The News Show

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The News Show

(****, M/FF, Intense, public spanking, mast)

The perky co-host of a major network morning TV news show is 'volunteered' to host a segment on recreational spanking... (Approximately 2,662 words. Originally published 1996-01.)

Katie knew there was something going on the second she entered the planning room. Heads turned away, mouths snapped shut, and idle fingers picked up pens and began making unneeded notes.

"All right, what's going on here?"

No one would answer her. Everyone just looked innocent as little Jack Horner with his finger in the pie. "What do you mean?" asked Rob Michaels, the executive producer of the news division of the BNC television network and Katie's direct boss.

"Something fishy's going on--I can feel it!" But she could not see it and none of them would admit anything and so the meeting began. As Rob began speaking and reviewing assignments everyone concentrated on work. Suddenly there was an abrupt cry of dismay from a certain female news anchor and Katie stood up and glared at her boss.

"Absolutely not!"

"Absolutely not, _what_, Katie-dear?" asked Bob sweetly.

"You know damn well what I am talking about. I just found my assignment here. You want _me_ to host the spanking segment!" Katie's crystal blue eyes flared and fire came into her cheeks as she challenged her boss. There was no way she was going to be overruled on this one. Tomorrow's spanking segment was a report on the growing popularity of so-called "recreational spanking" between couples. It was said to be immensely erotic, and as ridiculous as that was, it wasn't half as silly as Bob's plan to allow the special guest to administer a few swats on the ample posterior of one particular perky morning TV news anchor. "There's no way!"

* * * * *

"So you're doing it, eh?" winked Brian at Katie the next morning as they prepared to open the morning show.

"No choice," she whispered back. "My contract only allows for six refusals and I've already used them up this year. So I've got to do the segment or they cut my pay and sue me for half a million dollars."

"Those network bastards!" exclaimed Brian. But suspiciously he didn't seem the least bit perturbed by the situation. "They will do _anything_ during sweeps week!"

Katie nodded and then the camera was swinging toward them and the assistant producer was holding up the 15 second card. She smiled her perkiest and wondered how many people _would_ be watching and just how many times the dreaded replay would air on other networks like that horrible "Talk Soup" show on E!. She could almost hear their dreadful patter now, "And coming up, see Katie get what she's got coming!"

* * * * *

"Okay, Katie, we'll be back in two," hissed the assistant producer. "Your segment is four minutes long and we'll need at least a couple of minutes for your 'staring' role. Are you all set?"

Katie looked at herself in the mirror and felt proud. She looked neat and professional. Hopefully she could maintain her dignity through the next segment. She was wearing a short dark blue pleated skirt and an elegant suit jacket on top. The jacket was long and the tail curved delightfully over Katie's pert bottom. The white blouse under the jacket was prim and proper and Katie felt as ready as she'd ever be for her trial. Her legs were bare except for a pair of slim high heeled black pumps which she would, of course, remove when the time came.

The assistant producer was holding up the 30 second card. She walked over and shook hands with Master Mike, the "dom" who was her special guest. At his heels stood an elegant young woman in a petite schoolgirl outfit--pleated skirt, white stockings, and black shoes. A bow in her hair completed the picture. She looked innocent and charming and Katie found it hard to believe that pretty little Darla was going to willingly submit to a painful spanking on national television.

"What are you talking about," she scolded herself. "_You_ are submitting to it!" But she tried to convince herself that for one, her spanking wasn't going to be real, and two, that she was forced to do it because of her contract. "It's my job," she said, as though that justified anything.

In a few seconds the camera was on them and Katie smiled her perkiest and began her spiel. "Welcome back, America. I'm here with 'Master Mike' and his 'Sub' Darla. Mike and Darla are into erotic spanking. Recreational spanking, if you aren't aware, is a new trend that is sweeping the nation. Usually performed by adult couples like Mike and Darla in the privacy of their own home, the people involved claim it is one of the most erotic forms of sexual gameplay known to man. This morning we will talk with Master Mike and Darla and see if we can't understand a little bit better what all this craze is about."

Katie paused and turned to Mike who was standing next to her with a soft smile. "Just how did you get involved with spanking, Mike?"

"Well I think I've always been fascinated by it. I had a fairly typical childhood--grew up in the suburbs, went to college, and married my sweetheart. My parents never spanked me but I had friends who did get spanked and I always thought it sounded so intriguing. I didn't really relish getting spanked myself, though I did wonder what it felt like. Instead I wanted to spank--especial girls. The thought of spanking a beautiful young woman just thrilled me."

Katie nodded and turned to Darla. "And you, Darla. Do you really _enjoy_ getting spanked?"

Darla grins a sly, seductive smile. "Of course. Oh, the pain is not the part I like--it hurts like hell sometimes--but it's the sexual tension that attracts me. The _idea_ of the pain, that it's on its way, that I deserve it and must bear it, the humiliation of being spanked, that it's the man I love and trust giving me the pain, knowing that it turns him on, _that_ intrigues me and stimulates me. The pain itself is rather a turn-off, at least up to a point. A little pain is quite arousing."

"Now Master Mike, I understand you are going to give us a little demonstration?"

"Certainly, Katie. Now understand, folks, that Darla and I are lovers and partners in this. She trusts me and knows I will not truly hurt her. Believe me she _wants_ me to spank her--the concept turns her on--but the reality is that it hurts and it's difficult to willingly accept hurt. She will do it, of course, but that's because I'm seemingly in control--I give her no choice in the matter. She _must_ obey me." As he spoke Mike was pulling Darla across his lap and lifting up her skirt to reveal a pair of tight-fitting white panties.

"The humiliation is an important part of the punishment," Mike said rubbing Darla's bottom. "She is embarrassed by this and that arouses her. Humiliation always makes one feel vulnerable--and when someone is vulnerable they are at their most sexually receptive."

Mike lifted up a large wooden paddle and without any warning slammed it hard against Darla's plump bottom. She grunted but didn't speak. He began to paddle her soundly, so hard and fast the paddle was just a blur. Darla was crying in just seconds, wiggling and whimpering. After thirty seconds Mike stopped and felt Darla's bottom. "There, warm as toast! And I bet you she's hot on the other side, too."

Katie blushed slightly at this but put the microphone into Darla's sobbing face. "Darla, that sure seemed like a painful spanking. No pretending going on here. Those are _real_ tears. What did that feel like?"

Darla licked her lips. "Oh, I'm so horny I could cry! The pain was incredible. The blows were coming so fast I couldn't absorb them all at once. But I felt so hot. The idea that everyone in America is watching this really turns me on."

Mike spoke up. "Katie, would you like to give it a try? You don't know what you are missing if you don't at least try it!"

Katie blushed and shook her head. "Oh, no, that's okay, Master Mike. I'll take a rain check." There were boos from the camera crew and staff prompted by the assistant producer and finally Katie grudgingly accepted. The crowd cheered and laughed.

"Okay, first you get across my lap." Katie flushed crimson as she found herself in a rather embarrassing position across Mike's lap. Her petite bottom stuck up in the air rather invitingly and she knew now she was going to get spanked. Who could resist such a treasure? She felt her skirt being lifted and she was mortified. Her panties were a large pair made of thick cotton and colored a light blue.

Mike was gentle, however, patting her bottom and massaging her tenderly. "Now here we go--just a few swats to warm you up." His hand went up and came down with a gentle swat. Katie wiggled a little at the sting but it hadn't been very hard. Another blow fell, and then another. Now the spanks were starting to hurt. At number five or six she felt tears well in her eyes. She tried to blink them back because she knew the camera would be capturing her close-up, but it was no use--the stinging won out. Instead she focused on the stirring emotion between her legs.

"Now, Katie, was that so bad?"

"Uh, well,"--could she really answer honestly? she thought--"it actually felt kind of good, Mike. I-I'm not sure why."

"It's the stimulation of your skin, Katie. It makes you feel alive and humming. Now, let's try a few with the paddle."

A bolt of fear shot through Katie's heart. She felt the heavy wooden paddle resting on her rump and she almost panicked. This was really going to hurt! But even as she thought that she felt an amazing surge between her legs. She was like a fountain down there. It was incredible--just the thought of that stinging in her bottom turned her on in ways she had never dreamed.

Wham! The paddle slammed into her rump with a loud wallop and Katie cried out in surprise. This was followed by a flood of warm, tingling pain that contrasted delightfully with the stirring on the opposite side.

WHAM! It came again, this time really hard, and Katie gulped and swallowed her cry and gritted her teeth as the unbelievable sting swept through her body. There was a tremendous pulsing between her legs, it's rhythm matching that of her pounding heart and throbbing bottom.

WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Three loud spanks in a row echoed throughout the studio and everyone halted, breath bated, and watched in lurid fascination the scene unfolding before their eyes. The perky female news hostess, which more than one of them thought deserved a few swats on her rump just for being so vivacious, was now lying across the lap of the strange man, her panty-clad bottom waving in the air as he smacked it with a flat wooden paddle.

The strangest thing was the woman's reaction. Never one to hold back her feelings, Katie was renowned for telling anyone what she thought. Yet her she lay, silent and accepting, her mouth open and breathing heavily, her legs and hips openly grinding against the guest's leg!

WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Ouch! That _had_ to _hurt_! And yet the woman was only moaning and shaking her head and--astonishingly--thrusting her bottom upwards as though almost eager to receive more punishing smacks!

Katie couldn't believe the feelings flooding through her body. Her bottom stung, ached, and throbbed far more than she ever thought possible. And yet at the same time she had never felt sexier, felt more desired, more alluring, more open and vulnerable and exposed. She wept without shame and spread her legs and wagged her buttocks in the air and without a thought of the crowd watching her, rubbed her burning crotch against the rough leg of the man she was lying across.

He rewarded her with more wonderfully loud spanks from the paddle and Katie just thrilled to the sound and the trembling emotions that filled her soul. She could not understand what she was feeling. She did not even care to understand. All she knew was that she was in the midst of the most intense sexual arousal of her entire life and she could not wait to climax, to experience the delicious peaking of wild emotion and uncensored passion that threatened to cause her body to explode.

With a frightfully loud groan from her lips it happened. Katie threw back her head and moaned and moaned and moaned as though she would never stop. It was a sound from deep within her soul, a place so secret and private she had not even been aware of it's existence except in her most exotic and private fantasies, and even then she had assumed it was only a place of her dreams and imagination, never that it was real, that it existed inside herself.

With a burst of passion it was over, and a beaming Master Mike carefully assisted the flushed and exhausted lady off his lap and bowed to the camera. "Need I say anything more?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

There was a deep collective sigh from the audience and suddenly the assistant producer waved to cut the picture and move to commercial and in a few seconds the room exploded with astonished exclamations and pent-up tension. The room was filled with a sexual energy that was almost palatable. Everywhere collars were being loosened, men were awkwardly clearing their throats and attempting to subtly adjust their now too-tight jeans, and women were blushing and excusing themselves to the ladies room.

It was a few chaotic moments of pandemonium before everyone righted themselves and felt confident in continuing. Eyes glanced awkwardly in Katie's direction. She was still collapsed in a chair off one side of the set, a dazed expression on her face. Her eyes were dull and distant and no one dared approach her. She did not seem to notice that her legs were spread wide and her skirt was oddly thrust up and her panties were showing, a dark stain at the crotch quite obvious.

Her expression was strange. At once peaceful and dreamy, at yet filled with guilt and twinge of embarrassment. She smiled slightly, her face pained. She seemed bewildered, confused, and looked like she would either break into song or tears at any moment. The crew stepped around her like she was made of glass, and no one dared approach her.

Katie's co-host Brian stood up in front of the cameras and smoothly began to introduce a visibly shaken Senator Graham and pepper him with harmless but intense-sounding questions which the Senator answered awkwardly, with only half his attention, his mind diverted to the still awesome sight of the lovely newswoman sprawled in a nearby chair and mindlessly rubbing her bottom and crotch.


The ratings for that day's show were the highest in the network news department's history. It was a phenomenal success, and interest in recreational spanking tripled. Reports came from all across the country that leather shops reported a 250% increase in sales of heavy belts and stores of all kinds revealed an amazing 2-month backorder of wooden paddles. The next week a tabloid magazine published a picture Senator Graham purchasing a riding crop at a New York equestrian club, his wife rather pale and forlorn beside him.

And the female news anchor of the most popular morning news show on television took an unscheduled one-week leave of absence. Reports varied as to where she had gone, but there were rumors that she was spending a week at the residence of a certain Master Mike, but that could not be confirmed.

The End