Public Punishment

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Public Punishment

(**, M/M, F/f, Severe, caning)

A young man in the Middle East discovers himself the observed instead of the observer. (Approximately 2,405 words. Originally published 1995-10.)

Amid had been fascinated by the Punishment Place for as long as he could remember. As a child, he had spent countless hours in the courtyard, watching the floggings and canings and staring at the naked men and women and wondering what they were feeling, what they were thinking. He couldn't imagine being taken there, stripped, and publicly flogged and left for the people to gawk at him. It was too horrible to imagine.

But today Amid was there, and not as an observer.

* * * * *

It was still night but dawn was approaching. At dawn they would begin his punishment. Meantime he was naked and bound to the punishment pole. This was a large inverted-U structure made of wood. Amid's arms were stretched upward and outward and bound to the corners. His legs were spread wide and tied with ropes that pulled his ankles toward the poles supporting the structure. This left his body free and unencumbered. Amid was helpless. He was also gagged, and his throat was dry and it hurt. He felt naked and cold, which was precisely his condition.

Amid had been there all night. He wasn't alone. There were two other men hanging in similar fashion on either side of him, and a woman was on the far right. She'd been convicted of prostitution, and was to be punished most severely. Amid didn't know what the men had done, but his own crime echoed in his mind and he could not escape it.

He worked for his uncle, a trade merchant. His uncle was a good man, but generosity was not one of his characteristics. After ten years of apprenticeship Amid had felt more of the profits should go into his own pocket. After all, it was his ideas that had made the business grow to the size it was today. But his uncle refused, telling Amid that his time would come.

Impatient, Amid took things into his own hand, and began to make deals on the side. It started out small, but grew until Amid had a somewhat regular business going on, even undercutting his uncle's prices. He did not steal anything from his uncle, of course, but it was improper to do business without his uncle's consent.

Of course his uncle discovered the crime and to describe him as furious would be a generous understatement. He wanted to kill his nephew. He called him a traitor to the family and threatened to throw him into the streets or send him to prison. Amid protested and begged his uncle to have mercy; it wasn't much money by any calculation. A large argument ensued, with the conclusion that Amid could stay and continue to work for his uncle but cease all extracurricular activities, and for punishment, he would be taken and publicly flogged for a day. So he ended up here, naked, bound, and waiting for the flogger to arrive.

Amid shivered, both from the cold and the chill of fear that went down his spine. His mind spun just thinking of what he was going to have to endure. Starting at dawn he would be flogged with a very thin rattan rod, more of a switch than a rod. He would receive ten strokes across his buttocks and legs. Then he would hang and wait. At the start of every hour after that until sunset he would receive another ten strokes for a total of 120 strokes.

Each stroke would not be that painful. Hopefully they would not cut the skin. But Amid knew that by the middle of the day the blows would begin to cross previous welts and that often caused bleeding. That was why he shivered in fear, for his punishment was just beginning. He had endured nothing yet.

Finally dawn broke through the sky and the town began to awaken. While this was better than just hanging there, it meant that Amid's punishment was to begin and he was not ready. But the flogger had arrived, grumpy as usual, and he proceeded at Amid's left to administer the whippings.

The first man must have done something really shameful, for he received twenty-five strokes. Amid was next, and as the thin cane struck his buttocks he winced and sucked in his breath sharply at the stinging pain. The ten strokes were administered quickly and efficiently and it was over in just a moment, and Amid lay panting, his heart beating wildly, glad that it was over for now. His buttocks stung furiously as though many bees had stung him there, but it was not so bad. Amid listened as the man next to him received ten strokes, and then the woman was given twenty.

A crowd of people were already gathering in the marketplace, and many stopped to watch the floggings, especially the noisy little children who ran all about and laughed and shouted and pointed and threw sticks and sand at the punished. Amid's face flushed with shame at the scorn of the children, but he knew this was just the beginning. He would remain here all day to suffer their scolding and taunts, and there was nothing that could be done to change it.

After about an hour, when the sky was brighter and the market was much busier, Amid's heart sunk when he saw the flogger approaching, his black robes and tall turban signifying his important position. It was already time. Amid's buttocks still burned slightly from the earlier whipping, and he did not relish more.

This time each of the prisoners was ungagged for a few minutes and given a drink of water. Amid gulped it down hurriedly, because the sun was already hot and who knew when he'd be allowed to drink again? Then the whippings began again, and from the first stroke Amid knew the flogger had been only caressing him during the first session. This time each blow seemed to cut right through his skin and would have sent him howling but he was gagged and bound and could do nothing but weep silently.

The children laughed at his suffering, but that was their right. He was a thief and traitor and deserved their disrespect. He felt even sorrier for the woman, for he heard her whipping and it was much longer than his and the taunts of the children seemed crueler and cruder when delivered to a female.

And so the long day dragged on. Every hour they were permitted to drink for a minute, but immediately after they were flogged, leaving Amid with mixed feelings regarding the drink.

The spaces in between the whippings were almost worse than the floggings. At least during the floggings Amid felt he was important, for he had his moment as the center of attention, with crowds of people cheering and jeering as he wept and felt ashamed. The other times were either utterly boring, or miserable, as children or adults spat on him and threw sand in his face. The crowds that the floggings attracted were much preferable to having one or two individuals stare and poke at you, insult and laugh at you.

In the entire day there was one moment of interest to Amid, a moment that broke the monotony. It happened during the mid-afternoon when the sun was at its highest. Amid, who had just drank moments earlier, hung in his bonds listlessly and moaned his torment. The fresh welts from the cane had left his legs and buttocks stinging, the sweat dripping all over his body now mingling with the slight cuts and weals and causing him to feel like he was being flogged all over again.

It was then he noticed the girl. She was young, still a few years from taking a husband. She stood and stared at him from about ten meters away. He suddenly realized he had noticed her earlier and that she must have been watching him for a long time. This was the normal rest period of the day and so the square was almost deserted, a few people walking past slowly, leading donkeys, and a few who lay stretched out under makeshift cloth tents napping.

Alone, the girl approached him. She came quite close to him, shyly and stealthily, looking about as though afraid she'd be caught and punished. She seemed somewhat frightened of him, but too intrigued to run away.

Amid stared at her wordlessly, his eyes dull and lifeless. The girl was very pretty, with wide eyes and thick lips and bright white teeth when she smiled at him. Her body was wrapped in a large strip of cloth and so it was difficult to see any details of her body, but from the way she moved Amid judged that she was well on her way to becoming a woman.

The girl seemed to confirm this by her fascination with Amid's large and erect penis which jutted out in front of him. As the girl looked at it, so close she could reach out and touch it, her eyes glanced up at him shyly and she bent forward to study it. Without Amid's will his member swelled and he moaned at the torment, for he could do nothing to satisfy himself.

The girl's eyes went wide and she looked up into his eyes, her tongue wetting her lips slightly. The sight drove Amid mad with desire, and he struggled slightly against his bonds, but they were secure.

With a soft smile the girl slowly reached out and touched his cock lightly. Amid froze and winced as a droplet of liquid squeezed out of the tip. Did this girl know how she tormented him? He moaned again but the girl ignored him, leaning forward until her face was just inches from his manhood. She studied it carefully, touching it occasionally, caressing the top side, then grasping the whole shaft with her palm and attempting to move it.

Amid groaned and the girl stopped, giggling like a silly child. She fingered his balls, cupping them in her hand, and then felt her way up his cock again. More liquid was dripping from the tip now, and Amid begged wordlessly for relief, jerking his body to brush it harder against her hand.

The girl finally seemed to understand and began to stroke his penis, eyes wide as it swelled again and more clear liquid emerged from the tip. With her fingertip the girl scooped up a little of this and smelled it, and then she rubbed against Amid's chest.

Fortunately, she was still holding his cock with her other hand, and he began to come. With a loud moan and a surge of his hips he began to ejaculate into her open palm, squirting streams of white semen. The girl seemed astonished and frightened, and she almost turned and ran but checked herself.

It would have been wiser if she had, Amid realized a moment later when his vision cleared as his ecstasy ended, for he saw a large woman come bearing towards them, her expression angry and in her right hand a long stick. She was shouting, too, but the girl was too enraptured to hear.

With a burst of fury the woman descended upon them, grasping the astonished and terrified girl by the arm and shaking her bodily. The woman screamed at the girl so loudly and so quickly and even Amid found it difficult to understand, but he had no need to hear the specifics--the girl had obviously been forbidden to watch the floggings and had disobeyed.

"Since you enjoy whippings so much," screamed the woman, "let me give you some!" And she proceeded to tear off the terrified girl's cloak and as soon as she was appropriately naked, she bent the girl under her left arm and began striking her buttocks and kicking legs with the long switch.

The girl screamed and struggled mightily, but she was helpless under the grip of the large woman, who thrashed her mercilessly. Amid found this fascinating, and could hardly contain his pleasure at watching the being punished. The couple danced about awkwardly as the girl struggled and the woman whipped and so it was that Amid was presented with many views of the crying girl. Occasionally she was turned to him, her face flushed with shame and not daring to look at him; at other times her long sleek legs and petite bottom faced him, both swelling with scores of thin welts and cuts from the sharp stick the woman wielded with uncommon force.

When the punisher had decided the girl had received enough, she let her go, giving her a couple parting lashes as the girl picked up her clothing and ran away quickly, tears streaming down her face and not glancing back at the woman or Amid.

"Go home immediately, you naughty girl!" screamed the woman. She paused to take a few deep breaths, and the saw Amid watching her. Angrily she approached him. "You encouraged her into evil," she said in a mean voice. "I ought to flog you myself!"

Amid felt frightened, but of course he could say nothing. The woman looked down and saw that his cock was large and bold again, and with a curse she delivered a sharp blow right across it with her stick. Amid yelped and the pain made his head dizzy, but his cock swelled with pleasure and he felt bewildered and confused. The woman left, and Amid relaxed somewhat, though now his cock throbbed for two reasons.

More whippings and waiting followed, until at the end of the day Amid was released, vowing never again to do anything that would be him in such a position. His uncle inspected his buttocks and legs and decided the young man had been punished enough, and ordered him into the house where he had the maid splash a bucket of sea water across his backside. Amid screamed in pain as this awoke every scrape and cut all over his body, but he knew it would help in the long run.

That night Amid slept on his stomach and thought much of the little girl that had watched him with such interest, and how she had received punishment of her own.

"It is justice," he thought with resignation. "When I was young I watched; today I was watched. It is the same for the girl." And he slept quietly.

The End

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