Letter to Elizabeth's Mother

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Letter to Elizabeth's Mother

(***, F/f, Serious, implied)

A teacher's letter to her student's mother. (Approximately 906 words. Originally published 1999-10.)

Thu, Oct 28, 1999

Dear Elizabeth's Mother:

As you know, this year our school has taken the dramatic (and well-received) step of adopting uniforms for all our young ladies. For the most part, this has gone well. Students love these uniforms as they are fetching yet formal, and there's no more competing among girls to see who can wear the shortest skirt!

However, I have encountered a rather serious problem with your daughter. Yes, it's true she loves her uniform, and yes, she diligently attempts to keep it clean and neat at all times. But -- you knew that was coming, there's always a big but coming -- Elizabeth has a problem with her memory. Twice last week she came to school WITHOUT her knickers!

Now your daughter has a very attractive bottom, and it's most amusing to see the bare cheeks peek from underneath her skirt when she bends over (which she does frequently, for reasons I'm sure you can surmise), but this sort of behavior is inappropriate for a school environment and it disrupts the academic atmosphere we are attempting to produce.

On the first occasion I simply reprimanded Elizabeth and stressed that this was not the kind of thing one "forgets." When she did it again, a few days later, I was disappointed and concerned. I made Elizabeth stay in during the break and write 100 times the phrase "Underwear is a part of my uniform and I will always wear them to school."

I also gave Elizabeth a note to give to you, informing you of this punishment and asking that you please ensure Elizabeth comes to school dressed properly. I did not ask to have the note signed and returned, but Elizabeth is generally so well-behaved I am almost certain that she gave you my message. If you did not receive it, however, may I suggest a serious punishment is appropriate? If you are a proponent of corporal punishment, as I think you are, more than a mere spanking is in order for such outrageous behavior. A long dose of the hairbrush (on her bare bottom, of course) would be due if she were my daughter. But again, I am almost positive that Elizabeth gave you the note and today's event was a mere fluke.

You see, this morning was Elizabeth's turn to do her oral book report. She did a presentation on Tolkien's "The Hobbit," and while she did a fine job with the report (including many visual aids), she constantly turned her back to the audience and bent over to fetch things from her case, which was on the floor. The first time she did this I was shocked to note that not only was she not wearing knickers, but the pale skin of her buttocks was a violent ruby color!

The class was titillated by this view and giggled constantly, but Elizabeth seemed not to realize what was so funny. (I am afraid that your daughter, on occasion, is quite clueless.) I quieted the class and encouraged Elizabeth to finish her report, which she did, but not without mooning the class several more times. When the bell rang I asked her to remain behind.

Elizabeth was horrified when I informed her we could all see the results of her recent spanking and she began to cry. She confessed that her bottom was sore and that's why she hadn't worn her knickers, but suspect there's more to the story. I believe your daughter enjoys a sexual thrill from going bare bottomed to school, knowing that's she disgustingly naked but no one can see. Of course people get glimpses, but that only makes it more exciting!

Normally, after a warning and a mild punishment, I'd be inclined to paddle your daughter for a third offense, but with her bottom in its current state, I relented. I suspect that you won't however, and I encourage you to use whatever means necessary to discipline your daughter properly.

I warned Elizabeth and I will warn you, that if this happens again I will have no choice but to refer her to the headmistress for a caning. The usual for a first caning is only three strokes, but I can assure you that even three is a serious punishment!

While upset at the possibility of being caned, your daughter did not seem to truly appreciate the gravity of her situation. I suspect that she has never been caned and does not realize how severe it can be. Might I suggest a sample dose? I will leave the exact number up to you, but even a stroke or two might help reform her attitude, which I must say, was remarkably cavalier.

I am sending this note home with your daughter and I am asking that it be signed and returned, so that I know you have read it. Please telephone me if you have any questions or concerns.

Your Daughter's Concerned Teacher,

Mrs. Johnson

P.S. As a precaution, I am e-mailing you this copy of my letter. If you do not receive my written copy, we shall know that your daughter has been tampering with the mails, a most serious offense. (If she brings me a note signed by you but you did not sign it, I will take her to the headmistress on charges of forgery. That is an offense worthy of "six of the best" with the cane.)

The End