The New School

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The New School

(****, F/f13, Intense, Slippering)

A teenage girl experiences discipline for the first time at her new school. (Approximately 3,861 words. Originally published 1995-11.)

Jessica nervously sat with the other girls. Some of the older ones were talking quietly, but most were strangely quiet and refrained from meeting anyone else's gaze. She saw her friend Melanie had arrived, but the brunette wouldn't look at her, and sat by herself on a bench near her locker. She appeared quite apprehensive and nervous. Jessica couldn't blame her.

It was Friday afternoon, and the dozen or so girls sitting in the locker-room were waiting for the appearance of Mrs. Moore, the headmistress. At four o'clock every Friday she punished all the girls who'd acquired three demerits that week. She liked to do them all at once because she felt the punishment was enhanced by the girls witnessing the punishment of others, and besides, it saved considerable time. It was fair, too, since the girls had all committed the same crime, so to speak, and were all punished equally. More severe or more urgent discipline cases she dealt with promptly in her office with the long white crock-handled cane. A routine slippering was all these girls were to get.

But Mrs. Moore didn't like her spankings to be routine. She was strict and made sure her spankings really hurt by using some unusual techniques of her own invention. In her opinion, these girls merited the strap or cane, but many parents in recent years felt that canings were too severe, especially for mild, routine discipline. The slipper was the answer, and Mrs. Moore had a special pair bought just for the purpose.

Her slipper was large, with a thick, heavy leather sole, the bottom smooth as silk. The slipper was quite bendable, and the fierce sting it imparted, while not covering a large area, seemed to really burrow itself under the skin, growing more intense instead of weaker as it stung deeper and deeper. Girls who'd felt it generally weren't especially eager for a repeat experience.

Mrs. Moore smacked the slipper loudly against her palm causing all the girls to jump up in surprise and alarm, seeing her standing in the doorway. Her stern expression promised them no escape from their punishment, and some of the younger ones like Jessica felt tears come to their eyes.

She carefully counted all the girls and checked her list. Everybody that was supposed to be there was present. "Okay, girls, you all know why you are here. Now strip and into the showers!" She said crisply. The girls scurried to obey, the room a blur of motion as petticoats and short skirts were removed. Undergarments were next, the girls watching each other with wide eyes as naked breasts and buttocks came into view. In moments all were gasping under the spray of cold water as they shivered and wetted their bodies.

"Enough," said the tall headmistress. "Just get yourself wet. You can take a real shower in a few minutes. Everybody out and line up facing the wall, feet together, hands behind you on your bottoms, palms out!"

Trembling, Jessica emerged from the shower and joined the other girls in the long line. She was standing between two older girls she did not know, though she had seen them before. They looked rather serious and almost frightened, which made Jessica absolutely petrified.

She stood as instructed, straight with her feet together, her arms behind her, hands covering her buttocks, the palms facing outward. She wasn't sure exactly what was happening but cooperated, afraid of what disobedience would cost her. She could feel Mrs. Moore marching up and down behind the line, admiring the row of naked girls. Jessica felt a chill pass through her and it wasn't just because she was naked and wet.

"Quite a troop we have here today," the tall woman said primly. "Such a naughty bunch! Several of you are new, I see, here for your first slippering. Good. I believe in hard discipline, girls, and you shall all feel the sting of my slipper before we are finished. We will see how quick you are to return for another session."

She paused for a moment as though thinking. "All right, I will only say this once, for the benefit of those who are new to Glen Heights. You each will receive thirty smacks with the slipper. I will deliver these in sets of ten, three trips down this row, or until _everyone_ has received the thirty they are entitled.

"When I reach you I will pause and tap your hands. You will then _immediately_ remove your hands so I can spank your bottom. When I have finished you will cover your buttocks with your hands again, just as you have them now.

Mrs. Moore grinned sadistically as she spoke these words. This was one of her favorite devices, the covering of the bums. New girls thought this was a blessing as it both covered their nakedness and it felt rather good to touch your bottom when it was hot with freshly spanked fire. But the reality was that by breaking the punishment into a series of little spankings the poor girl was forced to actively participate in the punishment, willing baring her sore buttocks for more discipline, an arduous task on the best of days, and an almost impossible one when one's rump is burning with the likes of a thousand beestings.

"There will be no rubbing, do you hear me?" added the stern woman. "You place your hands in position and you are still. No rubbing! Any questions?"

Jessica had many, of course, but she was afraid she already knew most of the answers. This was going to hurt, she knew, and was frightened. It was only her third week at Glen Heights and everything felt foreign and mysterious to her, though she was making some friends, such as Melanie. She'd never been spanked before, except a few times when she was little, but she didn't remember those. Her last school caned girls, but only in extremely rare circumstances. Jessica had been quite alarmed when her father had told her how strict Glen Heights was.

Suddenly there came a loud SLAP! and Jessica started, her heart pounding in fear. It seemed to come from quite close to her, and she saw to her left just a few girls away the tall headmistress was spanking the first girl in the line. SMACK! The slipper came down again and again and then there were gasps and slight moans from the girl being punished.

Then there was a short pause and it began again, the sound slightly different this time, and closer. Jessica shuddered. She wondered how she could endure this. Her palms sweated and she trembled. The girl currently being spanked was already crying softly, and the next girl, right next to Jessica, was now baring her bottom for the harsh slaps of that dreadful slipper.

In an eye-blink it was Jessica's turn, her hands frozen on her bottom. She couldn't move. She was petrified. She felt something touch her hand and though she tried to move her hands away they refused to budge. She was too scared. Tears filling her eyes Jessica gave a huge gasp and with what felt like all her strength moved her hands to her side.

But the woman was already gone, moving on to the next girl! She was ignoring Jessica! With her head spinning with this surprise development, Jessica felt like her body was going to collapse. What had happened? Though her body was flooded with relief she still felt apprehensive, as though she'd made some horrible mistake with consequences she couldn't understand.

The girl to Jessica's right was now grunting as the slipper smacked her over and over. When it was over the headmistress moved on down the line, the slipper loud and echoing in the narrow locker-room.

When the headmistress was sufficiently far away, the girl next to Jessica hissed at her. "You fucking bitch! You're _dead_meat_, you know that don't you!"

"What are you talking about?"

"Idiot! She keeps doing the whole row until _everyone_ has gotten thirty. You just gave everyone else an extra ten! Stupid bitch!"

Jessica gasped in horror. How was she to have known? "I'm sorry," she said tearfully. "I didn't know." She could hear the dreadful slapping of the slipper and the occasional grunts or moans from a girl. She leaned back slightly and saw that Mrs. Moore was almost finished with her first pass.

A moment later there was silence for a few blessed seconds as the headmistress walked back to the first girl in the line. There was a pause as she stepped back to admire her work. She had the girls uncover their bottoms for a few seconds so she could see them. She smiled at the row of perfectly formed pale bottoms, each with a gentle blush of red right in the middle of each cheek. There was only one exception, that of a young blonde girl, very pretty but obviously in need of serious discipline. Her smooth, unblemished cheeks just begged for a good whipping. Mrs. Moore decided the girl would certainly merit extra attention.

Then she began smacking again, the first girl letting out a couple cries of "Ouch!" and "Please, ma'am!" The next couple of girls went quickly, Jessica beginning to sweat as the girl next to her took her strokes calmly but with tears dripping down her cheeks.

Then it was her turn. She immediately bared her bottom this time, somewhat to the headmistress' disappointment. She had been hoping to get a few extra passes out of these girls. But she dutifully spanked Jessica's plump bottom with amazing vigor and energy.

Jessica yelped as the fierce sting buried itself into the left cheek of her bum. Surprisingly, the stinging was quite focused, but as the slipper smacked her again and again and again the pain slowly spread until her whole left cheek was aching and itching with fire. Then the woman started on the girl's right side, spanking it just as soundly, and when she went on to the next girl Jessica began to cry with relief. She was astonished that just a few strokes on each of her cheeks could hurt so much.

By the time Mrs. Moore was back for her second dose, the third for the other girls, Jessica was ready. Or she thought she was ready. The pain of the second spanking made the first seem inconsequential. The second spanking was where it really started to hurt. The first was nothing but a warm-up, she decided in retrospect.

Jessica was counting the spankings as Mrs. Moore went down the line, more and more girls beginning to openly cry at the punishment, and she was surprised when the headmistress came back for another run one spanking short. Apparently someone else had also refused to bare their bum quick enough and had been skipped! Slowly Jessica realized this meant that she, too, would receive another set. The thought quickened her pulse.

Her third spanking was by far the worse. She couldn't help but cry. Her bottom felt like it was on fire even before the spanking, and each hard spank just seemed to fan the flames. She was gasping and sobbing when it was done. The backs of her hands pressed against her bottom felt good, but she was astonished by the fantastic heat of her flesh. Her butt was positively sizzling!

The spankings continued, the sniffles and crying of girls quite audible now, the slipper still smacking ferociously down the row of naked bottoms. The girl to Jessica's left began to really cry during her fifth set and that made Jessica start to sob. It was the hardest thing she'd ever had to do, baring her bottom to receive more stings from that slipper, but somehow she managed, knowing that disobedience would mean extra punishment for all the others. During her fourth set she could barely stand still, and she wiggled so much Mrs. Moore scolded her and gave her an extra smack on each cheek after the ten.

The poor blonde girl sobbed quietly to herself, mostly with relief that it was over, though her bottom fairly glowed with heat. She stood in position, hands covering her bottom, waiting for the spankings to finish. She could hardly wait to get into that shower and wash all the sweat off her body, to run soothing cool water over her sore buttocks.

Finally the last spanking was finished. Mrs. Moore ordered the girls to turn and face her, but stay in position. She carefully looked at the row of blushing, abashed girls, naked and freshly spanked, tears still dripping from their reddened, swollen faces, and was pleased.

"I hope you all learned your lesson," she said sternly. "Demerits are nothing to laugh at." She glared at the girls. "And there are a couple of you that should be very ashamed of yourselves. Your selfish disobedience cost your peers extra punishment. I ought to pull you out of the line and spank you myself, but I have a feeling things will sort themselves out. Justice always triumphs in the end." She gave a little smirk. "I'm leaving my slipper out here, on this bench, and I want you all to stare at it and contemplate it's purpose and power for the next few minutes. Then you may all shower and return to your rooms for studying."

With that the tall woman left, the girls breathing a collective sigh of relief. There was silence for a moment as twenty-six eyes stared at that fearsome slipper, remembering its sting.

Then one of the older girls walked forward and picked it up! Jessica almost gasped in horror. How could she stand to touch it? But the girl was staring right at Jessica! She looked angry, too. Perhaps she was mad because Jessica had cost everyone an extra ten? Sure enough, the girl pulled Jessica out of the line.

"You cost us an extra ten," she scolded, "and so did you," she added, motioning to a trembling Melanie. The petite brunette came forward slowly, very frightened. Her eyes met Jessica's and both blushed and began to cry.

"Shut up you two," said another girl.

"Yeah, we'll give you something to cry about. Since you each gave us an extra ten we're _each_ gonna give them back to you!"

The words slowly penetrated Jessica's mind and she recoiled in horror. "No, you can't. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to! I had no idea. I just hesitated for a moment, I didn't know she would do that! Please, you can't spank us any more!"

But the eyes of girls were heartless and cold. All of them looked at the two with anger and resentment.

"Are you going to cooperate or do we need to hold you down?" asked the girl with the slipper. Trembling, Jessica decided it would be worse to be held down. Most likely they would spank harder if she didn't cooperate. She nodded, slowly.

Then the nightmare began. If Jessica thought she'd been spanked before, she had no concept of what a spanking was. Lying down and willingly receiving 55 spanks on each cheek from a roomful of angry teenage girls redefined the word for her. This wasn't punishment, it was torture. But there was no escaping it. Besides, Mrs. Moore had seemed to condone the process, leaving the slipper and making those remarks.

The spanking seemed to last forever. About halfway through Jessica could have sworn girls were getting back in line and going through for a second pass. There _couldn't_ have been that many of them, surely! But the waiting line stretched out forever and Jessica lay on the flat bench, her pert bottom well-exposed for the slipper, and received the spanking of her life.

At some point someone decided her bottom was too punished and the girls began to spank her tender thighs, and Jessica was at a loss to know if this was worse or better. It gave her buttocks a breather but her thighs burned unbearably and Jessica couldn't help but kick her legs and wiggle her bum in frustration.

Across from her, on her own bench, was Melanie, stretched out in like fashion, her small but shapely bottom and sleek thighs being just as thoroughly thrashed. The two friends wept and stared at each other in horror and sympathy, and howled at the slaps of the slipper.

Then it was done. The last girl finished Melanie's spanking and handed the slipper back to the first girl. Melanie and Jessica just lay sobbing, too sore and relieved to get up.

"Well, we're not quite done yet," said the older girl thoughtfully. "If I calculate things correctly, there are still two girls who have not punished the one who gave them extra."

"What are you talking about, Liz?" asked a slim redhead.

"I'm talking about these two," answered the first girl, waving the slipper at the girls on the benches. "Jessica gave Melanie an extra ten and Melanie gave Jessica an extra ten. It's only fair that they pay each other back." Other girls began to grin at this logic and several cheered.

Jessica stared at the girl in horror. "I can't spank her," she said, slowly rising. "She's my friend. Besides, I forgive her, so it's okay."

"Well either you spank each other and do it just as hard as you can or *I* will do it, and I will do it twice as many times!" The tall girl glared at Jessica. Several other girls came and stood behind her, enforcing her authority.

Jessica sighed. "Fine, whatever." Her bottom hurt so bad what difference could a few extra make? "I'm only doing this because I have to," she said to Melanie. "Do you understand? You can spank me as hard as you want. I won't mind."

Melanie looked at her friend, her eyes wide with fear, but she nodded. "Do it hard so they think it's fair."

Jessica swallowed the knot in her throat and took the slipper. It felt strange in her hand. She felt powerful with it, as though it was a magic ring or something. She carefully approached Melanie, gasping when she saw her buttocks. From her waist down her flesh was painted with a deep red blush. She looked incredibly sore, and from the burning of her own bottom, Jessica decided she herself must look like that too.

Bravely she swung the slipper down hard, the stiff leather bending as it pressed against the flesh of Melanie's bottom, the twin cheeks trembling with the force of the blow. Melanie yelped and squealed, wiggling her bottom in a vain effort to rid herself of the sting. The girls watching laughed delightfully, Liz, the tall leader, crying out "That's one!"

Again and again Jessica spanked her friend. She didn't hold back at all, but did it as hard as she could. As she continued, Jessica began to realize a fascination with what she was doing. She found herself intrigued by Melanie's quivering buttocks, the way they turned bright red just after the smack. She also found pleasure in Melanie's struggling and crying, the way she would gasp after a particularly sharp blow, or the occasional frantic way she would move her bottom, desperate for some relief from the pain. Jessica blushed as she realized she was wet between her legs. Apparently all the nudity was affecting her. She stiffened her face with resolve and spanked the naked bottom in front of her even harder.

Then suddenly it was over, the last spank echoing around the walls of the locker room, and it was Jessica's turn. Her heart pounded wildly as she laid herself across the bench, painfully conscious of the cool air across her naked, upturned bottom, still throbbing slightly from her previous punishments. She gripped the legs of the bench tightly and held her breath.

WACK! "Eeeowww!" screamed Jessica, her mind spinning out of control. She gasped and struggled to stay in place, to hold herself in position. Her bottom stung unbelievably, both cheeks blazing. Again came the slipper, smacking her right at the base of her bottom cheeks, almost between her legs, just above her crotch. She hadn't been spanked much there--Mrs. Moore and most of the girls had concentrated on the plump middle of her bottom--and each blow stung the tender insides of both cheeks.

Tears poured down Jessica's face as she sobbed with emotion and pain. Melanie spanked long and hard, each slap from the heavy slipper bringing forth a fresh groan from the young blonde girl, a soft smile caressing the face of the pretty brunette.

Finally, it was over. The girls retreated to the showers, leaving the two friends to console each other. "I'm sorry," cried out Melanie, throwing down the vile slipper and bursting into tears.

"There's nothing to be sorry about," said Jessica softly, her eyes gazing into those of her friend with compassion and deep affection. She hugged the other girl tightly, and both sobbed.

A long time later the two girls pulled apart, realizing the sounds of showering had stopped and the locker room was silent. They were alone. As one, they headed for the showers, and helpfully washed each other, especially their tender bottoms. As Jessica stood with her hands against the wall, warm water spraying her body, she moaned lightly as Melanie soaped her buttocks.

"Wow, Mel, that spanking was _intense_! I've never felt anything like it in my whole life!"

Melanie nodded. "I've gotten the slipper in class a few times and my dad has used it on me and my brother more than once, but nothing like that, I assure you!"

"Did you--" Jessica stopped and blushed.

"Did I what?"

"Well, don't think me weird or anything, but did you feel, well, turned on when you were spanking me?"

Melanie froze, her left hand on Jessica's hip, her right cupped on the blonde's right cheek. "W-What do you mean?"

"I mean, were you aroused?"

"Well, maybe a little. I-is that normal?"

"I don't know, but I was too."



There was a long silence as Melanie resumed washing Jessica. Finally Melanie spoke hesitantly. "Do you, er, would you--"

"Would I what?"

"Would you like to try it again?" Melanie's voice was almost silent.

"Try what?"

It was barely a whisper. "Spanking me?"

"You want me to spank you?" Jessica couldn't keep the astonishment out of her voice? "Didn't you get enough?"

"Not _now_, silly! I've had enough now for a couple weeks, at least! I mean, sometime in the future, you know, whenever. So we could see if it works again."

"You mean if we get turned on."


Jessica was quiet for a bit. "Well, okay, but only on one condition."

"What's that?" Melanie's voice was low and nervous. Had she misjudged her new friend?

"That you spank me, too!"

Both girls dissolved into giggles at that, and soon there was nothing but bathroom play, the girls chasing and spraying each other and laughing like children, the taboo subject forgotten, though only for the moment.

The End