The Lover

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The Lover

(***, M/F, Edgy, cons, severe discipline)

A young man meets his dream girl. (Approximately 3,541 words. Originally published 1996-05.)

She was the most incredible woman Derek had ever known.

They'd first met at a bookstore in Manhattan. She'd seen him inspecting a volume of erotica titled _Cruel Punishments and Other Delights_.

"Naughty, aren't we?" she'd whispered, her eyes twinkling. He was shocked and embarrassed and hastily tried to put the book back and deny his interest. But when he saw her he forgot his shame.

She was gorgeous. Long dark hair in waves of rolling curves around a perfect face like a china doll. Her grin was mischievous, contagious, and he grinned back, stupidly.

Her eyes darted right and left and she leaned close to him. "Don't be embarrassed--it's a very good book. I had a boyfriend who used to read to me from it every night." She laughed delightfully and gently swatted his rump. He was too shocked to speak: he could only stare at this gorgeous, brazen woman.

That had been three months ago. It seemed a lifetime. In those three months he had become a completely different person. He had aged fifteen years. It was incredible.

That very night they had gone to her house. She lived in a large house on the outskirts of a New York suburb. It was a quiet, conservative neighborhood. Her father had been a banker. He had died several years earlier, leaving her some money and the house.

She had modified the basement to suit her needs. She called it the Dungeon. And she decorated it to fit its name.

It was dark and the walls were black, the tiny side windows boarded over. There were lots of small lights, but only a few were turned on at any one time.

The furniture and accessories were also dark. Derek was amazed at all he saw. There was a couch and several plush chairs, a few small tables, and a large bed. A TV, VCR, and video camera were mounted on a far wall opposite the bed. To the left of the bed was a well-stocked bar with several stools. Underneath the TV was a weird-looking gymnasium setup that looked like a cross between a medieval torture chamber and a weight-lifting setup.

There were only a couple of white items: a large leather paddle hanging on the wall, and in the far corner, a toilet, sink, and shower, completely open and exposed.

There was a closet in the corner filled with all kinds of outfits. The base of the closet had a cabinet and though at the time Derek couldn't see inside, he later found it to contain all kinds of interesting paraphernalia, from huge phalluses to ointments and creams. Hanging from the walls were all sorts of terrible gadgets, various whips and belts and leather straps, handcuffs and ropes and chains, and an assortment of paddles, from huge to tiny, some made of wood or leather, others of thin metal or heavy rubber.

Shelby had shocked him some more. She immediately began to undress. In seconds she was completely naked, her beautiful hips swaying gracefully as she walked over to the closet and selected a short, white T-shirt to put on. It didn't come down to her belly button, leaving her buttocks and sex gloriously exposed.

She then turned to face him and he saw that there were two large holes cut into the front of the shirt, her breasts poking through, the large nipples staring at him like eyes.

She began to undress him and he didn't protest. Next she fitted him with an unusual pair of jockey shorts that left his penis protruding and his buttocks bare.

"I have been very naughty, Derek, my master," Shelby whispered seductively into his ear. "You must punish me now, punish me very severely." Then she retreated to the edge of the bed where she knelt and laid her upper body across the mattress, exposing her beautiful buttocks to him.

He hesitated, unsure of what exactly she had in mind. He knew what she wanted, but how much did she want? He walked over to the wall and selected a large leather belt. It was wide and heavy. It would pack a good wallop, he thought.

He approached her rump. It was so beautiful he could not resist touching it. His cock was already hard. He slid his palm over the smooth, round skin of her bottom, feeling its silky texture. He could faintly detect old welts and he then knew that she liked to be punished most severely. But it had been a while since her last spanking.

With his left hand he pulled her up, and forced her arms out to the bed, bracing her body. Her breasts dangled deliciously in front of her. He forced her head back so she looked upward, her neck a straight line to her breasts. He squeezed her breasts hard, watching in satisfaction as she gasped. He pinched her nipples cruelly. Then he forced her legs slightly apart and told her to arch her back properly. He let the belt lightly touch her bottom.

She wriggled and groaned in apprehension and anticipation. He pushed his hand between her legs. She was wet, very wet. He scolded her and told her she had better be a good girl. He reminded her that he was doing this for her own good--she would benefit immensely from this spanking, he said grimly.

"Keep your arms out straight and your back arched--do not attempt to touch yourself. And if your legs move together you will learn what real pain is!" His voice was rough with desire and he forced himself to speak sternly. "You will not speak, Shelby. You may wiggle and you may cry, you may even groan, but you will not speak. Do you understand?"

Shelby nodded her head violently, urgently, her desire unbearable. She wanted him to hurry, to get it started. He knew that, but he wanted her to wait a little more. The belt rested against her back and dangled across her buttocks and she let out a little whimper of despair and eagerness.

"Shelby, my dear, my beautiful Shelby, you will obey me, you will obey my every command, my every wish, my every whim, no matter how trivial or difficult, you will obey me immediately!

"Now I am going to spank you. I am going to whip your buttocks more than they have ever been whipped before. I am going to whip you so hard and for so long you will want to beg me to stop. But you will not beg. You will obey my commands."

Shelby nodded again, this time slowly. He looked at her beautiful face, her large, expressive eyes that were now wide with fear and longing, her full lips just opened slightly, exposing even rows of white teeth. He wondered what he had done to deserve such a treasure.

He lifted the belt and stretched it out in his hand, selecting a few feet of its length. He struck her buttocks hard, the blow landing horizontally across both buttocks, the loud slap sending shivers of desire down to his groin, her sudden tensing thrilling him.

He struck her again and then again. He struck quickly, violently, extremely hard and diligently. She was silent still, but her mouth was open and she breathed desperately. Her buttocks were wiggling and her whole body was tense.

Derek spanked her harder and faster, his excitement growing. She was wonderful! So calm and patient and cooperative. So obedient! The heavy belt wrapped around the flesh of Shelby's round buttocks again and again, leaving it pink and warm.

She moaned loudly, suddenly, the cry deep from within. Derek whipped the lower portion of her buttocks in response, hard upward blows that licked the tender undersides of her buttocks. Shelby opened and closed her mouth but no sounds came forth except for the low groans. She wiggled her body now, jerking it under the loud wallops.

Derek could sense that she was in real pain now. He wasn't exactly sure of her experience--the room and the accessories did not necessarily mean she was that accomplished--but he continued to spank her.

He began to whip just her right buttock. He watched as she flinched and he could see her try to turn her body to expose her left buttock to the blows. It was so unfair! The left buttock was completely ignored! It starved for attention. Derek ignored it for a considerable period, concentrating his hard blows on the right buttock. Finally he switched back to the left and she gave a sigh and a loud groan, tears pouring down her face and chest. Now her right buttock was left alone, burning and hot, left to stir in its own juices.

Now Derek paused briefly to fold the belt in half and began to whip both buttocks again. This time the blows were heavier, though less frequent. With his left hand he reached around and gripped her left breast tightly, pinching and squeezing it, but his right hand continued to spank her. Her nipple was so hard it felt like it was going to burst. She was jerking her buttocks toward him now, her whole body quivering.

Derek put down the belt next to her. She stood writhing beside him, her eyes wide with fear and wonder. What was he going to do now? She had no idea.

To her delight and dismay he selected a paddle from the wall. It was thin and made of wood. She knew it would sting very much. It did.

The first blow was much more painful than the feeble belt. But what shocked her most was the deafening sound--each spank sounded like a gunshot. The sound was more terrifying than the pain.

Suddenly he lifted her arms and made her stand up straight. She obediently placed her palms behind her neck and stood patiently, trembling, as he paddled her bottom furiously. She had to bite her lip to keep from screaming. He was squeezing her breasts again, the paddle never stopping. Her sex felt wet and she suddenly realized she was exhausted.

But now Derek commanded her to run, to jog in place, her hands behind her head. She obeyed, her heavy breasts bouncing against her chest, the movement shaming her as much as the spanking.

She was running frantically, lifting her knees high in the air, the loud, stinging blows easily keeping time with her running. Then Derek took his hand away from her breasts and began to swing the paddle with both hands.

The first blow almost knocked her off her feet so hard and unexpected was the force. She was more prepared for the next but the pain was excruciating. She could only sob and run desperately, hoping that she pleased him, that he'd stop soon.

Yet another part of her thrilled to this fierce beating. This was the kind of punishment she loved. It was engulfing, it was extreme. It was what she wanted but it was far beyond what she was capable of asking for. It was completely out of her control, yet she knew Derek wouldn't truly hurt her. She trusted him yet she was afraid. There was so much within his power.

Suddenly he pushed her flat across the bed. He stretched her out. She lay silent and tearful and watched him go over to the closet and go through the drawers. He selected something and returned, and she saw he was carrying a small bottle of skin cream.

She felt his cool hands suddenly plumping her burning buttocks, the touch cool and full of relief yet so sensitive was her skin that it brought gasps of pain to her lips. She felt the cold ointment being spread across her flesh and she shuddered. It felt heavenly, but she knew it meant that there was more punishment to come. It wasn't over yet.

She lay there panting, her breasts sore beneath her chest, her buttocks burning under his touch. He put the larger paddle back on the wall and chose a tiny one, scarcely bigger than the palm of a hand.

He knelt beside her and began to paddle her again. The blows made her body bounce on the bed and she groaned in misery and shame. This was so undignified! Her face was flushed with shame as she cried.

Now his left hand was squeezing her breasts again, pinching them hard. Then he moved to her sex. With the paddle he made her spread her legs wide, paddling her the tender insides of her thighs hard when she didn't cooperate fully. In desperation she stretched her legs as far apart as she could, gasping in fear and shame.

He spanked her quickly, light blows from the tiny paddle, but her flesh was already so raw each spank brought tears to her eyes. She whimpered and groaned miserably.

Then he brought the blows up from between her legs, spanking the tender flesh between her buttocks, so near her sex. With a cry she lifted her upper body clear off the bed, her breasts exposed, as she wiggled and desperately sought to escape the paddle, her composure forgotten.

Derek put down the paddle and picked up the belt again. This time he whipped her exposed sex. He swung the belt in the crack between her buttocks, and she trembled violently and sobbed.

The whipping seemed to last a long time. All she could remember was that she lost all sense of reality. Time seemed to have stopped. She felt like she had been lying on that bed forever, every pore in her body raw and alive and feeling. She had never felt so conscious, yet she felt almost distant from herself, as though it was someone else's body stretched across the bed and being whipped. Everything seemed to make sense. For a long time she felt at peace, groaning and crying under the blows, but she barely felt them. Instead she could only feel the hunger between her legs, feel the temporary satisfaction as the belt stung her sex.

When it was finished she just lay there, exhausted. Her flesh was raw and burned with a thousand needles. Her buttocks felt like they were glowing with heat. She lay panting, wondering if Derek had more planned.

Suddenly he rolled her over and knelt over her face, pushing his cock into her mouth. She accepted it eagerly, desperately. The blankets on the bed felt rough to the flesh of her buttocks as she rocked under him. When he finally released into her mouth she swallowed it with pride and smiled at him. Was he pleased?

In answer he turned her over again. This time she spread her legs wide without his insistence, and he entered her from behind. She gasped at the pain and force of his entry. His hands and body were rough against her sore bottom. He bounced on her as she desperately tried to lift herself up for him, her thighs stinging with his slaps as he rode her.

He reached around and grabbed her breasts in front of him, keeping her body arched as he fingered and pinched her nipples. She groaned and wiggled even more. His cock finally touched her clitoris and she almost screamed. It was impossible to have this much pleasure, she thought.

But he finally came and broke away and they both lay panting on the bed. They both were spent. They awoke the next morning in each other's arms.

* * * * *

The next night Derek had even better things in store for Shelby. He had her completely naked, on her hands and knees on the floor. He paddled her about the room for a little while, to loosen himself up and warm her bottom.

Then the real spanking began. He spread her legs wide again. This time he placed a narrow but long mirror on the floor between her legs. He propped it to the appropriate angle so that when she looked down she could see her sex and buttocks clearly.

Then he began to paddle her. She writhed and moaned and cried, but the real pain, the humiliation, was watching her own bottom being punished. She got to see the flesh turn pink, then red, then become covered with white blotches. She could see her sex hungering, and she tried to look away but always found herself looking back. Her curiosity was too great.

She found herself fascinated by the coloring of her skin. The white flesh, so smooth, suddenly becoming pink and aggravated. She would watch her bottom quiver and bounce with each blow, the stinging pain hot and fierce, making her wince.

As the spanking went on she noticed her sex getting hotter and then cooler and then hotter again according to the degree of pain. When she was turned on it was so much easier bearing the spanks.

Eventually she saw welts appearing on her red flesh. She had never seen welts before, though she had felt them many times. It was fascinating yet terrifying for her.

When it was over she remained in position, wondering what Derek had planned next. She knew he had more in store for her. She wouldn't get off that easy. Not with him.

He led her to the corner to the shower. The water was freezing, yet it felt so refreshing it hurt. She showered before him, soaping herself or letting him do it, and rinsing off. He washed her buttocks for her as she leaned against the shower wall, the water pouring down her back. His touch was painful but electrifying. She thrilled to it and wished it hurt even more so she could be completely consumed by the feeling.

But then he spanked her. Hard. The blow was a noisy, wet slap and Shelby froze in terror. It stung her horribly and she wanted to grab her bottom and scream. But she gritted her teeth and restrained her impulse. She suddenly regretted her rash desire of moments earlier. She didn't want it to hurt any more!

But Derek spanked her hard and fast. Shelby quickly became confused. The pain was hot and fierce yet the water refreshing. But both were happening so close to one another that she couldn't quite tell which she was supposed to experience. The relief and the pain became one.

Then there was a blow across her thighs. Shelby's heart rose into her throat. She had never been spanked there before! The pain was terrible, the stinging intense. Blows rained across her thighs and she trembled and groaned, the shower water washing away her tears.

She fidgeted under the blows, her thighs blotched with pain and the stinging flesh sickening her. The pain in her thighs seemed so surface, so raw, so open, she hated it. She longed for the deep, punishing smacks across her buttocks. Suddenly they were there--she arched her back and groaned deep in her throat, her excitement genuine. So much better!

The paddle pounded her bottom and she just laughed, wonderful tears of relief dripping down her face. Incredulous, Derek broke off the spanking.

"Doesn't it hurt?"


"But you're laughing."

Shelby grinned at him, a smile so bright and impish that it melted his heart. "I'm laughing because I'm so happy," she said shrugging. "I can't explain it."

"I can," Derek said coming forward and taking her in his arms, ignoring the fact that she was dripping wet. He kissed her then, long and tender, until she broke away, gasping, her chest heaving. She looked at him, her eyes gleaming. "You feel it too?"

He nodded. "I'm in love."

"Me too."

They did not look away from each other, but both were suddenly shy, quiet. Shelby was breathing deeply, her body painfully alive with desire. Her hand slipped down to Derek's crotch and found he was manfully stiff. Without a word she led him to the bed.

"I don't deserve a girl like you," he said as she spread herself beneath him.

"Of course you don't."

"Then why?"

"Because I deserve a man like you."

Then they began a night of lovemaking that overwhelmed all their senses. Sometime they did it fast and passionate, wild like animals. Other times it was gradual and comfortable, as though they'd been lovers for years.

All Derek knew was that he was happy, supremely happy for the first time in his life. His secret desires were being fulfilled and even as he came he couldn't wait for the next time.

Shelby, groaning under Derek's invasive pressure, was thinking about how much she loved him. No one she had ever known had brought her to the depths of her soul as Derek had. And as she came she was thinking of the morning, secure in her knowledge that Derek would be punishing her again. That thought filled her with trepidation and delight--she knew she could count on him to take her the distance, whether she liked it or not.

"I love you!"" she whispered frantically into Derek's ear.

And the astonished boy watched as his arousal grew yet again, to epic proportions. Indeed, this woman was worth loving!

The End