The Poker Game

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The Poker Game

(****, MF/FFFM, Intense, nudity, paddling)

Several couples gather for a friendly poker game that escalates into tension-filled erotic naughtiness. (Approximately 3,041 words. Originally published 1996-02.)

It was supposed to be an ordinary poker game, at least that was the plan. It was just going to be the six of us: my brother Larry and his girlfriend Alison, and her friend Ellen, and Wil and his Girl-of-the-minute, Cindi, and of course, me, Tom. But Cindi wouldn't come without her sister Keri, who was in town visiting. So there were seven of us.

Saturday afternoon we gathered at Larry's for the barbeque, which was fantastic--turkey and steak kabobs by the dozen, with baked potatoes and roasted corn on the cob. It was a wonderful way to kick off the summer.

Over the dinner we got acquainted with Cindi and Keri. Cindi was typical of Wil's girlfriends, blonde, petite, very cute, and with a body that looked two sizes too large for her frame. It made it difficult to look her in the eye--her breasts drew your attention.

Keri was taller and darker, and her breasts were sized to fit her body. What attracted me immediately to Keri was her relaxed and casual attitude in a room full of strangers. Very self-confident, and not shy at all. When Larry asked her if she was married or "involved" she gave him a sly grin and wink and asked if he was proposing, which brought him a not-so-gentle slap from Alison.

"Hey," Larry protested. "I was asking for Tom--he's available."

Cindi was a senior at State majoring in psychology, but Keri had been out for two years with a degree in economics. I asked her what kind of jobs one could get with a degree in economics and she laughed delightfully and said, "Absolutely none!" She told me that she was presently out of work having just quit a secretarial position.

About seven o'clock we began our poker game. We explained the house rules to Keri. "We play with pennies," said Larry. "We each start with ten dollars."

"Pennies! Shouldn't we play for much more interesting stakes?" laughed Keri, winking at me.

"Like underwear and brassieres?" said Wil with a grin.

"Wil!" exclaimed Cindi. "How dare you even suggest that!"

"Well, aren't we the prude today?" said Keri, glaring at her sister. "You weren't so shy in high school!" She turned and gave the rest of us a confiding glance. "Cindi was _terrible_ in high school--couldn't keep her clothes on to save her life!"

"Keri! I can't believe you're telling everyone that! Besides, I was only trying to keep up with _your_ reputation."

Alison spoke up. "Are we going to play some poker or chat all night?"

Everyone nodded and the game began. We played for about an hour when Keri spoke. "Come on, folks. I don't want to spoil the party, but isn't this a little dull? Why don't we liven it up a little?"

"What do you mean?" asked Ellen.

Keri's eyes were bright with excitement. "Why not follow Will's suggestion? Let's play strip poker! Come on, it'll be fun! We're all friends and lovers."

I glanced at the others. My heart was pounding with excitement just at the thought of seeing Keri naked. I could see Larry and the others considering. Cindi shrugged and nodded to Will. Ellen didn't seem that shocked. Alison was the only reluctant one, but when everyone else agreed she gave in.

"So what are the rules, exactly?" she asked.

"It's simple," said Keri, taking rolls of pennies from her stack. "Instead of ten dollars we'll each play with five--everyone subtract five dollars from your money. We'll finish with the money we've got left."

That done, Keri continued. "Now we make sure everyone has the same amount of clothing on--we should all have five items--the guys can count their socks. Each article of clothing will be worth one dollar, redeemable whenever you need it. Everyone understand?"

The others nodded. I couldn't manage my excitement. Keri was so sexy when she was excited. Looking at the others I could see everyone was intrigued by Keri's alterations to our normal routine.

The game continued. At first it wasn't much different than before, since we all had money. But soon Larry had to cash in his socks and shirt, and then Ellen sold her shirt. Ellen's luck was sour, and she lost her pants and bra quickly thereafter. Meanwhile Will was raking in the dough, and he soon took most of my stash and I was forced to sell off my socks, shirt, and pants.

Alison was next, very reluctantly losing her pants and shirt. To my annoyance, Keri was running low on money, but still was unscathed. Cindi had won several large hands.

Larry was soon down to his last few pennies and was forced to sell off his underpants. Alison teased him but she was next, placing her bra next to Ellen's panties. Keri lost a big hand to me, leaving me with just my underwear and four dollars, with her selling her shirt to remain in the game. Will remained the wealthiest, still fully dressed.

Soon after Larry found himself in dire straits. Completely drained there was no way for him to stay in the game, when Keri spoke. "You could sell something else."


"Well, yourself, for instance. In college my sorority used to play strip poker with a fraternity and we had special rules for this kind of situation."

I looked at Keri. She was being mysterious. "What did you do, Keri?" I asked, apprehensive yet eager for her answer, which I was sure would be exotic.

"We'd exchange paddling for money."

"You what!" asked Larry in surprise.

"Well, whoever had cash, if they wanted, could buy a paddling from the person. If you're game, Larry," whispered Keri in a sexy voice, "I'd pay a dollar to spank your bottom."

There was dead silence around the table. Keri smiled gamely at everyone's reluctance. "That's ten cents a whack, Larry, not a bad deal. It's an option for any of us. If you want to stay in the game, it's the only way."

Larry spoke. "It doesn't sound so bad. Do we have a paddle?"

"There's, uh, a wooden cutting board in the kitchen. I suppose it would do," said Alison in a strange voice. I looked at her in surprise, astonished to realize she was attracted to the idea. She eagerly fetched the cutting board. It was very wide but thin, with a long handle. It looked vicious but I was fascinated by the expression on Keri's face as she held it in her hands.

Keri passed a dollar to Larry and led him to the couch. She instructed him to bend over the back of it while keeping his hands behind his back. She smacked him ten times without pausing, solid blows that brought grunts of surprise and pain to Larry's face.

But I didn't watch him. My eyes were on Keri, loving the way her eyes glittered with excitement and passion as she paddled my brother. Her face was alive, filled with joy, and it was obvious she was very aroused.

I glanced at Alison and saw a look of rapture across her face, and I knew she wished she could be in Keri's place, paddling her lover as only a lover could.

The others were also moved, but in different ways. I saw looks of fascination mixed with horror, yet filled with arousal. Everyone was repulsed yet interested.

But the incident was over, and it was back to the game at hand. The game was different now. It was as though there were suddenly real consequences to our game. Everyone played with renewed vigor and excitement tempered with caution. Money changed hands but no one cared. We all waited for the next person to be paddled, wondering who it would be, perhaps in hope, perhaps in fear.

Alison and Ellen were the winners. Both down to the end of their resources they had good hands they wanted to keep. Will bought paddlings for both of them.

It was fantastic, like something out of a dream, watching them go to the couch, trembling yet in some undefinable manner, eager. Ellen went first, her lithe body, a little on the thin side, seeming to feel the blows much more poignantly than Larry. Her pretty face, twisted in pain and shock, made my heart ache.

Alison was even more beautiful, her round rump gorgeous as it was paddled, her astonished, agonized expression an incredible turn on.

It was over far too quickly, and the game continued. I was naked now, feeling embarrassed yet aroused, worried that I would be next. I looked with sadness at the pile of money in front of Keri, still in her bra and panties, and fantasized I was paddling her naked bottom.

The next hand was a good one. I had a full house I didn't think anyone could beat, but I was short money to stay in the game. Keri was betting heavily. Shyly, nervously, I looked at Cindi and Keri. "Uh, I'd like to stay in, but I'll need some, uh, capital. Anyone game?"

To my surprise they both appeared eager, and it was quickly agreed I'd get a dollar from each, which I calculated should tide me over. I approached the couch with a great deal of apprehension. Cindi was to go first, and I found myself afraid when I saw the smile on her face as I bent over.

My bottom felt very naked and exposed, and my hard penis was gently touching the back of the couch. The first blow surprised me. The sound was deafening, the stinging pain both worse and more pleasurable than I had expected. But there was no time to think about it. The second and third strokes came before I could catch my breath, and the others followed with astonishing quickness. It was over all too soon, my buttocks throbbing but feeling warm and good to me. I slowly stood as Cindi patted my bottom with her hand, her gentle touch making my flesh seem to sting even more.

I turned away but I'd forgot about Keri. She was holding the paddle and she looked at me she batted it against the palm of her hand, her eyes bright and her expression threatening.

I was back over the couch again, my cock harder than ever, all eyes watching me, watching my naked rump. Keri, love her, was merciless. Her blows were much harder than her sister's, and she had a terrible knack for lifting my buttocks with the paddle, and my bottom trembled and bounced as the paddle pulled away. It was humiliating, exhilarating.

She too touched me when she finished, but her touch left me stunned and speechless. She put her hand on my bottom, but suddenly she bent over and kissed my buttocks, bringing laughter from the others. But no one saw her slip her hand between my legs and briefly finger my balls and my cock. It was so quick and clean--just a brush of her fingers--that I wondered if I'd only imagined it.

Back in the game, wiggling my sore bottom on my chair, I was forced to bet everything I had to keep up with Keri. Will and Cindi had folded, and it was just us.

In shock I watched Keri stand and casually remove her bra and panties and exchange them for more cash. Her breasts were large and round and I could see that all the guys were impressed. My cock was impossibly hard as she gave a quick turn so we could all see her naked bottom, so round and firm it took my breath away.

She added a dollar to the bet and looked at me. I had no idea what kind of hand she had, but it must have been a good one. But it was no time for me to bail out. I picked up the paddle and offered it to her and she smiled, and the smile chilled me and yet I was eager for punishment from her hand.

I bent across the couch once again, my feelings a mixture of arousal and terror. The pain was astonishing, my buttocks blazing in seconds. Keri, I could see, was enjoying this far too much. I could picture her breasts swinging as she spanked me, her delicate bottom bouncing.

When it was over I had my dollar and I matched her bet. We showed our cards and I won with the high card, Keri also having a full house. I racked in my money with real relish, because now my dream might be possible.

The next hand caused Cindi to strip naked and found Keri, Larry, and Alison in need of money. Ellen, folding but still possessing cash, bought Larry's spanking. Will and I each bought a spanking from Alison and Keri.

Alison went first. I spanked her soundly, enjoying the feel of the paddle against her flesh, thrilling to watch her pale flesh redden under my blows. I enjoyed watching Will paddle her, seeing her eyes tear as the pain mounted, and watching her breasts jiggle as her body shook.

But Keri was special, her round buttocks glorious to me. I was merciless, paddling her as hard as I could, almost viciously, my cock painfully hard. (It spurted a little during Will's spanking, and I was mortified that someone should see it.)

Keri wiggled her bottom delightfully as I paddled her, arching and stretching her back. She glanced back at me once and her face was filled with joy and sublime happiness. I did my best to lift her buttocks with my spanks, thrilled to watch her bottom bounce. She was so delicious I could hardly stand it.

Will spanked her next, and I found that aroused me even more, perhaps because I could watch Keri's delicate face flush as she struggled to absorb the pain graciously. After the first few blows she locked her eyes with mine and I couldn't move, my heart beating wildly as I watched her mouth open slightly with the increasing pain. When it was over she dropped her eyes to my penis and I looked down and saw with shame that I was coming slightly without any control and I quickly hid myself behind the table.

The game was resumed, and almost immediately Cindi was out of money. She looked at Will. His stash was finally running low but he agreed and paddled her rather lightly, I thought, though the color it brought to Cindi's pale bottom enhanced her beauty greatly.

Ellen won the hand, a small fortune by our stakes, and she proceeded to buy spankings from Larry, Cindi, and Alison, while I bought two from Keri.

It was fascinating to watch Ellen spank the girls. She wasn't as gentle as they hoped, I'm sure, though she certainly didn't give them what I would have. I enjoyed watching two pairs of breasts bouncing during the paddlings. Alison was delightful in her open suffering, and Cindi appeared traumatized by the whole procedure, tender tears sliding down her gentle cheeks.

But my opportunity to paddle Keri for two spankings was a dream. Her buttocks were already slightly red and my fresh blows only further excited me as they turned her bottom scarlet. She whimpered and wiggled a little now, her first signs that the spanking meant anything to her. It was really hurting her now, and my penis could not have been any harder. When I finished she wept, but I could tell that she was secretly very pleased with my diligence.

Ellen won the last hand, and with everyone almost totally wiped out, we decided to call it quits. To be fair, though, we decided that Ellen, as the winner, deserved the chance to spank each of us. Though a number of us weren't looking forward to our own paddlings at all, I was overjoyed to get to watch Keri spanked yet again.

Soon we were all getting dressed rather shyly and blushing in embarrassment, hands rubbing sore bottoms ruefully. Some of the girls were giggling and glancing in the direction of us guys. I was still hard as a rock and painfully aware of it too. I couldn't believe my luck when Keri boldly announced she didn't have a ride to her motel downtown. She looked straight at me as she spoke.

"I can give you a ride," I breathed, scarcely daring to hope. (I'm notoriously terrible for picking up those "signals"--but Keri's seemed rather obvious, even to me. At least I hoped so.)

"Can't your sister take you?" asked Alison, puzzled.

"Oh, it's rather out of the way for her," said Keri, and winked at me. "You don't mind, do you Tom?"

"Of course not. I was thinking of grabbing some ice cream and pie, anyway. Would you care for some?"

"Love to," she said, and her eyes told me she had completely different plans. I hastily bid farewell to the others and Keri and I left. In my car she didn't even pause but leaned across the gearshift and kissed me hard and very wet. I was astonished and rather startled, but she giggled and motioned for me to drive.

"I'm not sure I can wait until we get to my hotel room," she whispered, sliding her skirt up into never-never land. I gulped and gunned the engine, praying I wouldn't get stopped by a silly cop. (I'd have to honestly say I was rushing to put out a fire--just not the kind the cop was thinking of!)

Then Keri opened her purse and exclaimed, "Oh, dear! Look what I mistakenly took from Alison's kitchen!" I stared and almost swerved off the road. She was holding that wooden paddle!

"You're not thinking--"

She grinned at me deliciously and licked her luscious lips. "I think I've been a very _naughty_ girl tonight, wouldn't you say? And haven't you been just a bit naughty too?"

What could I say?

As to the rest of the evening (and the morning and next day), I shall keep the details private. Let's just say I played a lot of "poke-her" and leave it at that!

The End