audible.

"Very well. Here we go."

The paddle was large, 18 inches long not counting the handle. It was about six or eight inches wide, and a half inch thick. Candy knew how much it would hurt. The spectacle gave her an overwhelming sense of nostalgia of her college sorority days. Those numerous pledge paddlings had been the spark of her interest in corporal discipline. But sixty strokes! Candy shuddered. At most, back then, she'd taken ten or twelve at a time. Usually it was only five or six. Sure, sometimes she got it more than once a day, but always hours apart. The only exception had been the final initiation ceremony which had required to her to take twenty-five at once. That had been nearly unendurable. How was poor Fifi going to take sixty?

It was too late for regrets now -- the hefty paddle was going up. It paused at the apex of its flight, almost like it might change its mind, and then it dropped so abruptly it seemed to defy the laws of physics. One moment it was high, the next it had smacked into bare bottom-flesh. Fifi let out a little squeak and wiggled her rump a bit. Candy shook her head. That was not a good sign, her reacting to the first stroke!

The paddle pulled back and the audience gasped. Fifi's pale bottom was now bright pink! There was no time to admire the flesh, however. Like a piston, the paddle went up and down. Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham!

It was mesmerizing, astonishing. Candy couldn't take her eyes off the nearby television screen. In glorious color it showed 46-inch view of Fifi's reddening buttocks. The detail was amazing. Candy could even see a tiny tuft of black hair peeking between the base of the suffering girl's cheeks as she wiggled.

The camera switched to a view of Fifi's face. Her pretty mouth was stretched into a taut grimace of pain and her eyes dripped tears. But most striking was just her posture. Every nerve in her being seemed tensed and on alert. Her face quivered with emotion as the paddle kept ramming and slamming into her ass. Her body jerked and bounced and heaved as she struggled to accept what was happening to her.

Not once did the paddle stop. Dr. Derrier's warning of pausing must have either been a psychological trick to torment the girl, or he discovered he was more fit than he expected, and no rest was needed. On and on the paddling went. Thirty strokes, 35, 40, 45. Fifi's ass was red, then scarlet, then crimson, then purple. Still the paddle didn't stop. Every blow nearly knocked the poor girl over, but the paddle didn't care.

Fifi was sobbing now, her body collapsed across the sofa arm. She no longer cared about anything except the end of her punishment. Her ass moved without her will, now, jiggling with fear and pain even when the paddle wasn't striking. At fifty she screamed and moaned loudly, arching her back, every part of her pleading for mercy. But no quarter was given. The last ten were harder than ever, walloping the tender lower portion of her buttocks and the tops of her thighs. The pain must have been spectacular but Fifi didn't even react. She was in another world, panting and weeping.

Suddenly it was over. Echoes of the paddle walloping buttocks bounced throughout the room. There were sudden whooshes of expelled breaths as people realized they hadn't been breathing for the last five minutes.

Dr. Derrier slowly eased himself onto the couch, ignoring the sobbing Fifi. He panted heavily, dropping the heavy paddle onto the stage. "That was hard work!" he exclaimed to the audience. Ripples of laughter went through the crowd. Fifi hadn't moved.

The professor glanced over his left shoulder at Kiki. She was still in position, naked as before, hands behind her head. But her face was entirely drained of color. She looked positively terrified. The professor grinned at her.

"Yours is going to be _worse_, Kiki."

Kiki's eyes were so wide they looked cartoonish. She was trembling. Her sister still hadn't moved, though Leann had come from backstage with a spray bottle and cloth and was spraying cool water on Fifi's blistered buttocks.

"Go stand next to your sister," commanded the instructor, and Kiki obeyed instantly. Leann helped Fifi to her feet and both girls stood with their backsides facing the audience and the sight was amazing. Candy couldn't believe the incredible contrast between the two one-time identical bottoms. Fifi's ass was swollen and blistered and nearly purple in places. Kiki's was a luscious virgin white.

"Come on, over my lap!"

Kiki stepped slowly toward her doom. Several people in the audience were cheering her on, mostly to relieve the incredible tension. Blushing, Kiki clambered onto the couch and across the professor's lap. He eased her down and stroked her bottom with his hand. Leann saw him and went and got the small paddle from the podium. Taking it from her, he laughed. She grinned saucily and left the stage, waving good-bye to the sobbing Fifi struggling to stand up nearby, her blistered bottom facing the audience.

The professor began to rub the flat surface of the tiny paddle over Kiki's rump. He rubbed all over her buttocks, down the sides of her hips, up and down the inner, outer, and backs of her thighs. He even spread her cheeks with one hand and rubbed into her crack, holding the paddle blade at an angle. When he finished Kiki was wiggling and breathing heavily.

"Now she is sensitized and ready for her spanking," the professor explained to the audience. "She wants it now; she's ready. But I'm not. I want to draw this out. That is the secret of this kind of punishment. This may not be as violent or as intense as a fraternity paddling, but we make up for it in time. This is one spanking that will not be over quickly!"

Candy looked at her husband and shuddered. She'd gotten some long hand spankings before and they were admittedly terrible just because they never ended. Candy knew that after twenty minutes she would nearly be begging for a caning rather than enduring any more "love swats." The doctor certainly knew his stuff.

On stage, the professor was calmly fondling the spread ass of the girl in front of him. He teased her with his fingers, rubbing and pinching and swatting the flesh, even flicking the girl's clit with his fingertip. Kiki moaned and wiggled and it was obvious to everyone that she was eager for her spanking to begin. She arched her back and thrust her rump up high but the professor only laughed and pushed her back in position.

Finally, her torment complete, the Dr. Derrier picked up the paddle and began to lightly tap Kiki's bottom. These first smacks were so light several members of the audience actually giggled, and the professor told them to be patient and to watch and learn.

Steadily but without much force, the professor paddled the girl. He spanked her all over her generous ass, the paddle a mere pat. Kiki wasn't complaining, but she wasn't the least bit punished either. She was smiling with relief and thrusting her bottom upward to welcome the light stings.

After several minutes, the tone of the spanking began to change. Candy didn't notice it at first. The spanks didn't seem any harder but Candy saw on the big TVs that Kiki's butt was an even shade of pink. The paddle was stinging now, more that just a fun swat. Kiki was far from crying, but the spanking was garnering her full attention.

The professor was getting into it. He pounded away with a diligence and effort that was amazing to watch. Kiki certainly appreciated it. Her bottom was soon glowing. The spanking continued on and on, without let up, and she began to fidget. Candy glanced at her watch. Ten minutes had passed since the first spank. This was becoming interesting.

The room was fairly quiet, the only sound the steady smack-smack-smack of the little paddle against bare flesh. Kiki's bottom jiggled and quivered under the blows, the skin growing more and more red. Fifteen minutes passed, then twenty. Still the spanking continued, slow and steady. Tears dripped from Kiki's face and she moaned constantly, wiggling her ass with each spank. Her body glistened with sweat.

Candy couldn't believe what she was seeing. The professor must have an iron arm, she thought. He paddled like a machine. The blows weren't that hard, but they were solid and there was an awful lot of them. Kiki's ass, blown up on the huge television screens, was red and blistered. After thirty-five minutes, Kiki couldn't keep still but kicked her legs and writhed constantly, begging for mercy. Dr. Derrier didn't slow down in the slightest. He spanked brilliantly, concentrating on individual spots on her bottom for three minute intervals. It made Candy shiver in terror to see the paddle continually smacking the same tender three inches of flesh over and over and over again.

Gradually, as the enormously long and terrible spanking continued, Kiki's buttocks developed a more-or-less even shade of burgundy. There were a few darker blotches where the skin had nearly turned purple.

Almost fifty minutes into the spanking, Dr. Derrier finally moved to Kiki's thighs, walloping them with the same relentless stroke he'd used to punish her buttocks. Kiki did not take this well, kicking and sobbing, even bringing her arms back to cover her bottom. The professor was firm: Kiki was there to be spanked and she'd had better take her punishment maturely or he'd start over. Kiki calmed down a little, but couldn't stop sobbing.

Then, with a suddenness that shocked everyone, Dr. Derrier put down the paddle and sighed deeply. It was over. Kiki lay weeping and kicking her legs.

* * * * *

"That was a terrific lecture," Candy told Brad as they got up to leave.

"I think someone I know won't be earning a punishment session, then."

"Oohh, I'd say not!" Candy said, her mind whirling as she pictured herself over Brad's knee for an hour-long paddling.

The End