Little Bitch

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Little Bitch

(**, fffmm/F, Severe, discipline, sex)

A young slave girl works painfully hard to please her young, bitchy mistress. (Approximately 3,269 words. Originally published 1995-11.)

Princess Alexandria was a mean little bitch. Shana knew this and hurried faster. It had taken much to long at the market--the place had been packed. But of course _she_ never accepted that as an excuse."

"Perhaps I can sneak in," she thought. But deep down there was an empty hole in her belly; she knew that there was little likelihood that should would escape punishment.

As she entered the main building through the slave entrance, she was accosted by Eliak, one of the older male slaves. "She's been asking for you, Shana! And her friends are here," he whispered to her quickly. Shana groaned and hurried even faster. Guests meant that she would be more eager to discipline her slaves in order to demonstrate her power.

"My Lady Alexandria," she spoke boldly, bowing low as she held out the basket of fresh grapes. The young princess was sitting across a sofa eating pastries. Seated near her were several other children of royalty, sons and daughters of dukes and lords. For a moment Princess Alexandria pretended not to notice Shana. Then she looked up and spat venom into Shana's pretty face.

"Where have you been? I asked for those grapes hours ago!"

"I had to go across town, my Lady," Shana said carefully. "There were many others before me. I had to wait."

"That's no excuse. You probably were meeting that boyfriend of yours. I ought to thrash you and have you hung outside the gate!"

Shana winced and her heart stopped but she didn't say anything. She kept her head bowed. She knelt awkwardly, holding the basket of grapes out in front of her, waiting. Alexandria noticed them and knocked the basket from her hand, spilling the grapes on the floor.

"Get rid of those--I am no longer interested in grapes--you waited too long to bring them to me!" Her voice was shrill and angry. Shana wanted desperately to slap her. Instead she bowed even lower and began to pick up the grapes, murmuring "Yes, my Lady."

The little princess simply glared at Shana, her eyes filled with cruelty and hatred. "I think you are impertinent today. Yes, I think that is exactly what you are. You shall be punished!" She looked proudly towards the others.

"My Lady!" exclaimed Shana, her voice pleading.

"Remove your clothes," the princess said quietly.

Shana opened her mouth and then shut it. It was useless to argue. The princess would have her way no matter what anyone else thought or said. Her father was the only one who could stop her from doing anything, and he rarely did. If she wanted to punish a slave, so be it. Whether the slave deserved it was irrelevant--the princess' personal reasons were enough. Princess Alexandria generally liked to have some excuse, though, just for show.

Shana reluctantly slipped her dress over her head and laid it on a chair nearby. She slipped off her underclothes and returned and stood naked before the princess. She tried to forget that there were dozens of servants and slaves watching, many of them male, not to mention the excited looks Alexandria's guests were exchanging. She knew she would be made to perform before them and she dreaded it.

"Do you want to hang at the gate?" asked the princess sternly. Shana wasn't sure whether Princess Alexandria was wanting an honest answer or just looking for a way to torment her further, but she decided it was best to cooperate. She definitely did not want to hang at the gate, naked and exposed, tied so that all who passed could see and touch her most private parts. She shook her head slowly.

"Then obey me promptly and we shall see. Perhaps if you accept your punishment well I shall not have you hang." The princess paused as though thinking. "Now go and get me my favorite leather paddle, and _hurry_."

Shana scurried to the chest in the corner and quickly found the dreadful paddle. It was large and heavy, the blade about three-eighths of an inch thick, eighteen inches long, and eight inches wide. The thickness meant that it was rather stiff, but when swung it would bend easily, smacking flesh much like a leather belt. Shana hated it the way she hated all the princess' toys, but she also had a deep respect for it.

She presented the paddle to the princess and at her nod, turned and bent her buttocks toward the princess and her friends, placing her hands tightly behind her neck. She moved her legs apart the required distance. Her face was already burning with shame and she could feel tears welling in her eyes.

The princess smiled and took the paddle by the wooden handle and gently touched Shana's buttocks. She slowly drew the paddle across Shana's thighs and down to her calves. Shana stood trembling, her nerves tense with anticipation and fear.

Princess Alexandria now drew back and gave Shana a terrific blow across the buttocks, the loud slapping sound echoing around the room. Shana gasped and gripped her hands tighter, her legs shivering, her buttocks stinging. Again the paddle smacked her, and again and again. Tears were running down her face as she stood struggling to remain composed.

The Princess was laughing, her eyes cruel and sharp as she brought the paddle back again and proceeded to spank Shana quickly and fiercely. The onlookers near her were also smiling and talking among themselves. One young lady commented that she believed strongly in discipline--she had her maids spanked every day just to keep them in line. One of the young men noticed that Shana was a very attractive young woman "for a slave."

These comments just made it all the more difficult for Shana, as she obediently stood and received the stinging blows. Her buttocks were burning, but the paddling continued.

The princess now began to spank Shana's thighs, quick, light blows that stung fiercely and made her legs tremble. She spanked Shana's calves and Shana cried softly, knowing that this was just the beginning.

Suddenly the princess stopped. She reached out and placed her hand against Shana's buttocks, feeling the heat rising from the punished flesh. She began to pinch and knead Shana's buttocks, massaging the flesh cruelly beneath her fingers. Shana stood gasping.

Then the princess stepped back and motioned to her two male friends. "Please, do as you please," she said smiling. The two grinned and came forward.

The oldest quickly placed his hands on her buttocks and squeezed. The younger came around and took Shana's breasts in his hands. He began to squeeze and knead them. Shana's nipples were hard and felt like tiny rocks between his fingers. She groaned wiggled slightly under their administrations.

The one behind then slid his hand between her legs and felt her sex from the rear. Shana stiffened at this touch, her sex wet and her heart pounding. Her breasts were so hard she thought they were going to burst. The one behind her was now fingering her nodule, his fingers slick with moisture, and Shana was desperate in her hunger. She wriggled and moved her hips against him, vainly attempting to achieve some satisfaction from his touch.

Suddenly the two boys were gone, and Shana found herself alone, writhing before the furious princess. Shana groaned and began to cry, knowing that she had misbehaved and she would be punished. She frantically attempted to compose herself and remain calm.

The princess quietly pushed Shana's legs further apart, and then still further. Shana could feel moisture dripping down her right leg and she wept silently.

Almost immediately the spanks resumed, but doubled in frequency and volume. The princess was angry, fiercely angry, and she took out her anger on Shana's buttocks.

She stopped suddenly and commanded Shana to get her the thin wooden paddle. "Crawl on your knees," she hissed, "and keep those legs apart!" Frantically Shana knelt and began to crawl toward the chest in the far corner. She remained upright, her hands still tightly gripped to her neck. The princess followed her, paddling her mercilessly as she laboriously made her way across the room. The princess kept hissing at her to hurry, and paddled her harder.

Reaching the chest Shana started to remove her hands and received a painful spank and a harsh rebuke. "Use your teeth," the princess spat.

So Shana bent forward and began to rummage through the chest with her nose and face, searching desperately for the thin wooden paddle. The princess continued to spank her furiously the whole time, telling her to hurry and smacking her tender buttocks and thighs.

The trunk was full of paddles, belts, quirts, and thin wooden canes of all sizes and shapes. There were also leather thongs and ropes, neck collars, phalluses, and many other punishment devices. It was with relief that Shana finally found the correct paddle, grasped it with her teeth, and pulled it out, even though she knew what it would be used for.

It was very thin, perhaps an eighth of an inch, and small and narrow, a foot by five inches. The short handle had a leather grip. Shana was unfortunately very familiar with the paddle. She knew that it stung horribly, and worse, it's thinness meant that it could be used extensively without fear of harming the victim. That meant that this was not going to be over soon--the princess had a great deal of punishment in mind for Shana.

Shana placed the paddle at the feet of the princess. Alexandria promptly dropped the leather paddle and began to use the new wooden one. The first blows seemed much harder, louder, and angrier than the leather instrument, Shana thought. She was paddled back over to the others, still crawling upright on her knees.

Once there the princess spanked her furiously. The new paddle seemed to give her energy and her blows were hard and fast. Shana had long since lost track of how many there had been. She knew that this wasn't the worst spanking she had received, but she also knew that it wasn't over yet.

The princess began to paddle her thighs, and her buttocks seemed to swell and ache in the absence of touch. Shana was sobbing desperately and quietly, tears running down her face and chest. She was facing the princesses friends and they grinned and taunted her.

"Had enough?" said the younger boy, with a smile that made it obvious he hadn't.

"You deserve ten times this, you slut!" said one of the girls.

"If you were mine I'd spank you like this every day," said the older boy.

Shana could only kneel there and cry. Princess Alexandria was tiring, and she moved back to spank Shana's sore buttocks, bringing fresh tears to her eyes. She spanked harder now, but irregularly and slowly, causing Shana to cry out in pain and surprise at the unexpected force of the blows.

Shana could feel her buttocks getting hotter and hotter. The spanks were so hard her breasts were bouncing under the blows, and she could see that the two boys were intrigued by their movements.

Finally there was another pause. Shana could only kneel and cry as the princess motioned to one the servants who came forward with a jar of ointment. This he spread gingerly over Shana's buttocks and thighs. He worked the cream in deep, and Shana cried out loud as the tender flesh was prodded and kneaded.

Shana was horrified that she was receiving ointment, for that would protect her skin and meant that the punishment was not over. There was still more to endure. Worse, Shana knew that the princess was not entirely pleased with her performance so far. To please her Shana would have to be doubly obedient and cooperative, unless she wanted to hang outside the gate tomorrow.

After the ointment, Shana was made to kneel before the princess. She kissed the princess' feet to show respect and obedience. Then she even went and kissed the feet of the princess' friends. Princess Alexandria was pleased, but she still had more punishment in mind.

"Let's play a game," she said with a mischievous smile that brought a groan from Shana, knowing the kind of game the princess wanted to play. The others clapped in excitement and agreement, and Alexandria gave instructions to the servants to gather the items they would need to play.

Princess Alexandria led the others over to toy chest. "We must each choose a different weapon," she explained. She herself decided to exchange the wooden paddle for the leather one. The two girls took a wide leather belt and a tiny white strap. The older boy selected a wooden paddle, heavier than the one the princess had been using. The younger boy decided to simply use his hand for punishment.

Shana watched them in silence, her heart filled with dread. She knew now that they each would get the opportunity to punish her, and she wondered how she would be made to perform. She didn't have long to wait.

The princess quickly explained the rules. Each would take turns assigning Shana a menial task, and depending on how well she performed, she would be punished accordingly.

Princess Alexandria started, by scattering two dozen marbles around the room and having Shana race on her knees to get them. She could only pick them up in her mouth and when it was full she had to return and put them in the princess' lap. With only three minutes Shana needed to hurry--she was to receive five strokes from the princess for each marble not returned.

Shana bravely took off, bruising her knees as she pounded across the hard floor frantically searching for marbles. When she found one she bent over and sucked it into her mouth, and when her mouth was full she returned to the princess and spat them out into her lap.

She had made two trips back to the princess when time was called and she froze, her mouth full of marbles, trembling. How many had she managed to retrieve? The count came to thirteen, and she was shocked to discover that the four in her mouth didn't count because she hadn't returned them to the princess before time was called.

The princess quickly instructed Shana to stretch out across her lap and proceeded to deliver numerous sound smacks to Shana's poor buttocks. As Shana lay struggling under the blows, she had to count out loud the number of each blow. If she failed to count or counted wrong the blows didn't count. It was most difficult for her to speak clearly under the circumstances, and the princess often took advantage of the fact and pretended not to hear her count. So it was that Shana received far more than the 55 she was supposed to receive.

The older girl went next. She had Shana fetch slippers from across the room, one at a time. Shana was forced to crawl with her hands and knees and chin against the floor. This was most difficult and her buttocks rose high into the air in a most humiliating and graceless manner. As she hurried along the duke's daughter spanked her buttocks and thighs with the wide leather belt. The force was less than with the paddles, but the belt had the annoying habit of wrapping itself around her legs, stinging a larger area. She was sobbing and her legs and buttocks were red and welted when she finally finished carrying the sixth pair of slippers.

The older boy went next, and he had Shana mount a phallus. She'd never done such a thing before, and it frightened her horribly. It was a large wooden one, mounted on a stool, and he shoved it in her after tying her arms above her head and her feet to the floor. She was stretched from floor to ceiling and impaled in the middle.

As she began to rock (the best she could) on the phallus, he began to paddle her buttocks with his heavy wooden paddle. He was strong, much stronger than the princess, and his heavy blows jarred Shana's whole body. Each blow hurt as much as several from the others, she thought, and struggled to stimulate herself on the phallus. Soon she was red-faced and moaning and then she climaxed.

But the boy kept paddling. Shana began rocking, frantically attempting to stimulate herself again despite the painful spanking. It took longer, but she managed it, and lay panting, sweat pouring off her, her hunger satisfied.

But still again he was paddling her, urging her to one more climax. She gasped and cried but almost eagerly attacked the phallus. She was now raw and the phallus was tearing at her painfully, but she rocked on it frantically. The paddle blows were less frequent, now, but harder, and she desperately tried to stimulate herself. After considerable time, what seemed like an eternity to her, she managed it a final time and the boy gave her a last few spanks and returned to his seat. Shana was released from the thongs and more ointment was produced and rubbed into the flesh of her buttocks and thighs. Her buttocks were raw and almost blistered, and she gasped at every touch.

But now it was the other boy's turn, and he quickly presented his task. Shana had to take his sex in her mouth and satisfy him, and then the other. While she did the younger boy she received some respite, but the younger boy spanked her bottom and slapped her breasts with great fury while she satisfied the older. This went on for several turns each.

Then it was the youngest girl's turn. She assigned Shana to satisfy all the males present, including the slaves and servants. One by one Shana took them and sucked until they pumped her mouth with saltiness that she had to swallow. All the while she was teased by the light lash of the younger noble girl.

The lash was infuriating, it was so light, and yet it woke up all the sensations of her flesh. When Shana was about halfway through with all the men, the noble girl began to flog Shana's sex, pulling her legs apart and striking upwards between her legs. Shana thought she would die it so frustrated her. She found herself wriggling after the lash, craving the sting and the slight satisfaction it provided against her sex.

It was with sadness and horror that Shana realized there were no more men to satisfy, and she resigned herself to whatever new horror awaited her.

But the princess was satisfied. She made Shana stand and taking the heavy wooden paddle from the older boy, gave Shana a number of very hard spanks. Then she examined Shana's buttocks and thighs, feeling the hot flesh and pinching the hardened welts between her fingers. She paddled her a few more times and then pronounced her "punished.""

Shana almost enjoyed the paddle after the lightness of the lash. The paddle blows were solid and made her whole body quiver and her flesh tremble, and there were only a few, just enough to warm her buttocks.

She relaxed as more ointment was applied, the soothing cream painful as it brought every stinging part of her flesh to life. She relaxed as she was taken to her quarters, knowing that she had pleased her master, and she wouldn't have to hang at the gate for all to see and touch.

The End