It's Natural

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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It's Natural

(***, MF/f, Intense, paddling, nudity)

A young lady makes a fateful decision to spy on her nude neighbors and pays the price in a rather public manner. (Approximately 3,455 words. Originally published 1995-11.)

Amanda was fourteen when the Carsons moved in next door. The entire neighborhood was scandalized, of course. The young girl didn't know why, at first. She only heard her parents talking in low, hushed tones late at night, or watched their eerie glances next door as though it was Satan's summer home. There were references to "those people," and once when her brother mentioned that the new neighbor boy had invited them to use their pool whenever they wanted, her parents went ballistic, forbidding them to have anything to do with the neighbor's pool.

At school, kids were all talking about the Carsons. No one knew what the big secret was but almost every kid said his or her parents were upset. The guys immediately figured it must have something to do with the Carson's 17-year-old daughter, Shelly, a tall, leggy blonde who's body was the target of every male hormone in the county. Wild stories were circulating that she'd had a shady past--she'd gotten pregnant from a mob boss, for instance--and they were in hiding. Others said she was really an adult woman, but was living with the Carsons as part of the witness protection program. The proof for that theory, of course, was that no teenager could be as "developed" as Shelly Carson.

Finally, little Petey Marsell broke the news. He'd overheard his parents whispering about it one night and the next day it was all over school. It turned out, of course, to not be such a big deal after all. Or at least it wouldn't have if the parents hadn't made it such a big secret. But then Pleasanton was a pretty conservative town. Most of the kids didn't really care that much, but of course the guys were determined to take advantage of this news.

You see, the Carsons were nudists. Or naturalists, as they called it. They were quite open about it, apparently, letting everyone know of this when they moved in. The whole family participated, too, either at a particular private club in the country or in the privacy of their own back yard.

The guys just drooled at the thought of catching a glimpse of young Shelly in her birthday suit. Plans were being laid even as the news of the nudists spread throughout the school. But almost immediately the parents clamped down. As a group they forbade all the children to doing any spyin' on the Carsons with the most severe repercussions if caught.

Amanda knew this, and really, she'd had no plans to peek at her neighbors even though the opportunity was just a few feet outside her bedroom window. But then Tommy and Joe Jackson had peeked, spreading tales of a nude goddess, and then so had the Bordon twins. Amanda was good friends with Sally and Susan Bordon, and they told her everything.

Andrew Carson was sixteen and a dream come true to a fourteen-year-old girl. He was tall and well-built with the thin, obvious muscles of a rapidly developing man. He had a wonderful sense of humor, with a wry, crooked smile he would flash the girls when he saw them, his handsome face and perfect, white teeth open and welcoming. He was totally cool, too, and rode to school on his own motorcycle, which he had told the guys he had rebuilt himself. Many of the locals were quite jealous.

Despite all the twins' giggling and blushing, Amanda was able to learn a great deal about Andrew's anatomy. Not enough, of course, but enough so that she knew she wanted to see him for herself.

She was too frightened and shy to go by herself, of course, and tried to get Tina or Jennifer to accompany her, but they declined, worried they'd get caught. Tina's brother Wil had been caught the night before and her parents had kept their word. Tina said she'd never known anyone could take such a whipping and survive. There was no way she was going to risk her bottom for just a glimpse, even a glimpse of Andrew Carson!

Amanda despaired for a bit, but then, as she was leaving Jennifer's house, she heard a hiss and turned to see Jason, Jen's older brother motioning to her. He was sixteen, a nice boy, but she'd known him since they were kids. At twelve she'd had a crush on him for about two weeks, but since then they'd just been occasional friends.

"Hi, Jason," she said quietly. "What's up?"

He looked around nervously. "You really want to go see the Carsons?"

Amanda blushed and stared at the ground. He'd been eavesdropping! "How'd you know--" she began, but he cut her off with a gesture.

"Me and Sal are going over tonight. Petey Marsh says they skinny dip at seven o'clock every night."

Amanda nodded. That much was true. She often heard them splashing and carrying on in the pool in the evenings, right after supper.

"You got the best spot," whispered Jason. "Your backyard has the most trees and the best view. We'll take you with us if you help us get in your yard."

Amanda's heart was beating wildly as she nodded. Her mind told her she was behaving irrationally, that her father would furious, but she couldn't help herself. It was like she was outside of her body, just watching herself nod and agree with Jason, and plot with him. She went home afterwards in a daze, scarcely daring to believe her gall.

Supper was finished a little after six-thirty and Amanda excused herself and went to her room, hinting that she might slip over to Jennifer's for a bit. "Be back by eight," said her mother firmly. "It's a school night, you know."

In her room Amanda slipped on dark clothes. Giggling with amusement, she first put on a pair of black panties she'd secretly bought with her friend Tina. She normally wore ordinary white cotton briefs, of course. These were frilly and naughty and Amanda felt excitement building between her legs as she slipped them on.

The slim black pants were just a little too tight for her swelling hips, but they were the only dark pants she had. A dark blue sweater over a black T-shirt went on top. She slipped into her brother's room and stole his black tennis shoes as she only had white Reboks, and then made her escape out the side door. Most of the family was watching TV and never heard her leave. Her father had gone to his lodge meeting.

Jason and Sal were waiting at the side gate, dressed in dark clothes too. Sal was a short scrawny boy of fourteen. Why he and Jason were best friends Amanda had never understood. The boy was too smart, for one. He'd been pushed up a grade back in elementary school, which was when the two became friends. Sal always looked at Amanda with a kind of hungry gaze, like a dog slavering over a raw steak, and she didn't really like him. He wasn't very funny or cute, and he had the annoying habit of saying whatever was on his mind, even if it was rude or inappropriate.

But she was glad the two were there. It made her feel braver and more secure. At least she wouldn't get into trouble by herself.

As one the little group made its way along the side fence to the far back corner of the yard where there was a small grove of four large pine trees. Standing near the fence as Sal began to awkwardly climb the nearest tree, Amanda and Jason could hear splashing from next door. The Carsons were using the pool!

Excitement filled the two kids as they hissed at Sal to hurry. Impatient and fearful of being seen, standing out under the trees. Amanda picked the nearest tree and began to climb rapidly, with much more ease than Sal. Jason pushed at Sal's feet, also eager to climb. In a few minutes all were safely up in the trees, Amanda trying to wipe pitch off her fingers.

Then she looked and caught her breath. It was incredible, she thought. The whole Carson family was in the pool. They were all naked. She saw Shelly, the teenage girl standing at the shallow end, huge breasts totally uncovered. Amanda felt a strong twinge of jealousy. She noted with interest that the girl had no tan lines at all, and when the teenager dove in, Amanda briefly glimpsed the girl's naked bottom and saw it was the same color as the rest of her skin.

Then she saw Andrew. He was very active, swimming up and down the pool, and diving for pennies his dad threw in. Amanda felt a little cross because he moved so rapidly and so often she could barely see him. Then she almost gasped out loud as Mr. Carson climbed out of the pool.

At forty-six he was still fit, and though he bore a little extra weight it was well-distributed. But most impressive to the spying teenage girl was the man's exposed and swollen member, literally bobbing in the wind. Amanda's eyes went wide with shock and horrid fascination. Was that what all the fuss was about? It looked, well, but then something seemed to shiver through her body and she had an image flash through her, an image of his giant cock impaling her, and she realized he would never fit. He was far too big.

It was Amanda's first real view of the male organ and it left her feeling dizzy and confused. Her heart was beating rapidly, her crotch buzzing with feeling. She felt hot and flushed, and afraid she'd fall, she made her way down the tree. She had to stop to think for a moment, to get her bearings. She felt suffocated.

As her foot came down from the tree she heard two sounds almost simultaneously. The first was the unmistakable creak of her mother's gardening wheelbarrow, and the second was the sudden snap of a branch as her weight came down on the ground. She froze, her heart in her mouth.

"Amanda? Is that you? What on earth--" There was a sudden pause, and Amanda's heart dropped. She knew she was in trouble now. There was no denying or escaping this time. Slowly she came down the rest of the way from the tree and turned to face her mother.

Mrs. Vincent is still a very pretty woman. Worry lines cross her face when she is angry, like now, but she has a grace to her appearance that few her age possess. Her smile is warm and generous and makes her look half her age. Her lips are not smiling now, however, but are pursed in a thin, angry line. She glares at her young daughter.

"How dare you!" she scolds, black eyes flashing. "After we forbade you specifically!"

Amanda drops her head and tears flood her eyes. "I-I'm sorry, Mom, but I didn't really see anything. Please, I'll never do it again, I promise."

"You better believe you won't do it again, young lady. I have half a mind to march you next door and spank you right in front of the whole Carson family!"

Amanda gasped in horror. "No! Please, Mom, anything but that!"

Mrs. Vincent's face relaxed slightly. "Well, I don't think they'd much appreciate it anyway, being the kind of people they are. But I certainly will punish you right out here where they can hear it!"

It was as though thunder clouds had filled the sky and pressed closer and closer to poor Amanda. She felt a horrible fear and her throat went dry. Everything was dark and foreboding. Evening was just beginning to turn dark, but for her, there was blackness all around her. She began to whimper with fear as her mother shouted at Billy, her brother, to "fetch the spanking paddle!"

Suddenly, as Billy brought forth the dreaded wooden blade, a gleeful grin on his face, a terrible thought passed through her mind: she was not alone!

Somehow she'd forgotten about Jason and Sal, hiding up in the tree behind her. Her mother thought she was alone, of course, that much was obvious. If Amanda didn't say anything the two boys wouldn't get in trouble. On the other hand, she was about to be spanked, right out her in her own backyard. Right in front of Jason and Sal, though her mom didn't know that.

It was a horrible dilemma. Should she tattle and get two friends in trouble? Or should she allow herself to be punished while they watched, secure and safe themselves? She didn't know what to do. She watched as her mother made Billy reluctantly go back inside, making faces at her as he left, and laughing at her distress.

Then her mother turned to her and Amanda felt a spasm of fear go through her entire body. Her cheeks went pale. Her mother's face was dark with fury and she held up the paddle like a sword. "Get over here _now_," she said very softly, and like a robot, Amanda slowly walked to the center of the grassy yard.

She felt her mother unsnap her tight jeans and then the cool air rushed against her exposed legs. Her bottom felt naked and vulnerable.

"Tut tut, what's this?" murmured her mother, and Amanda felt her face flush with shame that she was wear her lacy black panties.

"Please, Mom," she begged, tears dripping down her face as she felt the steel fingers grasp the waistband of her panties. But the fingers were relentless, and down came the underwear, leaving Amanda's plump bottom naked and exposed.

The cool night air made her feel even more naked than usual, during a spanking, and when she felt the cold wooden paddle press against her cheeks she began to sob. "Oh, please, Mommy, anything else but this!"

"Hush, child," whispered Mrs. Vincent. "Don't be a baby, now. You're a big girl, old enough to take your spankings like an adult. Now I'm going to warm your bottom good, do you hear me? You are going to be thoroughly spanked, and then I want you to go straight to your room and wait for your father. I think he will want a session with you with the paddle, too."

"Nooooo," sobbed Amanda, "please, I'll never do it again!" Terror gripped her heart as the paddle left her bottom and suddenly she wished it was pressed against her again, because that would mean the spanking hadn't started yet.

"Do you understand why you are being spanked?"

Slowly, Amanda nodded, her mind was only filled with a picture of two teenage boys, crouched uncomfortably in a large pine tree, peering through the branches and watching as her pale bottom slowly turned pink and then fuchsia.

The first stinging smack made Amanda's mouth open, but no sound came out until the third one, and then it was a choked, inarticulate cry. By half-a-dozen she was squirming and sobbing, by a dozen she could hardly keep still. Her mother scolded her constantly, berating her naughtiness, her arrogance and disobedience, even her mentioning her black panties.

But Amanda could barely comprehend the words, though the tone she understood well. All she was really aware of was the fierce heat on her buttocks, the stinging, burning agony kept fresh and alive by each sound spank of that dreadful wooden paddle. It seemed to last forever, much longer than any spanking she'd ever been given before, and yet still it continued.

Finally there came a moment of peace, of reassignment. Amanda still stood in front of her mother, her pants and panties gathered around her ankles, her bottom blood-red and swollen, the paddle slamming into her again and again without any sign of stopping. But something was different. Amanda felt each blow, and they hurt, but the pain wasn't so overwhelming any more. It was now just something to endure, something unavoidable, and she just waited patiently for it to end, quivering and weeping under the blows.

She became painfully conscious of how loud the paddle was, of how the whole neighborhood must be hearing it, and how there was now only silence from the Carsons, no more sounds of splashing and laughing. She could almost feel them watching her, feel eyes caressing her blazing bottom. She knew the two boys up in the tree were watching, both probably glad it was her and not them. Her face was red and flushed but she could feel no more shame. It was now just a waiting game, waiting to see when her mother would tire.

The paddle smacked again and again. Amanda had long since lost count, sometime after the first two dozen. Her buttocks quivered with tension and throbbed with feeling. Little spasms of pain ran across the blistered flesh and she suddenly realized with astonishment that the night air was silent, completely still. The spanking was over, at least for the moment.

"Now go to your room," said the strange voice, so dark and far away. Amanda obeyed instantly, stepping out of her pants and carrying them pressed tightly against her front. She'd been spanked often enough to know that tight pants wouldn't feel good against her bottom, if they would even fit. Her butt felt at least twice as large as normal.

Once in her room she fell face down on her bed and sobbed, her bottom throbbing mercilessly. She lay quietly after a while, listening for the sound of the car arriving, the sign that her father was home and would be coming upstairs to finish what her mother had started. She could almost taste the dread in her mouth.

As she lay there, however, her mind kept picturing a tall, dark, naked man, large and with a huge protrusion bobbing from his crotch. This man wanted her, he kept trying to push himself into her, but her mother was still spanking her, making it awkward. She tried to spread her legs wider so he could get in but the paddle kept slamming against her buttocks, making her squeeze her legs together impulsively.

A part of her suddenly wanted to take him in her mouth. The thought both repulsed and intrigued her, and as the spanking continued she slipped her hands between her legs and discovered she was dripping with moisture. She caressed herself there, kneading the little folds of flesh that brought her so much pleasure when she was by herself. Her mouth opened to cry out from the pain of the spanking and then the man pushed himself into her, her lips curling around the huge fleshy organ.

Then suddenly there was a flash of light and she found herself blinking awake, the tall figure of her father standing in the doorway, the slim wooden paddle tucked under his arm. "Hi, Amanda, honey. I hear you've been a naughty girl."

Amanda nodded rapidly, her bottom tingling at the thought of another spanking. Her heart swelled and she realized she was very damp between her legs and her fingers were wet. She brushed them off on the bedspread and stood and obediently knelt over the end of the bed, her raw and naked bottom exposed for more punishment.

She knew her father's spanking would be much harder than her mother's, but she didn't care. In fact, she craved the fierce stinging blows. She wanted to feel the heat in her bottom, to ease the pulsing, uncontrollable swelling between her legs. In her mind she saw the large cock approaching her, and as she took it between her lips the first terrible smack of the paddle slammed into her, warm pain flooding through her body, her tongue caressing the cock with delight as she began to suck with a passion and knowledge she only instinctively possessed.

And slowly, as the paddling began to build up steam and really hurt, her naked bottom wiggling in spite of herself, a soft, glowing smile came over her wide mouth and spread lips. Her eyes closed and her head went back, and her legs slipped further apart as she carefully rubbed herself against the footboard, slight moans escaping her lips.

"Next week," she thought to herself, "next week I'll have to go have another look!" The thought sent terror down her spine and she almost giggled out loud, but a particularly harsh blow of the paddle caught her right then and she moaned as it pressed her against the bed, the fierce stinging of her right buttock urging her on. It was almost more than she could take.


The End

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