A Movie Proposal

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A Movie Proposal

(****, M/FFFFf, Severe, nc paddling and caning)

A movie director explains his idea for a film. (Approximately 2,019 words. Originally published 2003-12.)

Jake burst unannounced into his uncle's office at a quarter to three, looking like he'd just won the lottery. "I've got it!" he shouted. "It's perfect."

Horace Grubaker sat behind his big desk and gnawed on his unlit cigar. He grunted at the intrusion. "I know you're my best director, but don't you fuckin' knock?"

Why? said Jake with a wry grin. "You meetin' with investors? You and your secretary 'doing' lunch?" He frowned. "Where is Callie, anyway. She wasn't out front."

"For all you know, Callie Sue's under my desk giving me a blow-job right now," responded the older man.

"Sure. And O.J. was innocent," sneered Jake. "Seriously, uncle, you've got to listen to this. I've come up with the perfect scenario for our Naughty Nymphs series."

For the first time, Horace appeared slightly interested. "Okay, spin me." He leaned back, closing his eyes to listen.

Jake rubbed his hands together excitedly and began.

* * * * *

The film opens with an overhead shot of a convertible. It's speeding down a rural highway. In the car are three gorgeous babes. There's a blonde hottie, a Pam Anderson type, with big boobs and a sexy body. She's driving.

Then there's a Latino-girl, a J-Lo type, with a gorgeous big booty. She's sitting in the back seat wearing super-tight super-short short shorts and a top that leaves her belly bare.

The third girl's a Christina Ricci type, you know, a petite Lolita girl, with a voluptuous body that looks too big for her small frame. She's got these big, sexy, innocent eyes on this china-doll face. She's got fire-red hair, though. That gives us the perfect trio: a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead.

The girls are on spring break, on their way to Florida. They're having a blast, screaming and giggling, playing loud music and drinking beers. The brunette lights up a joint and passes it around and they each take hits. As they talk about the coming week of fun, they get excited and wild, with the brunette standing up in the back seat and dancing.

The road they're on is deserted. They're in the middle of nowhere. The blonde starts driving faster and faster, and they're all joking and laughing. Suddenly there's a siren and blue-and-red lights flashin', and there's a cop pulling them over.


The cop gets out and scolds them for speeding. He's a handsome young hick, and the girls try to flirt with him to let them off, but he's a straight arrow and having none of it. He's shocked to discover they have open beer bottles in the car, and becomes angry when he finds the bag of pot.

"Out of the car," he says, and he cuffs the girls to each other and locks them in the back of his squad car. The girls are sober during the drive to the police station, wondering what's going to happen to them.

The cop tells them, "You'll go before Judge Evil and he'll decide what's to be done with you."

He drives them to a tiny podunk town where there's a small police station. Inside, the girls go through a humiliating strip search by a big female guard, and then are dressed in gray prison shifts. Unfortunately, it's evening, so their hearing before the judge is scheduled for the next day. The girls eat a miserable meal of gruel and sleep on hard cots behind bars.

The next morning they're awoken early by the female guard banging on the bars and they're led to the showers. They strip and shower, though the water's freezing, and the guard makes rather obvious advances on them, squeezing their breasts and asses. When they complain, she just laughs and tells them they've got the Judge to worry about.

In the courtroom, the girls discover they are not the first on the agenda. A teenage girl is first, standing in front of the judge between her parents, who are obviously displeased.

Judge Evil turns out to be a small beady-eyed old man with thick glasses and gray hair. "What's the charge?" asks.

The prosecutor, an attractive woman in a black dress, steps up. "She spit gum on the sidewalk, your honor."

The judge is furious. "I hate that!" he says. "How do you plead?"

The girl grimaces, looks back at her parents who nod firmly, and says, "Guilty, I guess."

The judge slams down his gavel. "Twenty whacks!"

The girl is dismayed. "Aw, shit!" she mutters.

"Make that twenty-five," orders the judge.

The girl is led to a wooden railing along the wall and her jeans and panties are taken down. She's bent over so her bare ass points to the courtroom. Her parents stand aside looking worried and stern.

A big beefy man wearing an executioner's mask comes into the room. He's carrying a huge wooden paddle. He goes up behind the girl and begins to paddle her butt. He spanks her extremely hard, every blow full force. The teenager shrieks and moans and wiggles her ass, but stays in position.

The girl trio watch this in sober astonishment. They whisper stuff like "Oh my God!" and "How can she take that?"

The paddling is positively brutal. After a dozen whacks the girl's butt is magenta, and after fifteen it's crimson. By twenty it's turning purple, but the paddle keeps coming down. There's deep bruising and mottling, but the girl bravely takes the full twenty-five whacks.

"Next," says the judge dispassionately when it's over, and the prosecutor checks her file and says, "Ruby Coen, your Honor."

A very attractive woman is brought forward. She's about thirty, and her gray prison shift strains at the voluptuous curves of her body.

"Shoplifting, your honor. She stole panties from the Emporium."

"Again, Ruby?" The judge frowns and Ruby bows her head in shame. "How do you plead?"

"Guilty," the woman says softly.

"Very well." The judge thinks for a moment, then slams down his gavel. "It's obvious you need a severe lesson. One hundred lashes."

There's a gasp from around the courtroom. Even the prosecutor looks surprised. Ruby is terrified. "No, no, please, no," she begs, but there's nothing to stop it. She's led to the railing and her gown removed. She's completely naked underneath. She's tied in position and then the "executioner" arrives, this time carrying a large leather strap.

The whipping is methodical and brutal. For the next ten minutes the courtroom echoes with Ruby's horrifying screams. Every stroke is laid on full force. Her buttocks are quickly covered with magenta blotches. The punishment just goes on and on and on and on.

In the audience, the trio of spring break girls are now officially terrified. We focus on the floor between the legs of the petite redhead and see a stream of liquid -- she peeing she's so scared. The girls talk amongst each other, expressing disbelief at what they are seeing, telling each other that that can't happen to them, etc. But they are all very worried. The redhead finally says what they are all thinking: "If that's the punishment for spitting gum on the sidewalk and shoplifting a $20 pair of panties, what happens to someone who's been caught speeding, drinking and driving, and high on pot?"

Finally, the punishment ends. A hysterical Ruby is led away, still screaming and crying. "Next case," says the judge.

The bailiff urges the frightened girls forward as the prosecutor reads the list of charges. "Driving in excess of the posted speed limit, driving while intoxicated, driving with open bottles of alcohol, and possession of marijuana."

The judge glared furiously at the girls. "How do you plead?"

"Please, sir," says the blonde, trying to look her prettiest. "We won't do it again. We're on our way to Florida for vacation and we just got a little excited and weren't thinking. We'll never do it again, I swear."

The others nod in agreement.

"So you plead guilty, eh? And throw yourselves on the mercy of the court?"

Nervously, the girls nod. "Yes sir," they say.

The judge motions for the brunette to step forward. "You're the one with the dope."

She bows her head and nods.

He bangs his gavel down loudly. "Sixty strokes with the cane."

There are gasps from the girls and the brunette is horrified. She is led over to the railing, stripped, and tied up. The caning is brutal, every stroke leaving a huge weal across her big ass. After a short time the weals overlap and swell, darkening and looking very much like they'll break and bleed. The brunette screams and wiggles for the duration of her punishment, from the first stroke to the last. When she's led away, exhausted, the others are sweating with fear.

The judge motions for the petite redhead to step forward. "Were you driving?"

"No sir!"

"Were those your drugs?"

"No sir!"

"Was that your beer?"

"No sir." Hope shines on the girl's face. What's she guilty of, anyway? Nothing but being with her dope-using drunk-driving friends!

"It says here your blood alcohol content was point one. That's drunk."

The girl bows her head. "Yes sir."

"Hmmm. No crime in being drunk, if you weren't driving." He pauses, then says, "but it says here you're only nineteen!"

The girl wilts.

The gavel slams down. "Twenty with the paddle followed by fifty with the strap!"

The girl screams but she's dragged to the railing, stripped, tied, and the punishment begins. The paddling is brutal and non-stop. After twenty blows the executioner switches to the strap and lays on the fifty strokes heavily. When he finishes, the girl's flesh from the top of her crack to the back of her knees is scarlet.

"And you?" says the judge to the blonde. "You were driving while drunk and high, and speeding to boot!"

"Oh please have mercy!" sobs the blonde.

The gavel slams down. "Thirty with the paddle for speeding and fifty with the cane for driving drunk."

By the time the caning starts, the blonde is hysterical, screaming and writhing and putting on a terrific show. Her ass is overripe tomato red, and the caning is just cruel. It leaves horrible marks across the backs of her legs and along the sides of her buttocks.

Finally, the punishments are over and the three girls are back in the convertible, sitting gingerly, driving very slowly toward Florida. "No partying for me," says the brunette. "I just want to lie in a bathtub filled with ice!"

"I second that," says the redhead. "Me too!" says the blonde.

Fade out.

* * * * *

Jake waited a few seconds for the reaction. "So? What do you think? Wouldn't that make an awesome film? Doesn't it get you hard just thinking about it?"

Horace suddenly groaned and came to life, sighing deeply and nodding. "Sure, Jake, sounds good. Go for it," he said weakly. Beads of sweat were on his brow and he signed the budget request without even studying the numbers. "Now get out of here."

Jake nodded and left.

Underneath the desk, Callie Sue wiped the cream off her face and struggled to get out. "Hell, I thought he'd never leave," she muttered.

Horace gave the secretary's rump a hearty slap. "That was the best come I've had in a decade," he grunted fondly.

"That's not saying much."

"Watch it, bitch, or I'll have to cast you in a movie. You'd be perfect for the role of Ruby." His big hand palmed her round ass and moved it around gently.

Callie Sue went slightly pale. She smiled bravely and gave Horace an enthusiastic kiss. "You wouldn't do that to me, baby, would you?"

"Not if you're polite. Get back under the desk."

Callie's full lips curled into a beautiful pout. "Okay, okay," she sighed as she got back on her knees to do her duty.


Outside the office, Jake stood listening. He was grinning at the paper in his hand -- the budget was at least double of what he really needed. Catch Uncle Horace at the right time and the world was yours!

The End