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(****, F/f, Intense, mast, spanked teen, sex)

A young girl discovers romance for the first time and willingly pays the price for her indiscretion. (Approximately 5,208 words. Originally published 1995-12.)

Ashley and the others cringed as they heard the horrible sound. It came again, and then again. The girls paused in their walk across the courtyard and slowly looked at each other, their frightened, gray faces betraying their unspoken fear and dread.

The sound continued, and Ashley bravely looked up. Two stories up, on the third floor, there was a large open window. "Headmistress Heally left it open on purpose," thought Ashley. "She wants to frighten us."

The sound coming from the window was now joined by a muted moaning. Someone was in agony and attempting to repress the pain. The sound grew louder and more frequent and the moaning grew more intense.

Ashley and the others knew exactly what was happening. In that room there were two people. Headmistress Heally and Jessica Tanner. Right now Jessie was completely naked and bent across the punishment table, and the headmistress was spanking her bare buttocks with a large wooden paddle. It was Jessie who was groaning, for she was forbidden to speak or cry out. The smacks from the thin paddle sounded like gunshots as they echoed across the compound. Ashley was certain the entire school could hear them.

Susan spoke nervously. "We'd better get moving. We don't want to be late for mathematics." Ashley and the others nodded and hurried on, leaving the chilling sounds of punishment echoing behind them.

Mathematics wasn't a favorite subject of Ashley's, but she generally did well. Today, however, she couldn't keep her mind of the subject. Her mind kept picturing Jessica being paddled, her naked body sprawled across the punishment desk, the paddle reddening her bottom. It filled Ashley with such a terrible fear. She could never endure such a thing! The humiliation alone would be too much.

She cocked her head. She could still hear the faint sounds of the paddling. It still wasn't over? She looked around and noticed that the entire class was noticeably restless and nervous.

Not that Ashley had much sympathy for Jessica. She was getting what she deserved. And it wasn't the first time, either. Jessica was renowned for her reputation. This was the third time this year she'd been caught with a boy. Ashley couldn't imagine that it was worth it--a few minutes of passion for the risk of such incredible punishment.

That was before she met Leo.

It was later that same day during their weekly town visit. He was seated by himself in the diner, reading a book. It was the book that caught her eye: Camus' _The_Stranger_. She was astonished that a common boy of the town would be reading such a book. The fact that it was one of her favorites made her bold.

"Are you reading that for a class?" she said, pausing before his table. He glanced up, surprised and slightly embarrassed. She felt his eyes drop to her breasts and then lower as he apparently sized her up. She wasn't attracted to him in the least, she thought. He was thin and appeared frail, and his hair was a rats' nest of brown curls. But when he looked at her body she felt a stirring of desire inside. She could tell he was impressed and it felt good to be desired.

"It's my third time," he said gently, and his bemused smile was so charming she completely forgot about the other girls waiting at their table. "Do _you_ like Camus?"

He said it with a touch of reverence, she thought. "He's my favorite author, at least right now," she said. In moments they were deep in existentialism, Kafka, Sartre, and Dostoyevsky.

She was completely startled by the angry voice behind her. "Ashley, what _are_ you doing?" It was Susan, by far the most paranoid and conservative of the group. "You know you are not supposed to talk with _boys_," she whispered sternly with a shiver of fear.

Suddenly Ashley felt frightened. Had the chaperon noticed? Susan saw her look and shook her head. "She's at the table and think's you're still in the ladies room."

Then the boy stood up, smiling. "You go to St. Mary's," he said with a grin. "I wondered how such beautiful girls had escaped my notice." The two girls blushed and looked embarrassed, but they were both delighted and charmed.

"My name is Leo, Leo Poltz. My father is the head librarian at James Academy. I attend there, of course." He stood and extended his hand and Ashley saw he was much taller than she had thought, and not at all unattractive. His wild hair matched his impulsive smile and mischievous eyes. Ashley thought he could be a lot of fun, in addition to being extremely perceptive and intelligent. She decided his physique was lanky, not feeble.

Then disaster struck in the form of Mistress Cantrell. "What is going on here?" she demanded, and Ashley was terrified to see her charging down on them like a enraged bull.

Before she could speak, Leo stepped forward. "Mais merci, mademoiselles! Bon, I take right at light. From there, ca va, I manage." His voice had dropped and he was speaking the broken English of a foreigner.

"Dank you," he bowed slightly to them, cleverly managing to include Mistress Cantrell. "Day mademoiselles 'ave aided me, madam," he said to the mistress. "Dey 'ave found me l'hotel 'Ramada.'"

Mistress Cantrell looked a little taken back. "You are French?" she said hesitantly.

"Mais oui, madam! Vous comprendrez francais?"

"Uh, tres peu, I'm afraid." The mistress looked sad at her lack. "I took a little in school, many years ago."

"Oh, mais ca va. It is OK. I comprehend. Oh--I take much your time. Please excuse. I go now."

"Are you sure you can find your way OK?"

"Oui, madam. Pas de problem. I find way easy now. It is, uh, Mademoiselle Ashley. She give me direczions. Good-bye." He bowed to Mistress Cantrell and nodded to the girls, winking at the still-astonished Ashley. Then he was gone, and Ashley spent the afternoon listening to Mistress Cantrell's recounting of her trip to Paris several decades earlier.

* * * * *

That evening the girls gathered and talked about Leo. Susan had told the others about his trick to save them from the mistress, and they were all jealous of Ashley. She wasn't sure what there was to be jealous of--it wasn't like she had a relationship with Leo or anything. She didn't even know how to get a hold of him. Most likely she'd never see him again. But it still felt good to be envied.

* * * * *

That night she had strange restless dreams and she woke up in the darkness to discover that her sex was wet and she was thinking of Leo. She found herself imagining what it would be like to kiss him, and to feel him touch her. She shied away from such feelings and tried to forget them, but the images haunted her. What would it be like to touch...she bit the thought off and mentally scolded herself.

To distract herself from thoughts of Leo, she thought of Jessica. Earlier that evening the girls had all gathered to look at Jessica's wounds. Her buttocks were horribly red, much redder than any previous spanking. This time the skin was welted and almost blistered. She had paddled Jessica's bottom well, getting even color all over her buttocks. Worse yet, Headmistress Heally hadn't confined her punishing to Jessica's bottom, but had also paddled her thighs. Ashley and the other girls had been sickened at the sight and Susan and some of the other girls had started crying. Jessica had tried to act like it wasn't much and even said John was worth it, and all the girls were a little in awe of her. She then told them stories of how she had put his "thing" in her mouth and all the girls were both horrified and fascinated.

Suddenly Ashley wondered what Leo's tasted like, and she thrashed in her bed, trying to get the picture out of her head.

* * * * *

A week went by and Ashley, while not forgetting Leo, had put him out of her mind. And then he was there. She was in the library doing research for a report on Bagdad, when she received a message to see the Headmistress immediately. She arrived, wondering what she could have done, when she saw Leo in the lobby. before she could speak to him Mistress Mellen had approached her.

"Your brother is here to visit with you. The Headmistress has granted you permission to go into town with him. But you must be back promptly at 5 o'clock for supper." Without another word the busy mistress motioned for Ashley to join Leo and she returned to her office.

Ashley ran up to Leo excitedly. "How did you do that!" she exclaimed. He winked and indicated they should leave. Outside he led her to a small car and once inside and heading for town he spoke.

"I told them I was your brother. I hope it's OK. You do want to see me, don't you?" He turned and looked at her and she was astonished at how serious he was. "He really cares what I think," she thought.

"I'm delighted to see you," she said honestly.

"You won't get into any trouble?"

"As long as they don't find out you're not my brother. How did you know I had a brother?"

He grinned. "I did some research. It took a while, I must admit. I didn't know your last name, but fortunately you're the only Ashley at St. Mary's. I called the school under various pretenses and gradually found out your name and where you were from. Then I called your parents."

"You didn't!"

"I did. I pretended I was a survey company and didn't know the ages of the children. I found out your older brother Tom is 19, attends college in California, and has never visited you here."

"I'm amazed."

"I hope you don't mind. I wasn't prying--I just couldn't think of a better way to get you out of there."

Once again there was that concern in his voice. He seemed a little insecure, a little uncertain of how she would take this. Ashley decided it made perfect sense. After all, they'd only talked for five minutes. How was he supposed to know what she was really like? She decided his concern was sweet.

She all of a sudden noticed he had not taken the road to town after all. "Hey! Aren't we going to town?"

Leo gave her a mischievous look and grinned. "Nope. I thought it would be unwise to let too many people see us together, if you know what I mean. I've got a picnic basket in the back and we're going to the lake."

Ashley was excited. She'd never met anyone like Leo before. He was so full of the unexpected. "He's not one to judge by appearance," she thought.

Soon they stopped at the lakeside and Ashley discovered a wonderful assortment of meats and cheeses, fried chicken, oranges and bananas, and two chocolate bars. There was a cooler of pop and she enjoyed a soda while he spread all the food out.

They talked while they ate. He'd brought some of his books with him and they excitedly discussed literature and philosophy. Ashley soon found herself falling in love with Leo. He was so charming and full of fun, yet incredibly bright. He constantly was asking her questions that opened areas of thought she'd never explored.

* * * * *

They met several other times that month, and more the next. A couple of times Leo posed as her brother. Other times she had a doctor's appointment, or would briefly meet him during the town visit. Mostly she just snuck out and met with him. She knew it was risky, but she did it anyway. She just couldn't stand the thought of being away from him, even for a brief period.

They didn't always have sex when they met, though they always wanted to. There often just wasn't time or a convenient place. The first time was on their second trip to the lake. Ashley thought she had never felt anything so wonderful. She felt so alive under him, and their passion was so strong she felt like she couldn't breathe when they coupled, but they made love for hours anyway.

The third time at the lake they were spotted. In the midst of ecstasy Ashley looked up to see a family staring down at them. Apparently some campers had stumbled upon them unawares. The mother screamed and tried to cover the eyes of the children. The family ran off. After that they had to be much more careful. Leo was worried that they could have been recognized. In such a small town area it was quite likely that anyone finding them would know who they were.

It was in the spring that Ashley was caught the first time.

She had met Leo near the woods and they had gone to an abandoned cabin they had discovered and made love all afternoon. It was study time, and Ashley had figured she would not be missed.

Unfortunately, her mother chose that day to call, and the headmistress was puzzled to find that Ashley was nowhere on campus. A thorough search proved conclusively she was off-grounds and a watch was posted. A mistress guarded each entrance, and it happened to be Mistress Widdle who caught Ashley sneaking in. Another mistress might have been more lenient or less observant, but not Mistress Widdle. She instantly noticed Ashley's disheveled appearance, and a quick check discovered prophylactics. The headmistress was saddened that a good student like Ashley should be caught in such disgrace.

"I'm afraid the rules are quiet clear on such a matter," she said to Ashley. "Please come to my office tomorrow immediately after breakfast. You will have no classes for the day."

Ashley swallowed and tears came to her eyes. She knew exactly why she wouldn't be in any classes tomorrow.

* * * * *

She barely slept at all that night. The girls had tried to console her, but there was little they could do. Jessica tried to give her some tips to prepare for the spanking she would receive.

"Just let yourself go. Don't fight against it. If you struggle, it only hurts worse. Abandon yourself to the pain. Think how you deserve it, and how each blow is illicit pleasure you received from Leo."

Ashley wasn't quite sure what Jessica meant by all that, but she agreed to try. She liked the idea of thinking of Leo during the punishment, and resolved to do just that.

She hardly ate at breakfast, but it was still over far too quickly. She walked to the headmistress' office with a heavy feeling of dread.

Inside, Headmistress Heally was waiting. She nodded at Ashley and finished some notes she was writing. Ashley could see the punishment table and she was terrified. "Go ahead and strip," the headmistress said, and slowly Ashley obeyed.

She had never thought of herself as beautiful; that is, until Leo had told her she was. Through his eyes she saw that her breasts were plenty large, and her buttocks were round and firm. He loved to pat and pinch them, she thought. What condition would they be like in a few minutes? She didn't have long to wait.

The punishment table was the shape of an "L". Ashley was to rest her knees on the shelf of the L, and stretch herself out towards the top. The headmistress could tilt the table to any angle she wished.

She began with it set in the vertical position. Ashley knelt, her arms stretched upward, and waited. Her body felt vulnerable and exposed, and she felt ashamed. Suddenly the paddle touched her bottom and it felt hard and solid. The headmistress hissed in her ear, "I'm gonna spank you so raw even _thinking_ of your lover's touch will be painful to you!"

The first blow was loud and stung, but the second and third blows came before Ashley could even assess the damage of the first. More blows followed rapidly, and in moments Ashley had lost track of how many there were, but only knew she was in horrible pain. Her buttocks were on fire.

The paddle showed no mercy, but punished her sore bottom again and again. Ashley could feel the heavy flesh of her buttocks lifting and bouncing under the paddle. In a violent sense, it massaged her buttocks, kneading them, pinching them, spreading them.

She trembled and sobbed, and clung to the table with all her strength. She thought she would scream, but somehow she managed to only moan. At first it was hesitant, and quiet. But the immense relief she felt from crying flooded soon had her moaning without reservation, freely crying and moaning, tears pouring down her cheeks.

"It has to stop soon," she thought. "I cannot bear this pain."

Then the headmistress paused and tilted the punishment table until Ashley was lying flat. Ashley's buttocks felt huge and heavy, and they throbbed even when she wasn't being spanked. But the headmistress wasn't finished. She began to slam the paddle down from high above her head, slowly pounding away at Ashley's bare bottom until the girl could barely control herself she was in so much pain. She was conscious that the spanking was extremely slow--perhaps one blow every twenty seconds--but it still felt rapid and merciless. Ashley wept and prayed it would be over soon.

"It is now time for my class," said Headmistress Heally suddenly, and Ashley saw with relief that she was setting the paddle down on her desk. "I want you to stay right where you are and think about why you are being punished. We will continue your spanking at noon."

Ashley felt like screaming at that news, but she bit her lip and waited until the woman had gone and then cried and reached back and rubbed her bottom. Her buttocks were red and swollen and sore, and now they throbbed and pulsed and poor Ashley felt quite miserable and sad.

But then she began to think about why she was being punished. It was for seeing Leo, the most wonderful man in the world. She knew that she loved him, loved his remarkable sense of humor, his kind smile and cleverness, his concern for her well-being, his slim, hard body that smelled so, well, so masculine. She loved the feel of him against her, rubbing into her, and as she thought this, Ashley began to feel heat between her legs and soon she had slipped her hands down there and was massaging herself. She did it faster and harder, and the more she thought of Leo the more she wanted to touch herself, to feel him touching her, to feel his hands caressing her blazing bottom. Suddenly she came with a wave of deep emotion that flooded over her and drowned her with its intensity. She cried out loud it was so incredible, so fantastic.

Eagerly she began again, ignoring the pain in her ass, the clock on the wall, the awkward position she was in. Instead she made love to herself and thought non-stop of Leo, wonderful Leo, and how he would react to her punishment. She knew exactly what he would do, if he had known--he would have offered to take her place. She knew this was how he was--gallant and brave to the point of self-incrimination.

Ashley was moaning and thrashing within her third orgasm when the door opened and Headmistress Heally entered. She froze at the sight of her student, naked, lying curled up on the punishment table, knees spread wide and her hands deep inside her slit as she fingered herself. The headmistress was speechless with rage. After her last spanking, even Jessica had quieted down her wild ways. Headmistress Heally was determined to make this a lesson Ashley and the school would remember.

"Miss Ashley Jacobson!" roared the woman with all the fury she could muster and the started girl almost fell off the table in her haste to right herself and appear casual and chaste. At least she had the decency to blush. "How dare you--you abuse your body in my office! Of all the immoral, indecent, childish, sinful behavior I have seen this is the _worst_! You are by far the most unrepentant girl I have ever dealt with, but I can assure you, after you are soundly paddled and _caned_ in front of the entire school you _will_ be sorry for your actions!"

"Mistress Heally!" cried Ashley in terror, blood draining from her face. "You can't meant it!"

"I most certainly do, young lady! Now turn around. I am going to paddle you soundly in preparation for your punishment this evening!"

Sobbing, Ashley climbed back onto the now upright table and hung on tight as the angry woman delivered a severe paddling that made the morning's adventure seem like a casual birthday spanking. Ashley was well aware that the entire school must have heard her screaming, but couldn't help herself and was long past caring anyway. All she wanted was for the Headmistress to not be angry any more, to stop the paddling, or at the very least to rest for a moment so Ashley could catch her breath.

But despite all the pain two thoughts kept intruding on Ashley's mind. One was how she would look tonight, naked and bound to the punishment table on the auditorium stage in front of all the students as she was paddle and caned. The other thought was what Leo would think of this, of how his hands would feel touching her naked, punished body, and how even this pain, yes, even this pain, was an inexpensive exchange for Leo's affections.

* * * * *

The room was pitch black, though the running lights lent a small glow across the floor. Ashley lay silent and trembling. She was completely naked, bound wrist and knee to the vertical punishment table, her buttocks plump and thrust outward behind her, toward the audience, and there was nothing the girl could do but wait for the dreaded evening to begin. She could hear the scurrying and half-silent voices of the gathering crowd, just like an audience at a theatre before the curtain went up. Everyone was here. All her friends, her enemies, even her teachers. This was unbearable, yet somehow, someway, Ashley knew she would endure.

Then Ashley heard the dreadful rat-tat-tat of Headmistress Heally's high heels moving across the stage and she cringed in fear. The crowd went silent in anticipation. A bright spotlight suddenly bathed poor Ashley and she began to cry, knowing that everyone could see her with extreme clarity and yet she could see no one else. The headmistress was speaking but Ashley ignored the drone of the lecture and just wished this was over and done with. It was unbearable to have to wait like this.

But then all too soon the woman was there, holding up that large wooden paddle in front of Ashley so she could see it. "I'm going to give you twenty-five before your caning to warm you up and then another twenty-five afterward," the headmistress announced grimly. She stepped behind the girl and lifted the paddle. Ashley gritted her teeth and tried to prepare her mind.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! came the blows in a machine-gun-like series, so quick Ashley barely had any time to react. After the fifth blow there was a pause and as she gulped in air she realized a fantastic pain in her ass. It flooded through her with such intensity that she could not help but cry out--a strangled gurgle of a scream. Then it came again, another brutal series of five. Ashley had never felt anything like it. It was much worse than continuous punishment or even a slow, drawn-out paddling. In a sense the entire spanking was only five blows with long pauses between--but those blows were far more painful than anything Ashley had ever felt before. She found herself struggling frantically, kicking, thrusting, and wiggling with fantastic determination despite its pointlessness. She could not help herself. She was out of control, a wild animal, a mindless being reacting purely on impulse.

Again and again that paddle came down in those quick series of strokes that completely took her breath away. She screamed out loud but nothing came from her throat. Tears poured down her face and Ashley had never felt such enormous, swelling, burning from her bottom. It seemed that nothing she did could stop it, hinder it in any way. She could only cry and endure.

Finally it was over. Ashley sobbed with relief. Her relief changed to terror when she saw the headmistress holding the cane. She bent it almost into a semi-circle to show her how flexible it was and her smile was not a pleasant one. Ashley shivered and began to cry again, begging the headmistress for mercy.

But the woman would not be deterred from her mission. She knew how to deal with naughty girls. If this girl's bottom wasn't still sore a week from now she wasn't fit to be headmistress!

She stepped to Ashley's left side and little back from the girl and aimed the cane carefully. It was a very long white cane, very thin and whippy. The first stripe she placed full in the center of the girl's bottom. Ignoring the shrieking girl she placed the second slightly lower, and continued downward until she reached Ashley's thighs, and there she left two thickening stripes. By then she was up to six; time to switch sides. Fortunately this girl's backside offered a generous amount of real estate for the cane.

Ashley was practically delirious now; she murmured and babbled but nothing made sense to her. She was conscious of the woman moving to her other side, but she did not realize what that signified until she felt another blazing stroke of the cane, this one perhaps not quite as hard as the others, but the tip buried itself into her neglected left cheek and Ashley squealed in agony.

As the cane came down again the teenager felt something drain from her. She felt a sudden peace, and she scarcely noticed the bite of the cane though her body danced without her control. This was no more than she could bear. She deserved this punishment. She thought of Leo, dear Leo, and suddenly the pain didn't seem so bad. This was worth it for him. The cane came down again, an excruciating stripe of fire and Ashley pretended that it was Leo doing this, Leo caning her, giving her this pain, and she almost smiled. She could take this, she could accept it graciously. She was weeping, that was true. She could not help herself. But that did not matter. What was important was that she didn't resist inside, that she took this punishment willingly, that she endured this for his sake.

The gunshot sounds of the cane still echoing in the air around her, Ashley suddenly heard a loud thunderous roar and realized with an unusual detachment that it was the paddle again, smacking her rump. This, too, was no more than she deserved or could bear. The paddle smacked her incessantly, a steady thumping every four seconds. In fact, she almost relished the paddle, the feeling of her body jarred by each blow, the quivering, burning flesh of her buttocks throbbing anew with each painful whack. It was almost like her bottom was dead, like she could feel nothing, and the paddle simply pushed and prodded at her flesh like a sculpture slapping a hunk of clay; a yet the pain was still there, a strange distant pain that had changed, had transformed, had moved beyond pain into something else she could not define. It was as though the pain had become an emotion, an expression of herself, and as she felt it she would say to herself, "Yes, that is it! That is exactly the way it feels, exactly the way it should feel." It was strange that the emotion and the definition could be the same thing, but that's the way it was.

Suddenly the feeling drained from her and slowly Ashley became aware of her surroundings. She realized in shock that the auditorium was lit and the audience had long gone. She was no longer bound to the table, and the headmistress sat on a chair a few feet away and watched her carefully.

Ashley was still weeping, though she had few tears left, her body convulsing with spasms of pent-up emotion. Her bottom and thighs were scalded as though she'd gotten a bad sunburn there--every movement was agony. Her body felt stiff and sore. She felt like an awkward robot as she tried to stand and walk.

"I think I would rest a bit, if I was you," said a voice and she realized it was Headmistress Heally. Ashley froze and turned her head and looked at the woman and she wanted to speak but she did not know what to say. The woman came closer, and for the first time Ashley saw that the woman was _old_. There were bags of flesh under her eyes and her skin was somewhat mottled and her cheeks sagged and looked tired; in fact, her entire body looked exhausted and spent, as though it had nothing more to give.

The woman's thick lips were inches away from Ashley face. "Was he worth it?" hissed the voice and it was filled with a rawness, a surface gruffness that belied the sensitive nature beneath it. It was angry and scornful, and yet in this heightened state of awareness Ashley detected a note of desire. The woman's eyes were harsh and cruel and filled with a long-dead pain. She glared at the girl with unspeakable hatred and Ashley felt a shiver go through her spine as her mind widened to admit this new knowledge.

Suddenly everything made sense. The woman was _jealous_! Ashley wondered how many years the old woman had been trapped in this school, a school filled with young girls who still had their youth and beauty and still could meet Leos and make love in the bushes by the lake and do all kinds of things this woman could never do again. Then Ashley felt sorry for this woman who had missed her chance, never taken the opportunity and now lived with only remorse and regret to comfort her.

It was a much older Ashley that looked up at that woman then, a mature adult confidant who smiled softly with a gentle blush, and whose eyes were far away, thinking of different place and a different time. Her lips parted slightly and the barest breath pushed out the single word, "Yes!"

And then the old woman smiled in understanding, a gentle, reflective smile, and she carefully took the girl's hand and helped her to her feet. And arm in arm the two exited the auditorium.

The End