Playing Hooky

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Playing Hooky

(***, MMF/ffff, Severe, severe schoolgirl CP)

Schoolgirls play hooky and are punished severely. (Approximately 1,498 words. Originally published 2004-01.)

It had been a wild afternoon of sexy adventures for the schoolgirls. With the forged dentist appointment they thought they were free and clear. Dana had borrowed her father's BMW convertible. They stopped at a convenience store for beer and food (Claire's fake ID came in handy), met a couple cute college boys, and invited them along. Out by the lake they had a great picnic, got drunk, started strip-dancing to the boombox, and eventually went skinny dipping. Everything had gone perfect and the horny girls were just ready to give the guys what they so desperately desired when the cops showed up.

Damn. It turned out Dana's father had missed the car and Lojacked it. Dana and Claire were busted. When they got back to school Mother Superior waiting for them.

It was time to pay the piper.

The girls were no longer wearing their school uniforms. Dana had on black leather hot pants and a sweater that exposed her midriff. Claire wore skintight white pants and blouse that showed off her slender figure.

Mother Superior was _not_ impressed. It was going to be a dozen for ditching school, plus six extra for forging a doctor's excuse. She was also adding on six for inappropriate attire, and six more for inappropriate behavior (being found naked with naked boys). Thirty strokes and she assured them not a single one would be light.

Claire was up first, her tight little buns shivering visibly in the white pants. It was obvious from the fit that she wore no underwear, not that Mother Superior was surprised. "Take them down and over my desk."

When Claire's bare spheres were properly in position, the lady took up the forty-two inch rod and lashed it as hard as she could across the jutting cheeks. Claire gasped and gripped the desk, wagging her rear as a scarlet weal appeared across the plump mounds.

The strokes flowed mercilessly, and Claire howled and her hot tears splashed across the desk. Mother Superior caned from the right side so Claire's left buttock to the bulk of the punishment, with nearly every stroke leaving a purplish bruise.

After fifteen, it was Dana's turn, and she slithered out of the tight leathers to bare her buttocks for the cane. Her ass was broader and taller, wonderfully meaty and curvy. The plump flesh just soaked up the cane strokes and soon Dana's butt was scored with fifteen brutal cuts.

For the second half of the thrashing, Mother Superior switched sides, caning from the left. Naturally right-handed, an injury in her teens had forced her to use the left for almost a year. Crazy about tennis, she couldn't bear not playing and soon she'd learned to play equally well with either arm. That skill paid off now as she was able to beat a girl from either side, ensuring both buttocks were equally punished. It also meant she was free to allow the cane to "wrap" -- the tip leaving deep gouges in the flesh at the far side of the buttock.

Claire was already trembling as she got into position, and from the first stroke she was howling and sobbing, begging the woman for mercy. She received none, but was given the fifteen strokes in full. When it was over her buttocks had gone through a war zone. Dozens of red and purple stripes decorated her tight cheeks. The flesh was an aggravated pink between the weals, crimson and bluish-black where the rod had impacted. The deepest weals were on the far sides of her buttocks where the tip had done its deepest damage. Every weal here was purple and angry.

It took another four minutes and then Dana joined her friend, her own ass just as battered and purple. Sixty strokes had been administered and the girls were infinitely grateful it was over.

But it was not over. Mother Superior informed them that their fathers were wanting to see them, and Dana's father was arriving to take the two home. A mid-week visit was usually not permitted, but Mother Superior was making an exception.

It was two glum girls who got into the limo for the ride home. Dana's father hadn't said a word except to tell Claire that her father would be waiting for them when they arrived.

Sure enough, he was there, though he didn't look pleased to see her. Claire was sure she was pleased to see him: he was furious.

The two were led into the library where Dana's father announced that the two men would be punishing the two girls severely for their crime.

"But Dad, we were already punished by Mother Superior!"

"Pah! That was nothing. Wait until you see what we're going to do."

They began with a heavy leather strap. Claire's father whipped Dana, and Claire suffered under the arm of Dana's dad. First their bottoms were bared, and then they were whipped mercilessly. The sentence was twenty-five from each side, twenty-five to each thigh, followed by ten to the uh, middle of each girl.

Claire could hardly believe it, but there wasn't anything she could do. She watched helplessly as Dana went forward and got her butt and thighs whipped. Every stroke rang like a pistol shot. Dana's big butt went from pink to red to crimson. Her thighs soon followed. Then Claire's dad whipped the strap up between the cheeks and Dana writhed in fierce passion, screaming at him to not hit her there.

When it was Claire's turn, she found out the strap burned like hot acid. Every flashing blow felt like chunks of skin were removed. It was agony that went on and on. Her butt was hell to begin with, and now her thighs tingled with pain. But all that paled compared to the final ten strikes which were between her legs.

Then it was corner time, with a twist. The girls were both given punishment enemas. The water was hot and soapy, with a red pepper flavor. After being plugged, the girls had to stand in the corner and wait. After ten minutes, Claire could have sworn it had been an hour. She and Dana were both wriggling a great deal, the stuff inside ready to burst out. But they'd been warned of dire consequences if they did that!

After fifteen minutes, Dana was begging, Claire weeping. "No, you've got thirty minutes," said Dana's father.

"Unless you'd like to take one cane stroke for every minute less than thirty you keep in it," added Claire's dad.

Neither girl wanted that, so they held on, but after a little while Dana was begging again. "That will be twelve strokes if you stop now," she was told, and shook her head in despair. Finally she could take it no longer. After twenty minutes, she had ten extra strokes to take.

"Okay, I'm done!" she cried. "I'll take the ten strokes, just unplug me!"

When it was done, she ran to the toilet and evacuated. When she was finished, she came back, weak and wobbly, panting with exertion. She didn't say anything when told to bend over for "ten of the best." The pain was atrocious, but anything was better than that enema.

Meanwhile Claire was holding on desperately. She held out until the twenty-second minute, and then decided eight strokes didn't seem so bad. They were.

After the canings, the girls were told they would now be birched. They were ordered to strip nude. A long wooden bench was produced, and Claire stretched out on it. Her legs were fastened to the sides leaving her feet well apart. A small pillow was placed under her hips to thrust her bum up high. In this position her buttocks were nicely presented.

Dana's dad stood near Claire's head and swung the collection of birch rods downward. This was brutal for three reasons. One, the birch was going the opposite direction of the cane stripes, maximizing the pain. Two, the tips of the birch tended to land in the underhang of the buttock, really "whipping in" to that sexy and tender area. Three, with the legs apart, the birch often struck between the legs, the tips stinging the exposed sex. That always made a person sing soprano, guy or girl.

The sentence was two dozen from each dad, forty-eight blistering blows that left Claire's buttocks in ribbons.

Dana was next, and though her bigger bottom gave more room for the blows, her skin was frightfully sensitive and she screamed every time the birch came down.

All goods things end, however, and eventually the beatings were over. The buttocks of the girls were a mess: red weals crisscrossed the cheeks like several street grids overlaid. But the girls were forgiven and sent to Dana's room to clean up for supper.

It had been an intense lesson, but one the girls wouldn't forget in a hurry. It would be many, many years before either thought of playing hooky again.

The End