Oops III

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Oops III

(***, M/ffff, Intense, Teen nc spanking, caning)

A new principal makes a hasty judgement. (Approximately 1,483 words. Originally published 1999-04.)

"Just what are you doing?" I asked sternly. The girl turned. She was startlingly pretty, with large eyes and shy smile, and she looked fetching in her petite white blouse and short blue skirt.

"Uh, I was just looking for my sister," mumbled the girl.

"The school is off-limits on the weekend," I reminded her.

"I'm new," she said. "I didn't realize."

"Okay, but you'd better leave." I watched the girl head down the corridor toward the exit and I returned to the library where I finished my inspection. The librarian was correct: the library was in dismal shape. I made a mental note to meet with her on Monday to discuss specific needs.

Next, I stopped by the cafeteria. Apart from a modest cleaning, the place wasn't too bad off. Still, my standards were higher than predecessor. As the new headmaster I was determined to make my arrival felt. The school was in desperate need of revamping and I'd been given a free hand to do what needed to be done.

Exiting the cafeteria, I was surprised to notice the girl again. She was calmly standing by a row of metal lockers. I immediately decided that the good-girl look she'd adopted was an obvious act and she was no doubt a trouble-maker.

"Come with me," I ordered. Her surprise appeared to be genuine, but I wasn't fooled. I led her to the gym where I found the gym mistress' slipper. "Bend over," I ordered.

The girl looked horrified. "But sir!"

"I'm losing patience, girl! Bend over now... or would you prefer to go to my office for the cane?"

Trembling, the girl obeyed. I lifted her skirt -- it was so short it didn't need much lifting -- and saw her cute and shapely bottom exposed. Her knickers were thin and barely covered her bum. Well, that mistake would cost her.

I quickly delivered a hearty whack to her right cheek, relishing the way she yelped and wagged her bum. I gave her three more in the same spot, then delivered four to her left cheek. She was crying a bit when I put down the slipper.

"Now... I take it you've learned your lesson?"

"Y-yes, sir," mumbled the girl.

"Good. Now don't let me see you again or you'll be over my knee for the spanking of your life!"

The girl departed, wiping her face and sniffling.

Since I was there, I completed a brief inspection of the gym, inventorying the equipment locker and making note of missing or damaged items.

It was noon, and so I went to my office where I had left my sack lunch. On the way I noticed a classroom door open, and when I peeked inside, to my astonishment there was the girl! She appeared to be as startled to see me as I was to see her.

"Oh, sir, I was just checking to see if my sister might be in here," she cried out. "I'm leaving, this time I'm leaving, really!"

It did her no good. By fate she'd chosen Ms. Jenkins' room, and right on the desk was her solid oak hairbrush. I picked it up and sat in the teacher's chair.

"Over my lap, child."

The girl was terrified, but she obeyed me at once. She didn't say anything when I lifted her skirt and began to spank her bottom through her panties. After a couple dozen smacks she was wiggling and breathing heavily. "Sir!" she cried when I began to pull down her panties.

"I told you I'd give you a good spanking and I'm a man of my word," I said. I immediately began to slap the bare round hinds before me, enjoying the way the flesh bounced and the girl struggled uselessly.

After just a few minutes I switched to the hairbrush and the girl really began to cry. Each stroke of that heavy brush left a wide red splotch on her pink cheeks. I paddled her until she was sobbing and her bum was scarlet, then let her up.

"That should teach you to obey!" I scolded, and I left her alone with her tears.

My lunch was a delicious ham and swiss on rye with slices of pickle, just the way I like it. My wife included several deviled eggs and a chocolate bar as well, so it was with a lazy contentment I walked the quiet halls after my meal. It was Saturday, the school was mine, and Monday would be my first day at a new job and I was determined that everything would go well. The last thing I needed was for problems to occur before I even got started.

Imagine my surprise when I saw the girl exiting the ladies' room in the north wing. Obviously my lesson with the hairbrush had been far too modest to make the needed impression!

Taking the protesting girl by the ear, I dragged her to my office. "I warned you!" I scolded sternly, going to the cabinet and retrieving a long white cane.

The girl blanched. "But sir--"

"Enough!" I roared. "Every word you say will add one stroke!" Her mouth snapped shut in terror. "I was going to give you six but you've just added two. Would you like any more?"

She shook her head. She didn't protest when I pointed at the desk, and she went over easily. Obviously it was a familiar position for her.

I flipped up her skirt and wiggled down her underwear. To my surprise, her bottom was snow-white, with scarcely no sign of the paddling I'd administered before lunch. Obviously I'd been far too gentle.

The caning was swift and thorough. Every stroke drew a gasping moan from the girl. The gentle curves of her buttocks were soon marred by eight puffy tramlines. The girl sobbed quietly while I studied them, assuring myself I'd done an adequate job. No way she'd forget those marks in a hurry!

"Take a tissue and wipe your eyes," I told the girl. "And you are to leave the grounds at once, do you hear me?"

She nodded, sniffling, her shoulders trembling with her shuddering. She quickly left my office.

I shook my head. "What nonsense," I thought. "Hanging around school just begging for a thrashing! Serves her right, it does."

Still, I must admit my conscience was prickling me. Perhaps I'd been harsh with her. I was rather goaded by her continued presence after I'd ordered her to be gone. Well, on Monday I'd find out who she was and have her sent to my office where I'd apologize.

That was my plan until two o'clock, when, crossing the courtyard I heard a hail. To my utter disbelief, there was the girl, brazenly waving me down!

"Good day, sir," she said. The smile on her face was so prim I could have wiped it off with a washcloth. "I was wondering if you could help me--"

"Of all the cheek!" I burst out. "It's the birch for you!"

I dragged her yelping and protesting to my office while I went back to the courtyard and cut down some birch branches. It had been a long time since I'd been forced to use a birch, but if a cane wouldn't do the trick, what was left?

In my office, the girl stared at the birch in my hand with moon-sized eyes. "Oh, sir!" she moaned, her knees buckling. She sank into a chair and began to weep. "Oh, please, sir, what did I do?"

"That cheeky remark just earned you an extra half dozen!" I roared, so furious now my ears were sizzling. The girl howled in protest.

"Over the back of that chair," I ordered. She obeyed, trembling and hesitating. Finally she was in position and I took down her panties and lifted her skirt.

Raising the birch for the first strike I froze in bewilderment. The girl's bottom was virgin-white. There was no sign of either a hairbrushing _or_ a caning!

"What the devil--"

Just then I heard a sound behind me and as I started to turn the naked girl raised herself up. "Oh, help me! He's mad, I tell you, mad!"

My jaw fell open as there in my doorway stood three identical girls: white blouses, petite blue skirts, wide eyes, and sorrowful expressions. My head flipped to the girl in front of me and back to the others. Two, I noticed, had eyes red from crying, and one stood rubbing her bum as she watched me fearfully.

"You're sisters?" I gasped, sinking to the floor in horror as the realization hit me.

"Yes, sir," cried the girl rubbing her bum. "Mindy forgot her geography book and we came to retrieve it, only we didn't want to get caught so we separated, and then we couldn't find each other, and you kept catching us..."

The End