The Lunchbreak

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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The Lunchbreak

(***, F/f, Severe, mast, paddling, caning)

A teenage girl takes an erotic lunchbreak and must pay the price in front of her classmates. (Approximately 2,401 words. Originally published 1995-10.)

Laura skipped lunch again that day. She knew she shouldn't have, but she wanted to meet with Andrew so badly she couldn't resist. They met in the field near the water-tower and in just seconds they were kissing and he was pawing at her skirt. Terrified that someone would see her returning from lunch disheveled and dirty, she made him wait while she carefully disrobed.

Wearing just her underwear she came back to him and he pulled out his cock. It was huge and pulsing with desire and she knelt and kissed it, looking up at him with her eyes shining. She knew what he wanted but there wasn't time. She wanted to feel him inside her, deep inside her. So she just sucked on him a little until she could feel him swelling and about to burst. Then she guided his cock to her sex as she spread out on the grass and felt him push into her, deeper and deeper until she wanted to scream it felt so good and so bad.

It was over in seconds, it seemed. Like a really good amusement park ride it never seemed to last long enough. They kissed and Andrew reminded her that they couldn't be late getting back to classes. He ran off towards the Carlton School for Boys and Laura dressed as quickly as she could and headed for the Carlton School for Girls.

It was a ten-minute trot back to the school and Laura was worried she'd be late. With only a half-hour for lunch it was nuts to meet Andrew this way. But evenings were so regulated that it was almost impossible to get away for any length of time that it seemed lunch was the only opportunity they had.

Laura knew before she arrived at the school she was late. The hallways were deserted and that could only mean one thing. She quietly opened the door to Mrs. Wilson's Mathematics class and tried to slip into her seat unnoticed. It didn't work.

"I see you finally decided to join us, Ms. Larson. How decent of you." Mrs. Wilson's voice dripped sarcasm. "Isn't this your third tardy this month?"

"I-I'm not sure, Mrs. Wilson. I'm terribly sorry. It won't happen again."

"I'm am sure you are sorry, dear, but that will not take the place of proper discipline. To the front of the class girl! Assume the position."

Her heart sinking to her ankles Laura slowly stood and walked to the front of the class. Her face burned and she tried to ignore the snickers from the other girls. Laura had tasted Mrs. Wilson's cane just over a week earlier for this same infraction and knew that this time it would be worse. Mrs. Wilson hated her class being disrupted for any reason, and she loved to inflict harsh discipline.

At the front of the class Laura lifted up her skirt and bent over the teacher's desk. Her face was blood red with shame as she could hear the giggles from the class, especially that Suzy Farkis. Laura hated her.

"Take down your panties, dear," said Mrs. Wilson sternly. "You are going to remember this one."

Her heart pounding in terror Laura slowly reached back and pulled down her underpants until they were down to her knees and then she leaned back over the desk and grasped the far end with her hands. Her bare bottom faced the class and she had never felt so humiliated in all her life. She cursed Mrs. Wilson in her mind and she cursed Andrew for getting her into this. Thinking of him made her sex stir, however, and Laura realized that standing naked before the class was arousing her.

But what was happening? Mrs. Wilson was continuing the math lecture as though Laura wasn't there. She squirmed and waited. Mrs. Wilson continued, rambling about coefficients and other nonsense. Laura felt her cheeks flushing as she waited, her sex tingling. Here she was, naked in front of her friends, waiting to be punished. And there was nothing she could do about it.

Time passed. Laura almost became bored, but she definitely did not want the time to go by faster. Each second that ticked by brought her closer to her punishment and she dreaded Mrs. Wilson's cane.

Finally, at five minutes to two o'clock Mrs. Wilson stopped lecturing and gave the next day's homework assignment. Then she bade the class to put away their books and observe. Laura had no doubt that it was her turn to be the center of attention and she was not excited about it at all.

"Well, Laura, I trust you've had plenty of time to think about your behavior?"

Laura nodded, tears already forming in her eyes.

"Good. Now I want you to remember this punishment, Laura. There is no excuse for being late to my class! Three times in two weeks! Unforgivable! And I believe I already caned you once for this infraction. This time it shall be double! And to make sure you remember, I'm going to give you six with the paddle to warm your behind for the caning!"

With those words the teacher took a large wooden paddle from her desk drawer and stepped behind Laura. Holding the paddle firmly with both hands she pulled back and swung hard, slamming the paddle into Laura's bottom. The girl grunted, the loud smack echoing throughout the room making it sound much more horrible than it was.

Wham! It came again, this time really beginning to sting. Wham! Wham! Wham! came three in a row. Laura was on her tip toes, her bottom wiggling in fear, biting her tongue to keep from screaming. It wasn't as bad as the cane but it was bad enough. Warm pain flooded her buttocks and Laura wept openly but silently.

Taking a step back Mrs. Wilson took her time with the last one, swinging it as hard as she could. WHAM! The sound was deafening, and Laura almost cried out it hurt so much. She choked back her cries and wept miserably, knowing that this was just the beginning. She still had six with cane to go. She didn't know how she was going to take that.

"Excellent, Laura. You do take your punishments nicely, I must say. Now for the cane."

Laura moaned and wiggled in place. She couldn't take any more, it was too much! But she knew that an alternative punishment would be even worse. She had to obey Mrs. Wilson and cooperate.

"Like I said, Laura, you are going to remember this caning. This *will* be the last time you are tardy, do you hear me? If you are late again you will not only get double what you get today, but you will be having lunch by yourself in this classroom for the rest of the year, do you hear me?"

Laura nodded furiously. She would not be late again. She would be early for Mrs. Wilson's classes from now on. No question.

"Good. Now to make you remember this caning I'm going to separate the punishment. I'm going to cane your cheeks separately, six on the left and then six on the right."

Laura gasped and could hear the whispers of the class as everyone marveled at this news. Six on each! That would make the punishment last twice as long. Technically it would be no worse than six total, but by splitting the punishment it would make it seem much worse.

Mrs. Wilson took the cane, a flexible two-foot length of rattan approximately a quarter of an inch in thickness, and swung it through the air. The swish sent chills down the backs of all the students watching, many feeling quite sorry for poor Laura. Suzy Farkis had the gaul to giggle.

"Now, don't forget--you open your mouth and the stroke doesn't count."

Crack! The first blow sliced into Laura's left buttock and she gasped, tears flooding her eyes. The pain seared into her flesh, stinging deeper and deeper as though it was burrowing itself into her rump. It almost seemed to be trying to get through to her sex on the other side of her body. She could feel herself spurt at the thought.

She gripped the desk tighter as--Crack!--the second blow came down. It was all she could do to not reach around and grab her ass. Crack! Each stroke of the cane left a thick red welt across Laura's bottom and the searing pain was almost unbearable. Crack! Laura's body was covered with a film of sweat as she gasped and struggled to hold onto the desk. Crack! Arrrggghhmmm, she moaned, desperately wiggling her bottom. That one had caught her full across the lower portion of her ass and the pain was unbelievable.

CRACK! Laura almost screamed out loud from the last one. It was low, almost to her thigh, and she knew from how it throbbed that she wouldn't be sitting comfortably for at least a week.

But now it was time for her right side. Laura wept as Mrs. Wilson came around to the other side and lifted the cane. She was right handed so this wasn't her best position, but she gripped the cane with both hands and swung it as hard as she could.

CrAck! The blow echoed like a gunshot through the room, the watching girls jumping in their seats at the sound. "Oooouuuuwww," screamed Laura, opening her mouth despite her resolve. She began to sob as she knew what that meant.

"That one didn't count, I'm afraid," said Mrs. Wilson sternly, and quite dispassionately. "I'm afraid I'll have to give you an extra one, too."

Crack! Laura gritted her teeth as the pain washed through her. Crack! Her left side throbbed and ached as it seemed to be neglected and Laura desperately wished for a good stroke across her whole bottom. This business of--crack!--separating the blows was cruel. Crack!! that one was lower, as Mrs. Wilson spread the blows, and Laura now wiggled frantically, almost out of control.

"Settle down, girl, or I'll have to give you some extras to calm you down!"

Laura swallowed and gripped the desk until her knuckles shown white. She held herself as still as she could, her buttocks throbbing and jerking without her control. CRACK! Laura choked back her scream and moaned loudly, arching her back, desperate for that last blow. CRRRACCKK!! It was like a white hot poker pressed against her butt-cheek, right down next to her thigh where the skin was most tender. Laura moaned and wept, her body drenched with sweat. She tried to let go of the desk but her fingers wouldn't release.

"Now hold still, girl, we still have that extra one I promised you." Mrs. Wilson stepped back to Laura's left side. "This one will go across both cheeks, I think."

Suddenly the jangling of a bell sounded, signaling the end of class. But no one in the class moved, their eyes glued to the sight at the front of the room. "Hold steady, class. Almost done," breathed Mrs. Wilson. She was panting herself, sweat on her brow as she pulled back for a final stroke.


Laura threw her head back in silent agony as the pain seared across her buttocks and through her body. Her sex ached with desire and an image of Andrew flashed across her mind. For a split second she saw him naked, bent over, the red stripes of a caning across his firm ass, and she was the one punishing him! For some reason this image seemed to awaken her sex, stirring her juices so that as she lay across the desk weeping, she rubbed her sex against the desk edge.

As she lay there writhing, the students wandered out of the class, slowly beginning to chat normally, as though nothing had happened. Laura lay there in a daze, her hips pulsing away against the desk, the normal school sounds echoing around her, her friends ignoring her. She watched as Mrs. Wilson calmly put away her paddle and cane.

Suddenly she came, a slow pulsing orgasm, and as she moaned and stood, she realized Mrs. Wilson was watching her. Embarrassed, she pulled her panties up and smoothed her skirt. Laura looked around and saw that they were alone.

"Ouch, Karen," she whispered, "that was almost going too far. I didn't think I could take that much."

Mrs. Wilson smiled at her pretty young student. She leaned forward gave the girl's lips a quick kiss. "You will take whatever I give you, you young slut! Now be in my office promptly at five and I will, uh, assess your punishment. I want to hear all about it, every detail of what you felt. And if I feel like it wasn't enough, don't think I won't take you across my knee!"

Laura stared at her lover in astonishment. Her heart seemed to melt as she looked at the stern older woman. She bowed her head.

"Yes, Mistress Karen," she whispered meekly. "I will take whatever you give me."

Laura left the classroom with her heart pounding with excitement regarding her meeting at five o'clock. Her buttocks throbbed as she walked and she was dying to get to a bathroom so she could look at them and see what kind of damage Mrs. Wilson had done.

In an empty bathroom she pulled down her panties and stared at the stripes across her ass. She gently reached out and touched herself, her fingers sending waves of feeling through her bottom. She felt a surge of desire between her legs and without hesitation she plunged two fingers into her sex and began to fuck herself. The bell rang for the next class and Laura knew she was late for History, but she didn't care. She knew Miss Carmichael's tastes. The history teacher loved to whip breasts, not bottoms. There would be an appointment to meet her later this evening, and Laura's nipples would taste the woman's leather strap.

Laura wept as she watched herself come in the mirror. She would be sore tonight, that was certain. But that was then, this was now. She pushed her fingers back inside for another go, pinching her bottom and gasping at the pain. In moments she was lost in the throes of another orgasm.

The End

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