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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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(***, M/f, Intense, Teen caning)

A teenage girl gets the cane by mistake. (Approximately 1,010 words. Originally published 1996-03.)

It was fifth period English during reading time and Janet thought Mrs. Hyde's attention was focused on the two boys she was speaking with. She carefully inched the slip of paper behind her onto Mandy's desk.

"There," thought Janet, feeling clever. "No body's the wiser." She put her head close to the desk and pretended to be studying but really she was watching Mandy open and read the note.

Suddenly it was disaster.

"Janet Marlin. Would you please go to Mr. Addams for the cane?" Mrs. Hyde stood stiffly at the other end of the class, her expression stern.

Janet stood slowly, fighting panic. Her mouth was dry and she licked her lips before she spoke. "Yes, Ma'am," she said politely, but inwardly she cursed the woman.

"Damn that bitch's eyesight!" she railed to herself as she walked the empty corridor. Her echoing footsteps made her feel dismally lonely. She rubbed her bottom through her skirt and wondered how many strokes she'd get. The usual was three, which was all she'd ever gotten before, but Mr. Addams had been warning her he was tired of seeing her in his office. He'd probably give her four.

Janet's hand trembled slightly as she rapped on the wooden door. "Come in," said a voice and Janet entered.

Mr. Addams wasn't past forty but he had already lost most of his hair, turning him into a balding, fat old man. But Janet knew from unfortunate experience he had the vigor and strength of a thirty-year-old. His cold dark eyes glared at her. "Yes?"

"Uh, Mrs. Hyde. She, uh, sent me for the cane."

Mr. Addams gave a deep sigh. "What was it this time."

"Just a harmless note, sir. I needed to borrow a pen."

"I think you know passing notes is forbidden, young lady," glared the man. "There is no excuse. Now stand in the corner. I'll be with you in a minute."

Janet stood awkwardly facing the wall. Her bottom tingled with anticipation and there was a tremendous pit in her stomach that made her feel nauseated. She wished he would just get it over with. She could hear his pen scratching against the dry paper for what seemed an eternity, until finally he sighed and ordered her to bring him the cane from the canister behind the door.

The school cane was heavy but very flexible. It was made of bamboo and the knobs and ridges every six inches or so left nasty bruises across the buttocks. The cane was a long rod without the traditional crock-handle. Mr.Addams preferred it as he felt the handle impeded his swing.

"Now how many shall it be, Miss Marlin?"

Janet swallowed, her throat sore. "I believe three is the punishment for passing notes, sir."

"Yes, but I think you deserve more. I am growing exhausted with your behavior. Do you know how many times I've had to cane you this semester?"

"Uh, no sir," Janet whispered, hoping the man hadn't been keeping count. Perhaps she could fool him? "A couple, I believe."

"A couple! You've been in my office four times and it's not yet Christmas! Indeed, young lady, if you cannot remember your punishments I am obviously not being severe enough. This caning you shall remember! Six of the best!"

"Six!" Janet's face went white with fear. "But sir--"

"Get in position, Miss Marlin, or I shall make it eight."

Protesting slightly at the injustice of it, Janet reluctantly bent across the headmaster's desk, clasping her hands behind her neck. She trembled as she felt his hands lifting and pinning up her skirt, a rush of air cooling her thighs and bottom. With only her school panties to protect her six strokes would be unbearable.

They came quickly then, lightening cracks of fire that made Janet want to scream. She gasped and struggled to stay in position, to not wiggle too much. She knew if she stood up or the headmaster missed a stroke because of her movement she'd get extra and that terrified her. So she clenched her teeth and dripped silent tears onto the desk as the cane cut her again and again.

She took the first four bravely, but the fifth and six strokes set her howling and blubbering like a baby. She felt awful and the itching pain of her buttocks would not go away. The second Mr. Addams released her into the corridor Janet grabbed her ass and rubbed violently, though it didn't stop the pain at all. After a few minutes she felt better, though, and stopped by the restroom on her way back to class. There she washed her tears and composed herself. She couldn't let everyone see how much it had bothered her.

Mrs. Hyde looked at Janet in annoyance when she opened the door. "Well, that took you long enough!" She glared at the girl. "But where's the cane?"

A wave of horror swept through Janet's whole body. She blushed to her toes. Standing in the front of the room, facing the wall were Jack and Andy, the two boys the teacher had been speaking with when Janet had passed the note. The boys' trousers were around their ankles and it was obvious Mrs. Hyde was waiting for the cane with which to punish them.

Janet tried to think fast. She couldn't admit her mistake--everyone would think her a fool! "Uh, Mr. Addams was using the cane, Ma'am. I waited but he seemed to be taking his time. I didn't want to interrupt him."

"Well go right back and interrupt him! I'm certain he's done with it by now."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"And hurry back this time or I'll give you a taste for dawdling!"

A pale and horrified Janet raced down the hall to the headmaster's den.

"You're back already!" exclaimed Mr. Addams in disbelief.

"It's not me this time, sir. I'm just here to pick up the cane for Mrs. Hyde. She has a couple boys who need it."

"Oh," he said, relieved. "Go ahead and borrow it."

The End

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