RLS 16: Sisters

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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(***, Mf/ff, Intense, n/c paddling)

A girl discovers that spanking her sister can earn her some of the same medicine... (Approximately 872 words. Originally published 1995-12.)

My parents didn't believe in spanking very much. My sister and I got it occasionally, but usually it was saved as a last resort. When I was a sophomore in high school, however, I heard one of my girlfriends telling about her older sister's college sorority initiation--a paddling--and I became very turned on. I realized it was something that interested me and I wondered what it would be like to spank someone, or to get spanked.

I didn't take any action immediately, but not long after that I discovered my sister smoking out behind the house. She tried to pretend it was nothing, but I knew and she knew I knew. She begged me not to tell our parents. I finally relented, but only if she'd let me punish her. She wasn't sure what I meant but agreed.

No one was home so I took her inside and fetched a heavy cuttingboard paddle from the kitchen. I made my sister drop her pants and underwear and bend over in front of me and I spanked her hard a good dozen times. She was yelping and crying and I couldn't believe how much it turned me on. I was surprised at how red her bottom became after just those few spanks. I stopped because I didn't really want to hurt her, and I told her that we would continue her spanking the next day. I could hardly wait.

Well, this developed into a trend. Soon almost every weekend I was paddling my sister's bare bottom. She was fourteen and quite pretty and her ass was nice and round and firm. She took the spankings amazingly well, never arguing with me very much and only regretting her cooperation when the pain became severe.

Well one day I was really laying into her good. I'd given her probably two dozen and still had a ways to go when Mom walked in. I stopped in mid-swing, paddle in the air, jaw dropped. My sister was too busy crying and hadn't even noticed at first. When she did she freaked out and turned and ran, tripping over the jeans around her ankles and falling onto the floor, her bright red ass visible to Mom.

"What the hell is going on here!" exclaimed my mother.

"Uh, I was just disciplining Cathy," I tried to say in my most "adult" voice as though it was routine. "I caught her peeking at my diary."

Nothing happened immediately. I was sent to my room and Mom helped my sister. When my father came home he and Mom had a long talk. Then Dad came in. "Sherrie, honey, I'm afraid we can't have you taking authority into your own hands. Since you seem to enjoy punishing your sister with the paddle I'm going to give you the same treatment. And believe me, those spankings you gave her are going to seem like cookies and milk when I'm done with your ass!"

For not having much spanking experience my father did a pretty good job. I was howling pretty good, if that's any judge. He paddled my bare ass for a good five or ten minutes until I couldn't stop crying and wiggling and shrieking.

When I looked at my butt in the mirror afterwards I saw it was indeed much redder than anything I'd given my sister. The strange thing is that that was one of the most erotic nights I'd ever had in my life. My ass throbbed and I touched myself and I'd never felt so much pleasure.

I was very happy. You see, I had finally figured out a way to get my father to spank me. So I continue to paddle my sister regularly, and every now and then I let myself get caught, and boy, do I get it good! Lately my father has been letting my sister paddle me after he's finished. She's not so strong but at that point my butt's so tender it doesn't make much difference--her spanks feel like they came from Arnold Shwartzenegger!

For instance, just last week I had my sister across my lap in my room, her bare ass up in the air and quite red as I paddled her quite diligently. She was howling and begging me to stop when I heard a sound at the door. It was my father. I hadn't expected him at home and it was quite a shock.


"Yes, Sherrie, I am home early. Now give me that paddle."

In a moment I was suddenly in my sister's position, bottom bared and howling as smack after blazing smack rained down on my ass. My sister stood and watched, rubbing her bottom and grinning at me.

About halfway through I realized something. When I had told Cathy I was going to spank her she had been on the telephone. I had made her hang up but I hadn't checked to see who she was talking to. I realized she must have been talking to Dad and told him to come home early knowing exactly what would happen. Boy, that girl! The ungrateful tramp! Well, she'd soon get hers--

SMACK! "OW! Dad, that HURT!" WACK! WACK! WACK...

The End