Punished Nuns

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Punished Nuns

(**, F/FF, Edgy, nc severe, edgy)

Like the title says, nuns are punished. (Approximately 2,728 words. Originally published 1999-01.)

Sister Angie watched Mother Superior as she confronted the two nuns before her. They hadn't been here long and were still adjusting to convent life. They were just girls, really, in their early twenties. The sister felt sympathy for them. Most in the convent were much older. It really wasn't surprising that Rosario and Naomi had connected.

Still, they had been grossly indiscrete. Sister Morgan had observed them in the showers yesterday afternoon. Disgusting behavior, and a blatant disregard for the convent's rules. Mother Superior was determined that the two never stray again.

Extraordinarily physically attractive, both had chosen the convent as a way to escape the temptations of secular life. Both had "incidents" in their past, but the strict life of the convent was to have eliminated such desires. Obviously the desires had only changed form.

Mother Superior approached the kneeling girls. Though she was a small woman, elderly and frail, she loomed over them like a tomcat with a cornered mouse. "How dare you!" she spat venomously at them. "How dare you!"

The girls cowered, their faces dark with shame.

"Off with your garments," said the old woman. "You have lost the right to any modesty here. These robes signify our devotion and dedication, our separation from the secular world. But you have invalidated that, bringing sin amongst our order. You must be scoured clean!"

Hastily, the slender youths stripped off their clothing. Rosario, the tall dark-haired girl of Hispanic descent, was already weeping. Next to her, petite Naomi's innocent-appearing face was filled with dread. In seconds, both were naked, trembling before the wrath of Mother Superior.

Sister Angie couldn't help but feel a surge of desire as the two beautiful bodies were exposed. Unlike her own stout frame, gained through years of neglect, both girls were slender, with plump, womanly curves in all the appropriate places. Their skin gleamed with pure silky smoothness. The woman knew it was wrong, but she would enjoy punishing these two beauties.

At the signal from Mother Superior, she moved forward. "On your knees!" she shouted, pointing at the floor. The girls obeyed instantly, kneeling with palms flat on their smooth thighs and chins on their chests.

"Penance for your crime will be severe. In the past, you would have been publicly flogged, your bodies forever marked with leather scourges so this sin would never be repeated. Today, we are considered more humane, so you shall not be scarred. But your punishments will be extensive and thorough."

Sister Angie kicked aside the strewn garments, leaving the girls naked and alone in the center of the room. Mother Superior had retreated to the far side, where she stood with her hands behind her back, her eyes closed in silent contemplation.

"You there, with the dark hair," Sister Angie said contemptuously, denying the girl dignity by using her name. "Lean forward and press your lips and palms against the floor."

Terrified, the girl obeyed, her haunches awkwardly thrust upward behind her. Naomi watched her friend with dread, aware that her turn was to come. Sister Angie showed her the slender rod she was holding. The blonde girl went pale. Nearly a meter long, the rod was stout but flexible.

Without further ado, Sister Angie stepped behind the bent over Rosario and proceeded to lash the back of the girl's legs and buttocks. Each stroke drew a terrible cry of agony from the girl and blossomed a vivid scarlet line across the exposed flesh. The strokes were angled from above, causing the tip to land the heaviest, sinking deep into smooth thigh or rotund cheek.

After six from each side, Sister Angie ordered Naomi to kiss the floor. She was weeping with fear but obeyed as though she had no will of her own. The smaller girl's plump rear offered an inviting target that the Sister did not neglect. In seconds Naomi was shrieking and writhing, desperately working to keep her hands and face glued to the cold cement floor, though she hated the way this exposed her backside for punishment.

Then it was over. The two girls were put into opposite corners where they stood, naked, with their hands folded on their heads. Neither girl could stop weeping, for though their tender flesh throbbed unbearably, Sister Angie had indicated this thrashing was nothing but a precursor of what was to come.

What followed was unimaginable agony that dragged on all day.

After an hour of endless waiting in the corner, Naomi was ordered over a transom for a long and involved strapping. Every inch of her buttocks, thighs, and legs were strapped with a heavy piece of leather. Back in the corner, listening to the dull whacks of the strap beating Rosario, Naomi wept softly and wondered if she had any skin left. Her legs felt raw and blistered.

The girls were given a two hour rest after the strapping. This rest consisted of standing without moving, every movement rewarded by a dose salt water splashed across the back and buttocks.

The long break was followed by another strapping, this one with a lighter piece of leather. Their buttocks were spared, however. This strap was meant for the tender flesh of their breasts. Sister Angie administered the whipping with enthusiasm, going from girl to girl, breast to breast. She missed nothing, leaving every inch of the sensitive organs raw and welted.

Afterward, the girls were allowed to drink some water and use a urinal. It was nothing but a basin placed between their legs, and there was no privacy. Both girls initially resisted, but threats of further punishment finally loosened their bowels.

The respite was brief, however, as the punishment immediately resumed. Sister Angie took Naomi across her lap and worked oil into the girl's wealed buttocks and thighs. The process was agonizing, awakening the memories of the morning's discipline.

After the oiling, the girl was shocked to feel the nun's strong hands opening her buttocks. A finger poked and pushed its way inside her, drawing an astonished grunt from her lips.

"Be still," admonished Sister Angie. She took a rubber tube and inserted it deep into the squirming girl's anus. Releasing the flow of water from the bag caused the girl to gasp and moan. "Yes, it's hot and soapy," murmured the nun with pleasure. "We must get you clean."

Filled to bursting, Naomi was plugged with a small nozzle and told to stand aside. The strange process had been painful and humiliating. There was some pleasure in it, however, and that confused the poor girl. She pondered it while Rosario took her turn with the oil, followed by the hot and soapy enema.

Just when Naomi thought she could hold it no longer, she was ordered to squat over a pot and relieve herself. Never had she been so eager to obey a command! The relief was so intense it hurt.

She began to cry when she saw Sister Angie holding the tube and bag again. "No please, not again!" she moaned. The nun was unmoved. Crushed, Naomi bent over for the insertion and slow filling. This one was cooler, and without the stinging soap, but larger.

"If you spill even a drop, you'll regret it!" warned the disciplinarian.

When both girls were filled, Sister Angie produced a large flat wooden board with a short handle. She began slowly, alternating her swats between each bottom. The punished nuns moaned and squealed in anguish, fidgeting uncontrollably as the pain assaulted them from both inside and out. Every five smacks she had them change positions: touching toes, on hands and knees, flat on the ground, kneeling, squatting, and bent over the transom. The girls were howling when finally allowed to relieve themselves.

More corner time was followed by a session with the martinet in "spider" position. This was a humiliating pose: spread eagle on hands and toes, buttocks thrust high into the air, legs spread wide to allow contact with the girl's intimacies. The martinet was a wooden handle with a dozen leather tails hanging from it. Each stroke stung in a dozen places, and Sister Angie seemed adept at making sure every tail caught sensitive skin. Most hideous was they way she concentrated on the exposed crotch of the girls. She frequently lashed the martinet into the crack of the buttocks, allowing many lashes to strike the hypersensitive sex organs.

Though warned that each failure to keep their buttocks high for the martinet would earn an additional stroke of the cane, both girls failed on several occasions. Sister Angie made them stay in the spider position for their canings, giving Rosario seven strokes, and Naomi five.

The girls were exhausted after their ordeals, but there was no rest for the wicked. While Sister Angie ate her bread and soup (the girls were not allowed supper), they fidgeted in their corners, the promise of a birching ringing in their ears.

All too soon supper was completed and the girls were in position over the transom. They were placed side by side, their hips pressed against each other. The fierce birching that followed concentrated on the backs of their thighs, though occasional blows to the lower portion of the buttocks were not uncommon.

After an hour salt bath, Mother Superior signaled to Sister Angie that the girls get out of the tub. They obeyed reluctantly, their wounds screaming. Mother Superior had the girls kneel before her as she lectured them. Her arms were folded sternly in front of her as she spoke.

"And finally," she concluded, "there is the rest of your punishment." The two young nuns looked at each other in surprise and horror. Their punishment wasn't complete?

"For the next month the three of you will undergo a strict regime of discipline. First, you will remain naked at all times. This is to remind you of your fallen status and to make it easier for your superiors to apply punishment. Second, your regular duties have been revoked. Instead you will assume new duties. For one week one of you will work in the kitchen while the other serves janitorial duties. Then you will swap chores the next week. This will continue for one month. Depending on the success of your work, your humility and graceful acceptance of your discipline, your punishment will be over in one month. However, if you fail in your tasks or require further discipline, we will extend this period of punishment."

The old woman fixed her sharp eyes on the two girls who shrank in terror. There was no way they wanted to extend their period of punishment! The woman smiled grimly and continued.

"Part of your punishment regime will be regular physical discipline. Every morning before breakfast Sister Angie will give you both a thorough 'wake up' strapping. During the noon meal, both of you will be paddled publicly, in the dining hall. Before supper you will each receive a minimum of three strokes of the rod across the buttocks. If you have a negative duty report or other complaints of misbehavior, the strokes will be increased appropriately. In the evening, as you retire for bed, Sister Angie will administer a mild but extensive hand spanking.

"That will be the extent of your prescribed discipline. However, you will be subject to further discipline as needed. For instance, if you are slow or clumsy with your chores, most likely the nun in charge of you will administer a good whipping to teach you a complete lesson.

"Finally, since the nature of your crime was discovered during a bathing session, the two of you will be forbidden to bathe. Let your own foul smell be a reminder to yourselves of your crime. For health reasons, once per week you will be cleaned by Sister Angie, but at the cost of a severe whipping.

"Now, tomorrow being Sunday you will not be punished. Your regularly chores and discipline will begin on Monday. Saturdays are special punishment days where Sister Angie may administer any extra discipline she feels is necessary. Sundays will be days of rest and recovery for you."

The old woman paused, panting for breath. "Have I made myself clear?"

Sobbing slightly, Rosario choked out, "Yes, Mother Superior." Naomi could only nod in stunned terror.

"Good." Mother Superior nodded, pleased. She faced Sister Angie. "Take them to bed now."

Sister Angie escorted the two trembling girls out of the room. They were terrified, ashamed, and in pain as they walked. They couldn't help but notice the large wooden paddle that the sister carried in her hand, looming so prominently behind them. They trotted forward eagerly. Others passed them with carefully neutral faces, but it was obvious everyone noticed the raw, blistered flesh of the two disobedient girls.

"This is where you will be sleeping for the next month," reported Sister Angie, arriving at a small room. The girls were surprised, for it was not their normal living quarters.

Inside the sparse room was a large bed. There was some sort of contraption at the headboard, an assortment of ropes and pulleys that frightened the girls.

Sister Angie went and sat on the bed and called Naomi over. The girl obeyed, going over the woman's lap. Sister Angie began to smack the girl's heavily welted bottom with her hand. She struck hard and fast and in moments Naomi was sobbing. Her buttocks rocked and bounced with every jarring slap and Sister Angie did not slow down for a full five minutes. Naomi stood, tears dripping down her pretty face, watching as Rosario gracefully slid across the nun's lap for her spanking. Sister Angie was just as hard and unrelenting with the dark-haired girl, giving both girls at least a hundred solid smacks to each naked cheek.

"In the future I will have to wear a glove," murmured the nun, massaging her swollen and aching hand. The two teary-eyed girls watched her with very little sympathy.

"To bed!" snapped the nun suddenly. She rose and indicated the bed. "Since you prefer it this way, you get to sleep together."

The girls quickly discovered the diabolical purpose behind the ropes and pulleys. They were in the same bed, yes, but they were bound in position and helpless to touch each other. Their arms and legs were stretched tight to the ends of the bed. Though their bodies were placed close together, they couldn't move. Naomi was placed upside down with her head toward the footboard. Rosario was on top, positioned so her whipped breasts pressed against the swollen buttocks of the smaller girl and her head lay between Naomi's knees. With furious wiggling a little friction was possible, but it only infuriated, never satisfied. Any activity tended to reinvigorate the sore flesh of the girls, and thus was highly undesirable. And yet, the two were in constant, close, tempting contact. It was hideous. To touch and yet not touch. Feel and not feel. The best Rosario could do was to lick at the ankles of her friend. After a week of no bathing, this was going to be unbearable.

"I'm sorry I got you into this," whispered Rosario in the darkness after Sister Angie had departed.

"It was my fault as much as yours."

"I don't know how I shall endure the next month. Imagine: whippings and canings every day!"

Naomi smiled. "You shall endure it fine. We are in this together, after all. And I'm glad to be here with you."

"Do you mean that?"


Rosario was quiet for a moment, then she whispered: "You were very beautiful today."

"What are you talking about?"

"When Sister Angie was strapping you. I couldn't take my eyes off you. Your body is a work of art."

The smaller girl laughed. "Right now, I'm sure we make a sight, trussed up like animals."

"I can't see you, but I can feel you. You feel so good."

"So do you."

For a long time neither girl spoke. Then Naomi said, "Perhaps this month won't be so bad after all. I've never desired you as much as I do right now."

"I know what you mean. Once you can't have something, you want it."

"It's a wonderful warm feeling."

"Very wonderful."

"Very warm,"" added Naomi with a giggle. Rosario laughed also. In a few minutes, both girls were sleeping peacefully.

The End