RLS 24: Assistant

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Real Life Spanking Series #24--Assistant

(****, M/ffm, Severe, Teen paddling)

A young man babysits some teenage brats and gets asked a favor. (Approximately 2,404 words. Originally published 1998-06.)

I was surprised when Mrs. Carmichael asked me to babysit her kids. I mean, I'm a guy. I'd babysat for her in high school, sure, but now I'm in college. Of course, I needed the money, so I accepted. I vaguely remembered her kids, two girls and boy. The oldest girl was about twelve the last time I sat them, so I thought it a little strange that the kids still needed a sitter at their ages. The oldest must be fourteen or fifteen now.

It got even stranger when I found out Mrs. Carmichael was not going anywhere. "You asked me to babysit for the weekend and you aren't leaving?" I asked in astonishment.

She held up her right arm showing me her cast. It went from her wrist past her elbow. A bad break in two places. She should never have been trying to fix roofs at her age.

"I need the help, John. I heard you were back in town for the summer and I know college boys can always use a little extra money. Besides, you like the kids, don't you? There's just so much to do around here that I can no longer get to."

I nodded, understandingly, but I felt a little betrayed. She was using me, of course. Back in high school it was sort of an understanding that I'd mow the lawn and fix a few things around the house as part of my babysitting. Who knew what she'd have in store for me now? Probably have me paint the house. Far cheaper than a contractor. I sighed and put my things in the spare bedroom. The kids weren't even home yet.

After I'd mowed the lawn and done some repair work around the house--specifically fixing two broken closet doors, one ceiling fan, one dishwasher, and one washing machine--I was exhausted. I never knew babysitting could be so much work!

As I came into the kitchen, however, I was greeted with the wonderful smell of roast beef. "I'm fixing you a big dinner, John," said Mrs. Carmichael. "I know you must be famished."

"Looks good," I said sniffing and peering into the various pots and pans, and I wasn't lying. There was fresh steamed brocoli with cheddar cheese, huge baked potatoes, and I swore I got a sniff of apple pie before I was shoed out of the kitchen.

* * * * *

The dinner was heavenly after my college fair. I had two helpings of everything and even seconds on desert, which I _was_ apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream. As I stuffed myself I got to know the kids again. They sure had changed since I'd seen them last.

Shauna was the oldest at fifteen. She looked like she was sixteen or seventeen, though, pretty as a picture and filling out her tiny cheerleader outfit beautifully. She giggled a lot and blushed when I looked at her and I knew what she was thinking. Naughty little girl, that Shauna, but darling.

Megan was next at thirteen. She too was quite mature, though her breasts weren't half the size of Shauna's. She had pretty red hair and a freckly face that delighted me, however, and she wasn't the least bit shy like her older sister.

James, the boy, was eleven and on his way to becoming a first class brat. He sneered at me when he first saw me. "I'm too old for a babysitter. The girls need one but _I_ don't." I just shrugged and smiled. I really wanted to slap his face.

But the kids were fun and lively at the dinner table, though I did notice a certain sense of reserve. I passed it off as nervousness in front of a guest, but later realized what it really meant. Mrs. Carmichael winked at me a couple of times at their childishness, but I wasn't exactly sure what she was getting at. A couple of times she had to scold the kids for being to rowdy or rude, but generally the meal went well. I had never felt so full when we finished.

"That was wonderful, Mrs. Carmichael!" I explained as I popped the last bit of pie in my mouth. "I'll never need to eat again."

She blushed slightly, smiling at my praise. There never was a cook that can't stand flattery. "I need you to keep your strength up," she said with one of those smiles I think of as warnings. "I've got a special job I need your help with after supper."

Great. I was exhausted and just wanted to go to bed. I smiled. "Sure, Mrs. Carmichael, though I am kinda tired. Couldn't it wait until tomorrow?"

She looked shocked. "Tomorrow's the Lord's day, son! We go to church at nine o'clock. No, this must be done tonight."

Mentally I kicked myself for not remembering how religious the lady was. She assumed everyone else followed her regime, of course. No way to escape it without offending her. I nodded and agreed and excused myself. "I'll be back in a minute for that task."

Mrs. Carmichael nodded. "We'll be waiting for you. Into the living room, kids," she waved the children into the living room. A few minutes later I was back and surprised to find all three children sitting quietly on the couch, expressions quite solemn.

"Did the cat die?" I joked, and then fell silent when nobody laughed. Ooh, this was serious. I sat down next to Mrs. Carmichael.

"Good, John. Here is the situation. I need your help. You see these kids of mine are pretty good kids most of the time, but occasionally they get out of hand. Over the last few years I've found it to be more and more difficult to deal with them. They really need the presence and discipline of a male authority figure. Not having a father is beginning to show adverse affects in their behavior.

"Take Shauna, here. She's turning into a regular vixen, out with boys at all hours, disobeying me and even lying about her activities! And Megan. She's even worse. Her grades have gone down to D's and nothing I do seems to get through to her. And I shouldn't even have to mention James' problems: he's turning into quite the little rebel."

The kids were blushing and fidgeting as their mother spoke. I was really wondering where this was going.

"The point is, John, my children are misbehaving and I can't seem to control them. They need a firmer hand than I've got." Mrs. Carmichael held up her cast. "This doesn't make it any easier."

She paused. "You ever get spanked as a kid, John?"

I blushed when she said this. It was embarrassing, especially in front of her kids. I nodded, shyly, and I tried to make light of it. "Oh, sure, all the time."

"I thought so. You seem like a good kid and good kids were always spanked when young. Today's kids are wild because they never got spanked as children. Well, that won't happen to my kids! They get a good paddlin' every time they need it, I make sure of that. Or at least I did. It's been tougher recently." She held up her cast again. For the first time I noticed something on the piano bench next to her. A large wooden paddle. Slowly it began to dawn on me what she was asking me to do.

"Mrs. Carmichael, are you asking me what I think you are asking me?"

"Yes, John. I want you to spank my children."

I glanced at the girls and they were blushing furiously and studying the carpet intently. James just glared at me. But Mrs. Carmichael was still speaking.

"I've compiled a list," she was saying, "of each of their transgressions of the last month and the appropriate punishment. You will administer each punishment to each child, alternating until all have been punished. They all will need to be spanked several times as they have been quite naughty, so this may take a while, but we have the rest of the evening. Are you ready?"

"Are you sure you want me to do this?" I asked, taking the list from her, my hand trembling slightly. It began to tremble even more as I saw what was written:

Breaking curfew -- 30, underwear
Disobedience (minor) -- 15, underwear
Lying (first time) -- 30, underwear
Lying (second time) -- 60, bare bottom
Mouthing off -- 15, underwear
Disobedience (major) -- 45, bare bottom
Using credit cards w/o permission -- 30, bare bottom

Cheating --26, underwear
Lying -- 26, underwear
Mouthing off (first) -- 13, underwear
Mouthing off (second) -- 26, bare bottom
F on test (first) -- 13, underwear
F on test (second) -- 26, bare bottom
F on test (third) -- 52, bare bottom

Skipping school -- 33, underwear
Mouthing off (first) -- 11, underwear
Mouthing off (second) -- 22, bare bottom
Mouthing off (third) -- 44, bare bottom
Shoplifting -- 33, bare bottom

I couldn't belive what I was reading. "Are you really serious?" I asked again.

"Of course," said Mrs. Carmichael. "All the spankings are carefully calculated based upon the age of the child and the offence committed. Repeat offences are doubled and done bare bottom."

"B-but all these spankings all at once?" I stammered.

"Certainly. You'll take turns so there will be a pause between each spanking. It'll give the children a chance to wait and recover before the next spanking."

Like a dream I found myself elected the disciplinarian of the family. Shauna, as the oldest, was to take her spanking first. I sat myself on the couch and took up the wooden paddle. It was large, perhaps eighteen by six inches, plus a handle, but very thin. It would sting but wouldn't cause any permanent damage. I held it in the air as a very nervous Shauna knelt across my lap. She smiled sweetly at me, perhaps hoping I'd show her mercy. Fat chance.

Once across my lap she pulled down her shorts leaving just her underwear to protect her gorgeous rump. Looking at the list I saw she was to receive 30 for breaking curfew. I lifted the paddle and gave her a sharp swat. She gasped and I smacked her again and then again. I didn't pause at all as I spanked her soundly, each blow solid and encomposing her entire bottom. She was crying slightly when I finished and released her, enjoying the sight of her rubbing her bottom and pulling her shorts back on.

Megan was next, with 26 for cheating. She blushed as she pulled down her shorts and exposed her pantied bottom. I spanked her quickly and soon she was crying and gasping, though she did not say anything but only wiggled her bottom delightfully as if to show how much it hurt.

James was next, the scowl on his face making me paddle him extra hard, and though it was only eleven strokes his face was red and he was looking at me with a degree of respect when he awkwardly stood.

Then Shauna was back over my lap, round bottom up in the air as I spanked her. Then Megan and James, and so on. As the spankings continued I could see the kids were becoming quite sore, even weeping before I started the spanking.

Soon it was James' third spanking and he had to pull down his underpants and take it bare bottom. His little butt was already bright red but it was swollen and scarlet when I finished. Worse, he knew that he had more coming, including another bare bottom spanking.

Shauna was crying as much as James when I finished with him, however, because she was next and was to get 60 bare bottom swats. She trembled as she stretched across my lap and winced as I lifted the paddle. Her buttocks were round and firm, and already quite red. I paddled her hard about twenty times really fast and paused, watching her body quivering and shuddering as she writhed in pain. But we still had a long ways to go. I gave her another twenty, this time slower, savoring each spank. She was weeping and moaning when I finished that set, and her buttocks were a brilliant red. I noticed that the lower portion of her buttocks were scarcely pink yet, so I gave her the last twenty hard and fast right in that tender spot where the cheeks meet the thighs. She was bawling like a stuck pig when I'd finished and her mother made her stand in the corner with her pants down so everyone could see her red bottom.

Megan was next, also due for a bare bottom paddling. Her butt was smaller and firmer, but still delightful to punish. When she was standing in the corner next to her sister with her red bottom visible to everyone I paddled her brother some more, and then I got to paddle Shauna again.

How long this lasted I don't really know. It was like heaven to me. Naked bottoms jiggling across my lap under my hard paddling, darling teenage girls weeping and wiggling their firm little asses at me, innocently begging me to spank them harder.

Finally it was all over. Mrs. Carmichael nodded to the kids and one by one they wiped their tears and came over to me. The girls gave me a hug and a kiss and said they were sorry to cause me so much trouble. James apologized and sullenly shook my hand.

While Mrs. Carmichael put the kids to bed I had another slice of pie to regain my strength. Then the lady was there, beaming with relief.

"That went very well, John," she said. "The girls are as obedient as trained puppies and James--I never saw an attitude change so fast!"

"Spanking can be effective," I said. "But it does seem a little unfair to give them a month's worth of punishment at all once."

"My thoughts exactly," said the woman, pouring me a glass of milk. "How would you like the job on a permanent basis? It wouldn't have to be very often -- a few hours every weekend or so.""

What a sweet woman! Of course I couldn't refuse her generous offer. But I daresay if she had any idea how much the idea appealed to me she might have changed her mind!

The End