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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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The Music Video

(****, M/FFF, Intense, paddling)

A hot new female singing group is interviewed on music television during the premiere of their latest video. (Approximately 1,969 words. Originally published 1996-03.)

I press the button on the remote and the TV slowly hums into life. The wide smile of the pretty music video channel hostess comes into view. She is standing in ankle deep water on a gorgeous beach, wearing only a sky blue skimpy one-piece bathing suit, the lower half of her body wrapped in a light sarong.

"Welcome back, folks. I'm Daisy and I'm coming to you straight from Mexico's warm coast where we continue with our special on the hottest pop girl group of the 90's, the _Nymphs_. So, you girls enjoying the beach?"

The camera pans back to reveal three gorgeous girls dressed in slutty, body-revealing outfits. The first girl is a young blonde named Trisha with a voluptuous body a tad too big for her petite frame. She is wearing a man-style shirt tied off just below her considerable bosom and a pair of tiny white cutoffs that do little to disguise her swaying hips. She grins perkily at the camera and winks at the hostess and agrees that the beach is "full of hunks" and she is having a great time. As the lead singer of _Nymphs_ she is used to attention and enjoys it immensely.

The second girl is Veronica, and she is the opposite of Trisha. She is tall and athletic, and wears a heavy sports bra across her massive chest and a slim bikini bottom that reveals more than is strictly necessary regarding the firmness of her ass. Veronica is the band's drummer, and she makes it no secret that she can outplay any man that dares challenge her. Whereas Trisha is bubbly and breezy, Veronica is calm and tough. She nods at Daisy formally and smiles. "I only go out with a hunk that can bench press _me_," she says with a huff. "So far this beach is pretty macholess."

The third girl is a quiet thing, petite but with an astonishingly beautiful face and eyes, her hair a soft auburn that caresses her face in a charming, bewitching manner. Melody plays the piano and guitar and sings back up, and it is she who writes most of the group's chart-topping songs. Her outfit is a miniature bikini, but she has the grace to look embarrassed by it, her cheeks a soft rose that brings out the color of her hair and makes her blue eyes startling. She actually blushes when Daisy's mike points at her, not knowing what to say, but when she looks down shyly she see a crab crawling along the beach and she points at it and says, with a tilt of her eyebrows, "I haven't seen many hunks but there are plenty of crabs on the beach!"

Everyone laughs and then Daisy turns back to Trisha. "We're about to have the premiere of the video for your latest single 'I'm Burning For You.' Now I must say, this video is unusual and it's created quite a controversy even before it has aired. What gave you guys the idea?"

Trisha cocks her head seductively at the camera. "Well, that's a great story! Mel wrote the song, of course, and it's great. But we all had different ideas about what to do for the video. Veronica and I both thought it made sense to do a girl-lusting-after-boyfriend thing, just follow the lyrics, but Mel was dead set against it." (Here there's a quick cut to Melody looking embarrassed.) "We got into this big argument and our producer, Toyboy, he overheard us and got kinda upset and jokingly told us that we 'ought to be spanked!' We just laughed at first and then suddenly Mel had the idea: 'Our buns are burning!' she shouted and we didn't know what she was talking about. Soon she had sketched out the whole script and it was really cool."

"And what do you think of the controversy?" The microphone was shoved into Veronica's started face. She scrunched her nose and glared at the camera.

"I think people need to get a life. We're not advocating anything--it's just a silly video."

"I agree," said Melody, thrusting herself in front of her friend. "This is just a fantasy, a silly little story. Don't take it seriously, folks! And don't try it at home!"

The camera zooms back to show all four girls and the hostess grins and says saucily, "So, without further delay, here's the world premiere of the _Nymphs_ and their chart-topping smash, 'I'm Burning For You!'"

The beach fades away and a slow pan of a high school campus comes into view. The lower left corner of the screen reads:

    Song: I'm Burning For You
   Group: The Nymphs
   Album: To Hot to Touch
Director: Fanni Rouge

The words slowly fade as the camera zooms in on one particular high school girl walking up the hallway. It is Veronica, the drummer. She is dressed in a revealing mini-skirt and her long legs gleam as she walks up a staircase drawing looks from everyone she passes, girls and guys alike. She ignores them all.

At the top of the stairs, however, is a young James Dean-like stud dressed in black leather. He's not smoking but we get the feeling he is, the way he's holding his ink pen. At his feet is a skateboard covered with anti-establishment stickers (some of them censored out). Veronica naturally sashays by him but he doesn't even turn, and it's obvious she's hurt by his obliviousness.

There's a cut to a shot of the band on stage as they begin playing and singing the song. "When I first noticed youuu..." sings Trisha, and the video cuts to a shot of her dressed in a cheerleader's outfit bouncing up and down at the edge of a football field. A huge hunky guy takes off his helmet and we see a close-up of his too-handsome face. His teammates rush him and lift him to their shoulders and cheer (apparently they just won the game), but all we hear is the song. The boy is carried right past the dashed Trisha, crushed that he didn't even notice her. She pouts prettily.

We're back to a few shots of the band now, and then to Melody sitting at a desk in the library studying something off-screen. She looks so serious we are sure it's academic, but when the camera pans around we observe that she's intently watching a male teacher with tight jeans as he stands on a ladder and places books high on a bookshelf. He climbs down, almost causing her to swoon, and she pretties her hair and thrusts out her chest and sticks her legs in his path. He passes right by without pausing or glancing at her, however, and she is shocked and frustrated.

More shots of the band, this time singing the catchy chorus, "I'm so hot, ready or not, I need you now, baby, I'm buuuurning for youuuu."

This is followed by Trisha, back on the football field, still frustrated that the jock hasn't seen her. To her horror he is winking at a tall red-headed cheerleader. Inspiration hits and she deliberately pushes the container of punch over, splashing the girl with bright red Kool-Aid. There is suitable shock and outrage from everyone, but Trisha just winks at the boy who appears intrigued by her naughtiness. A stern female coach steps forward and yells at the girl and points away. Head down in mock shame, Trisha walks away, grinning to herself.

We now cut to a huge stack of books, slowly following them to the top where we see the man Melody wanted on his ladder, putting the books away. We cut sharply to a mischievous Melody, carefully unbalancing the stack of books. Soon the inevitable happens and the books fall, the astonished teacher watching in horror. His eyes go to her and he frowns and she tries to look innocent but it's obvious she's guilty. His arm points off-screen and she puts her head down and walks away.

More scenes of the band, zooming close-ups mixed with shots from bizarre angles. Then we focus on Veronica, who, sneaking up behind the boy in leather, snags his skateboard and proceeds to ride it down the hallway. The edits are quick and violent, and we see Veronica whipping around corners and narrowing missing people as she rides. The boy is chasing her, angry at first, but as she does a few cool tricks (like jumping over a couple lying on the floor) he is obviously impressed. Everything comes to rapid end, however, as Veronica runs right into a large beefy teacher who spills his coffee over himself. He is rightly furious and it is a not-at-all-defeated Veronica that waltzes away.

The band sings the chorus again, but soon we cut to all three girls waiting outside the principal's office. The goofy-looking secretary smirks at them haughtily and they give her weird looks and giggle. Suddenly the principal is there, ushering the three into his office. He lectures them sternly, waving his fat finger at them, and then fetches a prominent "Board of Education" from the wall. The three girls alternatively pale, gulp, and look nervous as he approaches.

A few more band shots interrupt the action for a bit, and when we return, all three girls are bent over the principal's desk, the camera directly behind the three behinds. Trisha's on the left, still in her petite cheerleader outfit. Melody's in the middle, dressed in a pair of tight white jeans, her buns fairly bursting the seams. Veronica is at the far end, her ball-shaped rump gleaming in the black leather mini.

The action is so swift it's almost comical, the music at a feverish pitch: wham, bam, slam! Smack, whack, flack! Thump, whump, trump! There are appropriate cuts to the faces of the girls yelping and making wide Os with their mouths. Soon all three have been given three sharp whacks from the paddle and they stand up, rubbing their rumps and making exaggerated "ouch" faces.

The principal scolds them a bit and sends them away, three abashed girls, but who should be waiting outside the office but the three hunks that started it all! The teacher is waiting for Melody, taking her hand and comforting her. The jock rubs Trisha's butt for her, and Veronica's rebel sweeps her off her feet with a passionate kiss right in the hallway as everyone watches!

As the chorus begins for the final time, the pace a bit faster, the three girls walk off campus arm-in-arm with their loves and the camera zooms to a close-up of their bottoms as their hands reach back for a quick rub. "I'm buuurning for youuuu!"

As soon as the video is over, the hostess on the beach is back, the _Nymphs_ with her. "That's was terrific, girls!" she says excitedly. "Very hot. Now I've just got to ask--did you guys use stunt doubles for that scene where, you know, you are spanked?"

All three of the singers blushed madly at these words and Trisha speaks up bravely and says, "Of course not. Our producer said that since _we_ came up with idea _we_ had to go through with it!"

"Yeah," interjects Veronica, reaching behind to rub her butt, "but he didn't tell us how many times they'd have to retake that scene!"

"They didn't even use all that extra footage," says Melody in a wounded voice. "I think we were duped."

"Well, whatever the case I think you've got a 'hit' video on your hands, girls! Congratulations and good luck! Stay tuned, viewers. We'll be right back after these messages."

The screen goes black and I turn it off with a blissful sigh. I think I've got to do something urgent right now. Bye.

The End

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