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(***, F/M, Intense, thrashing)

A successful businessman discovers himself on the wrong side of the law. (Approximately 2,085 words. Originally published 1995-11.)

Look, I know this sounds crazy, but I swear this actually happened. I can't really prove it, of course, but I swear this is the truth.

It all started last February. I'm a salesperson for a machining company, and as such I have to travel a great deal. I fly all over the country and spend a few days or a week in an area meeting with several potential clients and attempt to convince them to purchase one of our expensive devices.

On most of these trips I rent a car so I can drive around the area. I have this thing for fast cars, so I usually rent sports cars. I also have a tendency to get speeding tickets, perhaps not coincidentally. Anyway, last February I got a ticket that put me at my limit. Any more would affect my insurance rates, and with my daughter starting college in fall, I needed to save every penny I could. I resolved I'd be good and not get any tickets.

Unfortunately in March I was sent to a client in Colorado. The client's a good friend of mine and his house is way up in the mountains. The road there is narrow and twisted, winding though the mountainside, and there is nothing I enjoy more than taking those corners at high speed. The route is mostly deserted so I figured I would be quite safe.

After meeting with the client (quite successfully I might add), I headed back toward my hotel in Boulder. It was evening, darkness looming. I put on my headlights for safety. I pushed the powerful BMW faster and flashed around the narrow corners, my heart pounding with excitement. This was the life. This was _real_ adventure!

I came to a clear stretch and floored it, getting it almost to ninety-five before I had to slow down. Then I saw the lights in my rearview mirror. I couldn't believe my eyes. Red and blue lights. Flashing. Groaning, I pulled over. "Shit!" I exclaimed, pounding on the steering wheel. "Shitshitshitshit!"

The police car pulled behind me. It was quite dark now, I realized. The bright headlights on the patrol car blinded me. I saw a vague figure emerge from the car and approach. Suddenly a bright light burst onto my face from my window. All I could see was the bright light, no figure behind it.

"May I have your license, please?"

It was a woman's voice! Perhaps I had a chance. Even at forty-five I'm still in good shape. I work out and I get my share of offers when I'm on the road. I'm faithful to my wife, though, but I do know that I'm attractive. Couldn't hurt to throw in a little sex appeal, right?

I handed the police lady my license and tried to fake innocence. "What's the problem, officer?"

The light blinds me again. "You aren't aware that you were speeding? This is a thirty-five mile-per-hour zone. I clocked you at eighty-eight. That's a whopping big ticket, Mr.--" The light flashed toward my license. "Mr. Wilcox."

"Call me Robert," I said in my sweetest voice.

"All right, Robert. This ticket is going to cost you big time."

"Shit!" I exclaimed without thinking. "Can't you give me a break? One more ticket and my insurance goes through the roof!"

"Sorry, nothing I can do. Gotta run this through the main computer."

I strained to see the girl as she turned to go back to her car, but all I could see was a vague silouhette of her head. "Please," I cried, "I'll do anything!"

I still don't know what made me say it. It was almost an admission of bribery. But I could see I had her intrigued.

She paused. The light was pointing away from me and I could see her slightly in the moonlight. She appeared to be thin and fit and quite pretty, thought I couldn't judge her face.

"Hhmmm. 'Anything' you say?"


She was quiet for a moment. "Okay," she said finally. "Go into the woods to your right." I wasn't certain what she had in mind but I obeyed.

As I stumbled through the trees and bushes she shined her flashlight in front of me. I glanced behind me once but I still couldn't see her. We finally broke through the trees to a small clearing and she told me to stop. Looking back I could just barely see a glow from the lights of her patrol car. Suddenly she switched off her flashlight and it was cold and dark and rather spooky.

"Hey!" I cried out, nervous, but I slowly became used to the dimness. It was a clear night and there was a moon so it wasn't totally black. I could see her shape moving to a tree and doing something, breaking off a branch or something. She approached me.

"Turn and place your hands against that tree in front of you," she ordered. I complied, rather nervous. She stepped forward and I felt her touch my waist and push my back down until I was bent over a little, leaning into the tree with my arms stretched out in front of me.

"Now drop your pants!"


"You heard me," she said coolly.

"What are you going to do?"

"You said you'd do anything to get out of a ticket. Well, this is anything. Drop your pants. Underwear too."

Though it felt really chilly my penis was rock hard as I slowly pulled my pants down. The air felt freezing against my balls. I knew I was crazy for doing this but I was certain it had to be something sexual and I wasn't totally opposed. In a minute I was bent over again, my penis sticking out awkwardly in front of me, my naked ass shivering in the night breeze.

The police woman was standing very close to me. I felt my dick surge as she approached but shemdidn't touch me. She leaned close to my ear and I could smell her minty breath as she whispered. She was very feminine and I was painfully aroused. It was rather thrilling standing out in the middle of nowhere in the darkness, alone with a strange woman with my pants around my ankles. I wondered what sort of game she had in mind. She didn't make me wait long.

"Listen here, you little cockshit. You are going to do _exactly_ what I tell you, do you hear me? Answer me, asshole!"


"That's 'Yes, _Mistress_' or I'll rip your balls off and stomp on them and feed them to you for breakfast!"

"Yes, Mistress!" I breathed, wondering why I felt so aroused, why I was agreeing with this woman. Every hair on my skin was standing on end, alive with feeling. I felt I was having trouble breathing, like the air was too thick or something. My heart was beating slowly, out of sync. I felt strangely lightheaded. My penis was so hard it hurt.

"Good," said the woman, and I felt the blood pounding in my head. "Now here is what is going to happen. You are going to obey me in every detail or you will wish you had. First, you are going to stay exactly in the position you are standing in right now. You will not move no matter how much you want to. You will not remove your hands from that tree.

"Second, you will not open your mouth. You will keep it shut and you will not speak unless spoken too, and you will not scream or cry for help. You may make noises--just don't open your mouth!

"Finally, you are going to stick that ass of yours out as far as you can so I can reach it better. Excellent, very good! Now I am going to take this nice switch I just cut from that tree yonder and I am going to thrash your ass until it is one piece of raw, red-striped meat. And you will take it, mister, and you will not utter one word in protest or complaint. You will take the whipping I give you and when I finish--which is whenever I think you have had enough--you will lick my feet and thank me for your whipping. Do you understand these things?"

My brain was spinning. I felt like I was no longer in control of my body. I nodded, dumbly, wondering why I was agreeing, why I didn't run away. I felt paralyzed, stuck to the tree. The woman's words echoed in my head and finally I managed to get my mouth open. "Y-Yes, Mistress!" I muttered.

"Good boy!" she hissed, patting my butt like I was a puppy dog. "Now prepare for your whipping!"

Thwack! A sharp sting of pain lanced through me. It was a thin strip of heat across my ass cheeks and I grunted in surprise, thankfully managing to keep my mouth shut. THWACK! "Mmrrrgg!" I moaned, tears springing to my eyes. The second stroke had been even more painful than the first. THWACK! it came again, and then again and again.

I moaned and wiggled my ass as tears began to fall down my cheeks. The blows were quite painful and came rapidly, so quickly I soon lost count. All I could do was struggle to hold my position and wiggle and try not to cry out, though as the whipping continued this was more and more difficult as the blows were landing across previous stripes.

The blows were lashing down so fast that I could hardly breathe. Everything was a blur of tears and terror. My heart was going a mile-a-minute and I could barely stand still. Suddenly I felt something grasp my bulging penis. It was the woman! She was stroking my dick as she continued to whip me without a break. My dick swelled and was so hard my balls ached as they were squeezed painfully. I desperately wanted to come but the lashing across my rear was so painful all I could think about was dancing without moving and weeping and praying for the pain to stop.

Then I was coming, shooting come out towards the tree, dribbles of white oozing down my cock and onto the woman's hand. I pumped wildly, mindlessly, come spraying everywhere. Slowly I seemed to come out of a fog, the switch still thrashing my ass, but all I could feel was relief.

The woman stopped the whipping then, and released my cock. I couldn't move and just stood there and sobbed. Her hand was wet with come and she slowly and carefully wiped it on my ass, the semen cold and soothing against my blazing backside. As she touched me I could feel thick welts across my skin and I was astonished at the feelings that coursed through me. My buttocks were awash with feeling. I could sense her every movement, no matter how slight. She took her hand away and I was left with the cold touch of the night breeze against my skin, the air chilling me.

"What do you say, Pissmouth?"

"T-Thank you, Mistress?"

"Thanks for what?"

"Thank you for the whipping, Mistress!"

She slowly smiled. "You may get dressed now, Cocksucker." The woman's voice came from millions of miles away. Slowly I heard her moving away and I still hadn't moved. I heard the engine of her car roar and the sound of a car driving away before I finally stood and struggled to pull my pants back on.

I was naked and alone in the woods and my bottom was sore and throbbing. The skin of my face was stretched tight with dried tears and I felt completely exhausted, as though I'd just completed a marathon.

I stumbled back to my car and there was no one there. I was alone. There was nothing to suggest the lady cop had ever been there, except my driver's license on the car seat. I had never seen her face clearly, or her badge number or patrol car ID. I really had no way to identify her at all. For a split second I thought maybe I had been dreaming, that there had been no lady cop at all. But as I settled into the car seat my ass was wracked with pain and I knew that it had not been my imagination.

The End

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