RLS 12: Uncle

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(*****, M/fm, Serious, young children)

Two naughty younguns beg their naive uncle for their well-deserved spankings. (Approximately 1,964 words. Originally published 1995-12.)

"Good morning, Uncle! It's time for our spanking. You promised..."

I opened one eye and stared at the kids in amazement. Little ten-year-old Corina was trying to hand me a thick leather belt and her little brother was jumping up and down behind her, pushing her into me. Slowly I sat up and tried to become awake.

"What time is--" I started to say and then I saw the glowing clock. "It's six a.m.!"

"Sure, Uncle Peter. Our Daddy always whups us early in the morning before he goes to work. He says that way we've got all day to feel it."

I felt the belt being pressed into my hand and I took it from her and looked at it. It was heavy and extremely wide, though not very long. I didn't think it would fit around my waist. It was about three inches wide and reminded me of those belts weight-lifters use to keep their guts from exploding all over. It looked like it would be really painful. _I_ sure wouldn't have wanted to get "whupped" with it.

"Are you kids sure you want me to do this?"

I was almost drown in the chorus of eager "Yes's" and "You must" and little Andy began to cry. "I don wanna go te hell!" he moaned. "Waaah!"

"Ssshhh, Andy," I scolded gently. "You're not going to hell."

"Mama says God won't forgive us sin unless we get a good whupping," explained Corina solemenly.

"That's ridic--. Well, I don't know nothing about theology, but I never heard that before. Still, I suppose your mama knows what she's talking about... Okay, I'll whip you, but not too hard."

"No, Uncle, you _must_ do it hard or it don't count. You can go easy on Andy cuz he's just a kid an' all, but I'm a big girl and you gotta give me fifty licks just like my daddy!"

"Fifty! With this?" I held up the heavy belt.

"Yeah. Andy only gets twenty cuz he's only six."

Before I could protest further the kids had managed to drag me from my bed and were pulling me into the living room. I only just had the presence of mind to grab my robe as we left the room, which was good, since I sleep in just my briefs and I certainly felt awkward walking around the house in my underpants, my niece and nephew pushing and pulling at me, oblivious to my state of undress and certain matter of, er, a slight morning arousal that was rather obvious.

Properly clothed I was guided into the living room and the kids immediately began to take off their pajamas. Corina took off her little pink nightie and then her panties. Andy was doing the same with his underpants. In a moment both children were completely naked. I stared at them awkwardly. _Kids!_ I thought, shaking my head. They were the naked ones and I was the one who was embarrassed!

Corina hoped up onto the couch, kneeling on the seat with her tiny bottom facing me, and leaning across the back, arms dangling. Andy clambered up beside her, eyes still a little red from his crying, but happy as a cat with catnip. My niece was also smiling broadly, almost eagerly, if that was possible.

What the hell was my brother teaching these kids? I thought back to all the whippings we'd gotten as children and they'd been rather miserable affairs, with lots of protests and begging and screaming. And they'd only occasionally been done in the bare.

"We're ready now, Uncle Peter!" The Corina looked up at me over her shoulder, her crisp blue eyes shining with excitement, her express solemn. "Give me twenty-five and then do Andy and come back to me and give me my last twenty-five," she said firmly, as though outlining a precise recipe for chicken and biscuits.

I sighed and decided to just get this ordeal over with. I took the belt and approached my niece. She was a darling little thing, all curls and smiles and gorgeous blue eyes. She wiggled delightfully as she waited, her cute bare bottom gyrating in an amazing manner. Her butt was very firm and round and pronounced, but there already was a slight swelling along the sides--her hips were growing and she was turning into a woman. It was rather erie, seeing a woman in this little girl's body. I'd never thought of such a thing before, but now that I looked it was definitely there, especially in her adult mannerisms, like the way she was tossing her head so impatiently....

I shook myself back to reality and lifted the belt a couple of feet from Corina's bottom and gave her a good spank. The light blow made a loud slapping sound but there was no mark. Corina giggled. "You've got to do it _hard_, Uncle Peter! Haven't you spanked anyone before?"

"Uh, not really," I muttered, wondering if a one-time rather gentle hand spanking of my wife counted for anything. She handn't thought it was that gentle, unfortunately.

This time I pulled way back and gave my niece a really hard spank. The slap was much too loud, echoing throughout the room. Corina squealed with delight and wiggled frantically. "Oowww! That's good, Uncle Peter. Just like Daddy! Do it like that, hard but slow, okay?"

I obeyed, waiting about ten seconds before giving her the second blow. I noticed a light pink blush appearing on her bottom where I had smacked, so I concentrated my blows there. By the time I had gotten to ten Corina was crying lightly, her whole body quivering. I went to fifteen before I stopped. Corina looked up at me through her tears.

"Why are you stopping?" she asked plaintively. "You've got to go to twenty-five. That's only fifteen! I've been countin'."

I shrugged, shaking my head. Kids today are just never satisfied. I walloped her good on the last ten, really making them sting. Her whole bottom and even a bit of her thighs were a rosy red when I'd finished and Corina was sobbing and couldn't seem to stop wiggling her bottom. I left her and turned to Andy.

Andy had been waiting patiently all this time, kneeling about a foot to the right of Corina. His eyes were wide as he watched her get "whupped" and he seemed rather brave as he thrust out his skinny butt toward me and bent forward.

I was getting into things now. I knew just how hard to swing. I smacked him good and hard but not as hard as I'd done Corina. By five he was crying, by ten bawling. By fifteen you'd have thought I was murdering the poor kid he was screaming so loud. I was a little nervous of the neighbors, but my brother's house is on the end of a cul-de-sac and they have a big yard, so there wasn't likely to be anyone nearby. Still, I didn't especially want to get taken up on child abuse charges!

Andy's little bottom was bright red now, each stroke of the belt leaving a nice pink impression. I gave him his last five quickly. The strokes weren't as hard but I didn't wait between them, so there was a lot more pain but it was more concentrated. I liked the effect. I'd have to try that on Corina.

"All right, your turn, naughty girl," I said turning back to my niece. I was really getting into this now. Her face was still teary and she actually hesitated slightly as she leaned forward and cautiously pushed her bottom toward me. "Y-Yes, Uncle Peter," she whispered slowly and obediently.

I gave her the first ten hard and fast without a break. She was howling when I'd finished, all ten right across the lower portion of her bottom where the butt was so plump. "U-Uncle, please!" she moaned. "Not s-so hard!"

"You wanted it harder a minute ago," I scolded, feeling rather pleased with myself. "I'll go slow now." I gave her a nice leisurely smack full across her bottom.

"Ouch! That stings so baaad!"

"It's good for you," I told her and gave her another and then another. In a moment she was broken, sobbing and whining like a little girl. I was gentler then, spanking her at about half intensity, but it didn't seem to make much difference. She just moaned and wept and told me she was sorry, that she'd be a good girl and never do bad things again. I just smiled and gave her number twenty full force across her thighs.

"Yeooowww! Please, oh please stop, Uncle Peter!" she cried.

"We've got five more to go," I said sternly.

"Oh no! Please, that's enough. It hurts! I'll be good, please!"

"Now be a big girl and take your spanking!" I pulled back and gave her the last five in a quick blur so that it was over in seconds, whap! whap! whap! whap! WHAP!

Corina was bawling and rubbing her bottom when I stopped, tears pouring down her face and onto her thin chest. She stretched out face down on the couch and Andy game over and patted her head. "It's okay, sis," he said in his little kid voice. "It don hurt long."

I looked at the girl's bottom and wondered if I'd gone too far. It was violently red and swollen, with large welts forming in a couple of spots. "She'll need some Vaseline on those," I thought and went to get some.

She was still there when I got back, her tears fading. She smiled as I showed her the jar and nodded eagerly. I smoothed some on my fingers and ever-so-gently massaged a little onto a thick welt. Corina gasped and moaned slightly, arching her back and wiggling her butt.

"Ooohh, it's coooold!"

I spread it all over her blazing buttocks, amazed at how her flesh had changed color. The pinkness turned white when I touched it, but as soon as my finger left it went back to red. Her skin had a thick feel to it, and I could feel little bumps and ridges as I smoothed salve over her skin.

"Thank you, Uncle Peter. That feels so good. That was a _really_ good spanking. Better than Daddy's, at least some of 'em. Are you sure you never did it before?"

I shook my head. "Never."

Suddenly Corina giggled, astonishing for one whose bottom looked so painfully red and swollen. "I have a confession to make, Uncle Peter."

"What's that?" Suddenly my heart leapt and I wondered if she'd done something else that deserved a spanking! I pushed the thought from my brain as quickly as possible. I shouldn't _want_ to spank her, that wasn't at all proper.

"Well, Daddy actually has never spanked me more than forty, and that was when I got it for stealin' gum at the Seven-Eleven."

My jaw must have dropped onto my lap because I couldn't speak or move. Finally after about five minutes I gave her bottom a sharp pat and muttered, "You sure are a glutten for punishment, girl!" And Corina just moaned and giggled.

Kids today. Can't live with them, can't spank 'em enough!

The End

*** Author's Note ***
Well, I'm going ahead and rating this Five Stars even though last week's RLS story was a Five Star, but if you don't think it really deserves it please let me know. I really liked the humor in this story, something I don't find enough of in most of my work, so I could be biased. Your responses to this story or any in the weekly Real Life Spanking Series are appreciated.

(The Flogmaster)